Thursday, October 29, 2009


Regarding all this Sturm und Drang over boys-only basketball and golfing at the White House;

a) So what?
b) Joy Behar needs to get laid; Perhaps there's a dude desperate enough for a green card out there with her name on his privates?
c) The more basketball and golf Obama plays, the less damage he can do to the country. The more basketball and golf he plays, the less time he spends taking his wife out on 'date nights' to Bali at taxpayer expense. The more time Obama spends playing golf and basketball, the less he's on TV, which means far more real information on the so-called news channels.

But the argument is that all the real power brokering in Washington happens on the greens, and that by excluding women, Obama -- another feminist in the Clintonian mode, only without the alleged serial-rapist reputation -- is failing in his duty as, first, the President for All Americans, and second, his duty as a good little lefty, to put the concerns of America's harried and slavishly-oppressed female citizenship front-and-center (get a napkin and clean up after you finish laughing at that last part).

Personally, I don't care who he plays basketball with (it's a game for pansies, anyways), and I care even less about his golf game (a game for even bigger, but somewhat richer and fatter pansies). The idea that the key to power is to ingratiate yourself to the boss on the links is laughable; everyone knows all the best business deals go down in elevators and the Men's Room (no pun intended on the 'go down' part). That simply must be true, because for 20 years during my Wall Street career, I was continually reminded that one never talks business in elevators and Men's Rooms. It was second on the list of Unwritten Rules -- right after "don't let your wife find out about Cindy from the steno pool."

Quite frankly, considering it's Obama, I rather doubt anything of importance -- or even sanity -- is being discussed anywhere, let alone on the golf course. So I rather doubt anyone is being excluded from anything that actually means something.

So, for all you lefty ladies who may find themselves complaining about the re-emergence of the Old Boy's Network, I have to say the following:

a) It can't be an Old Boy's Network, because according to leftist ideology, Black Men aren't allowed into that supposedly-exclusive membership. When you can explain why this once-axiomatic belief is no longer operative without resorting to the words 'feelings', 'cultural' and 'sexism', you might convince me that it's true.

b) Get the fuck off your menstrual cycle and stop whining. Whiners never accomplish anything of lasting value. We only placate you long enough to shut you up, anyway, you know.

c) Bet you wished you voted for Hillary right now? How's all that Hopenchange working out for you?

d) I can just see all those chicks in Afghanistan now, complaining about how they can't get access to Hamid Karzai -- because you can't play golf when you're wrapped in burlap and legally-beaten seven times a day by a husband you share with three other women, and a flock of goats. A little perspective is in order, ladies.

Update: The American Spectator has more on this... and on Maureen Dowd's menstrual howling.

Nazis in Britain...and When Are we Getting Some?

Apparently, there is a fascist movement in Britain which is gaining momentum. Not terribly surprising when you consider this, this and this.

(H/T to Mark Steyn, and Pajamas Media).

Britons are now waking up to the reality of the world their political class have created for them; a world in which the society is being reshaped specifically for further exploitation by the political class. Unchecked immigration, the encouragement of non-integration, the continued weight of government regulation crushing individual freedoms, the Closed-Circuit cameras in the living room, the exorbitant taxation, it all had a purpose. I'm absolutely shocked that one leftist politico either had the honesty, or worse -- the arrogance -- to publicly admit to it.

And the reaction from the British Press is not "How could they? How dare they?", its "OMGOMGOMGOMG! There's skinheads over there!"

Just exactly how did you expect people to react to the steady erosion of their freedoms? I realize that it is Britain, after all, and the masses were expected to just comply quietly for the good of all, like they did during the Blitz and all that, but the days of the stiff-upper-lip Englishman are long gone, it would seem.

Anyways, I'd had always thought that the purpose of unfettered illegal immigration in this country was, from the perspectives of the relevant political parties in this country, on the one hand; the simple importation of a new recipient class ready for the usual rabble-rousing manipulation, and on the other, cheap labor for farmers and small businessmen. It seems that in the light of what's just been admitted in public in Britain, that both assumptions are right, which is not terribly surprising as it wasn't hard to figure out.

What is totally unexpected, however, is that one side of the political spectrum would go as far as the British left apparently has, and in the light of this revelation, I trust the political left in this country even less than I did 10 minutes ago, which is to say not at all. Now, it would be a "not at all -- and where's my shotgun?" if you asked me again.

It seems that it's only a matter of time before what has happened in Britain happens here in America.