Thursday, July 05, 2007

Some Up-Close and Personal Observations...
In the last couple of months, I have had some very close encounters with Arabs. I'm not talking about the guy who runs the gas station or the newsstand, I mean up-close, personal, and business contact, which has caused me to re-evaluate what I guess one would call personal beliefs.

At one time (actually at several points in the recent past) I have wavered on the moral question of whether or not the Muslim world should survive. I mean that in the literal, actual life-and-death sense. My previous experience with Arabs and Muslims, was, indeed,very limited, and most of it was negative; after all, I had witnessed the terror attacks of September 11th, and the sight of 3,000 people murdered in the name of religion and misguided political nonsense will do that to you.

As the horror of that day was fresh in my memory, and my anguish and fear were my primary concerns, I did advocate the genocide of the Muslims. I'm not afraid to admit that, and I think, given the circumstances, it would be understandable, if still disgusting. As the fear and pain subsided, I recognized such ideas to be despicable and impractical and came to the conclusion that it would solve nothing vis-a-vis the problem of Islamic terrorism. I probably wavered between advocacy of outright butchery and some sense of morality.

However, recent history and events have made me reconsider this position (once again!). And this time, the decision is FINAL. No more wavering for me.

The Muslim world is diseased. To any casual Western observer, this should be obvious. Forget the nonsense that we cannot judge a non-Western society by Western values, because this now seems to me one of the dumbest fucking platitudes ever invented. We damn well SHOULD view the non-Western world through the lens of Western values, because when we don't, we give every asshole on the planet an excuse to take advantage of the irrational guilt and stupidity that created the problem (cultural non-judgementalism) in the first place. The disease that runs through the Muslim world is has an entire smorgasbord of symptoms: rank stupidity, cultural backwardness, an irrational fear of women, devotion to a cult of death dressed up as a "tolerant" religion, arrogance, and a by-now genetic inferiority complex.

The individual events which caused me to change my mind are too numerous to list here, and I won't. Just suffice to say that every Arab/Muslim I've come into contact with the last few months reinforces my belief that the Middle East requires an injection of new DNA. Probably something genetically-engineered to eat sand and crap oil, with about the same level of awareness common to the amoeba. That form of life would be far superior to what calls itself a human being in that part of the world.

This idea was finally crystallized for me last night at, of all places, a minor league baseball game, which I attended with my family. There was a fireworks show at the end of the game, and people had lined up around the stadium to view it. Being on the NYC waterfront, it was also an incredible vantage point to catch the annual Macy's fireworks show, as well as shows in neighboring New Jersey.

I never saw so many headscarves in one place in my life. I never knew there were this many of them on Staten Island, and all of them had a minimum of five kids in tow. They were rude, they were smelly, they were disgusting examples of the selfish human archetype on full display. They had no manners. They acted as if they owned the planet and demanded courtesies they would not even dream of extending to anyone outside their group. There must have been at least 70 women in headscarves in the crowd outside the stadium, and near to the gates where I was that night, and so I guess, were 70 potential suicide bombers (their husbands). Many of them attempted to enter the stadium where the game was being played, without buying tickets, so as to get a better seat for the fireworks show, and some even attempted to crash the gates, complaining loudly of racism and prejudice when they were denied entry just because they hadn't bought a ticket. One moron even commented, upon seeing an Orthodox Jewish family in seating near to the gate, that "Of COURSE they'll let Jews in and keep us out!" Stadium security and New York's Finest kept things in check.

They came in droves, because, well Muslims are enamoured of things that go BOOM, I guess.

I have changed my mind, this time for good. The problem of Islamic terrorism can ONLY be solved when there are no more Islamics. The issue is NOT the West, or Western culture -- the issue is that these folks are outright INSANE . The West has a duty, not only to itself, but to the rest of the planet to advance our system and our values, because these are the only circumstances under which humankind may progress, prosper, and ultimately survive. No more pussy-footing around it; Islam must be dismantled, it must be shown, in unmistakable terms to be morally, ethically, politically, scientifically, economically BANKRUPT. Until that happens, any attempt to bring "democracy" to the Middle East will fail, and we will continue to have 9/11's and Glasgow-style truck bombings.

We should also stop importing these degenerates in such large numbers. Stop the immigration spigot, right the fuck NOW.

This is not hyperbole: the survival of all we hold dear depends directly on whether or not these insane scumbags can be kept in check.