Saturday, April 24, 2010

Professor Hanson: California's Present is Everyone Else's Future...

This man is a national treasure.

Money quote:

"...Note — Barbara Boxer is a particularly unfortunate sort of politician, combining arrogance (remember her much publicized slapdown of a general and African-American businessman) with a loud sort of ignorance. (A diversity note: Three of the most powerful women in the world that have a lot to do with running the U.S. are multimillionaire, doctrinaire liberals, who at one time lived within about 50 miles of each other in San Francisco — Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer.)..."

Arizona Makes it Illegal to Be in Arizona Illegally...

And it's about fuckin' time, too!

The State of Arizona has passed a law which (finally!) makes it illegal to be an illegal alien. Confronted by the fact that the Federal Government has failed in it's responsibility (under Article IV, Section IV of the Constitution) to guarantee Republican government, and to defend each state from invasion, the state finally decided that if you want something done right, you probably have to do it yourself.

Police officers in Arizona now have the power to ask about a person's immigration status, and to demand documentation proving that status -- if they have sufficient cause to believe that someone may be in the state illegally.

Naturally, the Libtards have already made their allusions to Nazi Germany (the great refrain on all the sites today is some variation of the Nazi "Papers, please?" cliche), and naturally, Hispanic Groups are already up in arms about how this law is aimed specifically at them (well...duh! But, then again, the law makes no distinction between Hispanic, and say, French or Chinese. It just says "undocumented" or "illegal" in that fine legalese bullshit way), but these responses are de rigeur for the Left, and usually overly-simplistic; they are aimed at people who little intelligence and trouble chewing gum and walking simultaneously. These kinds can usually be counted upon to miss the Big Question. In this case, the The Big Question -- "does anyone have the right to be a criminal parasite?" has a common-sense answer the Libtards don't want the faithful to hear.

They squeal and make illusions to Soviet Gulags (Gulags, incidentally, which they were all in favor of so long as it was their ideological enemies being sent to them) because the more emotional and stupid amongst us will, naturally, react in the same way, and their opposition to similar laws will be based upon fear rather than reason. Libtards cannot do anything without appealing to or manipulating the emotions of fear, envy and guilt.

Finally, because Libtards expect Hispanics to be yet another monolithic voting bloc, just like American Blacks, the rights of the criminal portion of that demographic must be defended at all costs. If Arizona gets away with this, then every state in the Union will try it, and the next thing you know, English becomes the chief lingua franca of the United States, 12 million parasites (i.e. Potential Obama voters) suddenly up and leave before they can be arrested and deported, why, who knows what chaos would follow?

I mean, the government might be forced to stop providing services in any language other than English because the demand for them would decrease and the expense no longer justifiable. The hospitals might actually be less busy, having to provide fewer services and procedures to those who won't pay for them, saving money and becoming more efficient in the process. Something that Libtards will try to paint as a consequence of ObamaCare, but we'll all know better. Our Schools might actually work, because resources will not have to be dedicated (wasted on) to teaching to non-English speakers who will most likely never graduate because of their culture's indifference to education.

Tens, perhaps hundreds of Billions of tax-payer dollars will be saved when the entire apparatus of Liberal-inspired "services", which only serve to encourage illegal immigration by catering to the immigrants needs, all comes crashing down. It's a horrible thought, because if that should ever happen, millions of government-union employees would be tossed out of work, "Immigration Advocates" would have no one to "advocate" for, Immigration Attorneys would be forced to practice law instead of game the system. They might even, horror of horrors!, be forced to find gainful employment in the private sector!

I figure many of them (the former government employees)will be forced to take the McJobs they all hate so much, because those might be the only tasks they're actually qualified for.

One prong to the strategy to permanently ensconce a Left-wing influence in American politics was by artificially skewing the demographics of the country. This strategy will have been wrecked if illegal immigration were controlled, and the laws enforced. The Libs cannot abide true immigration enforcement -- let alone actual immigration reform -- because to do so weakens them, threatens their power and self-esteem, and limits their ability to manipulate public feelings and opinions so as to extract the maximum amount of wealth from the people who created it to fund their own non-productive, more like counter-productive, official fiefdoms. They get money for basically a) doing nothing, and b) doing things that are harmful to the greater society, because it's all ultimately a part of their their political outlook.

The only this missing from this Arizona law is the ability to taser an illegal immigrant right on the fucking spot, if you ask me. I want to see everyone who isn't here legally make another Run for the Border -- this time headed south. I'd like to see the assholes who support the Religion of Terrorism head for the airports, and leave before they can blow something else up, or litter the streets ith the bodies of their "Honor Killed" daughters and wives. I'd jump for joy if just one person attached to the cocaine and marijuana trades was tossed out on his ass. I'd be ecstatic if I could open my local newspaper and not read of another victim of a drunk-driving illegal immigrant (usually with a criminal record) , or there was one fewer rape atrocity story involving Central American romantic jealousy. One less warning about strange diseases like West Nile Virus, SARS and the fifty variations of Swine and Avian flus, tuberculosis, measles, and even cholera and bubonic plague being brought back into the United States from people arriving from all shitholes of the planet.

But don't mind me --- I'm a racist according to half my e-mail.

Personally, I don't have a pool and am capable of mowing my own lawn. I don't take many taxis, and can live without all that lettuce in my diet. I really hate the sound of leafblowers at sunrise.
I can live with a fewer restaurants, despite my addictions to Arroz con pollo, Cubanos and Churros y Chocolateada.

Good for Arizonans, I say. They're being overrun by an invasion of people who have no respect for their rights, their property or their laws. People who bring crime, corruption, and decay with them, who refuse to assimilate and who suck mightily on the public teat, while offering little in the way of economic benefits or even good citizenship.

You can read about it, and some of the reaction, here, here, here and here.

(H/T Instapundit, JammieWearingFool, Ann Althouse)

Mark Your Calendars: May 20th is "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!"

A movement is afoot to support Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park who were recently threatened with death by an Islamic website for daring to poke fun at the wife-beating, felonious, mentally-unstable, child-molesting Prophet Mohammed, by having as many people as possible draw and display their conception of that Desert-Dwelling Douchebag, all on the same day.

It's called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day".

The idea is that if the response to an Islamic death threat -- and also a response to the censorship which some in America feel is itself the appropriate response to Islamic death threats (because they're pussies!) -- is mass ridicule, then the death threats will cease. That if there is pushback, these assholes will back down. Eventually, each threat is answered with a new wave of ridicule and blasphemy larger than the last, and the intimidation and attempt to censor Americans exercising their rights to Free Speech will come to an end.

It'll work, because at heart, all Islamic men are bullies, with very small penises, who have no guts for a principled fight whatsoever. They are nothing more than tiny little dictators, their little minds warped by endless hours of sodomy suffered at the hands of their imams in "school", who live in continuous, quaking, sweating, pants-shitting fear of The Vagina -- a fear so deep and terrifying, that they must wrap their womenfolk up in burlap, beat them regularly, hide them from public view and treat them like cattle. Then they go out and shag sheep. It's no wonder that as soon as Arab women hit the West they immediately "trade up" to one of us normal (usually white) guys -- assuming they aren't killed by their fathers and brothers first, or married off to a first-cousin in the sewers of Lahore, Aden or Damascus before they're old enough to realize that they're being oppressed.

Yes, ridicule and defiance are always effective against the bullies of the world. And besides, it'll be fun to finally get a chance to antagonize these turds.

Keep a lookout for a your local "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" gathering, and show up with your sign to show support for your country and your way of life. Let the pig fuckers...err..."extremists"...know that that this is OUR Country,and OUR Culture, and we mean to defend it and ourselves. Let them know that their ideas, ways of life, peccadilloes, vagina-phobia, and insane farm-animal fetishes count for absolute shit, and that if they wish to become true Americans, they'll just have to assimilate and learn to have a little tolerance, otherwise, they can just GO THE FUCK HOME.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Circle of Poo...

One of them Global Warming morons has published a theory that whales crapping in the ocean are vital to protecting Mother Gaia from the dreadful effects of that made-up-scientific-abortion-that-made-Al-Gore fabulously-wealthy.

Apparently, whale shit contains a high concentration of iron, which it gets from the krill that whales eat, which when digested and expelled becomes food for the phytoplankton which the krill themselves eat. Phytoplankton, besides having terrible taste in entrees, absorb carbon dioxide. The theory goes that if you let phytoplankton populations explode -- by increasing the amount of baleen whale crap in the oceans -- the whales will clean up the planet by shitting all over the oceans. The phytoplankton eat the shit, the krill eat the phytoplankton, and the whales eat the krill in larger numbers, and leave bigger and more numerous turds, which leads to more carbon-dioxide-absorbing phytoplankton, and so on and so on.

Eventually, it just somehow seems appropriate that some "solution" to this bullshit "problem" would just have to include the heftier and more voluminous shit of a much larger animal.

