Saturday, January 23, 2010

Of Apples and Oranges...

I'm pretty much tired of hearing someone explain President Obama's plunging poll numbers as "being normal", especially by comparing them to similar numbers posted by Bill Clinton at more or less the same point in his presidency.

Far from achieving it's intended purpose -- to try and weave the myth that Obama the man is not unpopular, his policies merely misunderstood, and to put these into some sort of "historical context" (how much context can you have after a single year?) -- the practice makes three fallacious assumptions:

1. That Clinton, ultimately, was a "successful" President. When President Clinton finally shuffles off this mortal coil, the only things he'll be remembered for are dropping trou in the Oval Office, the disgusting things he did with a cigar, and letting Osama Bin Laden skate seven times. If you believe that Bill Clinton was a success story you probably need some serious therapy. Bill Clinton is a rotten human being, a liar, possibly a criminal, and a con artist who managed to parlay his talent for bullshit into a career in politics. If I were Barack Obama, that's a comparison I'd want to avoid like herpes. Unfortunately, some people have already formed the same opinion of him without any help from people who make this argument.

2. That given two equally large, smelly and fly-infested piles of horseshit, people can be convinced to to see the merits in one over the other, to contrast and compare them, and then to form a more-favorable opinion or preference for one. This, incidentally, was the basic premise behind John Kerry's presidential campaign (that whole"nuance" thing that would have made Kerry a more responsible and practical leader), and it failed spectacularly then, too. It's a ridiculous argument; shit is shit, and while people may disagree or argue upon on the merits of a particular turd, they can all agree that it is not something they'd wish to find in their Cheerios.

3. This argument presupposes that while Barack Obama is personally popular, the nation is demoralized and needs a reason, even an asinine one, to continue to have (blind) faith in the Anointed One. I think the shine was off Obama's apple a few months after he took the oath of office. He seemed (still does) out of touch with the realities of the people, he outsourced all of his important policy initiatives, he's bowed and apologized to terrorists, he's gone against the popular will of the great mass of the American people (not just the will of the Hippie Left, who can safely be ignored, anyway). This argument is a tortured attempt to maintain no-longer-justified faith. It will fail, because Obama had finally been exposed for what he always was: unprepared to be President despite his obvious gifts, and overwhelmed by the task of weighing political considerations against just doing what is right.

Of Forests and Trees...

I was just watching Cashin' In on FoxNews (Cheryl Cassone is a sexy beast!), where I had occasion to hear two of the guests say more or less the same thing vis-a-vis bringing Haiti into the Stone Age from it's current chaos, and justifying the massive amounts of American aid to Haiti pre-and-post earthquake. Paraphrasing:

Prosperity and recovery will not come [to Haiti] until you are able to create a stable, responsible government, and a permanent infrastructure (to bring clean water, sanitation, transportation and communications to the Haitian people). Until that day arrives, the Haitians will require our "help", and the private sector is unable to provide that sort of assistance; only government can

The implication here is that all of this "aid" that has been flowing into the island for the better part of two decades was somehow being used to do "good". Considering we're watching barely-a-nation disintegrate into a bloody mess of human misery faster than the cheap cement that couldn't withstand an earthquake, I begin to question just what "good" was being done by any government that there is so little to show for all this "investment"? What happened to all of that "aid" so that there are no hospitals? No means of maintaining public order? Armed gangs roaming the streets robbing orphanages? No heavy equipment to rescue survivors?

Two reasons why I find the attitude that only government is capable of solving these problems to be a load of crap;

Reason Number 1, it is an excuse to continue pouring money into a bottomless pit for no tangible results, except for a selected few. I understand that this is all the rage in Washington, D.C., but for those of you who have not been paying attention to Tea parties and Massachusetts special elections, the days of throwing money that has been washed through several layers of bureaucracy at intractable problems are over. If they aren't over, perhaps we're beginning to at least see some people seriously rethink the proposition. The "aid" that isn't siphoned off by graft and corruption is apparently not even barely adequate to provide Haitians with minimal services. If government isn't capable of doing even this at a minimum level, even in a Third-world shithole, then what makes anyone think that the same government, even with different people in charge, is the answer? All the aid in the world (even aid that benefits the U.S. Businessman and politician), all the "government" you can conjure up in your fevered imagination, will not help Haiti because of Reason Number 2;

The problem in Haiti (apart from the immediate issues caused by the earthquakes) are not financial, administrative or legal; they are cultural. Haitians expect to treated like cattle, and so they are. They have stood by and let generation after generation of politician and criminal destroy their society, and sent the message that corruption pays. Until this underlying culture of dependence and resignation is replaced, the corruption, instability and poverty will continue. Replacing that culture is something only Haitians can do and it doesn't require loads of charity. They must simply demand that their society operate by a simple set of civilized rules, and then be diligent in ensuring that those rules, and their consequences, are fairly enforced. it will not be easy, but it can be done.

Without a cultural tradition which recognizes and respects individual rights and liberties, there can never be a government which will be anything except a corrupt kleptocracy, or a murderous tin pot dictatorship, and Haiti has had both. Such governments are incapable of providing security or even "infrastructure" to anyone.

It's YOUR Fault...

The President said so. Looking back on his recent reverses, the seeming death of Obamacare, three electoral defeats in which he figured prominently, economic turmoil, the President does not do the logical thing and reflect upon the nature of his successes and failures...oh no, that's for mere mortals. He seeks someone else to blame for them.

Initially, it seemed that everything was George Bush's fault. This was the mantra of the democratic party ever since the man had been elected (they say "selected') in 2000. There has not been an issue in American politics or society which is not, in some way, George Bush's Fault. The dems would blame him for a rainy day, if they could. It became a habit; something happened, blame Bush. After a decade of reflexive Bush blaming it's a hard habit to break.

But now George W. Bush is gone; Barack Obama has been in his place. But still, the "Blame Bush" mantra has still been heard for the last year. It has lost it's potency as an excuse after such a long and glorious run, and it is, in part, one of the reasons why Martha Coakley, Jon Corzine and Creigh Deeds are today looking for jobs with the rest of us; at some point you need to take responsibility for running the nation and start stepping up to the plate. Before, "George Bush Did It" had the ring of plausibility to it. Now it's just whining.

