Saturday, July 17, 2010

Be Careful What You Ask For, Part 4,257...

To those of you who got all hot and bothered by Scott Brown, and his "real conservative values", I'm wondering why it is you've all gone suddenly and mysteriously silent?

Oh right...because Brown's vote ultimately meant nothing vis-a-vis ObamaCare, and within three weeks of taking office, Brown suddenly revealed himself as a JAP (Just Another Politician). That took all the wind out of the We-Heart-Scott-Brown sails.

If there's one thing that can be said of "Real"Conservatives, it's that they're at their most gullible when a presented with a crisis, real or manufactured. In this regard,they suffer from the same mental illness as most Lefties do; they'll buy any crap at all if it's presented a s threat to the Republic, a repudiation of the Founders, or has a religious tint to it, in the same way that Libtards fall for outdated notions of "fairness" and"it's for the Children...". That illness causes them to react emotionally instead of with reason, and that's why they bought all the crap about Scott Brown's "Real Conservative Credentials" hook, line and sinker.

Brown's only real value to the Right was as a vote against ObamaCare, and the dems made him irrelevant to the process by finding an illegal means of getting that passed.

After being made irrelevant, Brown quickly conformed to herd behavior of the rest of the RINOS (Republicans In Name Only). He jumps on the democratic party band wagon when it suits his purposes as much as anyone else. The lesson of Scott Brown to the Republican Voter is this: The more desperate the perceived need, the easier it is for "Real" Conservatives to swallow anything that's presented to them the right way: the right buzzwords (tax cuts, small government, family values, et. al.), lots of family snapshots, make as many "Founding Father" references as you can, make sure you say "God" twice every paragraph. If Barack Obama was marketed to the American people as a Transformational Figure, then Scott Brown was pushed as no less than a Savior of the Republic, a would-be Brutus to Barack Obama's Caesar.

Historically, Brutus was the last to stab Caesar --in the back -- and only after a dozen or so other men had already mortally wounded the Dictator. His contribution was mostly symbolic, and ultimately, pointless.

The truth of the thing is that Scott Brown won because a) Ghengis Khan with a bad rash could have beaten Martha Coakley, b) After TARP, people would have gladly tarred-and-feathered any "establishment" republican who ran against Coakley, and perhaps even Coakley herself, and c) the Public Mood was (and still is) "Throw the Bums Out!". Short of massacring his own children with a chain saw on national television, Scott Brown was almost an automatic in that kind of climate (spare me the come-from-behind-victory bullshit. Coakley was such a bad candidate that she lost it more than he won it). These same factors were in play, to varying degrees, in the Governor's Races in New Jersey and Virginia, and it's easy for the GOP Upper-Crust to assume a landslide victory in November based on these three races.

But those who would do so might be making a major mistake; Brown didn't win because he's A conservative, he won because he beat a bad candidate. Christie was a definite improvement over Corzine, but then again, I could have run with the slogan"Ebola in Every Household!" and beat Corzine handily. Virginia's gubernatorial race took place in the direct aftermath of TARP, Porkulus, and ObamaCare -- just when public outrage was getting into full-swing. In those three cases, the Republican was simply the only obvious choice, and in two, simply the lesser of two evils.

That "Throw the Bums Out!" mentality applies equally to BOTH parties, provided there's a viable alternative, which is why the Tea Party, more than the GOP or Dimwits, will really decide who stays, who goes, and where the New Blood gets injected. The GOP had better not get cocky, because it has so little to get cocky about; where it wins, it will do so largely by default, where there is no competition or a weak democrat. Pol Pot would probably still beat half the R's on the ticket this fall in this electoral climate. But anyway, back to Mr. Brown...

Brown's plaintive cry of "Why do I always have to be the one to work with the democrats? Bipartisanship is a two-way street, you know?" tells you all you really need to know about Scott Brown and his brand of Conservatism and just where his head really is at -- Brown would rather conciliate and come to terms with the Lefty fringe, than see them removed -- and that's exactly what no one noticed when Brown was being pushed as the Indispensable Man, the American Values Posterboy.

Pragmatism is a good thing, but not when you're talking about the very continuance of democracy and freedoms, themselves. Bi-partisanship in this day and age is simply siding with the avowed enemies of all good men; the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party.

I may have issues with "Real" conservatives, but I still consider myself conservative where it counts on most issues. If Scott Brown-style Conservatism is something to be celebrated, then I must have missed the memo. If it's not in vogue anymore because of his subsequent actions, then do me a favor and stop rubber-stamping the Flavor-of-the-Week as the Next Reagan. It seriously sucks to listen to you whine and bitch after your Champion-of-the-Week suddenly shows his true colors and you realize that you were lied to.

Caveat Emptor, something about counting chickens, and all that. Of course, the worst of you will descend deeper into psychosis because you got played on Brown; every candidate this fall will be subjected to a series of litmus tests so severe that many a good person shan't survive the process. The object will be on finding the "Perfect" Conservatives, rather then "the Best Available Conservatives". It's predictable -- like when Muslims lose wars and blame it on a lack of piety -- "Real" Conservatives blame defeat on a lack of orthodoxy (a quality they despise in Libtards, by the way), and the response is the same; more fervor, less thought.

Yeah, that always works. I'd rather look the other way when a "Real" Conservative tells me that This Guy is"one of us", because I've learned that people who garner that imprimatur from out of nowhere only do so because they hold the"right" position on whatever happens to be the crisis-du-jour, and because the same Regal Personages said they were worthy of it: usually Anne Coulter. I love Anne dearly, but she was all hot for Scott Brown, and if I recall, Mike Pence was supposed to be the New Reagan like eight years ago, which tells you all you need to know about her record in picking winners.

Separate But Equal Tea Parties?

Sophia Nelson in the Washington Post proposes the creation of a Black Tea Party. She claims to support the Tea Party's objectives, but dislikes the "racist" element within the Tea Party.

Firstly, there is no proof of endemic racism within the Tea Party itself; there are, no doubt, individuals who attach themselves to the movement who are racist, but the Tea Party does it's best to police them, and the accusations of racism that Ms. Nelson makes in this opinion piece are largely simply recycled democratic party talking points -- without a shred of evidence to make them credible.

Sophia then ruminates upon the viability of a Black Tea Party, using as a foundation for this thought the conversation at a dinner party (one apparently attended by only Black People). While all engaged seem to come to differing levels of consensus about the righteousness of the Tea Party Cause, they do so in a rather peculiar way which seems to imply that Blacks should join A Tea Party because it would benefit them more than the current devotion to the Democratic Party, BUT they should take pains not to be seen as being part of this particular Tea Party.

In this conversation, we find the Black Lawyer who's concern is Unemployed Black Folks, rather than the more generic Unemployed People, who damns the traditional Black Advocacy groups for their ineffectiveness and political posturing (he's right, but yawn). We also catch a glimpse of the Black Congressional Aide, who makes the obvious point that people are "hurting in this economy" but who still can't stop herself from categorizing the Hurt as"Blacks" Whites" and "Hispanics". Then follows the lulu of them all, when another conversant chimes in that there should be a "Rainbow Coalition Tea Party", evoking visions of Jesse Jackson, racial hucksterism, and extortion.

Rule of thumb: if you ever want to be part of an efficient, effective and beneficent organization, do not Take Jesse Jackson's organization as your blueprint. Rainbow/PUSH does little except keep Jesse rich and relevant, and the crumbs he distributes are just enough keep everyone else in line. If Jesse had a vowel at the end of his surname, there would be a Federal Prosecutor with a RICO indictment in hand on his doorstep, weekly.

Reading this, you get the general impression that even when it comes to finding a supposed "non-racial" solution to the problems of overreaching government, high taxation, economic dislocation, the author (and her friends) still think in terms of Race first, which is antithetical to the Tea Party's approach which is to consider the concept of American Citizen Before All . The idea of the racially-neutral nature of Tea Party quite literally does not register with her, except as a passing statistic thrown out as filler, no doubt. I think Ms. Nelson comes from a generation in which"diversity" is a good thing -- so long as Whites are excluded. If the Tea Party is a good idea, then join the Tea Party, Sophia; You don't need to start a new one because it's not "Black" enough.

Your argument for not jumping in with both feet is basically "I would join it, except there's some yucky white people in it". Well, the Tea Party does it's best to rid itself of those elements, so why wouldn't you want to help them do it, and help improve an organization which you say increasing shares your own views?

You're no better than the NAACP that you criticize, preferring to rail against that which is difficult instead of making an effort to change or improve it. You might enjoy some success and score a blow for true equality -- if you applied your energy to ensuring the Tea Party was Citizen-oriented and not Race-oriented, and that the worst elements were eliminated from it.

But that would leave you open to charges of being a Race Traitor, Uncle Tom, or not"Authentically Black" -- whatever the fuck that means -- and this, above all is what you wish to avoid; you want all the benefits of Conservatism without being branded a Conservative by your fellow Blacks who haven't realized the 1960's are over, and haven't discovered that the Welfare State is a dinosaur we can no longer afford to feed. The only way to soften the blow then, is to be a BLACK Tea Party, with nary a white face in sight, so that no one can accuse you of being a tool of the Republican Party, brainwashed, bribed, or otherwise tainted by association with White Conservatives when you...ahem...join the Dark Side.