Anyways, the scientists who did this study only collected 27 samples of baleen whale excrement, which seems to me to be a very small sample, indeed, upon which to base any scientific estimate, conclusion, or theory, but then again, I'm not a scientist getting a...ahem...shitload...of taxpayer money to scour the oceans for whale poop who has a gravy train to justify.

Maybe it's just really difficult to recover whale crap? Anyways, this sounds more like an excuse to put an end to whaling than it does sound science.

I'm reminded of this classic episode of South Park.

If two slacker cartoonists figured this stuff out years ago, why did it need a scientist with government funding to study it again?

It wouldn't surprise me if that episode wasn't the inspiration for the whole study in the first place.

(H/T To Thank you Trey Parker and Matt Stone!)

Now I Know Why The War Isn't Over Yet...

The United States Army is infected by political correctness. We've seen it on the battlefield where commanders are often trying to accommodate the enemy ("win their hearts and minds"), rather than kill him. We see it in the way the brass ties itself up in knots over the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, and that's when the Army isn't struggling mightily to excuse the behavior of a psychopath that was recruited, trained, promoted and protected -- because bringing Major Hassan's behavior, activities and attitudes to light might have cost someone OTHER THAN Maj. Hassan their career -- until he went on a shooting spree and killed 13 of his fellow soldiers.

As Colonel Tom Collins (perhaps he drinking some) made clear in the article:

"...We're an all-inclusive military," Collins said. "We honor all faiths. ... Our message to our service and civilian work force is about the need for diversity and appreciation of all faiths...."

Now, it's also about sensitivity to the enemy's feelings; Franklin Graham, son of Evangelist Preacher Billy Graham, had been invited to attend a National Day of Prayer ceremony at the Pentagon, but that invitation has been rescinded, because...wait for it...the Army has decided that Graham is an "inappropriate" speaker because he once made disparaging remarks about...Islam.

What did Graham say?

"...Graham, the son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, in 2001 described Islam as evil. More recently, he has said he finds Islam offensive and wants Muslims to know that Jesus Christ died for their sins...."

Now, I'm not one to defend faith, as I think it's a disgusting little bit of self-delusion that people have used in a variety of ways for centuries, mostly for evil, but this is insane. In case no one told the US Army, the enemy is Islamic, and although we keep trying to make distinctions between "Good" and "Bad" Muslims, the truth is that there really isn't any such distinction to be made. Islam is not a religion, although it plays one of TV; it's a system by which total control can be exercised over those infected with it. The Nazis and Soviet Communists would have been green with envy, because Islam succeeded where they both failed.

And it's overarching principle is this: you are permitted to rape, murder, destroy, forcibly convert, steal, and enslave, so long as the victims aren't other Muslims. It's like an excuse to unleash the very worst in human nature while giving the perpetrators the ability to justify it, and thus, avoid the guilt normal people feel. This is the driving impulse behind Islam: the True Believer is directed to spread the system by the sword, violence is the means by which Islam found it's way out of the depths of the Arabian deserts and was carried to the four corners of the globe. The Islamic Warrior is supposed to be ruthless, dedicated, violent, and intimidating, because when he applies these tools in a whatever convoluted way his "religion" desires, he's promised a place in Heaven for it.

In our military, if you punch a terrorist in the stomach, they bring you up on charges. Under Islam, if you walk into an Israeli kindergarten with explosive boxer shorts, you're a martyr to the cause, and celebrated as a hero.

That's what Franklin Graham denigrated. A sick, sorry, twisted excuse for religion, practiced by the absolute dregs of the Earth. That, United States Army, is who the enemy is. Not Rev. Graham, but the guys dressed in the pile of dirty laundry with the RPG's and the death wish.

I say let Franklin Graham pray in front of the Pentagon all he wants; if that's what the troops want, then that's fine. Also because every time he does (and others like him do) it annoys the fuck out of the Towelheads, and we should never pass up an opportunity to make them, at the very least, uncomfortable. Especially since no one's making any great effort to KILL them in the tens of millions.

I'm going to go out on a (not-much-of) a limb here and guess that whoever made this decision is probably an Obama appointee , because this is the sort of niggling (OMG! Did you really just use the "N-Word", you racist?) stupid, anal-retentive detail that would consume the waking thoughts of a good little Libtard who understands Her (it's gotta be a Her) marching orders and Her place within the Libtard pecking order.

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me at all if this was simply an offshoot of the other Libtard who won a court case last week in which it was determined that the National Day of Prayer was a violation of the First Amendment.

This war would have been over a very long time ago had someone simply remembered that wars are won by making the enemy suffer, horribly, so as to destroy confidence in his System and Way of Life, while steadily degrading his ability to continue the fight. Apparently, the Rules have been rewritten to ensure that we kill no one, rebuild everything we bomb (and they re-bomb, and re-re-bomb), and that we make no disparaging remarks about the enemy's culture.

There's no longer any need to wonder why we're still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and why Iran has decided that we're all bark and no bite. The United States Army is not only reluctant to kill the enemy, it'll now make sure we don't insult him, either.

(Ed. Note: this is not a scathing indictment of the troops being shot at, it's a denigration of their leadership, which is consumed by Political Correctness. I'm certain that if the leadership took the leash off, the Troops would make a pile of dead Muslims that would reach into space, and never again would any Islamic nutjob raise as much as an eyebrow in our direction).

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Second Great Depression....

Obama kicks Wall Street in the balls for it's part in triggering what is now a Second Great Depression.

This from the man who told us that $787 billion Stimulus Bill -- that FIRST BILL that no one read before it was signed into law -- was necessary to avoid "the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression."

This from a man who told us that nationalizing Medical Care, the SECOND BILL that no one redad before it was signed into Law (which doesn't take "full" effect until 2014 -- after the taxes are already rolling in) was necessary to aid in our swift economic recovery.

This from the same Person who asserted that Cap-and-Trade bills and Green Energy Initiatives would fundamentally change the American economy and provide millions of jobs.

This accusation comes from a man who's administration promised "six million jobs created or saved" and "transparency", but which routinely lies about job numbers, and won't tell us just by what criteria it counts a job as "created" or "saved".

This Economic Lecture comes from the Administration which in little more than a year has added $1.3 trillion to the Federal Deficit, and will add $12 trillion to the National Debt by the time it's done.

You know it's all about politics, don't you? People like Obama always need enemies, and they always need crises, because if they didn't there would be no reason to keep them in power. You'd question their motives and intentions, if it wasn't always a dire emergency.

The people of this country should be ashamed of themselves. They got so desperate that they lost faith in what this country was supposed to stand for, and for what it was and always will be, and they voted for a Socialist charlatan with no knowledge of economics or foreign affairs, who can't speak without a teleprompter, and who simply recycled Bill Clinton's mantra of "change", Jimmy Carter's economic policies, LBJ's welfare state, and FDR's expansion of government -- which was only appealing by comparison because the Other Side was offering little better -- into the highest office in the land.

This from the man who was stupid enough to pick Joe Biden to be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office. I guess that was because Obama looks positively statesman-like when compared to Joe Ding-Dong.

He hides his stupidity behind fake populism, and when he's really desperate, in accusations of racism. I thank all of you Obamatards very, very much; you couldn't have made a worse choice if someone had paid you to do so.

2010 can't come soon enough, that we might be spared the worst of this jerk's politics and policies.

Update: spelling, grammar and a few re-written sentences.

Today is Earth Day -- Celebrate by Punching a Tree-Hugger...

It also happens to be Lenin's Birthday, in case you've forgotten.

Imagine my absolute horror a few days ago when my four-year-old nephew was telling me all about what his pre-School teacher had taught him about Earth Day. There were the songs, and the little dance, naturally, and there was even talk of an Earth Day Parade, and the "project" he was given to do.

The Project involved the child being given a small flowerpot with a seed planted within. In my nephew's case, it happens to have been a strawberry seed. As Earth Day approached, he was expected to take care of his little flowerpot and nurture his little strawberry bush (or is it a vine? I'm not even sure). I guess this is somewhat educational for a four-year-old; he now kinda-sorta understands that strawberries grow from seeds (I'm waiting for him to make the connection between seeds and babies and ask that dreaded question. When my older nephew asked, and I answered truthfully and in detail, my sister was rather upset, so I'm not getting involved in this one).

But I have to wonder at the ulterior motive. Because while the "assignment" itself was quite okay, the idea that it would be complete by Earth Day when he's expected to show off the fruits, so to speak, of his labor, is more than a bit contrived. I mean, really, how did we reach the stage where teachers are indoctrinating four-year-olds with ideas which have their basis in politics, and which they cannot possibly be expected to understand? Yeah, I know, the schools have always been the laboratory of Social Engineering, but this is outrageous.