And so stripped of his greatest rhetorical shield, the President searches about for a new one. He found it surprisingly quickly.

Martha and Jon and Creigh were not defeated because they were bad candidates advocating the president's very-flawed agenda; they were defeated because the electorate is a bunch of mouth-breathing morons who just don't understand what Barack Obama is doing for their benefit, and who are still under the evil influence of Wall Street Bankers, Pharmaceutical companies and Special Interests. I'm paraphrasing, of course, but that is basically what the President told George Stephanopolus.

In response to the election of Scott Brown, the President will go slower so that we peasants may be able to grasp the concepts behind Obama's noble purpose.

Gee, thank you, Mr. President. I have a feeling it's all going to sound even worse with smaller words and less urgency.

That's what your President thinks of us. It was a signal that far from being cowed, or even forced to reassess his agenda, that he's determined to double-down whether you agree with him or not.

George Bush, Wall Street, Big Pharma, the Oil Companies, Republicans, Special Interests, Stupid Voters.In Obama's World, there's always a convenient enemy to blame when the public rejects his pet projects and his superior vision. He is ever-triumphant, and nothing is ever his fault; (P)MSNBC says so.

A man this arrogant needs to be stopped. November cannot come quickly enough.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Long March Begins...

The Long March, for those who don't study history, refers to the retreat of the Chinese Communists of Mao Tse Tung into the hinterlands of China to escape the pressure of both the Chinese Nationalist regime of Chiang Kai Shek, and the Japanese Army (the conflicts between Japan and China in those days are the origin of the Second World War in Asia). Moving tens of thousands of people thousands of miles, many dying in terrible misery along the way, Mao led his people to a remote region where they could regroup, rearm, make a marriage of convenience with Chiang against the Japanese in order to buy some time to indoctrinate a new generation of communists and, ultimately, wait out the larger conflict between Chiang and the Emperor in relative safety... only to emerge after the War to sweep across China and grab power in a revolution.

History, they say, always repeats itself, and if it doesn't always repeat itself literally, you can always try to find two situations and make at least a rhetorical comparison. Today, we're seeing the beginning of Barack Obama's own Long March. It begins here, with Obama's admission to having made "mistakes" and losing his personal touch with the American people.

The next step in the rehabilitation of the Obama Aura comes from Lanny Davis, Bill Clinton's attack poodle, who writes in the Wall Street Journal that the defeat of Martha Coakley, Creigh Deeds and Jon Corzine in three bellwether elections is not so much a repudiation of Obama and his policies, as it is a reaction to a certain segment of the democratic party. In other words, Lanny blames the hippies, and to a certain extent he's gotten that right. You'll notice that Lanny is still pushing ObamaCare as a good thing: a mere reform for a broken system, instead of calling it what it is: a load of crap that destroys basic liberties and the national economy. These people continue to recycle the same argument: "Communism is a good thing, we just haven't found the right communists yet...". Says Lanny:

"...The Democrats have a simple message on health care that has still not really gotten through: If our bill passes, you never have to worry about getting, or losing, health insurance for the rest of your life. How is it that so few people have heard that message?..."

Translation: The message is fine, the messengers need to be shot.

The more militant 60's retreads in the Congress, starting with Reid and Pelosi, have decided that right now is the time to ram through every 'reform' and 'program' they've dreamed about since Woodstock. Having mistaken their own electoral victories in Congress in 2006 (victories based in large part on the ineffectual and often criminal nature of their predecessors, not because of any ideological affinity) and the elevation of a black man to the Presidency in 2008 as signs that the 60's vision, the promise of the Great Society and "I-have-a-dream" have finally come to be, they're out to ensure they can set that vision in stone in much the same way FDR's neo-communist New Deal was.

It would work, they believe, if only they didn't have such ineffectual spokespeople like Coakley, Corzine and Deeds, and if the foot soldiers were sufficiently revolutionary enough to make the great personal sacrifices required to see it through, sacrifices they themselves, naturally, will never have to make. The problem is Obama, and Reid, and Pelosi, and their sycophants; they haven't gotten it through their thick skulls that what they advocate is a crock of shit that no one in their right mind wants to buy. They are delusional. When you have delusional people living in the past at the forefront of your movement, don't be surprised when it's "message" is rejected. If you are surprised at the results of Tuesday night, then you yourself are delusional.

But even more than this residue of 1960's idealism, delusion and stupidity, the reason why Obama must pivot, must reorient and reinvent his Presidency right now is because he's finally learned that he's not God. He can be forgiven for thinking he was, because the Press and the Cult of Personality nature of the democratic party made him believe he was. Then again, I don't think this man ever expected to be elected in the first place, and was genuinely shocked when it happened, and decided that a little opportunism would do just the trick; use the goodwill and good fortune he garnered to finally implement what had certainly been advocated by every liberal since Marx. Why shouldn't he get away with it? He got away with Reverend Right, Bill Ayers, Chicago Machine Politics and a See-through resume. No longer: even Chris Matthews has lost that tingly feeling.

Barack Obama has finally learned that he isn't immortal, and that he needs to listen. Before Tuesday, he could count upon a compliant press and a residual distaste for his political opposition to obscure the truth of events. No more. We're about to see Obama retreat into the wilderness for a while, waiting for the brouhaha over Scott Brown to fade a bit, and then he'll reemerge as Obama the Centrist; exactly what he lied about being when he ran for office. We'll see many a liberal policy fall by the wayside, and many a supporter tossed under the bus (Obama's really good at that), probably beginning with Rahm Emmanuel (the Trotsky of the Obama Administration). When you've won the Revolution, who needs revolutionaries? When you're about to lose the Counter-Revolution, you sacrifice the former revolutionaries publicly. We'll hear more about "bi-partisanship", and republicans can expect a few more invitations to the White House, and maybe get a few of their pet projects into a smaller version ObamaCare, just for appearances sake.

But don't be fooled: Obama/Reid/Pelosi are still the same people, driven by the same ideology as they were before. The leopard never changes his spots, and the process of the Long March is always the same; escape to regroup, purge the more dangerous or useless elements from the movement, train the next legion of stupid people, then reemerge under a slightly different banner to carry on "the struggle". It's all about buying time.