Talk about cowardice!

Unless, of course, there's another motive altogether, and you see yourself as a potential leader of a nascent Black Tea Party and are just floating a trial balloon toward this end? What better way to garner laurels and get that coveted face time on the Sunday Talk Shows, the better to flog that book of yours, eh? The Black Sarah Palin? Serious people actually do things, Ms. Nelson, unserious ones write Dear-Diary-Entries-in-a-16-year-old-motif on serious subjects, adding only a slight and irrelevant detail (in this case, race) for the Washington Post, and call themselves "professional writers".

Do you wish to do what is right --not only for yourself, but for Black Folks, in general -- or do you want to be a slave (yes, I said it) to old-fashioned notions of solidarity that are increasingly archaic, and even unhealthy, and which cause you to even view questions of self-interest and personal freedom through the prism of race? If you can't answer that brutally frank question to your own satisfaction, then wasting newsprint broadcasting your contrived, internalized, junior-high-school-level-semi-drama is nothing less than teenaged narcissism disguised as journalism.

Your choice may be distasteful for a variety of personal reasons, Ms.Nelson, but it's not a terribly hard one to make.

America's Ruling Class

If you read nothing else this weekend, you should read this in the American Spectator about America's Ruling Class.

It's long,and in places a bit thick, but it's pretty accurate and enlightening, and worth the effort required to get through it. I promise!

Friday, July 16, 2010

You Can't Make This Up...

To keep a 16-year-old girl from being sexually promiscuous, a male relative had oral sex with her.

You have to be in a pretty brazen and unique category of Asshole to try this one out on the cops. I do soooo hope this moron gets himself a real nice boyfriend in prison. By the way, was I the only one who noticed the Muslim first name on the perp, and immediately made the connection between pious hypocrisy and pedophilia?

But we don't only have naughty uncles here on this verdant isle, no, no,no! We have our own version of the sexy female teacher/predator...except that this one isn't so sexy, and has somehow only managed to generate a controversy that people are still talking about 5 years after the fact.

You'll be happy to know that the Board of Education -- that most August and Sober body --has just decided that it's actions in suspending this teacher, rather than firing her, were correct. Nevermind the fact that getting a teacher fired, regardless of offense, in this City is next to impossible. I suppose we should be grateful the woman just decided to quit, eventually.

But, the sordid saga doesn't end there! Now we learn that this teacher has dropped her budding pedophilia -- for a career as a professional gambler -- and she has garnered a great deal of public sympathy. I'm not sure why, but this five-year-old tale has resurfaced in the papers here for nearly a week, now. It's pathetic.

NAACP Wants Black Kids Kept Stupid...

It wants this so bad that it joined a lawsuit to keep 19 failing New York City schools open, even though they won't have enough students in them to justify the expense.

This is just another example of how democratic party politics often works, and works against the interests of the very people, "the Poor", "Working Families", "the Children", they claim to want to serve. The alliance between the NAACP and the UFT here in New York City that brought about this amazing state of affairs should be no great mystery to anyone who knows the politics of this city.

The State decided that 19 schools were underpeforming so badly that they should be closed. This is one of the things the State Department of Education is supposed to do; it's called accountability. However, since closing those schools means laying off or reassigning Union Teachers, the UFT will, naturally, fight such a thing tooth-and-nail -- it's job is to make sure as many union members as possible are on the payroll to waste tax dollars, and pick up fat paychecks which can be skimmed for Union Dues.

Naturally, since the schools to be closed were largely in "minority"school districts, the majority of the teachers facing the axe were probably minorities, as well. Which is where the NAACP comes in; even brothas and sistahs who can't add, spell or read, let alone teach others to do those things, are entitled to collect the same inflated salary for7 1/2 months of work that their white counterparts do, and never mind accountability. Accountability is a tool The Man uses to Oppress Us .

In the meantime, the parents who actually give a shit about their kid's education did the logical thing and registered their kids in other schools, knowing that the one they usually go to will have been, thankfully, closed for poor performance. What's left to attend those schools is a shining example of one of the primary reasons why public education so often fails; those kids' parents were either, strangely, satisfied with the lousy state of the failing schools, or didn't even care enough to re-register their kids at a school that would be open, come September.

More concerned about the fate of really bad Minority teachers -- many of whom probably don't belong in a classroom -- the NAACP took actions which will ultimately only hurt the students. In years to come, when the NAACP predictably cries about disparities in education, or the lack of Black PhD's, it will always insist that "racism" or a"lack of funding" is to blame, and conveniently forget that it does it's bit to ensure rotten schools stay open in the name of keeping unqualified blacks on the public payroll, even if that means dooming black children to an inadequate education.

This is Disturbing...

The Six Flags Guy is perhaps the dumbest and most disturbing mascot for any business that I can think of. Five-year-olds all over America probably go to bed frightened to death that the old,bald pedophile with a southern accent is coming to get them. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the CEO of Six Flags decided that THIS was the perfect representative for HIS company.

That CEO would have been fired eons ago, if he worked for me. He's just lucky that people are willing to spend a shitload of money to be shaken violently and scared within an inch of their lives, throwing up all the RICO-predicate-priced fried food they've managed to stuff down their gullet. Amusement Parks with dangerous-looking roller coasters practically sell themselves.

You tell me: watch this and tell me it isn't deeply disturbing.

Tell me this wouldn't have your children crawling into bed with you.

Not content to have the dumbest and scariest mascot alive, Six Flags just had to go all the way and push the pedophile angle.

This guy is on my television screen at least four times a day. I want to shoot my television set.

This Just In: Dem Doofus Says "Maybe That Whole Messiah Thing Was a Bit Much..."

You can almost stop reading this after the opening sentence...

"President Obama is suffering from expectations set too high by the historic presidential election of 2008, one of his closest allies in the Senate said Thursday."

...because what's sure to follow is a cavalcade of bullshit that'll have you reaching for a shovel in no time flat. Like this pearl of wisdom:

"The bar for change was set inordinately high by the tone of the presidential campaign..."

That's what you get when you claim to be able to "fundamentally" transform everything and have the power to command the seas to stop rising. In fact, the greatest irony here is that the man who boasted that his elevation to the Presidency was the moment when Planet Earth would begin to heal, it's the Sea, The Gulf of Mexico, specifically, which made it apparent to those last few who hadn't recognized it before just how incompetent, how delusional, how unprepared, how lazy, and how stupid this man really is.

If you want to say something positive about Obama, you can at least give him credit for not claiming to be able to turn water into wine. Guess that one was already taken.

More stunning is that now that Barack Obama's unfitness for the Presidency has belatedly been discovered by his own party, it's not a moment for truthful reflection on their part, nor an opportunity in which to absorb a painful lesson which might cause democrats to re-evaluate their approach to governance and campaigning; it's simply a time to utter excuses without the merest hint of sincerity which leave you with the impression that many, McCaskill for certain, still think everything went just fine-and-dandy, but the Peasantry is simply too stupid to see it the same way.

Barack Obama didn't fail because Barack Obama was never more than a marketing scheme who gave great (written-by-someone-else) speech; He failed because the Great Unwashed Masses thought they were getting a Messiah instead of an Autocrat. Stupid voters! Wherever did they get that impression..?

And not to forget to harp upon a democratic party oldie-but-goodie, the brain-damaged Senator then adds this gem:

She also said Republicans had done a "very good job" in attacking Democrats by portraying them as a party of "big government."

Why, it's almost as if she's implying that republicans just might not be telling the truth, ObamaCare-Financial Reform-Takeovers of GM and Chrysler-controlling stake in AIG-Suing Arizona for Enforcing Federal Law-$787 Billion in useless Stimulus-Trillion-dollar deficits as far as the Eye Can See are all completely misunderstood benefits of government that us Mouthbreathers, easily led astray by Talk Radio and the Intertoobies, just fail to grasp.

I couldn't read any more after that, because I almost puked when I realized that this woman is a U.S. Fucking Senator, and she hasn't the same sense that evolution gave a chimpanzee. She's either so incredibly dense as to not see reality, or she knows she's talking out of her ass and doesn't give a Tinker's Turd. Either way, it shows you who is "in charge" of our country, and at the time when we need people to"take charge", all we have are stupid shameless liars, and those who proclaim their power over the forces of Nature -- and then find excuses to play golf when they're asked to live up to the hype.

If you needed yet more evidence that we're being led by clueless, disconnected aliens who couldn't find their own asses with both hands and a road map, try this on for size.

The Dimwits are going to have their asses handed to them in November, and they know it. There is nothing they can do, except to begin to propagate The Legend which will serve them well in their Self-Imposed Exile in the Politcal Wilderness. A new Generation of democratic (small 'd' intentional) die-hards will be sustained and nurtured by their own Mythology -- no one really understood that ObamaCare was truly good for them, Republicans Lied to the People, The Economy Would Have Recovered if it Hadn't Been for Rush Limbaugh, BP Spoiled Everything! -- ready to emerge at the time when the Republicans finally screw the pooch in their turn, and dems will rise from the wreckage ready to battle for the Future of America presenting a Revisionist version of the Past.

It's what they always do. The process is just starting a little earlier, this time.

Somehow I Knew Where This Was Going Before I Even Read It..

Latest bit of atmospheric news from NASA: the theromosphere collapsed.

