Saturday, May 08, 2010

"American Islamophobia" Exists Only in Our "Elites"...

And in the strictest sense of the word, it best describes how frightened the so-called Elites are of excitable young men with a penchant for explosive underpants. They truly do, I think, fear Muslims to the point where they'd like to believe being the first to surrender will somehow save their lives, or maybe entitle them to some sort of "privileged" Dhimmitude status when Sharia is finally enacted on this side of the Atlantic.

Just a thought, but wouldn't it be great if every time a Mayor Bloomberg, or a Contessa Brewer (MSNBC anchor) opens their filthy, little pie holes to either assure everyone that the hastily-constructed, Rube-Goldberg-like pile of unexploded ordnance left on a busy city street probably belongs to an Obama-hating Klansman, or to cry that her greatest disappointment in life is that the latest Islamic would-be killer isn't a White Christian Hetero Male, I would suggest that we send the first to the front lines of Afghanistan (alas, our Mayor won't go of his own accord, since there's no Beluga in the standard MRE), and the other should be forced to wear a burkha with the words "Kick Me!" emblazoned on the back, and let loose in downtown Tehran.

Then we'd see if their attitudes and beliefs changed significantly for the experience. I rather doubt they would, if only because experience has convinced me that, sans a vaccine for Stupid, some people are simply unteachable.

Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, our erstwhile "defenders", also suffer from this disease (symptoms: inability to identify the enemy, or face/tell the truth), only their brand of delusion goes much deeper because they imagine themselves to be more "Elite" than most. That's another symptom of the disease, you see. To prick their balloons of self-importance: Holder simply fills the PC-requirement that a "Person of Color" be head of the (in-)Justice Department, and Napolitano is the Token Butch-but-Irish-Setter-Stupid-Bull-Dyke that every democratic administration apparently must have. Nothing in that ridiculously short list of poliically-motivated qualifications says anything about competence and intelligence, assuming that anyone selected on that basis probably has none. Neither could defend a cookie jar from an attack by a determined 4-year-old, let alone defend a country against a determined enemy that they refuse to recognize.

We're fucked when our elected officials and members of the media are unwilling to tell the truth about either that which it is impossible to deny, or about their own motivations. Fortunately, these problems will soon be solved: Bloomberg's term will eventually expire, The Obama Administration will be sent packing after a single term, and MSNBC will soon be off the air due to lack of viewers.

Mark Steyn comments of the left-wing delusion of Islamophobia.

I Keep Telling You So...

Salim Mansur says:

"...The portrait of the naturalized U.S. citizen of Pakistani origin arrested for last weekend’s failed car bombing in Times Square exposes once again the specious argument made by liberal-left ideologues that alone or in some combination, poverty, the sins of western colonialism-imperialism and the wickedness of Zionism are the cause of Islamist terrorism...

The cause of Islamist terror is Islamism. It is an ideology like bolshevism devised to legitimize making war (jihad), seize power and establish a Shariah-based totalitarian rule. And as it was once with bolshevism in old Russia, Islamism attracts primarily young Muslim men of middle-class backgrounds with intellectual pretensions to become the vanguard “martyrs” of jihad against the West for being the enemy of Islam and Muslims..."

(H/T FiveFeetofFury)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

"All Jihad is Local"...

Mark Steyn on American "leadership's" inablility to call Islamic Terrorism what it is.

Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Micheal Bloomberg all went out of their way to persuade us that the Times Square Bomber was most likely a White Male Tea Party Dude. And then that this attempted bombing was an "isolated incident" without the least "connection to Islamic Terrorism". That was before Faisal Shahzad was identified as the owner of the car-bomb and arrested, after an Islamic Terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attempt, and 10 people are arrested in Pakistan in connection with it. We later learned that this "isolated extremist with no apparent ties to international terrorism" spent half the last year in Pakistan's notorious Northwest Frontier area, an Al'Qaeda and Taliban stronghold. And finally, they ensure us that "the System Worked"...after they've arrested a man on a No-Fly List on an airliner just minutes from take-off, who was only caught in the first place because he failed to detonate his bomb, leaving his car, house and getaway car keys and a ton of evidence behind -- and ultimately because two street vendors and three NYPD cops exercised some personal initiative and responsibility to avert disaster.

Not a single Federal Agent anywhere to be found when they might have been useful, which is before the attempt. Where this guy does come into contact with Federal Agencies, he manages a visa to enter the country, he managed to leave the country several times for months on end and his travel patterns evoke no curiosity, he wasn't identified, nor his travel scrutinized. He wasn't on the FBI's radar, nor the State Department's infamous "terror lists", nor were the TSA or ICE looking for him.

In fact, when Federal Agents were, belatedly, on his tail -- that is, in the hours after the failed bombing, his identification, and presumably when his name and address become known -- their surveilance fails them and they lost track of the guy for several hours, which is how he wound up on an Emirates flight out of JFK bound for Dubai, despite being on a "No-Fly" list.

You begin to wonder just what "System" was at work here. The ineffectual, inept, always-one-step-behind Federal System, or the System in which five individuals who obeyed the simple guidance of "If you See Something, Say Something" achieved a tangible result without scads of taxpayer money, and a alphabet soup of enforcement agencies? Five men see something, and they do what seems logical for them to do, given their experiences and training, and they save hundreds of lives. The Government sees the same situation...and starts looking for Angry White Males with Private Health Insurance. Presumably, I mean, who knows what they were doing and thinking? . Yes, I understand that you follow all leads, but do you have to go on television and make such stupid, and false, pronouncements which are based on ignorance and politics? Shouldn't you be obliged to apologize for being a douchebag and an asshole, afterwards?

