Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Might Be Sick...

And not just mentally...I already knew that. I mean physically ill. I'm showing all the symptoms of something that in these parts scares the bejesus out of people, and I've been doing all I can to find out before it becomes my worst nightmare. It's why I wasn't blogging all week, actually.

The illness (as yet unconfirmed) might be sarcoidosis. It's typically recognized by very small, fibrous tumors that appear on the body (usually the skin) which might persist for a short time, but then disappear. Occasionally, these little tumors find their way into the eyes, lungs and other vital organs, in which case, you're in real trouble. You're talking blindness, compromised lung function, kidney, liver and stomach problems, and in some cases, even cancers.

It's an auto-immune disease, for which (frighteningly enough) doctors can't readily identify the source, although it's believed the most common trigger is prolonged exposure to certain environmental contaminants. For many people, the disease just typically runs it's course, and then disappears as mysteriously as it arrived. In some more persistent cases, a few treatments with steroids clears the problem up with a minimum of fuss. Sometimes, however, it persists for a very long time, indeed, and only gets progressively worse.

Now, why is sarcoidosis a word which sends people into such a tizzy around here?

Because the New York State Health Department is tracking upwards of 14,000 (some say there's as many as 100,000) potential cases of the disease. Where did 14,000 people get sarcoidosis? Why, they got it by working on and around the toxic pile of the World Trade Center after September 11th, that's where. The EPA has identified up to 2,500 contaminants in the area, including dioxin, PCB's, PAH's, mercury, asbestos, lead -- and that's before you get to the more mundane contaminants like plastics, wood ash, paints, pulverized glass and concrete and human remains.

Within six days of 9/11 I was back at work -- three blocks upwind of the pile, taking subways that were full of smoke and who-knows-what. A few weeks after the fires were"under control", the subway line beneath The Pit was reopened (although the Courtlandt Street Station itself was closed), and trains that moved through that section of tunnel did so at very slow you time to see the hastily-erected ceiling supports. For a few weeks after the attack, I was regularly getting up at night to cough up bitter-tasting, black or grey phlegm. For months, just walking through the neighborhood left a greasy film on your skin, and a grit that would find it's way into your hair and even into the folds of your skin beneath your clothing. Despite the weekly "spray downs" of dust in the Lower Manhattan area, there was gritty dust everywhere. I was downtown recently, and I can still smell the burning wreckage -- although I'm not certain if it's an actual odor, or simply a memory. I can tell you that I've never smelled anything worse in my life. For many years now, I've had often severe and persistent chest pains -- and always in the same exact spot -- that no one could find an answer to, except to say that it was probably psychosomatic.

Unless, of course, it's sarcoidosis. Which I'm told is usually misdiagnosed, if not missed altogther. It's one of those things that if you're not specifically looking for it, you're not very likely to spot it, and because of it's comes-and-goes nature, it is often difficult for doctors to diagnose the first time around. How was I diagnosed? The doc took one look at the tiny red scars forming on the inside of my right forearm and left shin and asked "Where were you on September 11th?"

And yes, there are still people showing up in local hospitals with 9/11-related illnesses, nearly a decade after the fact.

By the way, according to the best information I could find for 9/11-related cases of sarcoidosis, there have only been two (2) recorded deaths directly attributable to the disease itself. One was a cop who spent several weeks on the pile, and the other an attorney who worked in the area. There are, however, several hundred cases of cancers linked to sarcoidosis where the common factors have been fireman/cop/rescue/clean-up/office worker with long exposure to the pile, people exposed to World Trade Center debris and particulates within a certain radius, people who are definitely known to have been exposed to airborne World Trade Center toxins.

Just one more reason to hate fucking Muslims, right?

Of course, I don't have a confirmation yet, but I think it's fair bet to say I have it. If I'm not around as often as I used to be, don't be surprised.

Oh, and I'm sure ObamaCare won't cover it, even if it is a pre-existing condition.

"Let Them Eat Crack..."

At first, I thought this was a porn reference, but no. It's a very illustrative and poignant look into the mind of a demented leftist, and what happens when several issues come together at a central point in such a way as to oblige them to reconcile several opposing arguments into something appearing to be a reasonable argument, all while pandering to several constituencies at once.

In this case, the demented leftist is Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and modern-day Marie Antionette. The several converging issues are Illegal Immigration, Border Security, Law Enforcement and Drug Addiction. Since Nancy doesn't want to lose the Illegal Immigrant vote she can't come out in favor of Border enforcement or rounding up illegals for deportation. Since she doesn't want to lose the votes (and ability to funnel cash to) the entire cottage industry of inner-city "treatment" facilities, she's doesn't want to talk up the law enforcement side of the issue too much (after all, drug addicts and the people who love them are a core democratic party constituency).

Since she can't talk about Law and Order without alienating the Victim of _______ Constituency, she carefully makes it clear that addiction has no personal responsibility component, and is quite clearly, a core service which government, at all levels, should provide for those poor unfortunates who didn't realize heroin was bad for you.