Don't get all excited. Before you get your panties in a knot and start running around like them little Japanese critters in the Godzilla movies, NASA says this sort of thing happens all the time. This collapse just happens to be a bit bigger than the other ones they've recorded, and Mother Earth is already fixing herself.

Here's the fucked up part, to my thinking;

A layer of the atmosphere which is usually warmed by intense solar activity has collapsed -- something it does regularly -- because there was no solar activity to warm it, and somehow this atmospheric cooling was the result of Global Warming? When someone over there at NASA isn't reading "The Care Bears Take The Rainbow Rocket to Andromeda" to the Muslims, perhaps they could find a spokesman who talks horse sense?

Maybe Al Gore's Second Chakra would like to chime in on this one?

Signs o' The Times...

Unfortunately, they tend to say "For Sale", "Going out of Business Sale", or are an advertisement for the local Real Estate Agent hoping to lease empty, or soon-to-be empty, space.

This past fortnight has seen a rash of small businesses, many of which had been staples of the local community, close their doors. That's terrible, especially when these business owners spent, in some cases, decades growing their businesses and their reputations in the community, and now it's all over for them. Or is it? I know a few of them, and we've been talking, and some of it is simply fascinating.

Two small businessmen of my acquaintance that have recently closed shop have told me that business was actually pretty good despite the bad economy (one ran a delicatessen, and the other a dry cleaners), and that what really caused them pull up stakes was their rising rents. One man told me that no sooner did the real estate market head south in 2008 than his landlord was already trying to renegotiate the lease he had just signed, so as to double his rent to $14,000 a month on a storefront where two generations of his family had worked for near on 30 years.

When he refused to renegotiate (he did have a signed contract, after all), the landlord took him to court over nuisance issues just to try to get him out of the building, but the Deli Owner ran the clock out, and when his lease finally expired this past spring, he finally left. Whether or not he re-opens in a different location is questionable, because the local commercial real estate situation is,as they both tell me, "absolutely crazy".

My dry cleaner friend is going to re-open elsewhere, but he informs me that the leasing situation makes this somewhat problematic; despite having more retail space added to Staten Island in the last five years before the recession than in the previous decade -- and with much of that new construction sitting empty -- some landlords are actually raising their rents, not lowering them. My buddy says that this tells him that the landlords probably financed all of that recent construction with high-interest/variable-rate loans, confident they could fill the space at high-enough rents to turn a profit. Now, they're stuck with empty space and a ballooning monthly mortgage payment, not to mention tax assessments that reflect the formerly-inflated values of the properties they own. They are so deep underwater as to be drowning. They can't afford to drop rents, and they're simply praying they find someone stupid and desperate enough to pay these inflated rates.

He's also under the impression that we're talking about a very few landlords who own the majority of the properties, doing business behind a variety of real-estate companies/concerns. That the guy who owns 123 Main Street as Mr. X Property Management, is probably the same guy who owns 678 Main Street, as Nosepicking Dimwits and Company, and you can tell two locations have the same landlord when the rents on both pretty much rise at the same rate, at the same time, despite the sticker in the window identifying the management company.

Mr.Dry Cleaner also expects to see a whole lot more"For Lease" signs at the end of the year, because many of these leases will expire on December 31st -- and no one is going to pay rates that are much higher than they are now. There's been some folks forced out of business by the bad economy, but maybe there are just as many being forced out of business by their over-mortgaged landlords, he reckons.

So, I took a look around because while there have been a lot of closings lately, there's also some new stuff opening around here, too. What's that all about? And then I started to take note of what had closed, and what was opening.

On the Closed side, we have perhaps the biggest Bridal shop on Staten Island. In fact, "shop" is probably the wrong term to use. This was a Wedding Emporium, something on the order of 6-8,000 square feet of nothing but wedding dresses and wedding crap, and if that wasn't impressive enough, the local paper which lamented it's closing reported that the recent renovations made to that building cost just over $2 million. That shop didn't go out of business because no one's getting married (although I'm fairly certain they were selling fewer-and-fewer $5,000 wedding gowns to brain-dead Schifoozas who want to wear the same dress they saw on their favorite episode of Real Housewives of Bensonhurst), they went out of business because they couldn't afford to pay for the renovations they made, which makes you wonder how they financed it tobegin with? A second mortgage on the first-and-second homes, now less-valuable then they were two years ago? Most likely.

Then there's the Yarn/Knitting/Fabric Store which never seemed to have any clientele at all, but somehow stayed open for 20+ years. When I say "no clientele", I mean that I never saw anyone go into or out of the place in two decades, that I can recall. You would think that in a recession, knitting supplies would be in demand as people start saving money by making/repairing more of their own clothing. Having the ability to knit a cardigan is about to become a skill on par with hunting caribou, or smelting iron from surface deposits in Post-Obama "Recovery" America. But there's the knitting store, Out-of-Business.

A small printer's shop has also closed, although the Dog Grooming and Antique businesses that flank it are apparently doing a decent trade. A few hair salons have closed (which is no great loss, considering there's at least 15 more within a 20 block radius), a large health food store went under, too. The Leather/Luggage shop, gone. So too was closed the Christian Gift Shop, which just goes to prove that it doesn't matter how much you pray, when it comes to money the Lord hardly ever giveth but doth taketh away faster than you can say "Glow-in-the-Dark-velvet-Jesus".

I've also noticed that just about all of the local banks have turned off/removed their "Courtesy Clocks" which give passers-by the time and temperature. When banks are belt-tightening...

But, on the Opened Side of the ledger, something weird is happening.

A new Bakery opened this past winter, just down the block from one of the more popular and revered bakers on this island. Business is such that it stays open until 9 pm, on most nights.

Two Discount Stores (Mostly household goods/children's clothes) have moved into the neighborhood, and so has a new Fresh Fruit/Vegetable shop. Last spring, a new comedy club opened up in the old Lane Theatre which had alternated between "flash-in-the-pan-flavor-of-the-week Guido Hangout" and "Abandoned" for years. A great deal of renovations were done on the building, and business looks decent on most weekends. Most of the more popular restaurants on the main drag do pretty well on weekends, although weekday nights are pretty slow. Three new restaurants (two pizzerias and a Japanese restaurant) opened up within the last 18 months, and are still here. We're about to get a new Yogurtberry opening up any day now, and a relocated Dance Studio moved in last summer, shares the same newly-renovated commercial building on the main artery. A recent report in the local paper says that one of the major Big Box stores is not only staying in it's current location, it's going to open a second location not a mile further up the road. The Day Spas and Korean Nail joints which litter the landscape are busy everyday, with a steady stream of gum-snapping Middle-class housewives running in and out for fish pedicures and European skin peels.

What to make of all this? What does this say about the economy, in general?

Damned if I know, but it appears as those who have cash on hand are doing well or holding their own, and those who lived and died by credit are up Shit's Creek without a paddle. And when you stop to consider that if there one thing that's harder to get than a blowjob in a convent, it's credit, then it's no wonder.

Of course, the Credit Crisis would have been much less severe if a) Banks that received TARP money had done what they were supposed to have done with that money -- get the bad loans off their books -- instead of what they actually did -- shore up their stock prices, buy up their weakened competitors, pay their Executives exorbitant bonuses, and b) if the Federal Government hadn't had sucked up $787 billion for a Stimulus Bill which is two lies for the price of one, but then again, "The Keeping Dangerous and Useless Democratic Party Allies Rolling in Someone Else's Money Bill" wouldn't have worked.

And now the same douchebags who took $1.5 trillion dollars off the credit markets between TARP and Stimulus -- just at the time where that money would have been useful to help with recovery -- are about to inflict a new round of "Financial Reforms" on the Nation which will involve making a Corporate Bailout next to a Constitutional Right. Citibank's ability to fuck up and be saved, and Planned Parenthood's ability to give a 13-year old a We-Won't-Tell-Your-Parents-Late-Term-Abortion is being paid for by the Print Shops, Knitting Barns, Health food stores, and Bridal Shops of Staten Islanders, and many others.

That's not Financial Reform, Mr. Obama. That's a reward for bad behavior that will guarantee a repeat performance.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Is Your Brain On Drugs, Part II...

Huff enough paint, or inhale enough chemical fumes from the family business, and you're bound to come up with this sort of ridiculous idea. Why,you might even forget that you're a scion of one of America's wealthiest families, that you're writing in the Wall Street Journal, and that no one takes anyone named "Pierre" seriously.

Inject enough of your own smugness,and you just might be able to convince yourself that bringing attention to a business that got $151 million in unpopular Stimulus funds to build something doesn't exist for a product that no one wants to buy is an economic recovery success story, and example of those Green Energy jobs you keep insisting are just around the corner. Speaking of batteries; it looks as if Michelle could use some new ones, if you catch my drift.

Short of falling asleep in vat of LSD, it's difficult to see how you couldn't possibly make a better business decision than this.

Of course, there are those who prefer Opiates to Acid, and if you're one of those, you might think this is both a great idea, and a worthwhile use of government resources. Then again, you might look at who has advocated for it, and decide it might be a good idea to switch to crack.