I think the people who talk and think this way, people who skip around the truth of Islam being an ideology for violent retards, is that the truth is too frightening to admit from the standpoint of not matching their Kumbaya vision of the world. This willful blindness ensures that more Americans are going to be killed, and it's perhaps the main reason why we declare a War on Terrorism that now requires "Enemy Combatants" be given Constitutional Rights, and not made uncomfortable by the conditions of their interrogations and trials, and that soldiers sent to engage the enemies of this nation be given medals for NOT shooting at said enemy.

These policies are wrong. These attitudes are deadly. The inability to face the truth gets people killed, and when you scream "Islam is a religion of peace!, you only encourage more Islamic douchebags with an explosives fetish. How many more people have to die before the people who "lead" us finally wake up to the reality of what we're facing? When when people stop getting on television in the course of a state of emergency and talking out of both sides of their mouth and rectum, simultaneously? People like that become part of the problem, not the solution.

A Message to Rioting Mexicans...

No, my Mexican friends, you DON'T have the right to live off the fat of the land, free of charge , or without any responsibility for being a decent citizen. I understand that this erroneous belief is the result of decades of nonsense that La Raza and American liberals have pumped into your heads, but it's wrong. If your culture had just a little more respect for education than you do for the laws of a sovereign country, you might be able to understand how wrong it is, and you might even feel ashamed for being a parasite.

Your country (Mexico is a country? I thought it was a collection of tin shacks with a flag) lost a War that it started. It lost a War to American colonists it invited within it's own borders, because apparently native-born Mexicans couldn't make anything grow in the desert, or herd cattle properly, and then proceeded to try to steal from them (hmm, where I have heard of that dynamic at work before?). You would think that Santa Anna and the rest would have realized that Americans had a history of hating excessive, confiscatory taxation and tyranny -- and armed revolt -- and might have been more circumspect about how they treated their American guests, who just happened to be the ones who made the Mexican economy in those days hum. In fact, they gave Mexico an economy for the first time...ever.

But no -- instead, The Mexican government of the time did what every Spanish-speaking, tin-pot dictatorship established since Columbus has done, and instead of treating people humanely and with some thought as to the morality and legality of their actions, they tried to take by force what they couldn't by reason and negotiation. I guess three centuries of beating the snot out of helpless and inbred-retarded Indians becomes a hard habit to break, and you begin to view every potential enemy as a Stone-Age dumbbell who'll tremble at the sound of your guns.

The Alamo wasn't about Americans "stealing" land from Mexicans: it was about Americans defending themselves against Mexican thieves. It seems a century-and-a-half hasn't changed much, because now Arizona finds itself in the position of having to mount a defense against Mexican thieves. If you don't like being thought of as thieves, then change the perception; become citizens, or kindly go home. Instead, you take to the streets and riot, making certain you smear public buildings with re-fried-bean swastikas. I'd ask what you were thinking, but it's apparent that thinking is nowhere to be found on your side of this debate. Yes, activities like that will certainly endear you to the American people and give a strong moral underpinning to your cause, for sure.

In any case, you Lost The War. The Price of that Defeat was the loss of the Southwest, Texas and California. A few years later, Mexico actually sold more land in Arizona and New Mexico to the United States. This is known as the Gadsen Purchase. Imagine that: we actually paid Mexico for land! Not stolen, not taken by right of conquest, but bought for cash! And yet, somehow, Mexicans have evolved this strange mental defect that says because their nation was defeated, and then sold us more land, that they're "entitled" to steal from Americans? Tell you what; if you want the land back, then gather your army (you know, the one that's always shooting at American Border Patrol Agents, when it isn't aiding the Drug Runners and Human Smugglers?), and let's have at it.

I can promise you that you'll lose again.

Now, I like Mexicans -- the few I actually know personally -- but I hate the rest of you, because you're under the mistaken impression that I owe you something. In this belief, you're worse than African-Americans who believe they're owed something by virtue of being alive (despite the best efforts of White Feminists to encourage African-American Women to make lavish use of their Right to "Choice", black children are still being born).We already have one permanent underclass in this country -- the feminists and libtards who couldn't get the black kids aborted are ensuring the ones who survive infancy are kept as stupid and dependant as possible -- and we can't afford another. Although I will admit that Mexicans at least show a willingness to work for a living, that's not enough. They also show an incredible aptitude for avoiding any of the responsibilities of respecting private property, not pissing in the streets, and skipping income taxes.

In the meantime, American Citizens, expect to see more stories in the news along these lines:
American schoolchildren sent home for wearing US Flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

The Solution to Terrorism...

Just to avoid another Times Square Bombing, here's my take on what we should do:

1. Take all the guys in Gitmo, the Underwear Bomber, Jose Padilla, Taliban Johnny, and now this latest loser, the Times Square Fuck-Up, and bring 'em to a nice, comfy stadium someplace.

2. Set up lots of video cameras. Especially those ones that are capable of the Super-Slo-Mo in HD.

3. Sell tickets. Maybe $10 a head, and give the money to wounded vets, and the 9/11 cops and firemen who are suffering from sarcoidosis, cancers and immune system deficiencies since they worked on the World Trade Center pile.