Eventually, once you read between the lines (and the lies), you get something like this:

We're supposed to let the drugs come into the country, let people get addicted, and THEN deal with the consequences afterwards. Because it's cheaper that way. In between the arrival of said drugs and said consequences, that many people will die, crime rates will soar, billions of dollars will be lost, and civil society will inch closer to total disintegration, seems to bother Her Heinous not one fucking whit.

But it'll be cheaper than closing the border or enforcing the law. And it won't make Mexicans feel uncomfortable. Does she really think this way? Does she really all?

How is it possible that someone this fucking dimwitted was able to become the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and what does that say about the people who voted to send her there?

"Sociopath Is Too Nice a Word To Describe Obama..."

Jews are finally catching on...and they're pissed off. It's almost as if Obama has decided that it's his job to reconcile the West with Islam, and if that means the Jews must pay the price for reconciliation, then so be it.

Actually, if you look closely at Obama's efforts (such as they are) with the Muslim world, there's a much deeper dynamic at work. Today he might launch Predator drones to kill Al'Qaeda and Taliban dudes, and then Tomorrow, he'll be doing all he can to assure us that all those Pakistani truck bombers are just lone nuts, probably all hopped up on Sarah Palin's books, and pissed off about Wall Street regulatory reform.

It's almost as if he's saying "Listen, guys...I really don't want to shoot missiles at you, and I'm giving you all the cover I possibly can. Can't you just meet me halfway?" I've seen this sort of behavior myself. It's a mixture of Passive-Aggressive behavior, denial, and excusing away the bad behavior of others. Obama seems to be under the impression that "someday" the Muslim world will see that he's right, and then, by golly!, they'll just be begging to be his buddy!

That they haven't done so yet is simply a matter of them finding their inner-courage, or perhaps it's just a matter of patience. After all, such smart and well-adjusted people surely will see the logic and benefits of what he's offering. But just in case they begin to think they can take him for granted, he'll shower them with high explosives...just a nudge to get off the stick. In the meantime, if they somehow manage to nuke Tel Aviv, it's probably just part of the process they'll need to endure before they're "ready" -- Obama will just "be there" when they finally get around to realizing how much they "need" him. And of course, they'll never return his phone calls, but that's only because they're busy working out their issues.

This is a mentality born of arrogance, ignorance, and the inability to face reality. I certainly hope Israel is not depending on this President to defend it. They'll be sorely disappointed.

(H/T FiveFeetofFury)

They Have Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself...

The more you examine the liberal thought process (oxymoron), the more it seems like the manifestation of a mental disease than a serious political philosophy.

(H/T Instapundit)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Does it Really Matter if Elena Kagan is Gay?

Well, it apparently does to some people, and more to some than to others. The Bible Thumpers care if everyone is Gay because, well, the Rapture won't happen until all the sinners have been stoned to death. Gay folks care if she is because the more Gay People in High Places the better they feel about themselves. Democrats care because they practice Divide-and-Conquer politics, and it's an important symbol of their winning fight to destroy America from Within when one of their favored victim classes (finally!) gets the chance to stick it to the White Males.

I really couldn't care less. However, when I pointed out the other day that she was yet another in a seemingly-endless line of potentially-deadly lesbians wielding State Power, I was quickly taken to task by a reader who insisted that since Kagan hasn't "come out, if indeed she is Gay. She could, for all you know, be Straight", then I shouldn't make assumptions about her sexual preferences. She just might be that other rara avis; the potentially-deadly, but straight, Liberal woman wielding State Power. Think Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi -- only with a lifetime appointment.

I look at Elena Kagan and my Gaydar tingles (I'll bet that's the first and only time you ever see the words "tingle" and "Elena Kagan" ever used in the same sentence!). I'm not exactly a certified expert on Gayness, but I've been associated with enough homosexuals (of all persuasions), that I'm fairly confident that I can pick a bull dyke out of a crowded room with about 98% certainty. Even a closet one. It's a legacy of my time on Wall Street, where you can't swing a dead cat without hitting enough homosexuals to start a volleyball team.

Do I care if she likes women? No. Do I care if she's allergic to penis? No. Will it affect my life in any meaningful way? Probably not. Her gayness is not an issue to me -- it's only when that gayness is allied to politics that it begins to matter.

The concept of "Gay Rights" has, much like the earlier African-American-centered Civil Rights movement, has quickly morphed from being concerned with equal protection and opportunity, to attempting to make Gays a legally-protected species. Like bald eagles. It's not about Equal Rights for All -- it's about creating Additional Rights for Gays,, over-and-above those granted to all other citizens. In that regard, then Elena Kagan's sexuality does, indeed, matter, if only because one might assume that she's sympathetic to the cause of ensuring gay individuals have extra-Constitutional rights bestowed upon them.

