Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Protest in My 'Hood...

Yesterday, I spent about ten minutes watching a bunch of left-wing doofuses holding a banner in front of Congressdick Michael McMahon's office. Fighting the urge to yell "Fuck you, Commie Cocksuckers!" from across the street, I decided to instead observe this strange collection of people (more on that in a second) and find out what they were up to...just in case they were raising the flag of Red Revolt.

There were about a dozen or so "protesters". They were all White (so much for the leftist fetish of diversity!), and about half were women you wouldn't fuck with someone else's dick....even if you got paid to. At least one third were obvious diesel-dyke lesbians (The mannish haircuts, rolls of belly, back, ass and eyelid and earlobe fat make that identification all too easy). Of the rest, I spotted one aging hippie (50-ish man with bald pate...and ponytail). The remainder were youngins, probably early-to-mid 20's, and probably dumber than dogshit.

You could not find a more physically unappealing group of people. With the exception of the porky lesbians, the great majority were sickly-pale, as if they were stepping into the sunlight for the first time in many years. Many were exceedingly-thin (probably a consequence of their "Sustainable Lifestyle"), and there was a propensity amongst the young girls, especially, to have knobby knees that were thicker than their thighs. Flip-flops, Crocs and Jesus Creepers were the preferred footwear. Even from a distance, there was a faint aroma of patchouli and stale pot smoke.

I can't tell you what they were there for. Except to gather... and hold up a homemade banner. I can't tell you what was on the banner, because I don't speak Leftard, but "MoveOn.Org" was written on it in prominent letters, therefore, it is safe to assume that it was complete and utter bullshit. There were no chants. They were not attempting to distribute any literature to passers-by. So far as I could tell, they spoke only amongst themselves. As protests go, I can imagine that this one was pretty tame and lame.

It certainly had nothing to match this protest, excuse me, "Unity March", which also occurred yesterday. That one was so good it drew all the local press, such as it is.

Yeah, nothing says "Unity" like a bunch of douchebag Hispanic bomb-throwers from the Bronx coming to Staten Island to march through a black neighborhood in support of an illegal alien mollycoddled by the City of New York at taxpayer expense...and attracting a band of lesbians in favor of Gay Marriage while you're at it.

Only in New Yorkistan right?

What is it with all the Lesbians on Staten Island these days? I guess they all got priced out of the Village, or something...

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