Don't believe a word of what you hear for the next nine months. It's all part of the strategy to get you to buy another dollop of dogshit disguised as diamonds. The goal of impregnating the American system and Society with dangerous and expensive liberal institutions that cannot easily be destroyed or voted down will continue apace; the language will just be less harsh, less combative, the reasoning behind them less ideologically-charged, there will be less name-calling and demonization of the opposition... until the time is right to try it all again.

Update: They didn't even wait a week. Healthcare is still not dead.

Brown is NOT God...

Some folks need to calm down about Scott Brown. He isn't a suburban Beowulf, his pickup truck his noble chariot...We've had enough worshiping of politicians these days, and look where's it's gotten us? Let's wait and see what Brown actually does before we bestow Obama's tarnished halo upon him,okay?

And let's not count the Kennedy machine as being down for the count yet, either.

Enthusiasm is great, but don't forget that misguided, school-girl-giddy enthusiasm has also brought us Disco, The Pet Rock, The Clintons, ABBA, The DotCom and Real Estate Bubbles, and Barack Obama, too.

Let's see what Brown actually does before we canonize him, okay?

The System Worked, Part V...

Unless, you're called before Congress to explain why it didn't.

You know, I'm so glad we have these idiots in control of the TSA, the FBI and CIA. I'm glad that we have things like the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (that doesn't get used), and crappy software designed by those who bid the lowest but had the best political connections. I'm so happy I could drop a log at the fact that after 9 years we're not only forgetting the lessons of 9/11, but we're ignoring the ones we've learned since, while pouring billions of increasingly-scarce taxpayer dollars into a federal sinkhole that doesn't do what it's designed to do: catch terrorists.

But then again, it's representative of what has been done in much of this so-called War on Terror.

The DHS and it's affiliates don't capture terrorists, and the soldiers we sent overseas don't capture them either. No one is actually fighting a war "over there". If they were, millions of Muslims (may of them potential terrorists) would be dead, and those that survived would be sufficiently cowed so as to never even think of taking up arms against the United States ever again. Instead, we're spending billions to rebuild Iraq (a country we largely destroyed in the first place), and billions more to nudge Afghanistan forward... into the Mud Age, probably so that IBM, Mary Kay and Dodge can sell them laptops, lipstick and overpriced pick-ups when the conflict is over. These are people who don't understand the basic concepts of personal hygiene, yet someone has decided they'll make a wonderful consumer class one day. A few Muslims terrorists get a drone-fired missile up the Nether regions, but many more roam the landscape freely planting IED's which kill and cripple our troops...who aren't allowed to fight back except under increasingly stringent and legalistic rules of engagement.

And when it's all said and done, what do we have to show for it?

Democracy in the Middle East? Don't be stupid. An end to terrorism? It only ends when terrorists and the people who support them are dead, and not enough people are dead yet to make terrorism an unattractive option. Right now, terrorism pays -- just ask Hamas. Myriad opportunities for Congress to engage in graft with taxpayer money in the name of 'defending' the American people?


Because if there wasn't graft or politics involved in the process of both war and airport security, a) the war would have been won, with the Middle Eastern nations bowing before America, falling all over themselves to pay us tribute, and keeping their violent retards under wraps, b) you'd be able to take a flight from Birmingham to Albuquerque without having to spend an extra four hours at the airport getting undressed, x-rayed, interrogated, herded like cattle, drinking your own breast milk, while having to pack even less luggage in see-through bags for your little adventure than Bear Grylls or Les Stroud does.

It wouldn't cost twice as much, be such a headache, and you'd even be able to get a meal and use the toilet on the flight. It might actually even be a reasonably-bearable experience without all the extra-normal bullshit demanded by a security system furnished at the expense in time, money and sanity of the law-abiding, but which gives those with ill intent with a distinct advantage: no one wishes to offend the would-be murderers amongst us. The System is full of built-in loopholes, and administrated by mouth-breathing government types with little-to-no motivation to actually succeed at anything, let alone their primary mission.

We could be dead, but they'll still have their jobs in the aftermath.

This kind of thing ought to scare the fertilizer out of you.

Dear Lord, Please Just Go Away Already!

John Edwards is like herpes; you didn't want it in the first place, you hate to look at it, it itches like hell, and you're stuck with it... Forever.

John Edwards (please try very hard not to remember him?) has, finally, admitted to what everyone in America probably already knew: he is the father of child born to his mistress. The very same mistress whose existence torpedoed Edwards' career in politics, perhaps forever. It is a sad commentary on America that a man this vain, stupid, and arrogant managed to have a career in politics to begin with, and even more appalling that after parlaying a dead son into a Senate Seat, and then almost immediately running for President and hitching his fortunes to the moribund campaign of John Kerry, that it required adultery, a mistress, and an out-of-wedlock birth reported by the National Enquirer to finally convince enough people of what was already glaringly obvious:

John Edwards is a lying, untrustworthy, hypocritical sack of shit. With a nice haircut.

We can also stop the canonization process of his wife, Elizabeth, who used her cancer to help advance her ungrateful and caddish husband's career. She's also does not escape criticism here; apparently, she knew what her husband was up to, and instead of kicking his ass to the curb, she tried to help vault him into the highest office in the land. The Edwards' (Both of them) are experts in the use of pity for personal gain; he's used it to make himself a multi-millionaire, defrauding the medical insurance system in North Carolina and to jump start and continue a new career in politics, and she to provide her husband with cover while she sold books by the tens of thousands. They both let their personal ambitions override any sense of decency they might have had.

I hope his daughter, the one he's finally admitting paternity of, has nothing to do with this man, ever. I know; children need their fathers (I lost mine at age 13), but if given the choice between having this man, this blatantly dishonest, self-absorbed liar, or going it without him, I'm fairly certain that not having Daddy around might be the better option.

John Edwards will be remembered, if he's lucky, mostly for what he wasn't; he wasn't the harbinger of a Redneck Camelot, despite the movie-star looks and Norman Rockwell-portrait family. The crusading "I'll fight for you, because I'm one of you!" theme was completely manufactured and staged; the truth was that while John Edwards may have risen from humble beginnings, he was a gazillionaire who had milked the very System that he was railing against to get there. His "Two Americas" populism nonsense was seriously transparent to anyone with half a brain, except for the people it was specifically-designed to fool; hardcore democrats.