4. Have all the Terrorists brought out before the rabid crowd hopped up on vast quantities of Budweiser (The King of Beers! I smell a marketing opportunity here!). March 'em out butt-naked (the terrorists, not the crowd), and with cute little messages painted upon their bodies. Things like "I blow camels", or "I'm afraid of women!", or perhaps "The Man Who Butt-Raped Me in the Madrassah said I was Cute!". My personal favorite would be "I Joined Al'Qaeda and All I got Was This Lousy Dose of Clap From Another Man".

5. Let them all be beaten to death by women and children wielding wooden clubs...with spikes set in 'em. Maybe we could set dogs on 'em, too?

6. Upon confirmation of a death of one of the terrorists, we'll have a brigade of incontinent rabbis standing by to whizz upon the corpses. Make sure the you get at least three cameras on it, and make sure at least one is a Slo-Mo closeup.

7. Slather the bodies in bacon grease, and set them alight.

8. Auction the ashes off on E-Bay, either as a once-in-a-lifetime collector's item, or as a substitute kitty litter.

9. Make sure that video gets picked up by Al-Jazeera, and YouTube. Run it 24/7/365 on basic cable systems all over America. Transmit it over every conceivable wavelength so that no one on Earth capable of receiving any form of electronic signal can possibly miss it.

10. The second the "Festivities" are complete, have the US Military begin the process of turning the heart of the Middle East (Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan) into a vast wasteland incapable of supporting human life. No more building schools, no more bringing clean water to barbarians, no more defending the next generation of Saddam Husseins and Mullah Omars behind American guns. No more Foreign Aid. We'll then issue the Great Challenge to American Science, and have them genetically-engineer an amoeba of some sort that'll eat sand and crap oil, and begin the process of repopulating the region with a more useful lifeform than Muslims.

No more visas for anyone coming fromt he Middle East, and the ones already here ought to get some deeper, and much more uncomfortable, scrutiny.

And yeah, that's hate speech, but fuck 'em. I'm getting tired of sexually-frustrated nutjobs deciding God told them it's a good idea to blow my city to smithereens.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; This War on Terror has always been short on the War part, and no one is terrorizing and killing the Muslims who started it. Until someone does this, it's simply a (very-expensive to the US Taxpayer) Public-Relations Campaign With Guns, and they'll keep trying whether the singular nutcase or the grand, organized affair.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Some Dating Tips, Lunatic Style...

I've always said that there are good places to find women, and bad places to find women, and then there's extremely bad places to find women. For example, you might find a good woman at the local Little League game, the supermarket, or laundromat, but you'll almost never find a good one in a topless bar. Not if you goal is some kind of fulfilling and happy relationship. Of course, if you don't want that sort of thing, then this axiom can be reversed, and you sure as hell WILL find a good woman in the jiggle joint, at least for the purposes of making the Beast With Two Backs (and maybe catching chlamydia) without emotional consequence or commitment.

The absolute worst place to find women (other than in Church).... is in Group Therapy. You never, ever, want to get involved with someone you know is absolutely bonkers, and of whose insanity you have first-hand experience. You also don't want to get involved with a chick who just might kill you in your sleep, or just decide to stop taking her meds one day and push you out of a window...if you're lucky. When you're "in recovery" the last thing you want to do is to add someone else's problems to your own.

The reason I say these things is because I've been attending some group therapy sessions recently, trying to straighten out the last of my issues. There's a certain woman in these sessions (there's actually another I have a similar problem with, but I think I can dodge her); she's a recovering alcoholic with four kids by nine fathers or some crap, and her knees are so far apart they each have their own Zip Code. I think it's safe to say that's she's probably been down on everything but the Titanic. She's batshit-crazy. She's not that attractive -- and when I say that, I mean that's she's got all the proper bumps and the right curves, and in the right places, too -- but she spends half her days throwing-up-I-must-have-fucked-someone-because-my-pants-are-missing drunk. She's not very smart, and eventually every conversation always returns to the subject of How Men Suck And They Always Leave. She's convinced, like democrats who still cling to Socialism despite the evidence it doesn't work, that she just needs to find The Right Degenerate for Her (her life story is a laundry list of scumbags), and then the pieces of her life will all fall into place.

Desperation hangs about her like a cloud. It flows from her pores in place of sweat. It follows her like a bad smell. She's been done so wrong that she obviously believes that all she has to offer is sex, and so that's how she tries to get friendly with you. She's free with her hands, but not in an obvious way that's all too-obvious. In a way, it's heartbreaking, and you feel bad for her because she's trying so hard. If she could ever straighten her problems out, she'd probably make someone a good wife, maybe...she has a heart of gold, and just Too Much Past. The more you try to ignore her obvious overtures, the sitting close, the familiar touching, the harder she tries to get your attention. You can almost feel her eyes following you about the room. It starts to get real creepy.

If you're extremely unlucky, she just might manage to pigeonhole you in the hallway. She'll strike up a pretence of having a question to ask... and then try to kiss you just as soon as she's sure no one is looking. Extremely bad news -- she's unattractive, she's a lunatic with deeper-seated issues than mine, and because I have that sort of luck... she's in a therapy session run by a Church group. She meets all the criteria on the "Save your Ass" checklist.