Some gay folks would contend that it's not all about elevating Gay-over-Straight as much as it is a recognition, in law, of a homo's basic humanity. Fair enough. I can see your point. However, I've been associated with many a Gay for whom any activity at all, political or not, isn't about their Basic Humanity as much as it is in displaying their complete rejection of conventional society. That rejection, in many cases, serves as the basis for many people's choice to be Gay in the first place -- because sticking safety pins through their noses, dying their hair lime green, cross-dressing and self-mutilation usually didn't get them the attention they craved in the first place, so why not go all the way and become a dues-paying member of the Rump Ranger Club?

And when that still isn't shocking and rebellious and attention-getting enough, demand the right to be Cinderella for a Day and have a storybook wedding, right?

For some of the peripheral issues surrounding Gay Marriage, the legal system already provides many remedies; living wills, the Last Will and Testament, Power or Attorney, and in something I just learned about last week (which surprised me, I must admit), some gays go through the trouble of "adopting" one another just so that their lovers can be afforded the same legal rights as a blood relative (I wonder how you go about "un-adopting" someone quickly and inexpensively after the thrill is gone?). Yeah, that's complicated, and expensive, but guess what? That's the legal system, and it's the same one the rest of us have to contend with, so there -- you got your equality.

Otherwise, the arguments for Gay Marriage are mostly economic/palliative: taking advantage of the Marriage Benefit on tax returns, Domestic Partner Laws, extension of medical benefits to Domestic Partners, not to mention a host of other legal and economic benefits involving inheritance, the Spousal Privilege, Adoption and so forth.

Those who say "It's about letting people who love one another be free to express it", well, I'm sorry, but you've lost me. You're already free to express it. You're free to pretty much do anything you please...except get married. Considering half of marriages today end in divorce, it appears that marriage may not be all it's cracked up to be. There's no official policy to oppress Gays in this country, and Political Correctness ensures that many go out of their way NOT to offend Gay Sensibilities (oxymoron, I know). If you want to see what real oppression of homosexuals looks like, take a quick trip to Riyadh, Tehran or Karachi. We just don't let you get married -- those people will kill you.

The choice, I think, is between Elena Kagan:Homosexual with an Agenda, and Elena Kagan: Dispassionate Dispenser of Justice. Nothing in her (very thin) record thus far would indicate she's a paragon of Justice, therefore, the assumption is made that she's yet another ultra-lib with a crusade to lead. If that's the case, then Elena Kagan's sexuality does, indeed,matter.

That's not to say that Gay People have no place in politics, or the highest echelons of American government. I simply mean that's it up to Elena Kagan to a) be honest and forthright, and b) to prove that her ideology and judicial philosophy is not conditioned by the possibility that she likey da vajayjay too much.

Considering the response when the Wall Street Journal posted an innocuous photo of Kagan playing softball, the refusal of the White House to answer the questions surrounding this subject, and Kagan's apparent reluctance to end the speculation, I'll bet a lung she's Gay and intends to elevate Gays to a state of privileged citizenship that will be denied the rest of us. The reason for her silence is that she's busy trying to figure out how NOT to answer direct Questions from conservatives in Congress, and yet still appear to be a reasonable and intelligent person. Those confirmation hearings will not be about a Supreme Court judge, they will be a symphony of random platitudes and evasive nonsense which the media will help try to spin into "Poor Elena Kagan is being savaged by Homophobic Republicans".

It'll be a better drama than Desperate Housewives.

So yeah, in the end (no pun intended) Elena Kagan's gayness DOES sorta matter.

Yelling at Assholes Doesn't Really Work...

You know, when I started to put my mental vomit on a page years ago it was with the intention of having a place where I could basically scream at the top of my lungs. It was supposed to be a vehicle with which to express my innermost madness without hurting anyone (and by that, I mean by allowing me to vent without giving me the opportunity to punch someone in the mouth). It was supposed to be part therapy, part diary, part mental cesspool. In some ways. it's accomplished it's mission; any sane person reading this might actually be shocked by some of the stuff I've written here (yes, I DO think this way, and I'm fuckin' proud of it!), and it does, more or less, reflect a lot of the inner turmoil I've felt for the last decade.

Reading through past posts, I'm beginning to see patterns emerge; I can see when I was drunk and blogging. I can see when I was zonked on Xanax and blogging. I can see when I was in full panic mode and writing everything that entered my head in a scattershot manner, like the words were spewing from a firehouse that I couldn't control. You can see my "Life is Going to Shit" phase, and my "Hey, I'm Still Optimistic" period. Lately, I've noticed that my posts tend to not only be much more cynical than usual, but also convey a sense of intense bitterness and disappointment. And yes I'll admit it for those who haven't gotten it yet; I think everyone NOT named Me is a complete and utter Fucktard, so yeah, the tone has always been condescending and often vicious.

I can't help it; I'm surrounded by Assholes. If you were surrounded by Assholes -- Assholes who, in many cases, had the ability to affect major aspects of your life -- you'd be convinced that everyone on planet Earth was a Asshole Fucktard who was sent here specifically to disappoint you, annoy you, torment you and eventually, try your sanity. You'd be angry, too.