People who live in 32-room mansions paid for by joke medical malpractice suits are, by definition, incapable of relating to the working stiff, and therefore, unequipped to "fight" for him. As soon as you can say "I own a mansion" any working-man street cred you may have thought you had flies right out the window.

In fact, Edwards' "Two Americas" bullshit did manage to live on; in some ways, it became one of the foundation stones of Barack Obama's "Hope and Change" brand of bullshit. "Two Americas" just required someone without a Kennedy-compound mansion and more slick than an oil field, to give it a little soul in order to help sell it. Lawyers, like Edwards, are merely masters of bullshit, which is why he fell short.

When it's all said and done, Edwards will be remembered for a $400 haircut, a sex scandal, and saying "lesbian" to Dick Cheney eight times on national television...and surviving the ordeal.
With this final public embarrassment, let's hope that John Boy finally does the right things; support his daughter, and then leave the public stage for good.

I doubt, however, that this will be the last time we'll hear from him. People like Edwards can't help themselves.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

About Sarah Palin...

Sorry, but for me the blush is off this rose. I'd definitely bump uglies with her if given the opportunity (can't help it: I'm male!), but as far as voting for her for higher office? I think those days are done for me.

It isn't her politics, which I mostly agree with, and it isn't her 'dope factor' (she happens to be a very intelligent woman, she just isn't very polished or rehearsed which makes her seem inarticulate and human. But that was her charm!). It's the sheer robotic nature of any Sarah Palin appearance nowadays that has turned me off.

She's a broken record, still in campaign mode. Perhaps this is understandable given the sheer scrutiny and hell that she and her family have endured in the last year at the hands of a gutter media which should be ashamed of itself. The Natural Sarah is gone; it's been replaced with with the Cardboard Cutout Sarah, the one who repeats the same five or six talking points over and over and over, sticking to The Script, the one that decides what she'll say beforehand and then has a team of advisers scrub it of anything controversial or interesting before she utters it. She's beginning to make Sean Hannity, the King of Relentless Repetition, seem like a second-stringer.

Maybe she's still learning The Game, or maybe she has come to the conclusion that swimming in the pond of national politics is rather icky, and she would prefer to remain above the fray. Better to be Kingmaker than the King (or Queen) yourself, right? Just don't say anything stupid, or that anyoen can make fun of. She can still make a lot of money and wield enormous power behind the scenes, no?

But then Greta Van Susteren asked Sarah a very interesting question last night; did Scott Brown ask for your support or endorsement? And the answer was: No. Sarah said she admired Brown for not asking her to appear on his behalf, and blah, blah, blah, but it seemed to me that she was rather insulted, and perhaps hurt, that he hadn't asked her to the dance.

Rudy Giuliani showed up for Brown, after all. John McCain did too...but not Sarah Palin, supposedly the poster girl for Conservatism and American values. She wasn't asked to.

Which leads me to believe that Brown probably decided not to touch her with the proverbial 10-foot pole, because she would only be red meat for the libs in Massachusetts. He has probably come to the conclusion that many others will today that the solution to America's problems at the moment is economic conservatism, but that some of the more controversial aspects of social conservatism need not enter the conversation. Smart man, methinks.

Perhaps Sarah America will get over her fear of saying something stupid and being savaged by the press, or perhaps the Maureen Dowds of the world have done their work too well and destroyed someone who could have been a force in American politics. I have no doubt that Sarah will be around; making appearances in the places where she might actually help a candidate, raising money. She might even be learning the skills she'll need to fend off the press while she's at Fox News and come back stronger than before. You never know.

But her absence in this fight was telling, for me at least.

Why Brown Won...

Other than the fact that Martha Coakley ran perhaps one of the most inept campaigns we've seen since.... John McCain? You'd think someone over there would know how to spell Massachusetts, insist to their candidate that, yes, it is a good idea to stand outside Fenway Park and press the flesh, and perhaps make her read a newspaper so that she wouldn't be laboring under the misapprehension that Afghanistan has suddenly been turned into a terrorist-free Disneyland.

People this clueless don't deserve to win, whatever their individual merits. Coakley wasn't helped by the democratic party much, either, who undercut whatever feeble boilerplate liberal message she was sending with a reality that was far from unicorns and rainbow ponies: Harry Reid cutting deals with unions and bribing fellow Senators for votes. She also wasn't helped by a democratic party establishment that reads and takes it's own press far too seriously; these people believe they've been given a mandate to give us the Full Karl any cost. The kiss of death came when both John Kerry and the Anonited One himself parachuted in to her "rescue"; all they could do was mangle some jokes about pick-up trucks, and blame George Bush for everything, and manage to come off as elitist snobs. The New York Times, The Boston Globe and (P)MSNBC may regard Obama as the Savior of the Universe, but the rest of the country outside of the elitist bubble doesn't. The shine is off the apple for us, the mere peasants who don't have punditry or political strategists' jobs.

For us, it doesn't matter if the government pays for our psoriasis medication or a truss when we don't have homes. Or jobs. We're not particularly interested in the vagueries of carbon dioxide emissions when our dollars buy less, and when giving a shit threatens to make everything else cost more. We wish to live in a country where people don't try to kill us with underwear bombs, and then get taxpayer-funded lawyers and the full panoply of legal rights. We want our enemies defeated; not reconciled. We want a President who's first instinct is not to apologize to the world for us being who we are. We don't want to pay exorbitant taxes to support the lazy, halt and crippled while others who are capable of making the same sacrifice are exempted because of their political connections. Martha Coakley lost because her counterparts in Democratcland, everywhere, misread the tea leaves of the 2008 Presidential election; Barack Obama isn't God. He wasn't elected because we wanted Hope and Change (only liberals and blacks fell for that scam); he was elected because he was someone who hadn't been connected to the politics of the last 30 years.

Why do you think people were willing to overlook Reverend Wright, and Pay-for-Play Scandals, and Bill Ayers? They were in a panic; their portfolios were destroyed, their hoomes went from asset to liability overnight. They started losing their jobs. The government had to hand out $700 billion to keep the banks solvent. The best John McCain could do was to engage in a little drama of 'suspending' his campaign to put a stop to something he wound up voting for anyway, and Sarah Palin (more on her in another post...).