And speaking of Crack, and it's vise-like hold upon selected segments of the population, we know all-to-well what happens when Crack is allowed to work it's ravages upon these helpless sub-populations; They manage to forget that they live in a technologically-advanced world in which their words and actions have usually been recorded someplace, so that the defense of "I never said/did that" becomes problematic, at best, asinine, at worst. But then again, they're crack users and most-likely high and beyond simple notions of decency, honesty and shame, so there's no reason at all to listen to them.

Dear New York State Pols...

The Voters Speak, and they say "YOU SUCK!"

Three comments on this poll:

a) It's sad that only 47% found it necessary to hand out an 'F'. That means the other 53% is probably feeding on the public tit one way or another, or is perhaps too stupid to avoid sticking their private parts in a wall outlet without a great big expensive government program to prevent it.

b) People are not so much mad at a 3-months-late state budget (late budgets are like piles of dogshit around here -- it's everywhere, and sometimes despite your best efforts, you can't avoid them). What they ARE mad at is that the assholes in Albany don't even seem to notice, or care, that the state is broke, and don't seem very interested in addressing or properly reacting to that sad fact of life. They seem determined to maintain the current level of unsustainable spending and increasing taxes to cover the costs. In some less-civilized places, this sort of thinking might get you shot. In New York State, and on Wall Street, it rates you a chauffeur-driven limo.

c) I'm absolutely shocked that Gov. Paterson only got an 'F' from 25% of those polled. That's a stunning number, and if I were Paterson, I could almost spin this into something bordering on a major accomplishment. This just goes to prove that in New York State, the blind (literally) do lead the blind. Of course, Paterson will never be re-elected and the Republican party can only manage Designated Loser Rick Lazio to put up against Andrew Cuomo, so we're about to get the Venal and Stupid to lead the blind, which in our sorry state, is almost a 1,000% improvement.

In other New York State Political News, we read of the achievement of Kirsten Gillibrand, who somehow managed to raise $2 million for her campaign for the Senate. The same article goes on to explain that Gillibrand has $7.2 million on hand to run for the Senate Seat she currently holds, and never once does this article attempt to explain to it's good readers just how it is that such a total dumbass, political hack, who's job description reads "Chuck Schumer's Yes Girl", has managed to raise that sort of money without once mentioning "kneepads" and "KY Jelly".

This is approximately three times what the richest of her potential Republican opponents has on hand, and that guy is facing a three-way primary fight for the GOP nod.

If you ever needed any more proof that the politics of this state, no the politics of the Entire Nation, are a cesspool of corruption, then this is it. Non-entity Kirsten Gillbrand has $7 million dollars to buy votes with, but not a single Senatorial accomplishment to her name. She was selected to be a place-holder for Hillary Clinton when the Crusty Ol' Black Pantsuit became Secretary of State, and in that short period of time Gillibrand has apparently learned the art of separating democratic-party advocacy groups from their cash, and accomplished very little else.

The only hope is that the decent people of New York come out in droves and throw the douchebags in the Legislature out of Office, and put up enough votes to override the Permanent Underclass' tally and so protect us from the Cuomos and Gillibrands of this world. I don't hold out much hope.

Even More Bad Medcine...

As you know, I watch a lot of television, and one of the things that I hate about TV nowadays are the constant advertisements for all sort of drugs to treat a barrage of complaints and medical problems that somehow warrented billions in R&D and commercials to treat, but which in days past people simply tolerated. I am especially disturbed by the commercials where the voice-over lady spends half the commercial reciting the list of side-effects that come with taking this Godsend Pill (some of these side effects which will make you wonder about the current state of science, and the masochists who are apparently employed in it' service). I find those commercials to be a) funny, and b) disturbing, and then I get curious and do some research on these things, just to see what sort of a desperate asshole you'd have to be to even consider taking some of these drugs.

You can read everything in this series by clicking on the Bad Medicine tag at the bottom of the page.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of "holistic" or"natural" cures for everything from bad breath to brain tumors on screen, although the usual big-ticket prostate or osteoporosis drug still makes an appearance. The big selling point for these patent medicines is that they do not require a doctor's prescription. I think the increase in the ads for non-traditional and non-prescription stuff is a direct response to ObamaCare; people are looking for options that don't involve dealing with doctors and insurance companies. That may not be smart, but it is kind of easy to fall into the "It's all natural and has no side-effects" trap, and take something you think is helpful and harmless but which might not be either.

This week, my television poured forth a shitload of drivel about New Age Medicine, Psychology-and-drug-based weight-loss disguised as a diet plan, and weight-loss "secrets" that makes me despair of Mankind ever returning to any worthwhile endeavor. Without further ado, I give you:

1. Alli -an over-the-counter weight-loss aid. It's selling point is that Alli is "FDA-approved". Then again, the FDA has also approved drugs that have killed and caused birth defects, so why this should mean much of anything is beyond me.

Alli claims to be able to help you "break the cycle of emotional eating" where people use food as a drug to assuage what is basically a range of psychological problems. We're all familiar with the term "comfort food", a concept which recently has been under attack in many culinary and nutritional circles as bad juju, because these foods are often rich in sugar, saturated fats, "bad" carbs, salt and high-calorie. Modern psychological theory about many people's eating habits (and the stigma of gross obesity) pretty much begins with the view that we're all mentally-damaged goods (the better to sell you Zoloft), and that these innate mental illnesses cause us to eat the whole fucking pint of Chunky Monkey instead of stopping at a reasonable, human portion.

If you take Alli -- and follow the complimentary diet plan -- you'll supposedly lose 50% more weight -- and your psychological baggage will melt away with the pounds, too! -- than would be the case by simple dieting and exercise alone. Alli will -- it's never explained how -- put you in a "happier state of mind" that will help you to stop binging on Devil Dogs and Oreos, you Fat, Mentally-Deficient Bastard. How does Alli achieve this remarkable feat? Well, the Alli website doesn't actually say HOW the stuff works -- it only says that it'll block some of the fats you ingest from entering your system. Many statin drugs do this too, by making certain that anything you eat doesn't actually stick around long enough to affect your waistline. What Alli really seems to be selling is an online eating re-education program along with a super-laxative that'll make you shit like a shark; it makes claims and assumptions about your mental state that it doesn't even bother to back up on it's own website, and that most "mental health professionals" wouldn't attempt without at least two office visits.

According to this article, Alli really works by embarrassing the hell out of you whenever you stray from the plan. So, now you can go from solving the problems of emotional eating to a fear of shitting yourself in public as a weight-loss program. Under different circumstances, this sort of thing might see someone convicted of deliberately inflicting gross psychological harm upon another. Fifty dollars a month will also buy you severe vitamin deficiencies, and the dreaded problem of "oily spotting" in your undies. This video was quite informative about the side effects. Alli then has the nerve,incidentally, to call this all "a revolution in weight loss".

2. Australian Dream - I find it peculiar that a product called "Australian Dream" should have been invented by a Redneck. This is a topical cream which is used by those who seek relief from Arthritis, sore muscles and the aches and pains of what used to be called "Getting Old". The commercial is aimed at Baby Boomers, and makes no bones about it, so they at least get some points for honesty.

The selling point is that Australian Dream is not as harsh as some liniments which are Capsacian-based. Capsacian is the main ingredient in chilli peppers. If I have this right, Capsacian works by triggering a histamine response -- the release of natural anti-inflammatories -- into the body. This is why your eyes water and your nose runs when you eat peppers. These histamines then go to work on expanding your capillaries and veins, increasing blood flow and getting some white blood cells into the inflamed area to help defeat infections and speed healing. Increased blood flow is a major component of pain relief (see: Aspirin).

Australian Dream doesn't use Capsacian because, a) it often smells, and b) it often results in discoloration of the skin in the affected area (redness and swelling). So, really what Australian Dream seems to be selling is that you can get the pain relief you need without the embarrassing smells and unattractive welts associated with most over-the-counter analgesic cremes, which is exactly what self-absorbed, horny Baby Boomers -- all hopped up on Viagra and Hormone Replacements -- really want! Those welts and smells are a definite turn-off, and there's already enough obstacles to sex-after-60.

Does Australian Dream work? Who the fuck knows? I couldn't find many complaints online, and I didn't find much in the way of really bad side effects (except for people who may have severe allergies -- all that histamine may be bad for you). But, at $29.95 for a 4-ounce jar, you could probably get the same effect with cheaper Vitamin B, store-brand ibuprofen or plain, old aspirin, if you can't stand the smell of Ben Gay. Unlike many of the drugs I rail about here, this one might actually work -- if you have money to burn.

3. Celedrin - I was very wary about posting this one. This is another patent medicine, sold over-the-counter. Celdarin says it's provides relief for those with arthritis and various sorts of joint pain, by providing a lot of fatty acids that "lubricate" your cell membranes and joints. The reason I was wary of it is because the website is full of claims that are contained within "quotation marks" and usually followed by many an asterisk. This is a warning sign that the infamous statement "This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease" is sure to follow, and as sure as Muslims mutilate their daughter's private parts, it most certainly did.

What's in it? Well, there's a lot of talk on the website about "innovative, targeted and proprietary cetylated fatty acid esters and other active synergists" that was just a bit too thick for me to bother looking up just what the heck that all actually means, but it appears to imply that the active ingredient is simple fish oil. But, finding complaints about Celadrin wasn't quite as difficult as wading through euphemisms for "fish oil" was. You'll also be happy to know that Celadrin is the favored drug amongst veterinarians treating dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis, too. Hey, if it's good enough for Fido...

