Friday, July 06, 2012

Obama: Beatings to Continue Until Morale Improves...

Watching the news lately it becomes painfully obvious as to what the Obama re-election strategy is: simply to deny, deny, deny the facts of failure, and to continue to push a false narrative, more fairy tale than reality. There will also be a concurrent campaign to paint Mitt Romney, and republicans in general, as a bunch of reckless, patrician douchebags, lacking in both basic common sense and human compassion.

This idea came to me, yet again, while watching our Commander-in-Chump make a series of stump speeches -- in between mega-million-dollar fundraisers with the very same reckless, patrician douchebags of the sort he's supposed to be running against -- where the old, Obamaesque, tingle-up-the-leg-inducing lofty rhetoric has been replaced by a constant drumbeat of outright lies.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fibromyalgia is Bullshit...

Yesterday's July 4th celebrations saw your intrepid blogger trapped in a party he didn't wish to attend with a guest list that included six -- that's one more than five, one less than seven -- gay men, all more-or-less in a "committed relationship", which to judge from the openly frank exchange of sexual innuendo would seem to indicate that "committed" means something to gay men that it doesn't mean to the rest of us.

But that is not the point of this little screed, so I shall leave the unsavory details for another post later today.

Anyways, apparently all the rage in Gay Circles these days is to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Rangel "Baffled": Bought Voters Don't Stay Bought...

It's called Alzheimer's, Charlie.

New York Congressdouche Charlie "The Tax Cheat" Rangel "baffled" by apparent slimness of margin of victory in primary fight.

The one thing you democrats have to remember about buying votes is that sometimes they don’t always stay bought.

This page is no fan of Rep. Charlie Rangel, and believes that he needs to go. I believe that he is a criminal, and the only reason why he escaped the telling mark of the criminal (i.e. a conviction) is because his exalted status as Black Icon, and position as a member of Nancy Pelosi's "gotta have on board" clique saved his fat ass from an actual criminal proceeding, and saw him merely censored by his fellow criminals in the House of Representatives. Making Rangel pay for committing a series of felonies would have been politically disastrous and unseemly in an America obsessed with race, and would have deprived ObamaCare of one it's most fervent boosters at a critical time.