I already have enough trouble with crazy women in my life: my mother, my sister, pretty much every woman I've ever dated, and a certain one who has emotionally tortured me for the last 15 years with indecision. I know enough to give this one a very wide berth, indeed. Had I been a younger man, with a younger man's mindset, I mightn't have cared; she was offering, it's low hanging fruit. I'd like to think I've stopped thinking with my dick by now. But I still have this thing about not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings -- unless it's absolutely necessary.

So... I lied through my teeth.

"You know, Jane", (Not her real name), "under different circumstances, I'd be mighty tempted to be your boyfriend, but don't you think maybe it's a bad idea, seeing as how we met in therapy, and all? I mean, that's just asking for trouble, right? Not that I wouldn't, it's just that it's not the right thing to do..."

A little exercise in reverse psychology.

Yeah, like that worked. Now not only am I "cute", but she "really cares for me and what I'm going through" (Gee, thanks! A drunken whore has sympathy for me! How pathetic is that?), but now I'm also a "really nice guy, who was worried about her feelings." She finds this "sweet" and "considerate", and "nobody ever did that for her before". She then assured me that she was willing to wait "until we're done here... and then it won't be so weird, maybe?". When you hear stuff like that, delivered in that spooky, far-away voice that all women who could conceivably attack your private parts with a circular saw might use, your thought processes go in two directions simultaneously; The Pig in you realizes she might have offered you a blowjob just for holding the door open for her. Or because it's Tuesday. She's probably that easy.... and that sick. That thought lingers perhaps longer than it should, but hell, you're male and can't help it.

The Rational Man in you, however, takes over, and has reason to believe that if you showed weakness just once, eventually this woman would arrive on your doorstep with a shotgun, threatening to blow her brains out all over your front yard because you missed your 11:21 a.m. check-in call.

You know that will happen, because it's nearly happened before. They say that insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results. Well, you know the almost-inevitable result of this sort of action, and your goal is to avoid insanity, and so you stop that thought process before it goes any further. Why, just realizing that I put that formulation to good use this evening shows that I've made tremendous strides!

Then the other thought creeps back into your head: I can't fucking win!

This is one aspect of my personal hell; the crazier-than-a-jihadi woman that I wouldn't fuck with a stolen dick finds me irresistible, but the ones who are probably worth an effort usually find some reason to bail on me before anything gets too serious. If I could get an answer to this dilemma in this group therapy thing, I think I'd be 50% cured. Instead I get sexually assaulted by Vodka-flavored-Sperm-burping Barbie, and the therapist insists on saying "God Bless You" on my way out the door. Oh yeah, I feel mightily blessed this evening!

If The Almighty was really interested in bestowing Her favor upon me, she'd give me Olympic-sprinter-speed so I could get the hell out of there. If I stood still for as much as a nanosecond, "Jane" would probably have been naked... and offering to call a girlfriend or two. I get douchechills just thinking about it. I can't think of anything more disturbing. There are some men out there who may be reading this who probably think I'm crazy for thinking this way...well, yeah, I wouldn't be in therapy if I weren't crazy!...but in this case, there's no amount of free sex that's worth what comes out of this kind of association. Trust me; been there, done that.

I'm determined to see this therapy thing through. I have to do it. I've put it off for far too long, preferring to believe I was a martyr to some noble cause (just what cause I never did quite figure out), rather than a human being who has needs and aspirations that he wasn't willing to recognize, and it's cost me a lot in life. I'm not letting that happen again, so I have to finish the course. This means I have to find some way of keeping the Amorous Inebriate at arm's-length until the sessions are over, and do so in a way that's easy on her ego. I have absolutely no doubt that this chick might be loony enough to hurt herself if she's rejected. I'd talk to the therapist about it, but I get the impression she's more concerned with saving our souls than she is our psyches. I think the whole purpose of this "support group" is less about giving aid to people who need it, and more about finding converts, so I'm not certain finking the woman out would achieve anything positive, but I just might have to if this goes on much longer and I can't let her down easy.

I can only imagine what the other Lunatic-With-Tits is thinking. She has a habit of making sure that wherever I'm sitting, she has a reason to squeeze through to get to something, even if there's plenty of space to go around me. Now, I don't mind moving my seat when that's necessary to let her by, but the breasts rubbing the top and back of my head as she sneaks through the space between chair and wall keeps messing my hair up. By the way, that one has already had TWO stints in an institution.

Aren't you glad you don't have MY life?

Gentlemen, let this be a cautionary tale....

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Eric and Janet; Not of This Earth...

I'm rather puzzled by the attitudes of Attorney General Eric Holder, and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano about the federal role in the capture of the Times Square bomber. They seem to think they have achieved some major victory in the War Against Man-Made Disasters because agents of the Border Patrol and Immigration services caught up to the alleged-bomber while his plane was sitting at the gate at John F. Kennedy Airport.

We have a man who has been identified -- probably within 24 hours of the event -- as a "person of interest" in a supposed terror bombing plot. His identity is known, and we might presume that the cops had his picture and some vital information on him by that time, too. Every law enforcement officer in America is looking for this guy, but he still manages to:

*Drive into JFK Airport
* Get past the layers and layers of supposed "Security" within the Airport
* Buy a ticket with cash (I thought that was a Red Flag?)
* Get past the TSA at the gate (I wonder if he had to at least take his shoes off for them?).
* Get past the Customs and Immigration folks at he gate since he's boarding an international flight
* Board the aircraft.

Two days after the event, the Federal Authorities are only aware they guy is not supposed to be on a plane as he's leaving.