As for the complaints (which were many!) most seem to revolve around unwanted hair growth, a long lead time before any effect is actually felt (usually measured in weeks), and that the actual relief you get doesn't seem to last very long (in some cases, just a few hours, regardless of dosage). In any case, Celedrin will set you back $21.99 for 150 softgels at your local Costco, and you'll need about three a day, but you don't need a prescription, so that makes it all hunky-fucking-dory, right?

4. i Renew Bracelet - The "Energy-Balancing Bracelet". This has been one of my favorites because it is indicative of the stupidity of Man that he continues to fall for the same scams over and over. I now know why Bugs Bunny was able to use the same gags over and over on Elmer Fudd, and he never saw it coming. This is New Age "Medicine" at it's very best! Every claim is followed by an asterisk and three-paragraphs of very small print, indeed, which is par for the course. Summing up the webpage, it seem that the stress of everyday life is fucking up our "natural energy fields", also known as "the Biofield". The Biofield is supposed to be an aura of unseen, natural "energy" that surrounds and permeates our beings, which is badly influenced by electromagnetic radiation of the sort transmitted by your computer, television, cell phone, wrist watch, and so forth -- not to mention the bullshit you get from the Wife, Kids, Boss and the Donut-eating-jerk-with-a-badge who ticketed you for doing 43-in-a-40 zone.

All this talk of Biofields smells of the ancient Chinese concept of "ki", one of the foundations of Martial Arts training and acupuncture, and both of those are complete bullshit.

The claims made by the iRenew folks are reminiscent of those made in the days when people eagerly bought love potions, the bones of saints, pieces of True Cross, and other nonsense without question and when complete quacks were applying leaches, acids, poisons and sharp blades randomly in the belief that "balancing the humors" by bleeding people could cure warts, leprosy, toothache, acne. and fucking plague. The same dolts who fell for that drivel back in the day, would line up to buy iRenew bracelets.

iRenew promises to restore "balance" to your "Biofield" which will improve your mental condition, physical performance, restore your natural immunity to stress, and give you an enhanced sense of well-being with it's "Energy Balance System" and "Biofield Technology". You'll be happy to know that a "Biofield" is, and I quote, "a New term adopted by the National Institutes of Health" (yeah, nothing like basing a therapeutic product on a term invented last week, and which is really a recycled centuries-old Oriental scam) and describes a growing body of research that purportedly identifies a subtle human energy field that permeates and extends beyond the physical body". You'll also be interested to know that when I tried to copy/paste that gibberish so that I wouldn't have to type it, I got a computer message that stated this piece of text is protected by strict copyright laws! Ooops.

So, what is an iRenew Bracelet? The website calls it "proprietary quantum-based technology" that further states "the Process is beyond magnetic technology and ionic jewelry", but nothing describes what the bracelet is made of, or why it should do what it claims to do -- except in the most confusing, esoteric and ephemeral terms that probably won't make sense to anyone who doesn't smoke hash, studied yoga for 400 years, or doesn't "belong" to the world of Far-eastern religions. So, I had to do some digging to figure out what all that meant -- in plain English. And I still haven't found anything that tells me what the fuck this thing really is (probably just a bracelet made of recycled stainless steel wrapped around a cheap, copper core).

There's an awful lot of impressive-sounding terms being tossed about here: Biofields, Energy-balancing, Quantum-based technology, magnetic and ionic. Quite frankly, it's a pretty basic scam which which attempts to sell you a Good Luck charm, or Amulet that Wards off the Evil Spirits, and attempts to make you feel better about being duped by implying that the whole thing is based upon sound, scientific principles. iRenew appears to be nothing more than a $19.99 placebo. If you think it'll help you, it probably will, but it certainly won't hurt you.

But someone is probably going to jail in the very near future. Here's the commercial with really bad actors in it.

The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name...

No, this is not about Pakistanis lustily inserting oiled rodents into their alimentary canals, or humping the family pets, this is about an obsessive sort of love. The kind that is so all-consuming that those who feel it have their sense of reality warped, to the point where the object of their desires can do no wrong, and even the worst excesses of human behavior can be explained away, or excused, so as to not to destroy the image the lovestruck has built up in his mind of his beloved.

The Beloved is built up in the Lovelorn's mind to be all things: God or Goddess, dispenser of either exquisite joy or sweetest agony, The Very Center of the Universe; all things revolve about the Icon. There is no thought, word, deed, that does not, in some way, touch upon the needs -- real or perceived -- of the Truly Beloved. The Beloved can do no wrong, He has no Flaws. Their behavior, even the most egregious, is always explained away and justified. The Lovestruck simply becomes a willing slave to the anticipated wants and needs of his Intended, losing himself in the process.

It's the kind of love that leaves scars both mental and physical. It's the kind of love which can only end in one way: someone is eventually committing suicide on someones front porch after a dramatic series of phone calls, and even that -- after all the blood spatters and brain matter arrayed in random fan-like patterns upon the screen door -- it is supposed to be recognized, somehow, as a final act of ultimate love.

That's the sort of love affair the Media has with Barack Obama. Even to the extent where they stretch the bounds of reality, and propriety, in their efforts to ensure that everything is, ultimately, about Barry, and their service to him. Everything must simply reflect upon Barry, for his is the Light Within Which they Live. This sometimes leads the Enthralled to do and think -- and unfortunately say -- some of the strangest things you might imagine, leading you to wonder whether they have any sense of reality left. Unfortunately, they can't help themselves. Here are some examples of this phenomenon:

Obama Smarter than Einstein?

That one's not so much a paean of love to Barry O., but some Libtards would make the argument that his supposed brilliance matches that of Albert. This next one, though, is downright disturbing, unless you remember to stop and consider the source;

A Vote for An Indian is somehow a racist slight against Obama

Sometimes, there just isn't enough Zoloft...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Tree Hugging Dickwad Dumps Wife, Film at 11...

This time it's a Kennedy, and there's a lot of alcohol involved, as usual.

What the story doesn't make clear is why Mary Kennedy drinks (probably because that would be too obvious a question to ask: what is it with Kennedy women and booze?), and of ocurse, they leave the best part for the very last sentence:

"Bobby and Mary married on a ship on the Hudson River in April 1994, just a few weeks after he divorced first wife, Emily Black."

I'm surprised that it lasted this long, and amazed that she didn't try to continue a long-standing Kennedy family tradition, and make arrangements for her sanctimonious douchebag of a husband's head to be ventilated. How hard could it be? Kennedy men practically attract bullets, when they're not Alpha-maling themselves into trees at high speed, or into the drink.

If this story follows the predictable track, we'll be hearing about the mistress or the alleged sexual assault within a fortnight.

Dear New York State Legislature: Don't You Feel Stupid Now?

When you tax a commodity to the sky, don't be surprised when the trade in that commodity goes elsewhere, and you lose the tax revenue you had hoped to get. Let this be a lesson to you in basic economics. Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other states will now benefit and collect their much-lower, and more-reasonable cigarette taxes, as New Yorkers looking to save a buck on smokes start looking out of state to buy them. Organized crime is probably already on this like flies on shit, and making a fortune -- none of which you will ever see.

Also, don't be surprised when price gouging occurs because no one is paying attention, or because pricing rules are contradictory or misunderstood: in my neighborhood, a pack of Marlboro Lights is now selling from anywhere between $11.50 and $14.00, depending which store you go into.

You do realize I could buy three six-packs of barely-drinkable-piss-water for that, get behind the wheel and kill more people in 30 seconds than my second-hand smoke has in the last 27 years?

Bunch of assholes in Albany. You should all be shot, and as an added bonus, we can fix it so that your final cigarette before the firing squad will have been purchased in Vermont.

Screaming "Movie" In a Crowded Firehouse...

It must really suck when your only purpose in life is to sit around and wait for someone to yell "Nigger", and then be continually disappointed when no one obliges you. I mean, it would be an easier life if those guys just put the sheets back on, really. Whatever is this world coming to when the Klan is embarrassed to be seen in public; A (half-) Black Man who five years ago you would have said wasn't "authentically Black" enough (but then suddenly became so just as soon as he won) is in the White House; and worse, some of the Brothas are crossing well-established lines to stand in solidarity with the Blue-eyed Devil over in that Tea Party thingy.

It's almost as if you have nothing to do, and have to make up controversies just in order to keep the donations flowing in.

No, it's not easy insisting Amerikkka is a racist country.... when it won't co-operate and be racist.

Like the Post Office, the NAACP is slowly circling the bowl but just hasn't realized it yet. Can't happen fast enough. Like the Post Office, it's a reminder of a Bygone Age, rapidly fading. The attachments to the NAACP are more emotional, nostalgia, than anything else, for it holds a certain place in the minds and hearts (and habits) of millions. When the last of the generation that remembers Jim Crow is finally laid to rest, there will probably be no one left in America who will have first-hand experience of actual racism, instead of the fake, contrived kind served up by any number of "reverends" and "Community Activists" every day. Now a once-illustrious organization, is more-or-less forced to follow that script, and create rancor where none exists just to justify itself. I'm surprised that they didn't stuff a teen-aged girl into a garbage bag with "KKK" scrawled in dog excrement upon her stomach....complete with spelling errors... and charge some innocent Cracker Cops with rape and kidnapping. Because if you're going to make shit up to give the appearance of racism where none exists, you have to go all the fucking way.