Personally, I think it's despicable. If you want to teach lessons on agriculture, the life-cycle of a plant, a sense of responsibility, even, to a child, then I'm all for it. What I object to was that these noble goals were subverted in the service of a political theory based upon junk science, outright lies, and a hidden Socialist Agenda.

Teachers are supposed to teach in a politically-neutral manner, and they aren't supposed to take advantage of the youth and inexperience of their students (and the ignorance and apathy of the parents!) to instill their own political beliefs in the children they're responsible for. It was bad enough those little children couldn't celebrate REAL Holidays like Christmas, Easter or Passover -- they had to call it The Winter Festival, or the Spring Bunny Party, or some other such nonsense, because the Lone Scientologist or Muslim in the class would have their religious and cultural sensibilities deeply offended -- but somehow it was quite okay to preach politics-disguised-as-a-song-and-dance-routine and "homework".

This sort of thing is tantamount to child abuse; they're implanting ideas that the child will probably never be encouraged to explore for themselves later in life. Most of what they're told will remain "fact" because it was given to them by an authority figure and they were too young to ask the proper questions, or lacked the experience to be skeptical.

So, do us all a favor today, and if you manage to see one of these Earth Day Celebrations, kick a treehugger in the ass, and Save the Children!

Muslims Have No Sense of Proportion or Humor...

Which is why some of them are threatening the creators of South Park with the "Theo Van Gogh" treatment, for airing an episode that mocks the "Prophet" Mohammed.

Humorless societies, those that aren't able to understand, tolerate or accommodate an alternate point of view, are ultimately Dead Societies. They become static, bureaucratic and all the human ingenuity is slowly, but inexorably, strangled from them. The Muslim World is in a death spiral right at this moment, and doesn't even realize it. It's defiance is the aggression of those for whom there is no hope.

Primarily, it can't recognize it's own eventual demise because it is currently propped up by Western dependence upon Middle Eastern oil, so that Muslim society can at least continue to buy the extraneous impedimenta of modern civilization (electronics, medicine, weapons, machinery, and so forth), and what passes for government in many Muslim lands can still enjoy some sort of aid and support from Western governments. Where oil wealth does not support the population, the need for unskilled and cheap labor in the West encourages Muslim immigration, and then those immigrants manage to eventually to take advantage of the generous welfare systems available in Europe and the United States to support themeselves and their families, without actually contributing to their adopted society, or assimilating. Their own culture produces very little of worth, and even less that will sustain it, should the West a) ever achieve true energy Independence, or b) go extinct tomorrow.

Islam cannot create. It can only control and destroy. Creation requires the ability to ask the fundamental question: "Why?". Islam cannot tolerate "Why?", because to ask it is to begin a journey which always ends with the individual questioning God ... and Her motives. The question of "Why?" has already been answered by God, through Mohammed and his stupid book, and cannot ever be asked again. Curiosity kills in Islam. Without curiosity, there can be no progress and no life.

Left to their own devices and assuming the rest of the human race disappeared tomorrow, Muslims would eventually inhabit a world that has no creativity or dynamism. It would be the Arabian Desert writ large, in all senses; there would be no Art, no Science, no intellectual pursuits, that wouldn't be subject to the control of the Imams and the Dictators they anoint. It would be a society which existed solely to repeat the useless devotions demanded by a system of thought control disguised as a religion, and within a very short span of time, millions would die from preventable diseases, starvation, internal strife, and the lack of progress.

In this regard, anything a Muslim has to say on any subject is suspect, indeed laughable, in my book. They're a dying and mentally-arrested breed, and thus, of no accord.

However, even the dumbest of dogs manages to bite the mailman every so often, and so the South Park guys should take the threats they've received seriously. These are people for whom murder is excusable, in fact, it's a requirement in their religion, so beware.

But, the incident serves as yet another example of why Islam is doomed; any system which is absorbed by questions of whether it's okay to kill and eat a goat you've screwed, which believes earthquakes are caused by short skirts, where music is considered the gateway drug to promiscuity, which is so absolutely obsessed with it sex that it has made it a crime punishable by death, a society which has no sense of proportion or sense of humor, is a society too stupid to survive.

If Matt Stone and Trey Parker would hope to survive, I would suggest a retinue of bodyguards. Some of these Muslims are apt to become unhinged and violent when you poke fun at their child-molesting prophet.

Its about time we stopped believing in the "transformability" of the Muslim world, and started taking seriously our War on Terror. To date, all the drone-fired missiles and bombing-with-sensitivity doesn't seem to be working; there's still a supply of idiots willing to murder and intimidate those they don't agree with, and laboring under the misapprehension that Heaven awaits them if they do.

101 Things You Need to Know About Liberals...

Note: The following is a collection of observations that I have gathered over the years from various sources. I cannot, and do not, claim authorship of any of these maxims.

1. Liberalism is a movement of the well-intentioned, but ill-informed, led by the well-informed and ill-intentioned.

2. At heart, a liberal is an eternal adolescent, forever in search of escape from conventional morality, consequences and responsibility.

3. Freedom from moral consequence can only be secured by a collectivist, totalitarian state.

4. The Liberal religion worships the twin gods of The Government and The Genitalia.

5. A Liberal believes that psychology is a hard science in the same way that physics and chemistry are hard sciences.

6. Freedom, to a Liberal, refers solely to the freedom of the genitalia.

7. All non-sexual individual freedoms are despised by the Liberal because they contain within them an element of personal responsibility, self-sacrifice, or abstention.

8. Collectivism seeks to eliminate the need for personal responsibility and moral consequence by shifting blame for failure from the individual to "society" or "the System".

9. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the enemy of the Liberal. Because they are clear in their elaboration of both the rights of the Individual and the Powers of Government, both documents must be subverted, re-interpreted, or ignored, as needed.

10. The Liberal hates the United States because it has been the premier guarantor and promoter of individual rights in the history of mankind.

11. All institutions – schools, environMENTAL organizations, Civil Rights Groups, Law courts, Markets, etc., serve no relevant purpose to a Liberal except when they can be made to promote the concept of the collective.

12. Abortion is necessary to guarantee genital freedom and to further erode the concept of personal responsibility, while eliminating future generations of less-desirable human beings.

14. The Liberal must create an atmosphere of perpetual crisis, fear, and envy in order to justify continued collectivist oppression.

15. Religion is the enemy of the Liberal since it promotes morality and responsibility and suggests an authority set above Government.

16. Despite decades of failure, the Liberal clings to his collectivist ideology because it is HIS religion.

17. Liberals seek to dominate any institution that can be used to undermine or eliminate parental rights, such as schools, child-abuse agencies, pediatric associations, etc. and which can be used to turn children into informants for the State against their own parents.

18. The Liberal seeks to sanction and jail those who dare to home school their children, or who have the balls and wherewithal to raise their children in an environment outside of Liberal control or influence.

19. Individual ownership of firearms is the greatest threat to collectivism and the greatest expression of individual rights, therefore, all Liberals despise guns.

20. All freedoms demand responsible behavior. The Liberal despises responsibility, therefore, he despises freedom.

21. A Liberal worships his pantheon of Kennedys, Clintons, Cuomos, Jacksons, Gores and Obamas, for WHO they are, and in spite of WHAT they are.

22. The Liberal despises National Sovereignty, which is a guarantor of individual freedoms.

23. The Liberal promotes international government, such as the United Nations and the European Union, which seek to destroy National Sovereignty. The Soviet Union did not collapse, it merely moved west.

24. The Liberal is obsessed with the idea of centralized control of all human endeavors.

25. Liberals often speak of tolerance but can only tolerate other Liberals.

26. Liberals seek to criminalize any speech promoting responsibility, morality, or individualism as "hate speech" or sedition.

27. To a liberal, the thought cannot be separated from the deed -- unless one of his or her own is thinking or doing it.

28. Environmentalists lie as a matter of course, promoting paranoia based upon verifiable falsehood.

29. A Liberal’s only method of discourse is to insult and discredit all who disagree with him. Failing that, they attempt to draw attention away from the subject at hand by "moving on" and changing the subject.

30. Your freedom is a Liberal’s oppression.

31. Private property and wealth are disgusting and distasteful concepts to a Liberal -- unless they should have more than you do.

32. Liberals hate freedom-loving people with a passion bordering on mania.

33. The Liberal seeks to replace a moral world-view with an emotional one which can be more easily manipulated for political ends.

34. A Liberal claims to "care" for the homeless, mentally ill, lame, lazy and shiftless, but would never invite one of them into their own home.

35. The Liberal typically chooses a career – law, psychology, academic, bureaucrat, "activist", which produces nothing of value and which uses the power of government to extract the wealth of others.

36. Liberal "programs" enrich Liberals and screw the people they were purportedly supposed to help.

37. Liberals despise masculinity, as they view it as a symbol of individual freedom and power.

38. Feminist groups exist to promote lesbianism and socialism and have nothing to do with "equal rights".

39. The EEOC regularly invents incidents of racism and discrimination in order to justify its existence and to promote the collectivist ideals regarding employment and equality-of-outcome-type Liberal programs or thought.