Well, I've finally come to the conclusion that no matter what I do, short of horrific acts of mass murder, I'm stuck with the Assholes. I've tried to reason with them, but it doesn't work. I've tried to ignore them and keep them at arm's length, but then they just manage to find other ways in which to torment me. It's like playing Asshole Whack-a-Mole; no sooner do I smack one down, than another appears in another location. Yelling at them certainly doesn't work. I think that, more than anything, was why I started this thing -- to yell at the Assholes, and to let them know they were Assholes. It hasn't been very effective.

I mean, the only thing worse than an Asshole who doesn't realize he's an Asshole, is an Asshole who doesn't listen to you when you try to tell him how big an Asshole he really is, or even worse, one who gets resentful when you finally DO manage to convince him of his colossal...umm....rectum-tude.

It doesn't matter how often or forcefully I scream from this platform, no change will ever come about. The Twenty-first Century now belongs to the Assholes. The combination of Government and Technology has made it possible for even the dumbest, slowest, laziest, dimmest Asshole in the United States to not only manage to survive, but to even prosper, without even having to try. They simply take up space. They somehow manage to breathe without mechanical assistance. They don't even require the same awareness you'd expect to find in the average amoeba. They can operate X-Boxes, iPods, and DTV's, but the overwhelming majority know nothing of Churchill, Paracelsus, Goethe, Ovid, Copernicus, or Herodotus. Most couldn't find their own asses with both hands and a road map, and yet they manage to decide the course of nations and history,

I wouldn't trust most people as having the intelligence not to stick hatpins in their own eyes without a great big red warning sticker on 'em. Yet, somehow, these are the people that everyone wants, in fact, NEEDS to exist; advertisers and governments spend billions to reach them. Politicians pander to them. The Pharmaceutical industry creates expensive, often toxic, drugs to treat their every ache, pain and minor discomfort. The Educational Establishment has dumbed down every curriculum for them. Political correctness infects every layer of society, depriving them of the ability to exercise judgement, or free speech, and in many cases, even robbing them of the ability to THINK at all. They are simply a population of protoplasm with legs; obsessed with their abs, the size of their Plasma tv's (more colors and detail available than your eyes can even see!) , their cars, sports, The Real Housewives and American Idol, the Lottery and Brangelina. It's a population that continues to believe in Global Warming while it's great Guru purchases beachfront property he insists will be underwater in a decade, it was desperate enough to swallow "Yes We Can".

It's a population so obsessed with the erection and incontinence that it turns what seems a quarter of it's broadcast day over to adverts for Little Blue Pills and adult diapers. That's when the time hasn't been devoted to the freshest douche, the best toilet cleaner or toilet paper, vaginal dryness, leaky bladders, constipation, and hemorrhoids. There's a direct correlation between the apparent obsessions of the Average American Asshole, and the truism that "Pissing, Shitting and Fucking all take place within Three Inches of One Another", only you can add "Thinking" to that list, as well, apparently. The Walking Protoplasm is obsessed with it's Nether Regions and what goes in, or comes out, of them. It's all mindless. It's no matter the world is like it is; look who it's been created for!

So, I'm not going to yell at them anymore. You might as well scream at an anthill for all the good it does. I will still continue to point out that this planet is infected by Assholes, and to point to the more obvious examples of Homo Assholus, but I shan't be yelling anymore. It simply doesn't work for lack of enough people with any brainpower.

Sorry, But I've Had to Be Away...

Sometimes, life piles up on you. I've sorta-kinda cleared the decks now, and I should be venting spleen any minute now. Hope to have some stuff up by this afternoon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reasons To Vote Against Elena Kagan...

1. Law professors seem to love her. Anything the legal profession likes, is probably bad for the rest of us. And besides; those who can, do, those that can't, teach, and those that can't even do that, work for the government.

Academics do NOT live int he real world, often. Barack Obama was a law professor (Constitutional law, wasn't it?) and he couldn't find the Constitution with both hands and a flashlight. And if he has, he obviously hasn't read it. After all, here's the man who boldly implied over the weekend that we Americans have too many options, and have too much information for him to govern in the same way that Stalin did, and to cry about it. Goddamn that First Amendment!

I rest my case.

2. Kagan has no record, to speak of. And what there is, is extremely thin gruel. Barack Obama has succeeded in finding someone even less-qualified than he is for one of the most powerful positions in the United States Government, and worse, a position where she will be ensconced -- even becoming an institution, perhaps -- before her career is over. Obama will be gone, eventually, but his "legacy" of Sotomayor, and now potentially, Kagan, will continue to haunt and torture us for a very long time.