Half-measures are for suckahs.

Remember what I said earlier this week -- that second "A" is supposed to stand for "Advancement", but it's clear the NAACP is mired in the morass of the past; without the sort of virulent, in-your-face-and-up-your-ass racism that once existed in this country (and which is largely gone) the NAACP has no reason to continue to exist. It can only try to keep the memory of the glory days a bald, aging, pot-bellied former rock star on that second or third Farewell Tour...even if it has to contrive the circumstances under which the battles that were already won get fought all over again.

This Is Why You Should Never Let Libtards Run a War...

When the people in charge won't even discuss a subject honestly and openly, you know you're probably going to lose. Any plan that Andrew Sullivan signs onto, enthusiastically, is probably a definite path to an ignominious defeat...

If that prospect doesn't scare you enough, how about when someone does tell the unvarnished truth, and it makes you wish that they'd had enough regard for your feelings to lie through their teeth?

This Just In: Pakistan is The Donkey Sex Capital of the World...

Via JammieWearingFool, we find out that Pakistanis surf more internet porn, and more of the most disturbing internet porn, than just about any other people on Planet Earth. When they're not waxing the totem to images of kiddie porn and goats in sultry poses, most Pakistani males can be found yelling "Death to America!" in the streets, or lining up at the local Al'Qaeda recruitment station because they're somehow laboring under the misapprehension that they're morally superior to us decadent Americans.

This is funny for a variety of reasons:

a. You'll never find a Pakistani man in a (human) porn video, ever, because they've all been short-dicked. That's why they fantasize about 72 virgins; the virgins will never know what they're missing. In fact, I'll bet most Pakistani men have such small tallywhackers that they have to pass water from a sitting position, like women. That's why the only porn you'll ever see Paki men in will probably involve livestock, and humpbacked quadrupeds, and certainly each other. It seems that "rape video" is also very popular in Pakistan, and that's probably par for the course; considering how bad they smell, Pakistani men probably have to rape their women before they get a chance to run away.

b. These people -- apparently chronic Internet masturbators -- are building mosques to celebrate their victories over us Infidels, and moving into our neighborhoods in great numbers all the time. Do you really want a neighbor who enjoys child rape porn? Do you really want him to tell you all about the finer points of camel sex, or left to walk the streets with his tiny hard-on after he's gotten all excited by his fifteenth sheep-ball-sucking video of the day, and lookin' fer a place to park it? With your daughters playing outside? Hell, even with your DOG playing outside? Here's another reason to keep Muslims out of your neighborhoods (besides the smell, the occasional pipe bomb that explodes during construction, and Just Because They're Muslim); they come from a sexually-repressed society and culture, and have sex -- even animal sex -- on the brain all the time. All that "Death to America!" shit and ramming airliners into office buildings really is Sex Gone Sour, and they can't get the blond-haired, blue-eyed chicks to toss 'em one (the REALLY slutty ones, you know. All the biggest whores are blond; you see them on American TV). Look into every terrorist's background, especially the one's raised in the West, and you'll find the Blond slut sexual fantasy went seriously unfulfilled, and at least one blond chick "humiliated" the fucker at some point, and that's what sent the little bastard back to the mosque where he gets radicalized.

c. Now you know why the Ayahtollah Khomenei had to devote the last years of his life to issuing instructions on what to do with your quadrupedal sexual partners after you're done with them. There was an entire etiquette involved in fucking, killing, eating and/or passing them around. Apparently, this was a huge problem in the Muslim world way back then, and the advent of the Internet has made it infinitely worse. Now instead of "enjoying" German Shepherd porn as an occasional guilty pleasure, a retreat from the work-a-day world of beating your wives, honor-killing your daughters, spray-painting anti-Semitic slogans on every wall, and praying 11 times day, now thanks to the Internet, you can watch Moroccan Camel Scheisser videos all day long, at your convenience. Why, it's practically hot-and-cold running donkey sex over there. Hey,did you ever notice that the two countries with the most donkey sex (Pakistan, Mexico) also happen to be the biggest shitholes on Planet Earth? Someone should study this phenomenon....

Really, these are the people President Obama is apologizing to? Trying to appease and "engage" these sorts of people? Quite frankly, I'm wondering why we aren't shipping MORE animal porn over there, and keeping the little fuckers so busy jerking off that they don't have the time or energy to trade shots with the Marines. That would be a surge of a totally different kind.

These people are too fucking sick to be left alive.

Update: Turns out that I was right about Pakistani men having to piss like women. In fact it appears as if the entire Middle East does.

This Is Your Brain on Drugs...

a. If you smoked pot, you probably think Al Gore is still a potential candidate...for something...and is anything BUT a figure of Public Ridicule.

Here is the origin of the "Pining for the fjords"reference for those who don't know what it means. If you aren't a Monty Python fan, you are a dimwit, probably a democrat, and can't understand the English language, and most likely all three.

b. Drug addicts can be counted upon to do really stupid shit -- like injecting someone else's blood into their veins just to stretch the ol' drug budget out. How's that for an austerity plan? I guess all that money GWB sent to Africa to help cure AIDS might as well have been flushed down the fucking toilet. If Bono comes anywhere near me, I'm gonna fuck him up, and the next time someone asks me for money for African AIDS relief I shall tell them to Suck My Nuts; I'm inclined to let African AIDS victims die, after reading this.

c. Depending on how much coke you snort on any given day, you might actually believe that this is the best means of fighting terrorism. Yeah, it's a really good idea to give computer literacy classes to an asshole you've declared to be a permanent threat to National Security, so dangerous that he can never be released from prison. And we wonder why there's a $1 trillion deficit, and why a bunch of Mud-Age goatherds are able to hold off the U.S. Military in a country that wouldn't even make a decent sewer by third-world standards?

(H/T Instapundit, FFF, JWF)

Iowahawk Should Be Bronzed And Placed in The Smithsonian...

If you don't read Iowahawk, you're probably a retard. You don't know what you're missing.

This is a Classic.

Happy Bastille Day?

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the French Revolution, when the peasants of Paris and renegade soldiers stormed the prison known as the Bastille, releasing all the prisoners and beginning what was supposed to be a movement to bring brotherhood and equality to the downtrodden of France, in emulation of the American Revolution.

Instead, Bastille Day began an especially bloody and vicious process of revolution and counter-revolution-within-the-revolution, where tens of thousands were executed -- The French Revolution brought us the Guillotine, developed to deal with the great numbers of political prisoners who needed killin' in them days -- not so much for their supposed crimes (many often got no trial at all, and were 'convicted' on the flimsiest of evidence), but for activities and opinions which made them politically-suspect. Political Correctness kills, and it killed many in a revolution that claimed as it's motivating force a love of it's fellow Men and a respect of the rights of conscience and free thought.

In due course, the King, Louis XVI, was arrested and eventually guillotined himself (along with his queen, the infamous Marie-Antoinette, who contrary to popular belief did NOT say "Let them eat cake...") after being convicted of treason. The government which followed the Monarchy was chaotic, confused, and bloody, leading some to wonder if the King's Demise had perhaps been a bad idea.

Eventually, France found itself living under an Emperor (wait, didn't they just kill the King?), who became absolute dictator (wait, what happened to freedom and democracy?), and yet it could somehow still believe the fiction that Napoleon's Grand Armee was a force for Liberation in Europe, bringing "democracy" to every country they could persuade with bayonets and cannon fire. The Little Dictator (that's Napoleon Bonaparte, not Harry Reid) was decisively and unceremoniously shown the door by The Duke of Wellington and Marshall Blucher, at the Battle of Waterloo, where they broke the power of Bonaparte and shattered the Grand Armee, leading to one of those delicious ironies of History; the future democratic Nation States of Europe that were born from the wreckage of Napoleon's Empire, can consider the English and the Prussian Imperialists who fought Napoleon to have been their figurative midwives.

Perhaps the French ought to rethink this holiday....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Movie Day!

Took two of my nephews to see Despicable Me this afternoon. My youngest nephew, Mark, has been asking me for weeks to take him, and we were all set to go on opening day when he came down with an ear infection and a solid week of 102-degree fevers. Guess what I heard every day for the last week? "You said you would take me to see Bispicable Me...."

The movie itself was fairly good, notwithstanding that the best parts don't actually involve the main characters/actors at all. The Minions (small, yellow-green creatures who work for Gru, the protagonist) provided the majority of the entertainment. The movie consisted of a repeating loop of Scene-with-Main-Characters-followed-by-all-too-short-Snippet-of-Minions-and-their-hijinx.

Steve Carell is making far too many movies, for my tastes (another Carell offering, "Dinner for Schmucks" is opening in a few weeks), and they seem to be getting weaker with each release.

As always, the highlight is watching the kid's faces. Mikey (12) wasn't always quite enthusiastic, but Mark (5), laughed his little ass off. I can watch that kid giggle for hours; it's just that amazing to me.

However, I didn't leave the theatre totally disappointed. In fact, if there was one character who was actually worth the price of admission, it was Agnes, the smallest of three orphaned sisters taken in by the evil Gru. Agnes steals the show, but unfortunately, there's not enough of her for my tastes.If you don't leave that movie wishing you had a brace of little Agneses of your own, there's something wrong with you, because I certainly wished I had an Agnes. Or three.