Compared to all of that, the complete mystery and inexperience of Barack Obama seemed like either a breath of fresh air, or the lesser of two evils, depending on how desperate you were in November of 2008.

A year later, there's buyer's remorse. The Obama magic has faded. There is no excitement, only a growing discontent at a government who's priorities are deeply divorced from that of the general public it's supposed to serve.

Creigh Deeds, Jon Corzine and Martha Coakley have been the first victims of a new terror for democrats; an angry and energized electorate. There's no amount of charm, no level of Obama worship that can solve the basic problem for the democrats; they went too fucking far. They got arrogant and overextended, and did what they accused GWB of for eight years; being unable to recognize, and then admit, mistakes.

Buckle your seatbelts: we're in for a wild ride until November.

This post will be updated as more analysis comes in.

Update: Mark Steyn has the money-line this morning: "As a woman who managed to hold at least a couple of Kennedy seats once sang: Happy Birthday, Mister President!"

Bawney Fwank runs up the white flag.

Brown Victory Signals Rejection of Obama's Redistributionist policies. Roger Kimball makes an awful lot of horse sense.

Someone is VERY Displeased. It's almost like Stalingrad! (H/T Instapundit)

Politico: Obama Hoist Upon his Own Petard.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown Wins...

Scott Brown has defeated Martha Coakley to become the junior Senator for the People's Republic of Taxachusetts. This is a major victory, and yet another referendum on Barack Obama and democratic party policies. The dem hacks and spinmeisters will deny it; they will try to explain Coakley's defeat away, and do their level-best to ensure that the general public doesn't realize that the Anointed One just got kicked squarely in the scrotum.

Tomorrow morning, the Democratic Party Titanic Team will take the nation's temperature (which means they'll read what Tom Friedman and Maureen Dowd have to say because they are certainly representative of the average American, no?), and then they'll make a crucial decision. You, the General Public, will know which decision was made depending on which talking points you hear on the morning news shows.

If you hear "the American people have spoken, and we've heard. We'll go back to the drawing board on Healthcare, and some of these other issues, and we'll focus like a laser beam on the economy..." then you'll know the decision to about face has been taken. It will be an admission that the democrats have, indeed, decided to abandon ideology for the more banal purpose of simply remaining in power. For some democrats in dicey districts, this will come too little and too late, but the great mass should survive, since the average American has an attention span measured in RPM's and won't remember this come November. Still the faint aroma of insincerity will signal that Obamacare, and much else, has been defeated. Perhaps forever, but certainly at least until democrats can safely sneak it's provisions into a million other bills without anyone noticing or raising too much of a fuss.

If, on the other hand, you hear "...this is in no way a reflection on the President, or his policies, and he will continue to fight the good fight for...", then you'll know the dems have decided to double-down, and you should start stockpiling canned goods and ammunition, because they intend to take this to the mat. They're going to go down with this ship, and they won't care who they take with them.

Of course this is about Obama. Maybe not him personally, but it's difficult to separate the man from the policies (just ask GWB). He ran on a platform of "Hope and Change", and he gave us communism and Chicago-style-strongarm-and-crony politics. Before it became legal under the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime to openly bribe Senators and Labor Unions with taxpayer money, perhaps the worst thing we ever had to worry about was that a US Senator might solicit sex in an airport men's room. Now, we may have to consider the possibility of a US Senator (literally?) sleeping with the fishes for not playing ball with Boss Barry.

I'd say we were lied to, wouldn't you? Well, not me, because I didn't vote for the dipshit in the first place. I'm talking about the aging hippies who thought it would be so cool, finally, to vote for a black man, and the black folks who thought a brother in the White House meant everyone got "hooked up", or the dippy-braindead-latte-drinkers who hear the mantra of "Peace" and fawned all over Barry because it meant they would be spared the Draft (which was certainly coming, you know, despite the fact the military -- fighting in two wars simultaneously -- doesn't even want), which really cuts into your X-box, Hacky Sack and Facebook time. "Peace" to them simply means "I skate on the responsibility thing yet one more time..."

Well, Scott Brown, and Chris Christie and that other guy in Virginia (who's name I can't be bothered to look up right now) are a repudiation of Barack Obama, his policies, and the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party. Don't believe what Lanny Davis and Susan Estrich will be trying to sell you tomorrow; they'll be getting paid, extremely well, to go out and be brazenly dishonest in front of the television cameras. They'll try to dress this one up, but to quote Barry himself "you can't put a new shade of lipstick on this pig..."

Democratic fortunes are dropping faster than a prom dress. Only people as committed (and dumb) as Janeane Garofalo and Keith Olbermann could miss it. Irish Setters have more sense than those two.

But, republicans shouldn't get cocky; there's still 9+ months until November, and they have work to do, as well. After all, it was stupid republicans who handed the country to the Obama/Reid/Pelosi Cerberus in the first place. If you think you're going to win with "Hey! We're not as bad as the other guys!", then think again.

Tomorrow morning should be loads of fun. I can hear the knives being sharpened now...

This Is Why Newsweek is Going Out of Business..

Because it employs dickheads like Fareed Zakaria, and pays him a buttload of money to write absolute shyte, like this:

Don't Panic - How our frenzied response to terrorism only feeds it.

Zakaria's argument runs something like this:

1) Muslim fanatics like to yank our chains; it's why they hide bombs in their underwear, behead folks on the internet, and take intercontinental flights in an attempt to commit murder-suicide over an American city. It's all a big joke to them; they get off on making people believe they're crazy. It gives them a hard-on.

2) Every time we react to one of these attempts in the typical fashion, i.e. we expect the government to do...something...usually some measure so totally asinine, intrusive and expensive -- and which avoids inconveniencing Muslims, the most-likely source of terrorism -- we look foolish. The Muzzies then get bigger boners and giggle ever-more girlishly.

3) As we advance to the extremely foolish stage, like when we search 90-year olds in wheelchairs, take bathroom privileges away from paying customers, make breast-feeding mothers drink their own milk, or put nose-picking, knuckle-dragging union slobs in charge of full-body scanners and chemical sniffers, Al Qaeda sits around in their their guano-filled caves laughing until they wet themselves. Then they stroke each other's massive erections. It's all great fun for them, you see.

Their only aim, according to Zakaria, is to throw the "American system into turmoil". This is their sole aim, he says.