3. Obama really had to sell her at the Presser yesterday. He was pulling out all the stops, and his Teleprompter almost overloaded on adjectives of praise. If you have to try that hard, then she's probably not all that good to begin with. You're trying to shine a turd, As soon as Obama had to mention that Kagan represented a certain "diversity" on the court, I gagged. If anything, Kagan seems to represent more of the Ginsburg/Sotomayor school of using the court to advance liberal and identity politics that cannot be carried by electoral processes, although I have to admit this is more about a feeling than actual fact. I can't actually prove that she would be just another pro-Libtard/Anti-America vote.

Going back to the praise thing, Obama alluded to the fact that Kagan was friendly with Thurgood Marshall, burnishing her Extra-Legal-Rights-And-Reparations-For-Blacks...ooops...I mean, Civil Rights cred. He gave us the usual Americana story of the child of immigrants -- wasn't Sotomayor the child of immigrants, too? -- making good against apparently insurmountable odds(we love that shit). Because, you know, in today's America where immigrants are in danger of being put into Concentration Camps, it's amazing that the chld of an immigrant achieves anything at all. And then he praised her for making the "commitment" to choose "service above money" in her legal career.

Like "Dean of Harvard Law School" pays minimum wage? And besides; considering what the Best and Brightest that The Ivy can produce have done to us in the last 12-20 years, that's perhaps not the vaunted position it probably once was. The inference that Kagan was "superior" for having chosen government over profit, is almost a fetish with Obama. He's deeply delusional in this way, and it's always used to take another swipe at Wall Street and Evil Capitalism; she could have been a corporate attorney and made a shitload of money, but she chose government "service" and teaching, instead. She's better then Them, and by Association, so am I, Obama. Actually, it's probably more like government service and teaching chose her; the reason she didn't make all that Wall Street money is that she probably wasn't a very talented lawyer. Again, those who can, do...

Oh, and then Obama mentioned Campaign Finance Reform and Corporate contributions, the very thing he lost out on in the Court a few months ago. The hint was that Kagan would probably reverse the decision that would have cost Obama millions in contributions (and probably the presidency) had the Court made the same decision earlier. Of course, Obama got the most money from Goldman-Sachs and British Petroleum, so people in glass houses and all that. When Obama is getting their money -- and can keep it a secret -- then Capitalists are mighty fine people, indeed.

When you have to slather it on that thickly, hoping, praying that some of it sticks, you're probably trying to sell lemons.

That press conference yesterday was enough to make me vomit. That alone would cause me to vote "No!" on Elena Kagan if I were in a position to do so.

Government By Ugly (Alleged) Lesbian...

Okay, I don't know much about legal scholarship, judgeships, high courts and all of that folderol. I only know that Barack Obama has repeated a long-standing libtard tradition and found the ugliest lesbian available for the job. Now, that doesn't mean that Elena Kagan is incompetent, or wouldn't make a great judge, it's just that I get the feeling (backed up by experience with ugly lesbians in important jobs through many Libtard administrations now) that she was perhaps the worst choice that anyone could have made.

To back up my theory that butt-ugly carpetmunchers make bad government officials:

1. Janet Reno burned 80 people to death -- inside a church! -- after her minions botched an arrest they could have made two days before when the guy was in the supermarket. This conflagration brought a 51-day siege to a climax (sorry!) in which the Federal Government employed snipers, machine guns, tanks, helicopters, all manner of high-tech-whizzbangery, and denied food, water and medical care to the people within the "Coumpound". When all of that had failed to force a surrender, Man-et Reno ordered the use of tear gas...which began a fire that resulted in the building burning to the ground, and taking nearly 80 people with it. Including children. On National Television. And she got away with it.

During the siege, the rationale for the government's action changed from trying to make an arrest of someone who had violated gun laws, to preventing child abuse (the children within the Branch Davidian compound were, according to Reno, being raped every minute of every day by David Koresh). Well, if you want to stop a rape, I can think of no more certain method than roasting both rapist and victim alive. Good job, Man-et, V1.0!

2. Again, Janet Reno sent Federal Stormtroopers out to storm someone else's home when she sent the ATF and FBI out to pluck Elian Gonzolez from his family in the middle of the night. I for one will never forget the famous photograph, in which we see a frightened boy being dragged out of a closet while a Federal Agent trains a submachine gun in his direction. Again, this action took place on National Television, and again, she got away with it.

Why did Elian need to be taken away from his family by force? Because his father (who had never shown much interest in him before then) was suddenly asserting his parental rights...from inside Castro's Cuba. So, a Libtard administration, which under different circumstances could probably give a fig about father's rights, suddenly found in favor of a father obviously being coerced by one of the world's worst dictators. And the solution to this dilemma was to stage a "no-knock" raid on the home, steal the child at gunpoint from the people who had taken care of him and broken no laws, and then ship him to totalitarian Cuba....for his own good.

3. Janet Napolitano....well, where to start? She sees enemies everywhere, you know; servicemen returning from overseas service, Tea Partiers, legal gun owners, Right-Wingers, people who pray...well, unless they happen pray in Arabic!