There was, as there usually is in these sorts of movies, that endearing moment near the end which makes you go "Awwwwwww...", which is what I suppose most people really go to these CG-generated movies for in the first place. All-in-all, so long as you don't have to cough up a lung for tickets (really, $25 for tickets to a 12:00 Monday matinee? I could get laid for that!), it's probably worth taking your younger kids to see it.

How Would You Fix It? Part II

My apologies for posting this several days late: Life intruded, as if often does, and I had no time for blogging.

Here are some observations about four new subjects, Race Relations, Energy, the Two-party system, and the BP Oil Spill. I hope to explain my extreme and diseased views on these subjects, and then tell you what I think should be done about them by We The Citizens, because depending upon government to solve these issues is sort of like asking your Golden Retriever to do your taxes -- he might by pure chance get it right, but he's far more likely to slobber and drool, and leave muddy paw prints upon the forms, if he hasn't already used them to take a dump on.

As to how We The Citizens are to affect these changes is something I cannot tell you. I've thought about the how, but then I realize that actually making these changes would require the entire culture be uprooted and replaced. We live in a modern culture which rewards the stupid and the lazy, mostly because it has been created BY the stupid and the lazy, for the benefit of other stupid and lazy people. While there are brilliant and innovative minds at work in America (despite the best efforts of Barack Obama to drive them out of the country), they increasingly turn their talents towards making life easier, without making it any more tolerable; you can get an iPhone app to figure out your four-way lunch bill in a restaurant, saving you the trouble of learning math. You can take a pill to control your cholesterol, cure your vaginal dryness, or lose weight without having to make drastic "lifestyle changes". The Digital Revolution makes for better communications and more efficient use and exchange of information, but no one seems to get any smarter, or to even listen to one another, anymore.

The only solution that I can imagine which might start to affect the cultural change we require is by that of personal example (if only because a carefully-planned program of street executions might not go over so well). If ONE person changes the way he or she lives and the choices they make, then perhaps someone else will see them do it, and likewise make the same changes. That's a very long shot, indeed, but it's better than the alternatives (depending on government, or Oprah).

Without further ado;

A) Race Relations
1. Slavery was abolished a long time ago. Jim Crow is dead. There have been Civil Rights Acts, Voting Rights Acts, Welfare Statism and Affirmative Action up the wazoo. If African-Americans still feel they haven't progressed (despite the evidence to the contrary), then we're probably no longer dealing with the lingering effects of victimization and "institutional Racism", and are more likely dealing with a mental illness, and a reflexive habit. The next time I hear an African-American scream "Racism!" I'm giving him the number of a really good psychiatrist. I'm tired of being made to feel guilty (doesn't work anymore!) and being made to pay for something I did not do and which is now well-and-truly in the past, and now which only serves as a poor excuse for the worst of behavior. I say to African-Americans: it's the 21st Century, come to the front of the bus -- and stand with the rest of us.

2. There is an entire generation of "Civil Rights Leaders" and countless organizations who constantly beat the "Racism" drum because it's been made economically- and politically-rewarding for them to do so. The truth is that Jesse, Rev. Al, and Rev. Wright have not changed a single thing for the better for anyone -- let alone their own race -- for over 40 years. At what point, do you think, someone will have the balls to stand up and say "Hey, this doesn't work. Can we try something else?". Even the NAACP, where one of those A's supposedly stands for "Advancement", is still attached to the rhetoric and "solutions" of years gone by. "Solutions", incidentally, which have only deepened the psychosis of a people who have apparently been taught that the answer to every problem in life is to hold your hand out and demand something you haven't earned -- or you'll pitch a riot.

3. The election of Barack Obama at first appeared to be a sign that America was finally beyond race; Americans had finally elected a (half-) black man to the highest office in the land. In hindsight this now appears not to have been an exercise in fairness and equality, but an act of desperation. The future was bleak in November of 2008, and the only other choices were a man who might not know what day of the week it was, and a modern-day Mussolini in a Black Panstuit encumbered by a horndog husband who would fuck a catcher's mitt, if it held still long enough, and the Secret Service could keep it a secret. That desperation gave us a President who was thoroughly unprepared, lacking common sense or knowledge of how the government actually works, a background sufficiently muddled so that even he can't explain it, and who somehow managed to graduate Harvard with a degree in Constitutional Law without apparently ever having read that document. In office, President Obama seems more interested in playing golf and enjoying the perks of office, rather than in actually doing the job for which he was hired, and when he actually does it, the results are about what you would expect from a brain-damaged four year old working with a hammer and a chainsaw.

In effect, Barack Obama has become the visible symbol of every negative stereotype that Whites ever held about blacks; He's an unqualified Affirmative-Action Baby who never held a real job in his life and who won't do this one, if he can avoid it. However, he has no trouble picking up a paycheck for as long as he can decently get away with it, all the while being paid the back-handed compliment of "he speaks so well...." from the upper crust of Libtard hypocrites. To hear Obama speak now -- far from the days when people were probably paid to faint at his speeches for dramatic effect -- all you can now hear is the constant repetition of a single theme -- "It's All Whitey's fault" -- in which George W. Bush, Wall Street, British Petroleum, the Republican Party, Religious people, Gun Owners, Law-and-Order conservatives and Immigration reformers all stand for "Whitey". Now you know just what effect Rev. Wright had on the man who sat in the pew for 20 years but mysteriously didn't hear nuffin'.

If Barack Obama survives his term in office (and by that I mean avoids impeachment, the ravages of hypertension, and the synapse-crushing banality of Joe Biden) he will probably have done more to set race relations back than any other individual now alive. He may be the first (half-) black President of the United States -- but he may also very well be the last one forever. Just remember that when it comes time for African-Americans to complain (due again in about 15 minutes) that "We never got a chance". These problems didn't appear overnight, and Obama knew there were two wars and an economic crisis when he lobbied for the job claiming to have all the answers, so he can't complain now. And neither can African-Americans who wanted a Savior but are forced to support a Scoundrel solely on the basis of a racial affinity system that they constructed themselves.

4. Instead of selecting Barack Obama as your hero and life-example, you might want to re-consider the example of Gansta Rappers -- stripped of the veneer of their"music" and "art"; unlike the President, these guys at least understand economics and Capitalism better than most Ivy-League educated Economists, obviously work hard to build their little empires, and are probably smart enough, in their own ways, to have been anything they desired had they not chosen "rapper" as a career path. Even if they have made their fortunes selling cultural poison, they were at least honest about their motives: Dollah-Dollah, biotch!

5. To All my Mexican "Amigos" (the ones leading the unwanted invasion); we Gringos don't owe you anything either, and the Southwest isn't "your" country anymore. While the Southwest USED to be your country, you lost it. You lost it because Mexicans couldn't make it economically viable, and so you had to import Gringos -- Gringos with a history of fighting for liberty, the rule of law, and personal notions about individual rights and the prerogatives/limitations of government -- to do it for you. You mistreated them, and so they did what came naturally to them; they revolted. You lost the War. Your leaders bankrupted your country in the process, and the territory they didn't lose in War, they sold off to cover their debts. To Us Gringos. Get over it. Your country is still economically moribund, and you still live in it and we don't, so try to figure out if there's a common theme there. We're not "stealing" from or "oppressing" you. Accept this basic truth, and you'll no longer be laboring under the delusion that you're magically entitled to something for nothing, and you might be motivated to make your own home a better place.

6. Mexico is a shithole because Mexicans made it so, not Yanquis. Mexicans accept corrupt government, massive criminal activity, and a "manana" culture. They do not value education, the rule of law, and use every convenient vertical surface as a toilet (like the landscaper I caught pissing in my neighbor's hedges this past week, and the "immigrant" children who play pissing games in the streets around here). While many pro-Illegal Immigration advocates raise the battle cry "They're only here for a better life!", left unanswered is the question "Then why don't they create one for themselves in their own country?". If there's "tension" between Whites and Hispanics, it's because Hispanics have brought that lack of values (and sanitation) to America with them, and then have the cojones to demand that we accept it. Remember: you're not "Doing Jobs Americans Won't Do", you're "Doing Jobs Americans Won't Do Because They Suck, Pay Badly, and Don't Come With a Dental Plan", so who's really benefiting? I wonder what we'll do with 12 million parasites in the future when lettuce gets picked by machines, the MLS finally shuts down, and the really smart people switch to rock gardens, and home-grown vegetables.

B) Energy Policy
1. It's time to go nuclear, baby, and not just on Iran. All the "No Nukes" faggots who ran around in the 70's and 80's, who helped to kill a more widespread nuclear power industry in this country, are probably the same deranged idiots who run around screaming about that Global Warming/Freezing/Flooding nonsense. The irony here is that by resisting the push for nuclear energy, you probably condemned Mother Gaia to another several decades of nasty pollution. Not only that, now that we're at a point in history where a change must be made (but not for the reasons you want it to be), if there ever IS a move to increase the number of nuclear power plants in this country we'll be several decades behind in terms of technology, efficiency and expected costs. Good going, Douchebags! Until the "Green Movement" is purged of it's sanctimonious-and-clueless Watermelon Faction (Green on the outside, Red on the Inside, All-wet-and-slightly-slimy-throughout), or they're all beaten into deep comas, we'll never have a better answer to the problems of Energy Independence and pollution, because every solution offered will never be good enough to appease these absolutist assholes. They are the modern-day equivalent of Calvinists.