Even the fact that the suspect was on a no-fly list two days ago wasn't even known until the plane was -- literally -- about to leave. How did this guy get into an airport with every Federal Agent on the Eastern Seaboard looking for him?

Yes, Homeland Security managed to get their man (allegedly), but it was a by-the-skin-of-their-teeth sort of thing. Holder and Napolitano would have you think, however, the system worked flawlessly. Mind you, they want you to think the system worked flawlessly with the recent Gulf Oil Spill, the Hutaree Militia Trial (which appears to be a bust based on bad evidence and political factors), and the Pantybomber fiasco. I notice that Holder made a fetish of maintaining that this suspect wasn't read his Miranda Rights immediately, unlike the Underwear Bomber.

Yeah, that makes me feel better.

Even more, this episode gives some awful insights into how Homeland Security works.

In her speech, Napolitano thanked:

* Immigration and Border Patrol
* Transportation Security Agency
* Federal Bureau of Investigation
* The Department of Homeland Security

...and probably at least two more fed agencies I didn't catch. And with all this Federal Expertise, Technology and Manpower available, just HOW was anyone put onto this guy in the first place?

Two street vendors saw a car on fire and told the cops. Two civilians and three city cops probably saved hundreds of lives acting upon their own initiative, while all those federal agencies and the shitload of money spent on Homeland Security almost saw the suspect winging his way back to the Middle East.

I sure hope this guy had the audacity to use the toilet and ask for a blanket before he was arrested, just so he can be charged with the "crimes" the government invented to cover it's ass after the last terrorist-on-a-plane fiasco.

Eric and Janet shouldn't be so quick to congratulate themselves. In the last two major incidents of terrorism, the suspects were quickly captured and the plots "foiled" because a) private citizens got involved -- at risk to their own lives -- and did the right thing, and b) the terrorists were fuck ups who couldn't detonate their explosives properly.

Neither of these cases (Pantybomber, or the Times Square Bomber) is an indicator of Federal efficiency on the terrorism front. It just so happened that in these two cases, we had the right combiantion of non-Federal factors fall into place to make them slam-dunks. And for all that, this time the guy still almost got away because the Feds almost let him.

But...But...It's the Religion of Peace!

So, it appears as if the forces of anti-terrorism have gotten their man (at least they've gotten A man) with regards to the Times Square attempted-bombing. From what I know at this point, we're dealing with a naturalized Pakistani, who tried very hard not to leave a paper trail, and went out of his way to try and hide his activities.

The three biggest breaks in this case seem to have been an alert t-shirt vendor, a bomb that didn't explode leaving evidence up-the-ying-yang to examine, and a would-be-jihadi who apparently had no intention of dying in the course of his would-be martyrdom operation, and so tried to escape. If The Other Side is now down to the Bad News Bears without the Death Wish, we're probably winning this thing -- but don't speak too soon, right?

So, "good job" FBI, NYPD and Homeland Security. Here's your well-deserved pat on the back.

Now, I'd like to smack someone in the mouth. Actually, several someones. You know who you are; You're the ones who, despite the evidence to the contrary, always insist that we "should not leap to conclusions about Islamic involvement in terrorism". Who continually remind us, in the face of the litany of car bombings, hostage-taking, honor-killing, IED's, sectarian violence, the protracted nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict, September 11th, London and Madrid Bombings, The Undibomber, amongst countless other incidents, that Islam is really a religion of peace, and that if Muslims are trying to kill Americans, it's only because we've done them wrong and should apologize...or buy them a fruit basket...or something.

Peaceful religions don't have the words (paraphrasing) "It is the duty of the faithful to kill the unbeliever..." on Page One of the Secret Handbook. Peaceful religions don't worship death, or even worse, welcome and celebrate it. The Jihadi vision of "Paradise" looks an awful lot like a fratboy's wet dream -- flowing wine, wall-to-wall-virgins with no gag reflex -- and all you have to do to get it is to blow yourself up, making sure you take as many bystanders as you can with you. A religion dedicated to peaceful co-existence with the rest of the planet doesn't tell it's young men that the path to Heaven requires a spectacular suicide.

That's not a religion of Peace. That's a Cult of Death. It's a faith born of helplessness and fear, dedicating it's energies to more of the same. An Anti-Faith. There's a reason why these people are stuck in a 7th-century mentality that prevented them from coming to terms with the Modern World ("Progress" is another enemy of the Jihadi), and which is in large part responsible for the frustration which turns them into bombers -- there is nothing in Islam that gives one a rosy vision of the future, there's no redeeming quality to the religion. It's great "strength" is to assure it's followers that once they have killed off, converted or enslaved all the Infidels, they will create an endless "Present" where tomorrow will resemble today just as much as it resembled yesterday...forever.

God has ordained what will happen, and there is nothing the faithful can do to alter that future, or to take part in it. All they're required to do is simply submit to His Will and take what He gives them.

I'm no great believer in the Invisible Man in the Sky myself, but at least Christianity and Judaism give you something to look forward to other than a steady diet of The Same Forever. In some ways, it's the duty of the Jew or Christian to champion the causes of Progress, scientific knowledge, of art and medicine, and everything else that makes us what we are, because it's also their duty to prepare the Earth for the Messiah -- either his appearance or re-appearance -- and therefore, there's at least an implied duty to strive for improvement of both human condition and our society.