Nah, these guys aren't out to kill,no,no. They don't wish to destroy our civilization and the system of freedoms which we enjoy. Oh, hell no! They're just practical jokers... like a bunch of drunken frat boys, except that they sometimes go a little too far (you know, like when the blew up the USS Cole, or knocked down the World Trade Center). The solution, according to this fucking moron is to relax...don't sweat the psycho bombers so much. Pay no heed to that guy screaming his head off about jihad, enslaving the West, and beheading innocent contractors who came to his country simply to bring him indoor plumbing...they're just fucking with us. It's all a joke!

Sorry, but I can't put Osama Bin Laden on the same level as "Bluto" Blutarski. For one thing, Bluto had better table manners.

I will agree with Mr. Zakaria to this extent: he's absolutely correct in his assessment that the current system of responding to Islamofascist terrorism is not working, and is perhaps, counterproductive.

Which is why we should be killing these goat-fucking cocksuckers by the millions! Unleash the U.S. Military! Drop a few Big Ones, and let these practical jokers know it ain't fucking funny anymore! That'll wipe the smiles off their faces, for sure.

Then we can send Fareed Zakaria back to whatever sandy shithole it was that he crawled out of.

Problem solved.

You Call it Racism...

I call it the logical culmination of a series of stupid, short-sighted, misguided policies.

There's a rising nationalist party in Britain, which is being driven to electoral significance, and victories, by...discrimination against white people.

Unchecked Muslim immigration, and a political class that is more concerned with staying in power, rather than with staying British, has brought this state of affairs about, and naturally, that mostly-lefty political class is the loudest, shrillest voice of alarm about what it sees as a populist wave that will sweep them all into the Channel.

The same thing is happening in the United States with the Tea Parties, although the impetus here is not so much White Rage, as it is a reaction to the utter cluelessness of our political class. It'll take Americans a little longer to realize what unchecked immigration will do to our country because, at the moment, we're consumed with trying to find and keep jobs, and making efforts to keep the government out of our colonoscopy.

To all of you lefties out there; you have been warned. Don't be surprised when it happens, and for damn sure you'd better not start with that Bitter-Clinger nonsense again. When the same thing happens in the United States, you'll be held accountable -- just have the class to accept your punishment quietly.

I hear Cuba is lovely this time of year. Perhaps you'll find it more to your liking.

From the Comments:

" This article starts off by intimating that Labour (British equivalent of the democratic party)has neglected the WWC (white working class), but then - in true Torygraph style - finishes by basically saying the WWC are in their current plight because they're a bunch of chavs.

Firstly, to state that ethnic minorities do better than the WWC because they have more stable homes and value education, is rubbish. Some ethnic communities may do this - namely, Indians and Chinese - but many other ethnic groups (including that of our resident Brown Supremacist, Khawaja Ikram Ul Haq) are way over-represented in welfare usage and crime.

Secondly, not all the WWC are struggling because they are chavs. Certainly some are - the result of a welfare system that encourages the unintelligent and feckless to breed, regardless of their capability to fend for themsleves. (The balance between the provision of a welfare safety net to help those who fall on hard times, and a system that creates an underclass that will eventually outbreed the more productive members of society, is one of the great conundrums of our times).

However, many WWC are suffering not because they are feckless or thick, but because for several decades now, Labour AND the Tories (British republican-equivalent) have not only ignored them, they have waged war on them.

Its' not just that both parties were happy to see the WWCs jobs in manufacturing shipped overseas. Its' that both parties sought to actively replace the WWC - in their own ancestral homeland - with a new class of people drawn from the far reaches of the globe.

Labour wanted revenge on the WWC because they hadn't proven revolutionary enough in the Sixties, and decided to import themselves a (so they thought) more subservient electorate. The Tories wanted mass immigration (and before anyone says they didn't, name me one time they made a serious attempt to stop it) for the cheap nannies and builder's labourers.

Of course, along with the flood of immigrants came a raft of "positive discrimination" measures, putting the WWC man at the back of the queue for what low-skilled jobs there were left. Meanwhile, his children were marginalised and demoralised by an education system overloaded with non-English-speaking immigrants, and staffed by leftist NUT-jobs who favoured the newcomers and taught that white males (and only white males) were oppressive and evil. And if the WWC complained, anti-free speech laws came into play to stifle dissent, and smug middle-class lefties – and not a few Telegraph writers and commentors – labelled them ignorant chavs and racists.

All in all, the WWC male has found himself at the centre of a perfect storm. But the thing is, that storm is now coming for the middle class. The reason the WWC have complained loudest about mass immigration - and turned to the BNP when no one was listening - is not because they are any more ignorant or racist than anyone else. It is because they have been the FIRST to be hit by the wave of mass immigration engulfing the UK.

And make no mistake, the UK is being engulfed - on current demographic trends, whites will be a minority in the UK within about 50 years. Soon, there will be no affluent "hideously white" suburbs in which to hide. And when the middle classes find it is THEIR kids who are suffering in an immigrant-majority school, when multi-culturalism no longer means having that nice Sikh accountant next door, but being the last non-Muslim family in the street (and they can't move away, because THEIR job is now gone - to a cheap graduate imported from India) - THEN we will see how "tolerant" the middle class are.

My bet is they'll be voting BNP (British National Party).

Whoever wrote that ought to be thanked. Hell, I wish he/she was over here, and running for office.

(H/T FiveFeetofFury)

The System Worked, Part IV...

This bunch at Homeland Security couldn't catch a cold, let alone a terrorist. And no wonder; they're looking for for the wrong people.

Now, I understand that Homeland Security is a huge, multi-departmental mega-behemoth, and that administrative errors are abound to occur in great quantities. You just hope that when they do, your personnel are smart enough to be able to improvise adequately. But this takes the cake.

It points out two glaring failures of the government when it comes to security; the first is the (often) lack of good information. This causes people to make guesses, and worse, these are often guesses which bear no relation to the information the government does have. In this case, having no good information on OBL, the government makes a guess at what he might look like. Being lazy and unaccustomed to actual work, the government employee who created those portraits then does what every 10 year old with a book report due does...and gets his picture off the Internet, probably with a Google search. This smells of "make-work" project, and the result shows.