By the way, morons, in case no one told you; Carbon Dioxide is a gas which is essential to the continuance of Life on this planet. If you try to artificially restrict it or prevent it from being generated, you will be killing billions of your fellow creatures -- especially the one's you're always trying to "save".

2. Alternative fuels and sources simply must be found. Current "Green" alternatives (wind, solar, ethanol, etc) are merely stopgaps, or at best, adjuncts. None is capable of becoming a dominant source of energy like fossil fuels, simply because these forms cannot generate the sort of power we demand as efficiently or as inexpensively. It is up to the Public to advocate for serious investment in viable alternatives by putting their money where their mouths are, as it were, with their investment dollars, their votes, and by pushing Energy companies to respond to the needs of a changing marketplace and attitudes (that will never be allowed, because that would be, like, The People exercising their freedoms!), without giving into the more ridiculous demands of the "Save the Earth, Kill All the People" fringe of Tree Huggers.

3. Until such time as an alternative to fossil fuels is found, it is necessary to increase domestic production of oil, coal, and natural gas. Fuck the caribou in ANWAR; they don't pay taxes. Fuck the fish, they don't vote; let's gets some more hydroelectric dams up and running. Coal is cheap, and can be burned cleaner than ever before, by a process that is probably cleaner than most people's bathrooms. Natural gas is so abundant that it's amazing that there aren't gas-powered television sets already, We can even siphon the methane out of the Everglades and garbage dumps. We'll need to have a "carry-over" period between when energy is created in abundance by alternative means, and when the Internal Combustion engine goes the way of Teddy Kennedy, and we already have a great deal of what we'll need right here at home. Make use of it.

4. What's wrong with this scenario: America's best minds are fully capable of inventing drugs that give old men erections that no woman in her right mind wants any part of, but the same minds seem incapable of solving the problems associated with energy? People who will complain loudly about $3 gasoline, and consider it a grave economic burden, apparently have no issue with the $25 dollar-a-pop hard-on, so I guess that's where the money goes, and so, naturally, that's where all the talent and brainpower goes, too. Priorities, on both sides of the equation, are seriously skewed.

C) The Two-Party System
1. One party robs from the Rich to Give to the Poor, and considers it an act of "fundamental fairness". The other Robs from The Rich to Give to the Rich-er, and calls it a "Free-Market Economic system". Neither actually believes what they say, for if they did, their policies would not have produced the results they have; two sub-populations of dependants -- one lining up for government cheese, and the other for Corporate welfare, at the expense of those in the Middle, the very backbone of the American Economy. Once this premise is accepted, it becomes so much easier to understand why the Tea Party exists and has become a popular, and electorally-viable alternative, in such a short time.

2. Social Utopianism based upon redistribution of wealth, only redistributes poverty. The class of "The Rich", gets defined ever more expansively, and the scope of the redistribution widens and deepens, sucking all the ambition and creative energy out of life. I guess this is why the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party can claim that it's best equipped to "fight for the poor" ; it certainly knows how to make them poor. The sooner the democratic party is brought kicking-and-screaming into the 21st Century by a thorough purging of it's extreme, Pink left, the better to disabuse it of it's 19th Century ideas. That can only be accomplished at the ballot box.

3. Most aspects of Conservatism are approaching the symptoms of mental disease in which it's greatest advocates seem to remember a "Golden Age", which never really existed in quite the way they remember, or rather choose, to remember it. Those that believe in this premise are caught between two antithetical ideas: a) there can be technical progress, and a general increase in living standards, without a corresponding change in social mores, and b) that time travel is possible -- but only into The Past. The sooner the Republican party is dragged kicking-and-screaming into the 21st Century, and out of the 1500''s, the better. The sooner the Republican party stops looking for "The Next Reagan" and concentrates instead on "The First Man with A Grasp of Our Current Realities", it would be even better. This, too, can only be accomplished at the ballot box.

4. Though both parties claim to abhor "Special Interests" neither is anything BUT a coalition of Special Interests. The Libtard party is a coalition of narrow, self-interested groups (Gays, Women, Blacks, Labor, Abortion Chicks, etc), and so is the Fuddy-Duddy Party (Religious bigots, The Machine-Guns-and-RPG's-For-Everybody-Crowd, Small Business owners, The Law-and-Order-at-all-costs zealots, those who can remember when Cowboys slaughtering Redskins on TV was considered "Wholesome Family Entertainment"). Both parties accept scads of money from entities that are often diametrically-opposed to what they claim to stand for; Wall Street funds democrats, those who hire illegal immigrants against the law support the party of Values. The Media supports the party that would destroy it's Independence and profitability in a heartbeat, while advocates for Free Markets support the party that does everything in it's power to ensure that markets are neither free, nor fair, and creates an atmosphere where outright theft is allowed because enforcing the law is "bad for business.".

One party holds itself out as the defender of Working Families while it plunders their wallets to support the Non-Working Families, and the other claims to be a paragon of Family Values and Fiscal Responsibility while it's members solicit gay sex in airport bathrooms, grope the Congressional Pages, cheat on their wives, and vote to pump taxpayer money into failing companies in order to "save the American economy". Seems to me that if you want to save anything, you don't throw money at failure, either the corporate or the social kind, and especially not the political kind. The sooner we hold both parties to their rhetoric by paying attention to their actions, the more accountability and honesty we'll get from these dimwits, because they certainly understand the meaning of "Unemployment Line" -- they've only combined forces to send 8 million people there in the last two years.

5. Campaign Finance Reform MUST be repealed, as it protects incumbents and makes it near-impossible to challenge the status-quo in our politics. Many good people, perhaps people with actual talent and ideas, are being artificially kept out of public service by CFR, the better for Senator Asshole and Congressman Dingleberry to keep eating at the public trough, and to reward/punish their political allies/foes with taxpayer-funded goodies. The sooner we get rid of CFR, the sooner we can get some new blood and new ideas, into American government.
A third party -- and why not? -- a fourth and a fifth are most sorely needed; we can have a Tea Party, and of the other two, one can contain all the aging hippies, and the other can be chock full of the ancient and pious hypocrites, and both will be so marginalized as to eventually disappear from the poilitical scene completely.

D) The Gulf Oil Spill
1. The federal Government has shown it's inability to co-ordinate any action in the face of a major disaster. For all of you douchebags who blamed George W. Bush for the slow federal response to Hurricane Katrina, now you can stand up and say you're sorry, given the even more pitiful perfomance of the Obama Government. Local government and private citizens have done more, or at least would have, if they weren't prevented from trying by the Feds. Cleanup would have been more efficient had the Feds accepted all the offers of international help, and had not been beholden to the labor unions. Dispersants and certain other cleanup measures would have been in place, and doing useful work, if it wasn't for the EnvironMENTALIST's influence on the levers of power, and OSHA dictating 20-minute work hours. BP would probably have been more forthcoming on the how's and why's of this spill, if the Justice Department hadn't been screaming"LAWSUIT!" for polticial purposes, and the Administration wasn't trying to shake them down before letting BP take care of it's primary responsibility: stopping the leak, and cleaning the shit up.

2. BP fucked up, but the Federal Government fucked up more, only faster, more-expensively, on a grander scale and in front of the video cameras. It's time for a booster shot of Federalism, and a new dose of State's Rights. When it becomes the job of the Federal Government to do everything, it manages to do nothing, only spectacularly and with ruinous expense. If we've learned anything after 9/11, Katrina and now this Oil Spill, it's that government functions on about the same level as a retarded Irish Setter, is totally detached from the issues/problems of the people who pay for it, and has so many competing bureaucracies involved in every aspect of our lives that meaningful and effective action on most subjects is next to impossible.

3. BP, more as a result of the Obama Administration's attempts to publicly punish the company in an effort to cover it's own ass, has sent the company to the brink of bankruptcy (this Administration is really good at that). Today's paper reveals that Exxon-Mobil is poised to scoop up what's left of BP, creating an even bigger, richer and less accountable corporate entity. It would have been better had someone reminded President Dickhead that the main thrust of "government action" should have been cleanup, preventing the destruction of beaches, shorelines and marshlands, protecting and helping American citizens, and he left BP to the task of actually stopping the leak. But that would have meant no COngressional Hearings, and no Golf, I guess. Instead, we got a lot of talk about "Relief Funds", lawsuits, and the Savior of the Universe being unable to suck the oil up with a straw. If I were the CEO of BP right now, I'd throw my hands up in the air, yell "Fuck it!" and take my millions to go live on a nice, tropical beach somewhere, and let the all-powerful-all-knowing-in-charge-from-the-18th-hole-and-clueless Barack Obama clean up my messes -- the ones he's made infinitely worse -- for me. After all, he's the one who supposedly came with the cape and the halo, and you're just a guy in an exquisitely-tailored suit.

But then again, Mr. BP CEO; you often get what you pay for, don't you? That doesn't help the fishermen and resort workers on the Gulf, but they're just "little people", right? Even Obama, by his actions, has said so.

Next time, I'll have a go at the Eductational System, Foreign Policy, and the process of "Enstupidation" (thank you, Fred Reed, for inventing the term).