40. Liberals despise suburbs as the manifestation of individual property and prosperity -- but seem to have no such qualms about gentrifying ghettos.

41. Liberals hate marriage and the family because they are institutions that strengthen the bonds between individuals -- leaving no room for collectivism -- and because they are institutions which frown upon immorality.

42. Liberals despise the automobile as a symbol of personal freedom.

43. Other diseases kill far more people, but Liberals are obsessed with AIDS because it is the consequence of promiscuity and immorality.

44. Liberal activities are driven by ego and a need for self-satisfaction. A liberal believes and does the things he does because he must prove that he "cares" more than you do.

45. Liberals thrive on emotion and die by reason.

46. Anything espoused by a Liberal as "for the children" is a direct assault upon your family, your privacy, your wallet and your rights.

47. Liberals have no compunction against using violence, deceit, or oppression if it furthers the collectivist cause.

48. Liberals are elitists who routinely exempt themselves from the very rules and suggested behaviors they impose on everyone else.

49. A Liberal must accept as an article of faith that my gun has killed more people than Ted Kennedy’s car or Janet Reno's ATF and FBI.

50. Liberals believe that Geraldo Rivera, Katie Couric, Dan Rather, and Oprah Winfrey are "journalists".

51. Liberals howl if a "protected" group is offended by speech or action, but will remain dead silent if the offended happen to be any of the following: Christians, White Males, Heterosexuals or Taxpayers.

52. Liberals believe wealth is static and quantifiable, and that that it should be divided equally. So, if I have "too much money", it follows that I must have stolen someone else’s "fair share".

53. Liberals believe that Richard Nixon was a vile criminal but that Stalin, Mao, and Fidel Castro are "progressive" leaders who had only the best of intentions.

54. All Liberal ideologies tend towards worldwide totalitarianism.

55. A Liberal is quite ready to point out misconduct by a member of a group opposed to them, but will routinely excuse even more vile behavior by their own.

56. Liberals are obsessed with the theory of evolution because the alternatives terrify them.

57. A full-time, stay-at-home mother enrages a Liberal.

58. Human life is cheap in a Liberal world.

59. The Liberal routinely changes the definition of a word to suit his purpose. For example, you have the "choice" to abort your unborn children, but not the "choice" of smoking, owning a gun, or buying an SUV.

60. A Liberal cannot conceive of a problem that cannot be solved without Government intervention.

61. Hillary Clinton's village is a totalitarian state: it used to be called the Soviet Union.

62. Given the chance, a Liberal would ban the Bible, Constitution, Declaration of Independance and  Tom Sawyer as "hate speech".

63. Liberals view people as objects without moral motivation, thus we have the welfare state, abortion rights, etc. Conversely, they view inanimate objects in strictly moral terms, thus they are able to vilify and impart motives to firearms, cigarettes, SUV's, corporations, etc.

64. "Third Way" politics is a new shade of lipstick on the same Socialist pig.

65. Liberals are often intolerant, immature, violent thugs, laboring under the misapprehension that they do what they do for "social and moral causes".

66. The Liberal would sooner pluck out his own eye that to cut a tax.

67. Liberals still believe that Marx was right, despite the evidence to the contrary.

68. Hitler was a Socialist, not a Fascist and certainly NOT a Conservative. (See # 53 and #55).
69. Liberals believe that AIDS kills people because prevention and treatment services are underfunded, and not because people behave irresponsibly.

70. Liberals detest the death penalty, but favor abortion, thus setting up the convoluted idea that it’s okay to save the guilty and kill the innocent.

71. Liberals believe that trial lawyers are selfless heroes and that doctors are overpaid robber barons.

72. A Liberal believes that gender roles are "imposed by society" and that homosexuality is "normal" behavior.

73. A Liberal believes that business creates oppression and that Government creates wealth.

74. To a Liberal, self-esteem, the concept, is far more important than doing anything to actually earn some.

75. A Liberal regularly engages in symbolism because if he told the truth, no one would listen.

76. Liberals hate the NRA for their defense of the Second Amendment, and praise the ACLU for their perversion of the First .

77. To a Liberal, Taxes are too low and ATM fees are too high.

78. Racial profiling by police departments is wrong, but perfectly acceptable for deciding who gets into Law School.

79. The only difference between a Liberal and a Communist is that a Communist is AWARE of what he is doing.

80. Continued Liberal support for the shiftless, lazy, halt, lame, and crippled is necessary because they are the groups most easily manipulated by fear and envy.

81. Any proposal to build "low-income" housing is applauded by a Liberal, unless, of course, someone chooses to build it on the Upper West Side, or Malibu Beach.

82. In Liberal math, an 8% increase in government spending on any favored program rather than the usual-and-customary 10% increase equates to a 2% "cut" in funding, which somehow always results in someone starving or dying unnecessarily.

83. All of society’s ills can be cured by "education" inside a union-run institution that does no such thing.

84. All Liberals use words like "Ethnocentric", "jingoistic", "homophobic" and "trans-gendered" at least three times a day.

85. All Liberals have a primal urge to refer to any idea that they cannot comprehend -- or merely dislike -- as "sexist", "racist", "homophobic", etc.

86. A Liberal finds it perfectly acceptable to dispense condoms in a public school, but would cry bloody murder if the package had the Ten Commandments printed on it.

87. A Liberal advocates the killing of human beings (abortion) and the preservation of wildlife.

88. A Liberal feels that the only thing wrong with Communist States of the past was NOT that they were founded upon a flawed political ideology and engaged in awful repression, but rather that the results would have been far different if only the RIGHT Communists had been available to run them.

89. A Liberal believes that character doesn’t count...because they very often have none.

90. A Liberal will tell you that the First Amendment protects those that burn a flag, protest at a dead soldier's funeral, or beat up a Tea Party activist, and in the same breath, insist that Rush Limbaugh promotes "hate speech".

91. A Liberal would like to see the National Anthem replaced with the "Two Minutes Hate".

92. Liberals have such high opinions of themselves, their motives, and their ideas, that they would have you believe that the rest of us actually want to live in a world with dirty air and water, hip-deep in starving schoolchildren and dying elderly people..

93. Human nature does not exist to a Liberal, and when it routinely manifests itself, it is routinely ignored, and if possible, legislated and taxed.

94. Liberals view people in the same way a sculptor views a lump of clay, or a block of marble.

95. Liberals believe that man is inherently malleable and that all that’s needed is the proper training of man to enact to collectivist vision of the universe.

96. Loyalty is a concept foreign to most Liberals because it entails responsibility.

97. Ethics can be easily dispensed with in a Liberal world if they conflict with the creation of the collective.

98. Euphemism is the language of a Liberal, and symbolism is his modus operandi. Clarity and actual accomplishments are the enemies of Liberalism because Liberalism thrives on vagueness and the emotional aspects of "struggle".

99. Liberals believe that criminals should have more rights than law-abiding citizens.

100. Liberals routinely invent extra-Constitutional rights in order to further their agenda (i.e. abortion, gender and racial preferences, etc.) and routinely invent "repressed groups" in order to expand the power of the State (i.e. homosexuals, minorities, illegal immigrants, etc.) or to subvert the power of established institutions (i.e. the Church, family, nationalism, etc.).

101. Most Liberals would feel more shame in standing to attention during the National Anthem then they would in stealing from a Poor Box.

Remember these dictums when next President Obambi makes a speech, or Nancy and Dirty Harry introduce some new legislation, when Barney Frank tries to bluster his way out of his moral obligations and responsibility, the next time a Democratic Senator takes a bribe for a vote, the next time a Liberal cries about "racism", or whenever a Liberal is concerned about your health, your children or your status.

Remember this when Obama nominates this next Supreme Court Justice.

Certainly remember them come Novemeber.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Trouble with Group Therapy... that it's chock-full of whining pansies you'd like to whack with a crowbar.

Recently, I've been attending a "workshop" for people with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorders. It's run, in part, by a local church (I shan't identify it), and I'm not attending it for the weekly dollop of saccharine-coated inanity called "religion". To be perfectly honest, it's only redeeming virtue is that it happens to be free, insofar as it's only cost to me is having to suffer through repeated references to an Invisible Man in the Sky with a Mysterious Plan that No One can Adequately Explain.

Going through the motions of dropping one's head in prayer, or pretending not to be offended when someone tells me that the Solution To All of Life's Little Problems is complete and utter surrender to a Deity that seems utterly capricious and uncaring, is simply the thorn that comes with the rose.

I already know how I got here, and I know why I behave the way I do. That is no longer much of a mystery to me. I can pretty much predict that no amount of prayer or hymn-singing is going to change those things. I'm not there to be washed in the blood of the lamb, I'm there to learn from the experiences of others. What I'm angling to learn is how to "break the cycle", as they say.