Islam simply kills indiscriminately. Had that bomb gone off, it would have killed a representative cross-section of American society: the t-shirt vendor, the cop and fireman, the teacher, the teenager, a pensioner, an accountant or businessman or two, a few housewives, a host of little children, a ditch-digger, crane operator and a hockey player. It would have killed Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and those with purple polka-dots. It would have killed or maimed Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and those who believe in the healing power of their Lucky Astrology Mood Watch, and the irony is that it's likely a Muslim or two would have been incinerated, as well. They would have died because their great sin was to be who they are (free people, enjoying the benefits of a free society) instead of being what the jihadis want them to be (dead, enslaved, dispossessed, preferably all three). That's why The Religion of Peace tries so hard, and so often, to kill people who have done them no harm whatsoever.

And the element of randomness would just have served to spread that atmosphere of fear and helplessness which Islam feeds upon. That's how Islam counts it's "victories"; how many innocent victims, fear factor, and inability of the victims to fight back. Yeah, they're real men. I'll bet none of them can get it up without an explosion. Anyways...

When Christians and Jews start parking car bombs on crowded streets, when Jews and Christians start launching unguided rockets randomly into their neighbors' gardens, when Christians and Jews start blowing themselves up on Public Transport to get attention, then the "But, it's a Religion of Peace" crowd's attempts at moral equivalence might have some merit. In light of the fact that Christians and Jews do not do these things, they should probably partake of a great big glass of Shut The Fuck Up.

Your nonsense about peaceful intentions and complaints about a whole people being tarred by the actions of a few discounts My Life Experience. Here, in my own city, I have had to dodge hijacked airliners, stay away from bridges, take caution in the subways, get off ferries because of bomb threats, evacuate buildings because of anthrax fears, pass through streets lined by machine-gun toting cops with gas masks -- and now you can't even walk the goddamned streets for fear of some religious nutcase with a death wish deciding that today is the day he gets his 72 virgins. Today might be the day he decides American society will finally pay for his inability to get the blond girls (whom the Imams have told him his entire life were immoral sluts with no shame, or standards), and get them to have scads of wild and consequence-free sex with him.

Because, frankly, this is indeed what all this Jihadi shit is about; Not Peace, but Sex. Or, rather, the lack of it. If these guys got laid more (and we're not counting each other or farm animals) they'd probably mellow out, pray a lot less, and stop crafting suicide belts. Instead, they wrap their women up in rugs, herd them like cattle and sequester them. They have arranged marriages, usually to first-cousins. These guys often become radicalized because they can't get it on, and the ones who become radicalized after being stateside or in Europe for a while, do so because they can't get the Western girls. The insult, the inferiority complex that comes with rejection from a woman whom your culture insists is an inferior being, and exists solely for your pleasure, drives them absolutely bonkers.

I'll bet that when they examine this latest asshole, they'll find a Western chick who turned him down, or laughed at his tiny tallywhacker. Betcha he also has a long list of credit card receipts from escort services. Gitmo must be full of those kinds.

Islam, and the problem of Islamic terrorism, has very little, in the final analysis, to do with Peace. It's usually about Sex and Power -- and insanity -- and the feeble attempts of the "Islam is a Peaceful religion" crowd ultimately serve as little more than another weapon in the suicidally-sexually-frustrated jihadi's arsenal. Unfortunately, those people are the ones who typically get killed last. Because they typically surrender first.

I hope those people enjoy the non-stop ass-rape they'll be getting in the world they're helping to create, in which the Religion of Peace stands triumphant and the bomb-building deviants are let loose to do their worst with the full approval of God.

In the meantime, about that War on Terror thing; it's been awfully short on War (there's still Muslims left alive, you know) and they're still exporting Terror.

Update: The first two people on the list to get the piss beat out of them shoudl be Geraldo Rivera and Mayor Micheal Bloomberg, who couldn't consider the possibility of an Islamic terorrist, and convinced that any terrorism nowadays must be connected to Tea Parties and opposition to Obama, instead decided to Blame the White Christian Heterosexual Males. for the attempted bombings before any evidence had been collected, or arrests made. Chances are good Geraldo will not apologize anytime soon. Bloomberg has already been on television this morning -- and said not a word about it.

More: Mark Steyn kicks Mayor Bloomberg in the vagina.

The Hits Just Keep On Comin': Four Quick Observations about the Times Square Bomber.

"Lone White Teabagger Theory" blown: Eight arrested in Pakistan in connection to Times Square Bombing.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Obama The Philanderer?

Yeah, yeah, I know. Nothing has been proven, and as I've said earlier, I couldn't care less if Barry strayed from the marital path. In the grand scheme of things, it's not really that important an issue to me. Whenit comes ot sex, some men need leashes, some men are swayed by the trappings of power and the curse of ego, others are mere opportunitists, and the vast majority are just completely stupid.

However, the American Thinker this morning asks a much more important question (paraphrasing in my own, inimitable style):

"...why do we concern ourselves with who Obama may have fucked, when we never answered the fundamental question about who He was in bed with?"

In other news, the Obama Love Affair may be reaching it's...erm...climax.

Some Thoughts on the Kentucky Derby...

I love watching thoroughbred horses race. There's something about them running that makes you realize what you're often missing about the world around you. They are incredibly beautiful creatures, a marvel in every sense of the word. Even standing still, if a thoroughbred doesn't evoke a feeling of reverence, there's something wrong with you, I'd say.

It's amazing that an 800- pound animal can run on what amounts to delicate toothpicks and not come up lame more often. I hate watching that, and it's happened a few times in recent Derbys, and I always fear that someone's coming out that gate and spilling ass over teakettle. Fortunately, it didn't happen this year.

