Saturday, October 04, 2008

Just What the #$&% Do they Want Then?
This should infuriate you:

Look, even when you do something the Greenie Meanies want, they still find something wrong with it. Which is why, in my opinion, we shouldn't be placating them at all. This whole nonsese about Global Warming/Cooling is nothing more than a boondoggle, designed to destroy capitalism and redistribute Western resources amongst the dregs of the Third World. Oh, but it does make Western enviorn-MENTAL-ists feel good about themselves. So, perhaps it does have a point, after all. Without PETA, World Wildlife Fund and the rest, these folks would be sitting home on Saturday nights, watching Titanic and masturbating. Thank GOD they have something else to do....

From where I sit; it's already apparent that Enviornmentalists consider both Man and Capitalism to be Public Enemy Number One. And just in case you can't decide which is the greater evil, they've developed a caricature at which you might direct your hatred. They call him Republican, and he's an amalgam of the worse offenses of both. Now, Enviornmentalists are usually tofu-eating pussies who can't take on either Man or Capitalism (or Republican) in a test of strength -- people who eat grass have no strength to begin with -- but, they do have major tools which allow for the slow sapping of strength from, and weakening the will, resolve and foundation of their opponents: the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party.

Can't beat Capitalism? Then make it too expensive to practice by artificially restricting it's energy supply. No drilling in this country. Import all the Arab oil we can and enrich them (after all, those people may have no political rights, might still be piss-poor despite $700 billion a year in transferred wealth to OPEC -- but at least they get Universal Health Care! Aspirin is Free in the UAE!), while bankrupting Americans who do nothing but consume, anyway. Better we should be unable to afford to continue to consume. Thank you democrats and Greens! And with this nonsense the dems have just pulled with sub-prime mortgages and forcing banks to make bad loans, we'll be sure to be unable to afford any more energy, and the whole solar-panels-in-the-Mojave argument will be moot.

Which is just what the Greens want anyway!

I'm telling you, this is one of those times when it should be legal to hunt a certain class of people. I'd put dems and Greens at the top of the list.
Not Allowed to Reproduce, Part I...
Announcing the beginning of a new series, The 'Not Allowed To Reproduce Chronicles', where I shall be pointing out some seriously disturbing things from around the Web, and the distrubing people who are responsible for them, and identifying those people too obviously stupid to be allowed to reproduce. When you, loyal reader, see this sort of person, you are required to hit them with a shovel, or reach for the nearest firearm. We must save the human race.

Today's Enemy of the Species tag goes to overindulgent pet owners. You know the ones I mean. The ones who treat their dogs like their children (or often, better than their children) and who can be reliably counted upon to open their wallets for the most ridiculous reasons when it comes to animals. Such people are a dire threat to the human gene pool; they are sickening, they are mentally retarded, and worse, they have the ability to make a Golden Retriever look gayer than Sigfried and Roy. This sort of person must be stopped -- the Survival of the Human Race may depend on it, because one day all Golden Retrievers in electric pink cashmere sweaters may simultaneously rise in open revolt, mightily pissed that they've been dressed so gaily that even poodles laugh at them.

But, you say, you can't just take my word for it? You mean, well, actually whacking people on little more than my say-so strikes you as, well, rather....severe. You say you require more proof as to the danger to the human gene pool posed by such a person? Well, here you go; (Via Instapundit)

There. All the proof you could ever need. Now, if you know someone like this, you know what you must do. The future of humanity depends upon it.
Someone Explain the Logic, Please?
Read this:

And then see if you can follow this line of reasoning: Northeastern energy companies have either a) paid for a license to pollute -- up to a certain point , or, b) paid $40 million for something which does not exist, but which the government mandates that they buy (i.e. a carbon credit).

On the one hand, that $40 milion probably bought them the means by which to avoid actually paying for technology and such which would actually reduce CO2 emissions (which, despite what the Greenie Meanies tell you is *not* the reason behind Global Warming/Cooling), in which case, that $40 probably saved them $80 million in clean-up costs.

On the other hand, this sounds more like government as neighborhood mugger, sticking a gun in the energy companies' faces, and then terrorizing them, adding insult to injury. I wonder what will happen if these companies exceed their cap-levels; Do they get closed down? If they close down and deprive New York or Boston of electricity, resulting in rolling blackouts and lost productivity, does the government let them exceed the caps they've just extorted money for? I mean, if it came down to it, which does a politician really care more about: votes from people who need electricty thet they could provide by fixing a law, or sparing the atmosphere a few tons of CO2?

When this nonsense comes back to haunt us (in the form of energy shortages), I wonder how quickly this sort of crap stops?

Forty million for persmission to stay in business is what this sounds like to me. The fact that you can attempt to make an excuse for it by saying you're defending Mother Earth doesn't make it stink any less.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Der Fuhrer...
Yesterday, Michael Bloomberg (Stuffed Shirt-NY) of Noo Yawk City announced that he desires a third term as Mayor of Sodom-on-the-Hudson, because his sage financial advice and guidance is required in this time of bankrupt Wall Street dinosaurs, despite the fact that such a scenario is a) illegal thanks to term limit laws, and b) conveniently forgetting that Bloomberg himself had once thrown a near-menstrual hissy fit when Rudy Guiliani tried a similar thing (trying to make the argument that only his leadership could hold the city together in the face of tragedy) during another dire crisis (September 11th).

Bloomberg should go away. Bloomberg should not be allowed back onto the public stage after he exits. Bloomberg should be taken out and flogged for even thinking this way.

Michael Bloomberg may, indeed, be a financial genius, but this does not give him carte blanche to take this opportunity to aggrandize himself. Perhaps all that yacking by the political class earlier in the Presidential primaries (when Bloomberg was practically gushed over as a potential third-party candidate) has gone to his head.

Michael Bloomberg is no Rudy Guiliani. Micheal Bloombergs isn't even Hillary Clinton on her best day (when she forgets that she's a communist and accidentally says something that makes sense). All Michael Bloomberg has done is preside over what Rudy Guiliani has wrought...and raised the price of a pack of cigarettes to $8.95.

Never mind having to try and revise New York City laws and charters and so forth to allow this naked grab at power to continue -- someone should try and figure out how we can get self-important rich nonentities out of American politics altogether.

Let Wall Street choke. It deserves it. It's served the American public a steady diet of shit sandwiches -- let it take a great big bite of this one. It's not as if Bloomberg is actually in a position, as Mayor of New York, to actually fix the systemic corruption and remedy the underlying greedy-scum culture that permeates the financial industry. When Bloomberg says, paraphrasing, that "his financial knowledge and experience are necessary to help guide New York and Wall Street through these tough, economic times", what he's really saying is "Hey, you fat cats, you'd better help find some way of keeping me, a pro-business dude like you, in power, because my potentially-democratic successor will tax the bejesus out of you while you try to recover from your self-inflicted gunshot wound."