She of the "Man Caused Catastrophe" and the "Overseas Contingency Operation" is the Secretary of Homeland Security, and before that, she was the below-average Governor of know, the state that had to pass it's own law because the Federal Government won't patrol the U.S. Border and send illegal immigrants home? Well, Janet presided over some of that mess, too, you know. And then Barack I tapped her for the post of Sec. of Homeland Security, which was sort of like promoting the blind and narcoleptic night watchman...and giving him a gun.

Since Obama, and Man-et V2.0 have been in office, Homeland Security has dropped the ball on border security, the Underwear Bomber, the Fort Hood Shooter, the Time Square Bomber. It has only been the most extraordinary luck that has prevented larger loss of life (neither Undibomber nor Times Square Bomber -- TSB -- could set their bombs off). In fact, it has been an alert public and local police forces that have led the charge against the Terrorism inside the United States, aided in large part by the FBI (which is probably still independent enough to tell the Obamatards to go fuck themselves when that's necessary). Both Undibomber and TSB made their way onto international flights, despite being on No-Fly Lists, getting through layers of Federal Security in the process.

There's an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that's about to destroy the local economies in coastal regions from Florida to Texas, but Homeland Security and FEMA (which answers to Napolitano) did nothing for nine days -- despite having a 20-year-old contingency plan for exactly for this sort of thing. FEMA and Homeland Security did jack-shit while half of Tennessee was washed away by massive floods. Probably because Man-et V2.0 was busy falsely-prosecuting Christians (The Hutaree "Militia") with little-to-no evidence. If she had the same zeal to go after Islamonazis, we'd be much closer to solving the problem of Man-Made Catastrophes.

3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg....I don't even know where to start. A woman (is she?) who refuses to admit that the Constitution exists, and that where that becomes inconvenient to deny, that it can be made to say things that it doesn't. Especially if those new "interpretations" concern any of the following: a further degradation of conventional morality, erosion of Constitutional Rights, extending the concept of Civil Rights into areas it was never intended to go, government empowered to steal citizens' property, expansion of Federal power into the most intimate areas of our lives (unless doing so would upset a Libtard-protected group, like Gays).

If you were to sit down and purposely design the worst-possible Supreme Court Judge, you could hardly come up with anything better than Ginsburg. She is living proof to the adage that no matter how much you polish a turd, you can't get the smell of crap off of it.

And now, we have Elena Kagan, a woman who has achieved the impossible and is about to be elevated to one of the highest and most-cherished offices in the land -- with a resume even thinner than Barack Obama's. Her great virtue, from what I've heard so far, is that she'll make for boring confirmation hearings because she has, basically, no record to go over. She has a laundry list of "accomplishments" that count only in Libtard circles (Dean of Harvard Law School, probably-gay -- that's an accomplishment in Libtardia, she's -- probably -- a woman). She's the prototype of the Democratic Machine-made Ticket Puncher. Much like Sonia Sotomayor was, although at least Sotomayor had the decency to make the hearings a little more interesting with her barely-concealed racism.

We'll now have three broads on the Supreme Court. This is not really all that big a deal to me (it is to Obama, who somehow equates three women in high places as something that would have been a physical impossibility before he came down from Mt. Olympus to save us all and show us the error of our ways). In fact, I would be sorta-kinda impressed by the accomplishment, except for the fact that the women in question probably couldn't muster up enough intellectual firepower to burn calories between them. I already know what their political predispositions are on any case they might hear in future, and I already know in which ways they'll be biased on any particular issue.

Besides, we'll know what happens when you put three women in the same place: two usually gang up on the third, spread rumors about her, talk about her behind her back, damn her with faint, back-handed praise, criticize her taste in clothing and shoes, and then they get catty and petty. Eventually, the alliances will shift (they always do) and the whole thing starts all over. All Obama did in nominating Kagan was to ensure a three-cornered catfight between women you wouldn't even approach without a hardhat and Hazmat suit.

(Author's Note: Before I get nasty e-mails -- I am NOT anti-woman, nor am I anti-Lesbian. I love both women and Lesbians (hmm, maybe I should re-phrase that?). My intentions here were to convey some observations that I've made in recent years:

1. The Government is being invaded by corpulent, pig-faced Lesbians, with mannish haircuts and obvious biases, who are being appointed to their jobs, rather than elected to them. It's all well-and-fine when they've been elected, because the damage they do can, in many cases, be reversed. When you appoint them to for-live positions, they poison the body politic for decades to come. But that was perhaps the point of the whole exercise to begin with, no?

2. This phenomenon has produced an Attorney General who has killed, and colluded with the enemies of this country (Cuba) in order to affect a kidnapping and deportation. It's amazing how that happened to a refugee child, but the real problem of illegal immigration was somehow mot worthy of similar tactics, or fervor, on Reno's part. Then again, perhaps she might have ordered tactics and weapons used that would have killed those people, too?