I really don't know much about horse racing, except to say that it regularly proves the adage that "animals can make fools of us all", and my interest is strictly limited to the "Big Races". I can go months without thinking of thoroughbred racing, but when the Triple Crown races or the Breeder's Cup roll around, I'm there to watch. It's too great a spectacle not to, and not because of the foppish dandies trying to outdo one another with their outrageous hats and costumes (those people make me sick, and I don't care if it's tradition), but because the horses are just so heartbreakingly-beautiful. I've seen a great deal to make me wonder in my lifetime -- Stonehenge, the night sky from the top of a desert mountain, tornadoes up close, the power of Niagara Falls -- but nothing evokes a greater sense of awe and astonishment than a thoroughbred in full stride.

My paternal grandfather -- we called him "Poppy" -- liked "to play the ponies" as they say, and used to bring me to Belmont and Aqueduct racetracks here in New York. I was a very small boy then, maybe 5 or 6, but in any case it was before my parents divorced, and I doubt I remember much about the actual races, except that they were almost always exciting. But I do remember a special day when he took me to the track and told me to pick a horse off the sheet. I think it was the first time he'd ever bestowed that honor upon me (usually, he would try to explain the gobbledeegook on the racing form to a very small boy who couldn't give a shit.Maybe he was testing me to see if I'd absorbed his lessons?). I can remember the horse's name -- Smoked Salmon, a grey. Always bet on the greys, he told me! -- and that he placed a $10 bet on it to win, a considerable sum in the early 70's....and we won.

I don't think I've ever had a better ice-cream cone in my life. I remember he gave me half the winnings, maybe $20 or $25 dollars, too. Which I remember thinking was a tremendous sum of cash at the time.

In later years, after my parents divorced, my paternal grandfather became estranged, and probably not by choice. I never saw him again after my father's death when I was 13 (probably because my mother held so much animosity towards my father's family that she kept us children from having contact with them. I never even went to my father's funeral because of it) , and often thought about him, but had no means by which to find him. It wasn't long after, I think, that he'd been consigned to a Nursing Home, and I was never told about it, or even told which one he was in. Come to think of it, being a youngster, it probably never even occurred to me to ask. I don't know if that's just the stupidity and thoughtlessness of youth, or whether my mother had poisoned my mind against him. More likely, it was a case of "out-of-sight-out-of-mind".

I feel guilty about it, sometimes. I think I would be a truly rotten person if I didn't. But that changes nothing, and it doesn't bring Poppy back.

I think about the times when I was a very small child and I would sit in his lap, and Poppy would talk to me. He would show me his ring. It was a gold ring, with I an opal in it if I can remember, and he would tell me that because I was his first grandson that it would one day be mine. I never got that ring, and I never got to say goodbye to a decent man who only later in life did I begin to realize that I truly loved. But, I would like to think that he gave me something after all -- it's just that it doesn't become apparent until I hear the trumpet calling the horses to the gate, and is usually forgotten after the race is over.

That's a habit I'm going to break today.

Today is my 43rd Birthday, and I think I'll spend some of it remembering a man who didn't live to see it, but who managed to give me a valuable gift anyway. In fact, I believe I will be thinking about a lot of people who gave me similar gifts who aren't here anymore. Instead of celebrating Me, I will celebrate Them. That's something I had never considered before. When I blow out those candles later, there will be a special wish for the dearly departed.

And now you can see why thoroughbred horses are such noble beasts; they've gotten me to stop thinking about myself, if only for one day. If only they had a similar effect on everyone....

Bomb Scare in Times Square...

This is, I think, the second unattended vehicle that attracted police attention in Times Square in the last six-to-eight months. Perhaps the first one was a test of the authorities' ability to respond?

In any case, a concerned citizen, three NYPD police officers on the scene, and the combined resources of the NYPD and FDNY most certainly averted a disaster. For even if the bomb was crudely constructed and "fizzled", the SUV still caught fire and had deadly explosives in it. These folks, one and all, who go mostly anonymous and unappreciated, should be thanked profusely. They not only did their jobs and saved some lives, but they instill a sense of confidence that nearly a decade after September 11th, they haven't dropped their guard for a second.

We have the finest police and fire departments in all of the world, and they showed it once again. I have every confidence they will soon discover the source of this bomb, and bring those who constructed it with evil intent to justice (which, unfortunately, will not include a public drawing and quartering) very soon.

Thank you to the Men and Women of the New York City Police and Fire Departments! You folks are the absolute best!

Update: Was this bomb attempted "revenge" for the South Park depiction of Mohammed? The location indicates it might have been; 45th and Broadway is right outside the Viacom building, home of Comedy Central. Mark Steyn asks the question, and reminds us that the Other Side is a bunch of douches.

Update-Update: New York's Governor, David Patterson, a.k.a Captain Obvious, has come out to grandly announce that the Times Square bomb was "an act of terrorism". I'm so happy to have this man in charge at this desperate time that I could shit. There are none so blind as those who are...erm...blind.

Is it Any Wonder New York Is Screwed?

Because our politicians seem perfectly capable of setting up phony charities with which to steal taxpayer money, and shamelessly, too. You'll also be happy to note that the State Senator involved, Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn), has a history of assault and battery, using what would otherwise be called "Hate Speech" if he weren't black, and apparently believes his office exists to ensure his friends get paid.