What I've learned so far is that people suck. There are exceptions, of course, but by-and-large our fellow human beings are a selfish, self-interested, conceited, disgusting, clueless, and wholly-unsavory lot. I tend to regard most people as being diseased, metaphorical lepers of one sort or another, and few manage to fall outside of this category. It's probably why I have so few really close friends and relationships (I hate that term, incidentally; it has been used so much and is so heavily-impregnated by psychobabble that it no longer has much of a meaning).

Besides confirming and justifying my already-low opinion of most members of the Human Race, I've also learned that true change -- we can't speak of "cures" for most mental disorders, because they'll always be with you in a way that, say a tumor or a laceration, might not --requires a motivation. Motivation requires a degree of selfishness, something with which I have the greatest difficulty. I'm not, I'd like to believe, a selfish individual; I'm not one for charity or altruism, certainly, but if you're one of my peeps, I'd go to the gates of Hell for you, and back. Rather, I think that my problem with being selfish is the idea that it would transform Me into One of Them (the majority of the people that I hate) in the process.

I say that because I've come to a startling conclusion --in the sense that it has occurred to me before, but I had paid it no attention -- that the majority of my "issues" can be traced to a solitary source; somewhere along the line, I didn't get or accomplish something that was important to me (probably more than once). And naturally, because I really am one of those disgusting, impenetrably-stupid people that I hate so much, it never occurs to me that the reason is because of some series of bad decisions and choices that I had made along the way. Naturally, Human Nature being what it is -- and actually being one of those creatures that I despise so much -- it simply MUST be someone else's fault that I'm not fulfilled, and I must be a victim of their stupidity and selfishness. I believe that THEY failed me, you see, and therein lies the genesis of the "issue".

You can see the problem: I'm Human, but I hate Human Beings. If there's anything I hate worse than Human Beings, it's being reminded that I'm one of them and subject to all the same weaknesses that I usually attribute to Them Alone. So, the question becomes one of Motivations.

In order to "fix" my problems, I have to admit I'm Human, however, that admission is perhaps the worst horror that I can imagine. When you're surrounded once-a-week by such sterling examples of the Species; The ones who just can't figure out why it is they never find Ms. Right in a titty bar, or that the Boss is A Whip-Wielding-Nazi-Slavedriver who takes advantage of my work ethic -- but they don't have the guts to quit that job. The two most annoying examples are that most annoying wretch who wants to know why there never seems to be enough vodka to wash the bad memories away, and the ever-popular She-can't-figure-out-why-her-boyfriends-always-leave-her-pregnant-and-broke-and-then-never-support-their-children, and you can see why it's pretty difficult to find anything to recommend The Human Condition. That's what you have to work with in Group Therapy, unfortunately. And then, of course, some moron is making things worse by Sermonizing during the whole thing, which makes it even more intolerable.

The reason why these things happen to people is because they're all acting out a pattern, or series of patterns, of behavior, either learned or acquired through experience. Even when the behavior is ultimately destructive we're compelled to repeat it because it's an all-too-familiar and, therefore, strangely comforting, but ultimately self-destructive, coping strategy. In our personal little dramas The Players may Change, but the Show Always Remains the Same. If I've learned anything from nearly a decade of this bullshit it's that your typical "Mental Health Professional" has no real interest in teaching you how to cope with any of this because it's their bread-and-butter. If you want to get anything done, as they say, you have to do it yourself (and by the way, that attitude is one of the symptoms of OCPD! Go figure).

The trick, I think, is to learn to recognize the peculiar quirks of your condition, identify those times when the pattern is reasserting itself, and then quickly put the brakes on and change direction in a way that results in a positive change. I think that's why I'm in this group thingy -- I don't expect to be "cured", I'm only trying to recognize all of the signs and permutations by observing my fellow Lunatics, and hoping that one of them eventually drops a nugget of Useful Insight that I can take advantage of.

In the meantime, I'm struggling mightily to contain the urge to kick every one of them in the ass. Especially the idiot with the Bible and the penchant for repeating the phrase "God's Most Perfect and Healing Love". She's perhaps the worst of the lot.

Oh well, at least the coffee is good.

"So, please, spare us the sanctimonious rot..."

The Esteemed Professor Hanson is on a roll today.

Money quote:

"...The problem I think right now for the liberal cause is not just the Tea Parties. Rather, tens of millions of Americans have tuned out the sermons, and no longer believe much of what they are told. They clearly do not care for the moral lectures that they are subjected to. Instead, they suspect that their self-appointed moral censors are either self-interested or disingenuous — or worse still.

So how odd: we live in an age of untruth in which millions privately shrug and nod at the daily lies of our elites..."

"So, How Would You Fix It, Then?"

One of the more common retorts to my caustic bullshit that finds it's way into my mailbox are of the "You know how to complain and criticize, but what would you do/suggest as a solution to the "problems" you bitch about...?" sort.

It's a fair question, and unlike The President, Nancy or Harry, I'm willing to answer all fair, and pertinent, questions -- even the ones with gratuitous insults and four-letter words in them. So, here's the bargain; I'll deign to answer your questions about just how We Might Fix Things, in great detail, and then you can decide for yourself if I'm just some loud mouth or if I'm actually on to something.

If you have a question of burning national import that you'd like to hear an opinion on, then drop an e-mail, and The Lunatic will be more than happy to give you his Psychiatrist-approved solutions, right here on this page. Our specially-trained, highly-motivated and SSRI-addicted crew of Asylum Elves are standing by to take your questions, right now!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bill Clinton is Talking out of His Ass...Again...

There was a deliberately planned effort to gas infants and toddlers at Waco in order to get the Branch Davidians to give up.

Let me repeat that: Bill Clinton and Janet Reno deliberately gassed children. They engaged in a calculated program of physical and psychological torture in order to end a siege that inept Federal Law Enforcement -- more concerned with showing off it's toys and tactics than enforcing the actual law, at the time -- created by eschewing the relatively-simple prospect of arresting David Koresh while he was at the supermarket, and instead chose to storm the Branch Davidian Compund.

And by the way, the word "Compound" is even suspect; it makes it sound as if this was some sort of Fortress of Doom. It was a church, with outbuildings, on an old farm. Why is it that when the word "Compound" is applied to the Kennedys, it's supposed to evoke visions of regal splendor, but when it's applied to a bunch of religious mental patients, it's an indication of Nazi tendencies and sedition? Oh, right, I forgot; propaganda, and all that.

You know, I wonder what Bill Clinton -- and especially the people On His Side of the Political Spectrum -- would have to say if you asked them the following question;

Given that Bill Clinton ordered the intentional infliction of physical and psychological pain against enemies of the State, by use of gunfire, toxic gasses, loud rock music and other noises, withholding of food, water and fuel, intentionally inflicting physical discomfort, withholding medical care from the wounded, and attempting to manipulate the emotional state of the Branch Davidians to effect their surrender, which resulted in the deaths of 80 people -- including 25 children who were NOT targets of the original Law Enforcement action -- just What, then, is your objection to waterboarding terrorists captured upon an actual battlefield in military actions which have Congressional authorization?

Compared to what Bill Clinton and Janet Reno did at Waco, every detainee at Gitmo is on vacation.

When Bill isn't conveniently forgetting his own repressive past, he's screaming that Tea Parties are a mortal threat to democracy and decency, and will lead some of the more weak-willed amongst us to do terrible, nasty things. Unfortunately some of the more weak-willed amongst us have already done terrible, nasty things. They come from all walks of life; they are Congressmen who make false accusations of racism, they're Union Thugs who attempt to disrupt public meetings and beat up people who stand up to them, there are racial hustlers who equate honest and principled disagreement with President Obama as a re-emergence of the Klan, and the next-best-thing to the re-implementation of slavery.

Bill's repeated assertion that American citizens utilizing their rights to assembly, free speech and petition of the government and their elected officials about their legitimate grievances sounds much like the old European Monarchists did when they argued that the Crown was beyond reproach. Curiously, this argument (the Throne is sacrosanct and it's Majesty should not be ridiculed, or even questioned) is the very same argument many Old-Line European Conservatives would have used -- and often did -- to justify the worst abuses of Royal Power and Authority.

Someone who's this clueless -- and this guilty -- should really just shut his fat yap, already, and hide in shame. Of, course, I've forgotten that Bill has no shame.

(H/T Instapundit)

You Call This Financial Reform?

I'm not completely up on the whole new package of Obamatard Financial Reforms. I really don't plan to be, either, since wading through endless pages of financial terms and Senatorese about Sub-section 2651.V, appendix J, of United States Code... is about as rewarding as the wishful thinking that one day Arabs might actually discover their own retardation and make an effort to improve themselves has been. There are more constructive uses for my time; smoking, a vodka and tonic, and a hockey game come to mind.