The only thing that makes this half-way funny is that the dude who's picture finally gets lifted happens to be a dyed-in-the-wool communist. I'll bet he's working on the lucrative lawsuit as we speak -- to strike a blow against the bourgeois, fascist Amerikkka, of course, never for his personal enrichment. Thought never crossed his mind...

The second failure is the reliance upon technology. The government is depending upon the power of the Internet and media to alert people that we're looking for a terrorist who may now be disguised as a Spanish Communist. All well-and-fine; that approach often works in many a criminal case. But is there anyone on the ground actually looking for OBL? Naturally, no one will tell us if there is or isn't (for obvious reasons), but I would hazard to guess that there isn't a solitary soul tasked to scouring the Tribal Regions of Pakistan looking for OBL, because that would violate Pakistani sovereignty.

And if we're about anything in this Public-Relations-Campaign-With-Guns-Against-Terror, it's all about the legal niceties.

Nothing beats a standard-issue pair of Mark I Eyeballs, attached to a properly-calibrated M1 Braincase. You can have all the drones, full-body-scanners, and Google in the world, and it still doesn't stop anyone from boarding an aircraft with TNT Boxer shorts. The technology is merely a tool; the solution is people smart enough not to fight terrorists with Google searches and Photoshop, but with their faculties.

But then there's no opportunity for graft; government contracts can't be given out in return for campaign contributions, there's no federal unions to squeeze for money and votes. Congress would have no say and be made irrelevant to the process.'s much better to have the current system, which doesn't work and puts lives at risk, but which provides the opportunity for Congress to put it's grubby fingers into many pies and pinch a few plums for itself and it's friends, right?

Somebody had better be walking the unemployment line today if this is the kind of work billions of taxpayer dollars buys. If he were working in the private sector, he would be; because he belongs to a protected class (civil servant) that's umbillically attached to Congress by a thread of easily-stolen and mismanaged taxpayer funds, he's probably due for a promotion instead.

Get the government out of the "security" business and put it in the hands of private contractors who know what the fuck they're doing...

Strategic Overreach and Martha Coakley...

In June of 1942, Admiral Chuichi Nagumo was the commander of one of the most powerful fleets to have ever sailed the Pacific Ocean. His ships had initiated a war with the attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941, and then had gone on a rampage across the Pacific and Indian Oceans that had virtually swept the seas clean of American, British, Dutch and Australian warships. His aircraft carriers were stocked with the best planes and pilots in the world, second- to-none at the their deadly business of raining high explosives down on their targets, or shooting the enemy out of the skies.

Nagumo's First Air Fleet was perhaps the most brutal killing instrument devised by man up to that time. It was a precision instrument of national policy.

And then came the Battle of Midway. In a span of five minutes the heart was torn out of Nagumo's fleet; his carriers were destroyed, his pilots blown up or left to drown in the Pacific when their planes ran out of fuel. The best aircrews in the world were atomized when their ships exploded. Brilliant commanders and junior officers often chose suicide -- going down with their ships -- rather than face the humiliation of defeat, depriving their country of highly-skilled and motivated men who could have helped their country recover from such a defeat. The Japanese Navy which had been so brutally, ruthlessly efficient, was now overtaken by a sense of panic, shame and loss from which it never recovered. The Battle of Midway is, rightly, considered one of the turning points of the Second World War, right up there with Stalingrad and Alamein.

The reason why the United States Navy was able to catch Nagumo's ships with their collective pants down are generally recognized as the American ability to read Japanese communications (Admiral Nimitz was forewarned of the Japanese plan), but an incredible amount of luck made it possible for American dive bombers to arrive over the Japanese fleet at precisely the right time; between air strikes with their decks crowded with aircraft, their munitions haphazardly stacked out in the open, and just at the moment when the Japanese fighters that would have defended their ships were at the wave tops chasing the last of the all-but-slaughtered American torpedo planes.

But the true reason why Nagumo lost that battle begins 2,500 miles away in Tokyo, where his superior, the brilliant Admiral Isoroku Yammamoto planned the invasion of Midway Island, and the destruction of the remnants of American Naval power in the Pacific. Yammamoto planted the seeds of defeat, which Nagumo then had to cultivate, by giving him two contradictory missions; the first, was to find the American Fleet and destroy it, the Second was to provide support for an invasion of Midway Island. One mission required him to have complete freedom of movement, the other tied him to a particular location on a particular schedule. When events unfolded that made Nagumo believe that he could not keep to his schedule, or when circumstance had conspired to present him with problems for which had no contingencies for, he hesitated. He over-thought his predicament and his options. He tried to kill two birds with one stone, and wound up hitting neither. Deprived of information and orders, hamstrung by radio silence, unable to contact his higher headquarters for assistance, and lacking the skills and mindset to improvise a new strategy on the spot, Nagumo guessed at what was the best option available to him...and lost the battle.

Nagumo's defeat was ultimately the result of Strategic Overreach; the Japanese had finally pushed out too far and aimed for a target that had they even succeeded in taking (Midway Island), would have been of little use to them without a corresponding defeat of American sea power. They had failed of their strategic objective (destroying the American Navy) by placing equal importance on an administrative one (keeping the invasion schedule) . Midway would have ultimately been yet one more diffusion of effort in a war that saw the Japanese diffuse many efforts across hundreds of tiny islands where men died horribly from starvation before they ever even saw an enemy soldier. We Americans celebrate the bloody battles of the Pacific War, like Iwo Jima and Okinawa, we celebrate the bravery of the Americans who stormed ashore and fought tenacious foes willing to die and who would not surrender, and rightly so. But the truth of the Second World War in the Asian-Pacific Theatre was that almost 2./3 of the Japanese Army stationed from Korea to Indonesia, never saw an enemy soldier, ever. When the war finally ended, most Japanese soldiers had never even fired a shot at anyone.

What ultimately doomed Japan was the idea behind it's basic strategic concept for the war; Japan, being the weaker power, believed that if it could quickly overcome it's opponents in a swift and decisive manner, the shock of defeat, the very awe that such a rapid conquest would inspire in it's enemies, would make them recognize the superiority of the Japanese fighting man and realize the futility of resistance against such an invincible force. Having been sufficiently beaten and cowed by an obviously-superior enemy, and convinced of the hopelessness of their cause, the Allies were then to -- logically -- surrender to Japan.