Mr. Parker is certainly not the first NY Pol to behave this way, he's only the latest to get caught. Personally, I'm amazed at the paltry sums he managed to finagle, considering what others have gotten away with in the past. Perhaps Mr. Parker was too dumb to realize he could have stolen more, or too lazy to finish the required paperwork needed to make his crime (allegedly) more remunerative.

(OMG! Did you just use the words "dumb" and "lazy" in reference to a black man? YOU RACIST!).

We should probably be thankful that Mr. Parker was caught before he figured out how to game the system properly. You know, in a way that our celebrated Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver does. Silver is simply the Kingpin of the Albany Criminal Crowd.

Mr. Parker is just one more representative case of what's wrong with Albany; besides being dumb and lazy, the typical denizen of the State Capital is also a greedy schmuck, a machine politician often in bed with some of the worst elements of New York society, and equipped with a lot of baggage -- we've had accused rapists, batterers, embezzlers, bag men, fixers, scofflaws, double-dippers, union hacks, and worse, marching in and out of Albany for a very long time, at all levels of government. When they aren't hiring hookers on the public dime, they're usually the pimps. "Fetid" and "incestuous" are only two of the adjectives one could use to describe our State Legislature, and you'd still be about 30 epithets short of adequately describing what happens there.

It's a pity we no longer flog wrongdoers in the Public Square.

Good Thing There's a War on Terror, Huh?

The NY Daily News lists the roster of terrorists captured on American soil, or American citizens arrested on suspicion of terrorist ties, or conspiracy to commit terrorist acts.

Most of them were captured on American Soil. In other words, they are homegrown jihadis, emigres, and domestic terrorists.

Please take note of what religion the majority on the list tend to follow. Ill give you a hint; it starts with an "I", and they permit you to kill your female children who refuse to marry their first cousins.

It's a good thing we're not at war with that religion, or it's "moderate" practitioners, we're policing our borders and going after the bad guys in Iraq and Afghanistan so that we don't have to fight them here...

Did The National Enquirer Catch Barry Doin' the Dirty, Too?

The report from Mediaite (disclaimer: I've never heard of them!) is a bit skittish, and pretty much hems and haws between "they have the goods on him" to "they might have the goods on him, but don't count on it", and was later updated to reflect a statement by the Enquirer that it doesn't have a tape that someone said they might have had.

At this point, third-hand-rumors of a second-hand story, BUT, the Enquirer did have the dirt on John Edwards, and nailed him a dozen-ways-to-Sunday with it, so who knows. Then again, it's not like John Edwards was very smart.

I will personally take no joy from it if this turns out to be true, if only because a) I have my own problems, thank you very much, and b) I would feel badly for the Obama daughters. My take on it is that I wouldn't be surprised if the rumors/reports were true, but does that mean they should be reported? I know, some of the more panty-bunched of the public (especially those with political axes to grind, or who may be awaiting the Rapture) will say "Hell, yes! A man who can't keep his marriage vows can't be trusted to run the country honorably!" to which I reply: at what point, exactly,did you expect him to? When you aren't calling him "Socialist" or examining his birth certificate under a microscope, you're probably laying awake at night wondering when The Almighty will finally deliver America from Obama's evil clutches with a well-timed sex scandal. What evidence has Obambi given you to this point to indicate that he's an honest man to begin with? I'm still waiting for shit to turn up on C-Span and the Stimulus website which proves that he truly is running the "most transparent Administration in History".

Of course, I'm still waiting for Bill Clinton to fulfill his promise to run the "most ethical Administration in history" , and for Nancy Pelosi to "drain the swamp of Washington, D.C." and Teddy Kennedy to fess up about drowning Mary Jo. I think I have a better shot at hearing from Teddy than from Bill. I don't want to hear anything more from Nancy.I expect my politicians to be scumbags, liars and sexual deviants, this way I won't be disappointed when they turn out to be just that.

Then there's the "This could potentially leave the man open to blackmail, and a President who can be blackmailed is bad for America..." argument, which is true, up to a point. JFK was open to blackmail on an epic scale, Nixon, too. We survived. I rather doubt someone's going to tell Obama "either you go public or we nuke you!" or "I'll spill the beans if you don't sign this bill...". Of course, anyone who tried to blackmail a President could probably expect a visit from the Secret Service or FBI, so without solid proof that he's done something illegal, as opposed to something unethical, I rather doubt anyone's coming forward, or asking for cash or a quid pro quo.

Perhaps I'm just too cynical to really care, unless, of course, Barry got a Monica in the Oval Office. Then it becomes a different ballgame altogether. Then whatever he's doing is on My Time. But something which appears to be old news, with dubious proof (if there's any at all), is nothing to get all excited about. I don't like the man's politics, but I don't think it necessary to tear him to shreds over rumor and innuendo (and yes, I know that's the American way going all the way back to Aaron Burr, but still). I would still give no credence to the rumor without proof.

And besides, I'm not one of those Obama haters who wants the man destroyed, I just want him replaced, preferably by means of an election rather than a resignation under duress. I mean, if you think Obama is bad, just look who's lined up behind him, ready to take over should he have to go.

HIllbuzz refutes the Obama Affair rumors with the following (paraphrasing) "we know the woman well, like her very much, and just don't think it's possible or even likely....and besides, Obama is gay...".

Oh, well, that explains everything. Then again, if anyone knows who's gay in Washington, it's Hillbuzz.