It has produced a Secretary of Homeland Security who might as well collude with the enemies of this country for all the good she is doing. She's in capable of telling the truth, and you wonder if she's even capable of recognizing The Truth, even if it ran up and stuck a six-inch hat pin in that gravy-filled sack she calls a behind.

3. This phenomenon seems to produce officials who are so blinded by their own stupidity and ideology that they are unable to make rational decisions. Janet Reno uses tanks and commandos to "arrest" someone. Janet Napolitano continually assures us that "the System Works" -- when it obviously doesn't -- and seems oblivious to the fact that there are people out there are plotting the demise of thousands of Americans, and very few of them White Christian Conservative Heterosexual Males. Point out her shortcomings and mistakes, and Napolitano accuses you of of the worst possible slanders, and of wanting to overthrow the government. She has forgotten that her job is to protect US, not the Government's prerogatives.

4. I can't wait to see what sort of damage the Racist "Wise" Latina manages to do before it's all over for her. Ginsburg is already on record about Gay Marriage, Abortion, Property Rights, Gun Rights, Reading Terrorists Miranda warnings, and the right to screw a cocker spaniel, if that is your desire. We've been fortunate to this point that neither has actually done much of anything, and that the worst of their impulses have been smothered by a more reasonable majority on the court.

It just seems to me that these women in particular seem to have either a streak of Totalitarian in them, or a deep-seated hatred for this country which comes out as a willingness to use the force of government (coercive, passive or active) to trample upon rights (even to kill!) American citizens who's activities do not jibe with their ideology).

Sunday, May 09, 2010

On Busybody Moms

Today being Mother's Day, while we're all focused on the sainted ideals of motherhood, I'd like to give those Mothers who deserve it a round of applause; Motherhood is not an easy thing, and the successful mothers (defined as having raised anything that doesn't put safety pins through it's cheeks, doesn't screw daschunds, doesn't go on a killing spree, doesn't live on the public dole, and has at least earned a GED) deserve much credit and respect.

The Unsuccessful Mothers (defined as someone who simply happened to be in the room at conception and carried to term, but otherwise bore no responsibility for or towards her offspring) should be taken out and shot. Of course, that won't happen; to suggest it would have me identified as a sexist, and we know what happens to men who get the "sexist" label -- ugly, mental chicks and militant lesbians will refuse to talk to you, and might even call you names. This rather bizarre form of "punishment" almost invites more sexism, but most women were never exactly noted for their linear thinking skills (oh dear...I've gone and done it again!). I digress...

I would like to reserve a special brand of approbation, however, for a specific class of Mothers. Everyone knows one of these women...and secretly hates them. In fact, we harbor dark dreams about their untimely demise, or perhaps we have disturbing mental pictures about what we'd like to see happen to them (admission; the one I'm thinking about right now is the source of many a snuff dream!). I'm talking about the Busybody Mom.

The Busybody is into everyone else's business and uses her concern for her offspring as her justification. She does this because her own life is probably lacking in purpose beyond her children, or she's horribly stuck in the present, or she just needs a hobby. The worst sort is the Busybody Mom who turns this particularly horrible trait (i.e. annoying others by making impossible and ridiculous demands upon them) into a career.

To illustrate the point, how about a woman who decides that the local library is peddling smut to children, and having gotten no satisfaction by asking the library to engage in an act of unofficial censorship by pulling the "offending" books (or making certain they don't fall into the clutches of children) decides that the best thing to do is to check the books out of the library herself... and then never return them.

Problem solved, right? Well, no. The question of whether or not something is "smut" has already been answered; The Supreme Court of the United States basically said that one woman's "smut" is someone else's "Free Speech", unless it's so outrageous as to cause reasonable people to come to a consensus about it's potentially harmful effects. Now, as to the logic behind stealing library books I suppose it is better than burning them in the public square, but it is theft, and it presupposes that other parents and readers are unable to cope with the implications of a book that someone else has deemed inappropriate for them. She (the thief) presumes to speak for society based upon her own internal belief system. The example she's setting for her children -- that sometimes stealing is okay, so long as you use God or the cause of decency as your justifications -- somehow eludes her in her single-minded quest to make sure her pre-teen daughter doesn't read Judy Blume or something.

Usually these cases (the one above is a true story, incidentally) get some media attention; and the asshole who steals library books manages to turn her personal crusade into a career. She turns her new-found media stature into a gig as an overnight-expert on "smut" and library censorship, and then she gets it in her head to start a Foundation or Council or Commission -- which usually has the word "Family" or "American" in it -- so that dopey religious freaks, or ultra-left-libtards who both see it for the totalitarian organization it's really intended to be -- will fund it to the hilt, depending upon which side of the issue she's on. Thus, her momentary panty-bunching over a book becomes a lucrative career that doesn't result in much of a useful product or service.

