Friday, May 28, 2004

Al Gore: Poster child for mental health...
By now 62,000 independant pundits, pedants and paranoids have published or opined on former-Vice President Albert Gore's self-destruction in front of an NYU audience. I will take great pride in being number 62,001.

If it wasn't already obvious prior to the 2000 election debacle that Albert Gore was somewhat unhinged, last week's venomous diatribe spelled it out for the not-so-swift. This man needs serious medical attention, a massive dose of Zoloft (it works!) and a rubber room at the luxury containment facility of his choice. Either that or Tipper should have him put to sleep before he snaps again.

The rant was instructive on several points (in no particular order):

1) Gore is STILL a sore loser.
2) The democrats have no effective, logical response to George W. Bush and can do no more than slander and demonize the man. Unfortunately, that sometimes works.
3) John Kerry STILL hasn't got a prayer with the line-up he has in his dugout. Gore, as someone who's "been there and done that" should have been his biggest weapon, somehow.
4) Gore-as-president would have been the next best thing to an American Ayatollah.
5) Logic and reason are still not staples of the American political landscape.
6) NYU is full of wanna-be hippies and the people who supposedly teach them.
7) The dem's have learned nothing from the Clinton Impeachment mess: Americans are turned off by gratuitous mudslinging and the appearance of a vendetta.
8) Opposition to the War on Terror has nothing to do with national security, world peace, logic, principle or a sense of history: it has everything to do with WHO is running it.
9) Had Gore actually sued his way to the Presidency, we could have looked forward to at least a dozen more 9/11's.
10) I'm glad I'm leaving New York because it's even more painfully obvius today that the kind of person that has invaded and infiltrated my city eat this kind of crap up with their breakfast cereal.

All of us should get down on our knees and pray to whatever we hold holy that this lunatic (and I know a lunatic when I see one) was unable to circumvent the electoral process and find himself in the Oval Rubber Room.
Been on Hiatus...
My apologies for regular readers (all three of them!) of this rant. I have been too preoccupied recently to keep up to speed with my blog, but I'll be getting back into the swing of things quite soon.