But, you do have to pay attention to some aspects of this sort of thing, if only because if you don't, you miss the chance for a belly laugh and perhaps another insight into the Retards we let run our lives.

The Excuse for a new slew of Federal Regulations (i.e. Congressional and Presidential meddling in Financial Markets, in a subject they know little about, the creation of new Bureaucracies and the Strengthening of the Old and Ineffective Ones, and a smorgasbord of New Taxes) is that Wall Street Has Run Amok, and that it has Destroyed the American Free Market System, which required massive bailouts of every major financial firm on the planet. In order to Repair The Economy, and Save the Taxpayer from further abuse and grief, the government must, in the immortal words of Peter Arnett, "...destroy the village in order to save it..."

We need the government to be empowered to do things it's never been able to do before -- and give it the discretion to do it capriciously -- because the Old Way resulted in rampant fraud, crashing markets and a $700 billion bailout.

Hold yer horses there, Mr. Barack Hussein Ojerkoff!

The reason Wall Street failed (and I must admit, I'm not an expert here, just someone who watched how the Brokers and Bankers operate) , has nothing to do with regulations, or the lack of enforcement, thereof. In fact, you can trace most of the original problems directly TO regulations, or more specifically, Congressional action, and a lot of stupidity and greed on the part of people who should have known better, but who have no moral compass.

The first of these plagues was the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, a Depression-era safeguard which prohibited Banks, Brokerages, Mortgage Brokers and Insurance companies from being owned by the same entities, and their businesses intertwined. No sooner than this Law was repealed, than I saw the creation of Citigroup (where I was working at the time); it steadily acquired more and more business units, until by the time I left (2004), Citigroup contained the original Citibank and several regional/state banks (core banking services), Smith-Barney/Salomon Brothers/Nikko Securities and Schroeder's International (investment banking and securities trading -- and that's in addition to the previously-absorbed rumps of E.F. Hutton, and parts of the old Shearson-Lehman-American Express conglomerate), Traveler's Insurance (along with the Traveler's portfolio of smaller insurers), Primerica Corp. (mortgage lending and mortgage-backed securities), and approximately a dozen other, smaller operations, including several foreign (mainly Mexican) banks, or firms dedicated to more specific aspects of all-things-Financial.

The Idea was to create the Financial equivalent of a One-Stop Shopping Center, where you could walk into a Citi branch, and not only make a deposit, or get a new checkbook, but build a stock portfolio with your personal Smith-Barney financial advisor, apply for a mortgage through Primerica, get that college loan form your regional bank, buy auto or home insurance from a Traveler's Representative, all in a conveniently-located central location. And of course, all this cross-selling of services had it's benefits: if you used Citi finanical products exclusively, you got discounts, and you got other incentives mostly related to cheap promotional junk; you got free calculators, t-shirts, and other crap, all with that nifty Red Umbrella on it. If you had some scratch, you got better gifts. Eventually, Citibank grows to have it's fingers in every pie you can think of, and has money tied up in anything you can imagine. That's when it's not lending money to countries (Argentina and Russia, specifically) which default on billion-dollar loans more often than democrats make stupid statements.

The Second problem was a monetary policy promulgated by the "Genius", Alan Greenspan, who was so preoccupied by the specter of inflation, and struggling to understand an electronic revolution that overwhelmed a 70-year old's mental capacity, and who also made "Cheap Credit" his mantra. Cheap credit eventually made riskier investments easier, because cash was available at lower interest rates. That had two practical effects: it made the practice of borrowing money from the Fed at ridiculously-low interest rates, and then lending it (via mortgages and credit cards) at outrageous interest rates, very lucrative. It also helped to trap many Americans in debt. It made making riskier loans easier to hedge -- if there was a shortfall, you should be able to borrow money from the Fed to cover the losses, at practically no interest.

The practice of giving 300k mortgages to people who made less than 50k a year, at variable or higher interest rates, was a gold mine in this sort of environment. And it was safe, so long as everyone stayed gainfully employed, and managed the Minimum Monthly Payment. The practice of charging 18-25% interest on credit cards was even more lucrative, since people given access to more credit (thanks to loose interest policies and a consumer-based society hooked on the products of the Information Age) sucked the stuff up and began living via plastic instead of cash. They lost perspective on the value of money. If the suckers overextended themselves, no problem; Wall Street managed to get the bankruptcy laws changed so that no one walks away, anymore. It's all profit.

The final Nail in the Coffin was the belief that Everyone Deserves A Home of Their Own. That's a nice sentiment, but with all that easy credit and ridiculously-obtainable mortgages floating about, not to mention Congress driving the Banks to make this a reality for Low-Income people (i.e. deadbeats and minorities), or suffer the consequences, we created a certain mindset; not only do I deserve a Home of My Own, I Deserve a Home No one Else has Ever Lived in Before, Too -- and I can pay for it because there's all this Free Money flying around.

(A side note: this Homebuyer's Revolution led to another, smaller revolution; the vast array of Home-based television shows, like Dream House, or Home and Gardens TV, or those dumb shows where people renovate each other's houses based upon their own taste and such, and don't get me started on the whole A&E series of Gay Real Estate Agents and their House Flipping. They make this seem all-so-easy, and people laboring under the impression that a) money is easy to come by, and b) I can do what they just did made some of this appreciably worse).

The combination of easy mortgages, a marketplace who wanted more and unique housing, and government encouragement, the ability to pass off bad loans in as Mortgage-Backed Securities guaranteed by Freddie and Fannie at no risk, and the housing market was soon in full swing, producing New Homes like Inner-city crack whores produce illegitimate offspring; the market became saturated with houses that can only be sold so long as credit was easy to obtain..

And then, It Happened. Someone swiped half-a-Trillion dollars from the Economy on day in September 2008.

(Ed. Note: I say "someone" in the belief that the Fed, or anyone else involved, can never actually tell the truth about this event, and we will likely never know who was actually involved. If the Fed tells you it knows how it was done, and by whom, you might not like those answers, and might even begin to question why it was "they" were allowed to do what they did. If, on the other hand, the Fed should try to tell you that "it doesn't know How It Happened", that would be even worse. Either way, faith would be lost in the Federal Reserve System and the American Economy, and we'd be in an even bigger hole. I think, this, more than anything else, explains the speed and lack of debate, or even information, that preceded the $700 million Bailout. This country was either attacked economically by our enemies, either an act of economic terrorism or an attempt to weaken us in some way, or the Fed found itself the victim of a simple, and entirely-foreseeable-in-retrospect mistakes that someone probably brought to their attention, and which they failed to subsequently correct).

Citigroup (amongst others) became Too Big To Fail, because it had been allowed to become a bloated, under-capitalized frat house of extreme risk-takers driven by the promise of easy credit, which would save them from their worst mistakes. The outrageous profits to be gained by gaming the system were too heady a brew to ignore, and Financial Professionals are all about getting while the getting is good, no questions asked, no ethical or professional line that can't be blurred by fine distinctions or willing stupidity . It was a game made easier by the Federal Reserve and several Acts of Congress.

When the System Failed, the solution was to "pump" $700 billion into it in order to keep all the "Too-Big-To-Fails-Afloat". It's actual effect was to dry up all that low-interest liquidity that encouraged the bad loans and the Plastic Economy in the first place, further exacerbating the problem. The $787 billion "Stimulus" bill further reduced the amount of available credit by restricting the money supply. The subsequent printing of money to pay for this "stimulus" has lessened the value of what cash can be obtained through inflation. The Wall Street firms may have gotten colossal amounts of bailout funds -- but they got it at the expense of every other business in America. And far from clearing the "toxic assets" from their books with that money, like they were supposed to, the Big Firms simply propped up their stock prices, which allowed their Executives (the one's who presided over this mess) to profit even more, and pay back the loans quickly in some cases. The speed involved in both the formulation of the original Bailout package, and the Stimulus Program, left little details like directing Wall Street on how to best spend that money and making certain they used it for that specific purpose, completely un-discussed, let alone enacted or included in the final product.

The Housing Market, one of the foundations of the economic system, is in disarray: it's got units it can't -- and perhaps never will -- sell. It's got houses that are going into foreclosure (because the sucking up of credit by the Fed and the Government are hurting their mortgage-holder's employers), and it will lose out on these, also. Large numbers of homes (old and new) will soon be empty, and simply left to rot, because high unemployment and harder-to-get credit will ensure there are no buyers.The Banks now hold so much worthless paper that the tellers are wiping their asses with it.

AIG, General Motors, Chrysler, General Electric, Citigroup, Shearson-Lehman, Goldman Sachs, Bear-Stearns/UBS, Merril Lynch, and their finance arms, are now owned, in large part, by the federal Government (incidentally, the Obama System of Government intervention is almost exactly how things worked in Nazi Germany). Obama already has command of these institutions by virtue of the bailout; now he wants the ability to micro-manage these companies for political ends, and to beat them up in the media to keep that Class Warfare theme going.