This is but one example. There's a host of others, like the woman who continually shows up on FoxNews (Meme Roth. I call her the Sugar Nazi) to decry the outrageous amounts of salt, sugar, caffeine, MSG, cardboard, Styrofoam, rare earths, plankton and non-ferrous metals in everything we eat. This woman drives me absolutely batty because her answer to every question of good nutrition and better public health is either to outlaw something, or to put it under government control. It wouldn't surprise me if she was in favor of registering every Hershey Bar in America as a deadly weapon. She believes that because her ideas about health and eating are superior to everybody else's that the rest of us should be compelled (by law, if necessary) to follow her example.

I'd like to force-feed her Twinkies until her eyes burst from her head, personally.

You can usually tell the Busybody Mom from a distance; she's the one who's overly enthusiastic...about everything...and who is easily carried away by her own (one or more of the following): doubts, fears, ignorance, desire for complete safety, desire for attention, feelings of inadequacy, and total lack of anything more constructive to do. She's all about controlling your life and behavior from a distance for her own satisfaction and comfort. She hides all of this behind a veneer of apparently restless energy which is directed into campaigns "for the children". She's the Stepford Wife on Crusade. She seems reasonable, if over-enthusiastic, but you somehow "know" that behind closed doors she's probably this-close to taking an overdose of sleeping pills, and her husband is probably thinking about his secretary, the chick at the Coffee Shop, or basically anything with breasts and a heartbeat -- and maybe even other men -- so long as it's anyone who isn't his pre-occupied and perhaps-insane wife.

The Busybody Mom typically ruins her child's life in the process of trying to make it better. Mostly because she's a smothering presence. She's not only successful in imparting her neuroses into her own children, but in transferring them to other Mothers who will implant them into their children, too. If that wasn't enough damage done, occasionally these idiots happen to achieve a power far out of proportion to their actual importance, and get a law written, or changed, or even manage to have a government policy redirected to suit their tastes. Because one Mom might have an issue with her child drinking soda, now millions will have to suffer for it as she manages to get the government to put taxes on it, or worse, starts dictating to the soft drink industry what can and can't be in a can of Pepsi. If Pepsi should happen to go bankrupt in the process because they produce an inferior product no one will buy afterwards, or from lawsuits, a "greater good" will still have been served, and "Children" will have been "protected" from "poison".

And the world becomes a little less enjoyable and colorless for the rest of us, but it was never about us in the first place, so who really gives a shit? Nosey Nancy got her way.

The Busybody Mom also can't shut up. About anything. Even things she obviously knows nothing about. Not only is she an "expert" on whatever her pet peeve is, she's an expert on everything else, too, and just can't help but add her two cents to every conversation within earshot. I met one of those yesterday and I'd very much like to crush her skull like a ripe tomato. I'm pretty sure something resembling the jelly-like-seedy-pulpy mess that comes out of a tomato is probably the only thing keeping her own skull from caving in.

This woman's pet peeve was skateboards and scooters. She went on and on about them, telling me how, despite the fact that her child wears a helmet, knee-and-elbow pads, and probably five layers of bubble wrap, he still managed to fall off the skateboard twice, breaking bones in both instances. Instead of realizing the obvious -- her kid is a fucking klutz -- she's been lobbying to get the skateboard and scooter manufacturers to add "safety features" (short of training wheels what safety feature could you put on a skateboard? Seat belts? Air Bags?), but more than anything else, she's been lobbying YouTube to stop allowing people to post their skateboard and scooter videos -- because that's what inspired her son to go out and break his leg and his collarbone.

So, not only is he a klutz, he's probably a moron, too. Imitating the death-defying stunts on YouTube that require a lot of dexterity, nerve, and a high pain threshold is probably not the best use of your time, nor is it a test of genius. But now, according to his Mom, everyone else should have to suffer for it -- those who enjoy skateboarding and scootering, those who watch YouTube, those that design, buy and sell skateboards, scooters and the safety equipment -- all because her son is a fucking retard with less-than-optimum motor skills and no self-preservation instinct. The real solution (take the skateboard away from the kid) might cause him a trauma (and paint her as the bad guy in her child's eyes), and so the only "fair" answer to her dilemma is to fuck up everyone else's life and livelihoods so that her brittle-boned-uncoordinated-would-be-daredevil doesn't have his precious self-esteem damaged. In reality, he will be damaged because he'll be embarrassed and humiliated by a mother who continually overreacts and leaps to his (imagined) defense at the drop of a hat.

You'll be happy to know this particular woman is also an expert on ice hockey, terrorism, heart disease, interior decorating, home improvement and construction, and chemistry, because all of those subjects came up in polite conversation as well, and she always had something to say on them, too. None of it made any sense, but you were expected to take her word as Bible-Truth, in any case. Oh, and she had that vapid, vacant smile, and the most annoying laugh -- being half-screech-half-snort -- that would be considered a justification for murder in about 11 states.

So, to the Busybody Mom, I raise not my Champagne flute in homage, but my middle finger in rebuke to you this Mother's Day. And I would like to remind you that life is much easier for all involved when we all learn to mind our own fucking business.