Obama now cites all this abuse and lack of oversight as a prime reason why we need a New Set of Rules. To Ensure that This NEVER Happens again. This is now something like my fifth or sixth "recession" and I've discovered that they always happen again, and usually for the same reasons.

People get greedy. People get stupid. Congress gets even greedier and stupider (because it's full of cloistered morons who don't know what the real world is like, and who expect to be bribed), and makes the process of being Greedy and Stupid much, much easier. We don't need Better Rules; we need Better Human Beings. The problem is, you're not likely to find either in the Government or The Boardroom.

Besides, we already had a system of punishing the guilty; It was called Bankruptcy Law, and it wasn't given the chance to work. The mentality (panic, really) of the time, was that bankruptcy was a giant No-No. It shouldn't be allowed to happen because the consequences would be so hideous (like the election of B.O. hasn't been a disaster?). The government didn't even allow the system it set up to work they way it was supposed to. It would have worked, too. And this "recession" would probably be a lot shallower and eventually shorter, if it had.

Having already facilitated the corruption of the Old System, then preventing the safeguards and punishments they mandated for that System to function -- all for selfish political ends -- the government, President Obama specifically, is now arguing that because The Old System Failed, because of our willing and purposeful failure to obey it's rules, we now require a Whole New System.

And there's no politics involved in all.

Well, he's already sold the notion of "free" Healthcare, a political program that consists largely of staged media events and little of substance, Himself as a "post-racial-post-partisan" healer of Divine Origin, so why shouldn't he give this one a try, too?

The sooner we get a new Congress to rein this bastard in, the better off this country will be. We already have a system of laws to punish Goldman-Sachs. Let it work the way it's intended, and reserve judgement on whether or not new rules are required until the Goldman situation has been hashed out. The speed and lack of debate with which Obama is pushing this new initiative is part of the same pattern he's used on Healthcare and Cap-and-Trade, and seems to be his preferred method of operation; get the press release, get the photo-op, screw the details.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Why The Liberal View of How the World Views Us, is Seriously Wrong...

I'm writing this in response to what passes for Foreign Policy in the Time of Obama. It's hard to know where, exactly, to begin. I guess I could speak to the stagnation, if not collapse, of the Old Trans-Atlantic alliances in which Obama curries the favor of France and Germany (so that they'll appear to do more in Afghanistan), but snubs Britain (who has been there since Day One, and in Iraq, too), even going as far as to send the British PM home with Consolation Prizes that wouldn't make the First-Loser's Cut on Jeopardy.

Or, I might be start with Israel, where it's apparently Obama Admin boilerplate that The Joos simply must conspire in their own demise if the so-called Peace Process isn't to be exposed as the sham that it always was. The Peace Process (or rather the Process of having a Process) has become a goal in itself. It seems that the ultimate purpose of this mystical Peace Process in the last 30 years has been more a means by which American Presidents can garner the favor of People Who Shouldn't Really Count, at the expense of The People We Can Really Count Upon. The latest brouhaha over some Israelis wanting to add second bedrooms, or perhaps redo the kitchen, is ridiculous. Especially when the Other Side in this Dispute keeps as it's base negotiating position that Israel in general, and the Jews in particular, shouldn't exist -- and they're entitled to do the exterminating as both a religious and political imperative.

How about that lovely little hatchet job the Obamatards did on Hamid Karzai? I have no love for the man, either, but he is Our Bastard Child. The Master Plan for Afghanistan seems to be something like this:

1. Talk tough in front of the Teleprompter and TV Cameras about how you're "Fightin' the Extremists".

2. Blame George Bush.

3. Apply some Rah-Rah Bullshit, mention Bin Laden a few times, and let everyone know he's still out there. And that George Bush and John McCain still haven't gotten him,

4. Ignore the requests and requirements of the Generals who will actually fight the war, send just enough troops to appear to be doing something -- but not enough to finish the job before your previously-announced, 2011 pull-out date. Launch a few missiles from some drones. Make certain you've dithered over even this watered-down strategy for six months, and claim it as an example of Obama's "superior and reasoned response to the problems of terrorism".

5 Fuck Hamid Karzai in the rear on our way out, so that once we're gone, he can have a full-fledged civil war on his hands, returning Afghanistan to it's natural, pristine state of multi-cornered, multi-ethnic fighting, with a dash of poisonous religious undertones provided by a Taliban that managed to survives all that War-on-Terror-in-Name-Only Stuff. Democracy will have been strangled in the cradle in Afghanistan (not that it would have had much of a chance to begin with), but that's okay, because you can always...

6. Blame George Bush.

As for the rest of the planet, it seems the Obamatard Foreign Policy revolves around three central tenets:

1. Apologize for being the United States, and all that entails,

2. Beg the rest of the World to Love Us. And their incentive to do so will not be because we're a beacon for Freedom, the ultimate Hope of Mankind, it'll be because we're willing to change to suit their wants and tastes.

3. Get the photos of Obama surrounded by Foreign Leaders at the Sham Summit Meeting, which results in an International Treaty that Does Nothing, but which makes him look all Presidential and Important and Relevant in that dramatic Great-Man-of-History-Way that Stalin had down to a tee.

This is wrong. Americans should never apologize, for anything, and American Presidents should not behave this way just to get their faces and exaggerated claims of their greatness into the History Books. Because, to be honest, it's not Americans who have the problem in terms of being liked and being important, it's the Rest of the World that does. Specifically, it has do with them Wanting to Be America, but failing miserably. The World has an inferiority complex; every culture, every nation, secretly longs to have what America has, to be what America IS. They may not want what we have to the same extent that we have it (granted, a 24-hr , Drive-through window at KFC, Jersey Shore and Top Chef may be going a bit too far), but they want it all the same.

I've been all over the world, traveling on vacations or business. I have been acquainted with many people from many foreign nations and cultures. They're pretty much all assholes. I'm sure they say the same thing about me. I don't claim any specific expertise on this subject, but it seems to me (I'm generalizing, yes) that We spend far too much time trying to Please and Understand Those Assholes -- as if we are somehow, mystically responsible for making "the first move" in the process of creating the Kumbaya Planet. Perhaps it's time The Other Assholes made an effort to Please and Understand US.

I don't mean to say that The Others aren't entitled to their opinions and feelings (unless they're Arabs, in which case their opinions don't count because they're prejudiced by a belief in a child-molesting murderer who says God gave his people special permission to kill, rape, rob and enslave those who don't believe in him, too), what I'm saying is that it's not necessary for us to compromise our beliefs and principles, to change who we are, just to satisfy them. Because it's often not worth the effort.

Also, because History (the very subject President Douchebag and most Liberals seem allergic to)shows that when the compromise is all one way, someone's getting screwed.

Either we are a country which honors it's founding principles by standing up for and promoting them, by finishing the tasks and challenges we set before ourselves, that is Proud of Who We Are, or we're the New Canada -- and our overarching goal is to simply be the Most Popular Girl on Campus. Not surprisingly, the Most Popular Girl On Campus often happens to be a whore who's popularity is usually based upon the fact that she will do The Things the Other Girls Won't. Her popularity is derived from her willingness to give her honor and self-respect away, often for nothing more than the appearance of being liked. She is never respected, no matter how many football players she takes on.

We are not a nation of Whores -- except for our Political Class -- and when President Bambi bows before dictators, half-heartedly fights wars he's put an expiration date on, signs meaningless scraps of paper just to give the appearance of having done something dramatic and effective, and abandons, insults and undercuts our allies -- just so our enemies might like us a little bit more -- he's doing far more damage to the United States, and imperilling our lives.

Our Enemies don't want to find reasons to Like Us; they just want us Dead. If they can't have that, they're willing to settle for the next-best-thing -- An America which will drop to it's knees and be their bitch, substituting self-worth for the appearance of approval.

I personally could give a shit if the Chinese, Russians, Iranians and Belgians approve of Me. They are cultures which are already on their way down the toilet -- between the imbalance in Chinese population caused by the One Child Policy, The State-sanctioned Criminality of Moscow, the stagnation of a culture run by Religious Fanatics with an Apocalyptic Worldview, or the declining birthrates of a Hedonistic Society which is Importing it's own Demographic Doom from amongst it's enemies -- they will not survive in their current form, and their futures are very bleak, indeed.

Why seek approval from the Doomed, the Criminal, and Impenetrably Stupid? Especially when they're marching towards the Oblivion they've created for themselves with their eyes wide open? Fuck 'em, I say. We're their ultimate salvation (and I don't mean that in the religious sense) and part of the process of making them see this is not to change in order to curry their favor; doing this simply means we're adopting their manners and customs and modes of thought -- the very things which are destroying them in the first place -- for very shallow reasons. There's no return on investment in acting that way.

President Odickhead will be very rudely reminded of that fact sometime in the near future, when all of his careful "engagement" of Iran results in a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv, and a resurgent Taliban is shipping terrorists and Anthrax into Atlanta.

Douchebag of the Week (04/19/10): William J. Clinton...

My word, but this man just will not go away, will he? Like a very bad case of herpes, just when you think that annoying itch is finally gone, it comes back with an increased intensity to torment you. If there's anything worse than an ex-President with a Goodyear-blimp-sized-ego and a narcissistic pathology that still has mental health professionals rethinking the last 100 years of psychological 'science', I don't know what it is.

Oh, wait, I do know what it is: a racial huckster who manages to convince 53% of the American public that, somehow, taxing them within an inch of their lives to pay for reparations for slavery, trying terrorists in civilian courts, overthrowing the Constitutions, unleashing his menstrual wife on the general public, giving 32 teleprompter-approved "speeches"-disguised-as-Nuremberg-rallies a week, snubbing our oldest and closest allies, surrendering to Al'Qaeda and disarming ourselves in the face of Iranian nukes, just might be slightly worse than an (alleged) serial-rapist who still thinks he didn't do anything wrong, and can't adequately define "is".

But I digress....

Willy Jeff just can't shut up. And that's a double-edged sword, you see. Sometimes, it's funny as hell; He still thinks he's relevant to anything. He still thinks people give a shit about anything he has to say. He's still laboring under the mistaken impression that his image can be "rehabilitated" and that he'll become, once memories begin to fade, "a Great Statesman", in much the same way that Jimmy Carter is considered one by people who couldn't find their own ass with both hands and a road map...I mean...liberals.

You really should tune Bill Clinton out. I mean, there should be an ironclad law that all ex-Presidents should be tuned out. There used to be a Gentleman's Agreement that ex-Presidents stayed out of politics, and for the most part, they have (Clinton is a glaring exception), but this guy believes he still has a Place in History (and people's hearts) that isn't attached to a slew of stories about cigars and a stupid young woman's vagina (I should hope it was only her vagina!), not to mention that terible joke:

Q: What did the FBI find on Monica Lewinski's Dress?

A: Presidue.

Anyways, with all the hue-and-cry over the Tea Parties this past week, and the accusations (without proof, naturally) of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, Nazi sympathies, anti-Dog-and-Cat-ism, and perhaps even Simple Chronic Halitosis, Billy Jeff found himself unable to stay out of the fray, and he piled on. Actually, let me rephrase that: the last time Bill Clinton piled-on to anything, he told the victim to "put some on ice on it..." (allegedly). What I mean to say is that Clinton brought his gasoline and matches to the barbecue and turned the heat up a little.

He compared the Tea Partiers to Timothy MacVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber.

So now, Americans engaging in their Constitutional right to protest their government, and promote political change, are domestic terrorists?

Well, that's what Billy Jeff would like you to believe. And let's face it, if there's anyone who knows what domestic terrorism looks like, it would have to be William Jefferson Clinton.

After all, it was his Administration that incinerated 80 Americans, including children, attacking a church with tanks and tear gas after a 51 day siege by Federal Agents who botched the arrest of a religious lunatic because they decided the best way to do it was to assault "the compound" with a SWAT team and television cameras. Janet Reno, the token fat-ugly-lesbian demanded by PC hiring rules in the Clinton Administration "accepted" responsibility for the gruesome deaths, but ultimately, the buck stops at Bill Jeff's feet. He killed 80 people in Waco, Texas. Janet Reno was simply the murder weapon.

And who could forget the tale of Elian Gonzalez? The little Cuban boy, whose mother died trying to get him to freedom in the United States, became a cause celebre of both the anti-Castro factions in American Life, and the Clinton Administrations attempt to "engage" Cuba. Clinton, and Janet Reno, sided with Cuba, naturally, and sent another SWAT team in on a Easter Holiday weekend, in the wee hours of the morning, to take a child out of a home at gunpoint.

I wonder how many people and organizations that were critical of Willy Jeff found themselves on the receiving end of an IRS audit? I'm sure that number is somewhere in the thousands. What happened to Linda Tripp, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones when they tried to tell the world what sort of a cad the now-ex-President was/is? Can you say "Publicly humiliated"? Can you say "Legally harassed"? Can you say "attacked by Paul Begala and James Carville on a daily basis"? I'm surprised some of them didn't commit suicide for the level of hell they were subjected to.

Oh, excuse me, that's not "suicide", it's "Arkancide". If anyone knows how to use the apparatus of State and the Media to terrorize anyone, it's certainly Bill Clinton.

And then there's the stories circulating about Hitlery's Secret Police, the small army of private investigators who were tasked in tracking down and silencing Bill's bimbos, intimidating potential witnesses, shooting Vince the White House....oh, wait, did I say "shooting Vince Foster in the White House?" I'm sorry, I meant to say, "shooting Vince Foster in the White House, keeping the authorities from investigating the death immediately, then moving the body 20 miles to a deserted park, and tampering with and destroying the evidence, and sending the token black womanrequired by First-Lady PC hiring standards to remove to box of documents that were evidence both of that crime and the one's Hildebeest was probably soon to be charged with."

So, if there's anyone in America better-qualified to identify domestic terrorism in America, it's William Jefferson Clinton. Why, he's made a career out of it! He was so busy making a career out of domestic terrorism (inflicting it upon his own citizens, using the Oklahoma City bombing to hammer his political foes), that he missed Osama Bin Laden and all the foreign terrorists out there who not only attacked the World Trade Center once, but TWICE. Because Bill was busy burning down churches in Texas and making certain that 7-year old boys were safe FROM democracy, a bunch of really dangerous criminals were huddling together, making plans to slaughter innocent Americans on a scale that would make Clinton look like a bush-leaguer (no pun intended). Even when these foreign terrorists were offered up ona silver platter (seven times), Billy Jeff didn't want them -- Rush Limbaugh was the Greater Threat -- and we now know what happened.

Even if Sandy Berger did try to destroy the documents in the National Archives, or smuggle them out in his pants, we KNOW.

Timothy MacVeigh didn't bomb the Murrah Building because he was a racist, homophobic, Rush Limbaugh fan; he blew that building to smithereens because the American government, led by William Jefferson Clinton, had killed 80 of its own citizens at Waco. MacVeigh may have been a wackjob, but he was, in retrospect on to something. You don't have to agree with his methods, but it's becoming harder to argue with his conclusions; the American government was out of control. It was so out of control that it could attack American citizens -- women and children! -- with automatic weapons, explosives, helicopters and tanks, do so over 51 days in full view of television cameras and the World Press, and still consider itself to have been within it's rights. If that's the government's right, then what rights do you have?

That's why Tim MacVeigh did what he did. Oh, and he not only got a swift trial; he managed to get executed within weeks of sentence. Tim MacVeigh gets executed, but Khalid Sheik Mohanmmed is entitled to the full services of the American Justice System? The Left has some 'splainin' to do.

No, MacVeigh is no hero. He was a criminal. But then again, the Country was led by a Criminal in those days. When the day of reckoning finally came, and Clinton could have come clean -- the first step in perhaps achieving that Statesman-like status he now seems to crave -- he could have admitted his crimes. Instead, he copped a plea, like a common thug, on his last day in office and immediately hit the spew-bullshit-for-money circuit, andhe's been rewarded for all the evil he's done ever since.

I wonder if Clinton is even aware of the stupidity he displays when he accuses American citizens of terrorism, and his own record on the subject of terrorism is so crystal clear (summary: When the US government does it to it's own citizens, it's not terrorism, especially if the target is some kooky bunch of Christians. When Osama Bin Laden or some "Blind Cleric" does it, it's a criminal matter that requires warrants and writs and all sort of official proceedings. When an American citizen does it to protest the Power of Leviathan, it's a photo-op and club with which to hammer Right-Wing Talk Radio).

Today, incidentally, is the Anniversary of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Rest all of their souls.

Bill Clinton just couldn't help but inject himself into the current political debate -- notwithstanding his remarkable ability to "inject himself" into anything that'll hold still, or can be held down and bullied-into-silence, long enough. That The First Black President felt it necessary to speak up in defense of the First Half-Black President, is fascinating on so many levels. An d who is the ultimate target of this unwarranted defense? American citizens exercising their Constitutional Rights, that's who! It is telling; about Clinton the Man, Clinton the Politician, and the Political Left in general.

Even though Bill Clinton is receiving this week's Douchebag of the Week, I have to defend douchebags; at least they serve a purpose, and they have the virtue of leaving things cleaner than when they found them.

Bill Clinton is a criminal. He should roast in Hell, not be treated like he was some sort of King. Anything he has to say on any subject is suspect; because he's a proven liar and opportunist, and has blood on his hands.

Bill Clinton, you are our Douchebag of the Week.

Put some ice on that, Motherfucker!