And that was the Japanese way for the remainder of the war: they would always just need "One Great Victory", and the Americans would quit. When that failed, then all that was needed was to make the Americans thoroughly sick and tired of the bloody effort required to dig the Japanese out of every cave and jungle. When that failed, the Japanese turned to suicide attacks, aiming airplanes, boats and even their own bodies at the enemy and committing glorious (if futile) suicide.

Every attempt to bring about "the One Great Victory" caused the Japanese to reach further and further beyond their capabilities, often in a state of panic, rushing to create the circumstances that would deprive the enemy of the will to fight. Every kamikaze simply made the Americans that much more determined to win the war, not because they were afraid of the Japanese and frightened by the prospect of continuous, bloody battle to the death, but because killing Japanese -- depriving them of the weapons of war, destroying their bases and stockpiles of equipment, ruining their industry - brought the end of the war one inch closer with every dead man.

The Japanese sin was to not recognize defeat and reformulate their strategy, but to redouble their losing efforts. The results of those misguided attempts to tilt at windmills was a pair of mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and even then there were those who would not surrender, even going as far as to attempt a coup against their Emperor, just to keep fighting for reasons that are seemingly stupid to us.

There is something of the Battle of Midway in the special election which will take place today in Massachusetts. The democratic party, like Admiral Nagumo, has contradictory missions: it must keep it's 60th Senate vote to pass health care nationalization plans that the public so obviously does not want, and keep[ itself in power. It has ignored the wishes of the public on the Stimulus Bill, the Omnibus (Porkulus) Bill, the GM and Chrysler Bailouts, Cap-and-Trade policies, and so many other issues that one can only surmise that they are willingly blind to the realities of American life and politics. They are simply pushing an agenda at all costs, like the Japanese Generals and Admirals who kept searching for their "Last Great Battle".

Today, Martha Coakley will most likely play the part of Admiral Nagumo. Today, if Scott Brown wins this special election, it will be, like Midway, a turning point in a war. The Democratic party has engaged in a bit of Strategic Overreach when it comes to carfting a bureaucracy to deliver eye drops and band aids to it's favored 'victim' groups; Scott Brown just might be the dive bomber who arrives at just the right time to turn the tide. And just like Admiral Nagumo, Martha Coakley's destruction will have been engineered a thousand miles away in Washington, D.C., where she has been nailed to an inflexible plan by the clueless Harry Reid, and finding the same inability to improvise for her own protection. Be certain that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama will redouble their losing efforts, should Coakley lose today, just like the Japanese of yore. If they lose today, much like the Japanese Navy at Midway, expect a sense of panic and loss to overcome them from which they will never recover.

It is the same exact mindset at work.

There will be metaphorical mushroom clouds over Boston this evening, but this will indicate a bit of salvation rather than total destruction; they will be a sign that the people of the Massachusetts have awakened from a long slumber, and did what neither Admirals Yammamoto or Nagumo could not do; change the plan in mid-stream and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

And that's a good thing.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The System Worked, Part III...

Another of those "model employees" the TSA must be recruiting in large numbers. It's bad enough that the TSA can't detect explosives in someone's underwear, or put their cell phones away while on duty, now they're leaving loaded weapons all over the place.

If you're a terrorist or criminal of any kind, not only will TSA not stop you if you happen to be an obvious member of a certain race or religion, but some thoughtful government-employee- security soul (three words which are mutually-exclusive) will leave weapons conveniently laying around for your use.

Someone ought to be fired... and then shot with her own gun. I vote that we start with Janet.

A Near-Total Disaster...

Obama's First Anniversary.

I have nothng to add. Just read it.

Update: For those of you nostalgic for the Other Disaster we call "First Lady".

Thoughtcrime is Double-Plus Ungood...

George Orwell, please pick up the white courtesy phone? Mr. George Orwell, please pick up the white courtesy phone...

The Savior's EEOC Nominee says it should be illegal to have Negative Thoughts; we should be thinking purple pixies and rainbow unicorns all the time. Not because Negative Thoughts are all icky an' stuff, but because Negative Thoughts lead to inequality which must be corrected by overbearing government power weilded by complete assholes with law degrees. Especially Negative Thoughts that originate in religious belief, and which can be considered (just who gets to 'consider' anything is left vague) anti-homosexual. Quote:

"...society should “not tolerate” any “private beliefs,” including religious beliefs, that may negatively affect homosexual “equality...Just as we do not tolerate private racial beliefs that adversely affect African-Americans in the commercial arena, even if such beliefs are based on religious views, we should similarly not tolerate private beliefs about sexual orientation and gender identity that adversely affect LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] people...”

Yet another shot fired at all you Bitter Clingers out there. You can read of her insanity in it's entirety here.

The presumptive head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has just come out openly in favor of discrimination. You can't make this shit up. Provided the discrimination is done on behalf of a favored group, it's all hunky-dory. In this case, the protected class will be homosexuals. The EEOC was set up to combat discrimination, Missy, not to promote it.

I should think that someone who can't even wrap her tiny mind around that simple concept is automatically disqualified for the job. But since the people in Congress who will approve her appointment, eventually, have a vested interest in keeping gays happy enough to vote for them and contribute money to their campaign coffers, they will punch her ticket.

They can do no less.

Just you wait until this sort of pantybunched liberal has to make a choice between the competing groups that make up the democratic base, and the decision quickly becomes a political headache for the democratic party. After all, who comes first on the list when it comes to societal grievance: gays, blacks, women? The fur will fly, blood will splatter, brains will explode. Why, I'm making my popcorn now, because that'll be such a fun fight to watch.

I Could Kiss a Liberal Today...

It's just one of those days. They come so rarely. I'm actually happy this morning, because I've had a wonderful weekend.

The Jets beat the San Diego Chargers. Great game, and a stunning upset. You'll note that unlike in some American cities, when our football team wins a playoff game (the first one in many years) we don't riot and destroy other people's property.

I had a lovely day with my 4-year-old nephew yesterday. Legos, Wii, Spongebob and ice cream. Does it ever get any better? Dare we dream?

Got some more irons in the fire job-wise, some of them looking very good, indeed, over the long term. Despite this bad economy, I'm still determined to get "Fuck-You rich" and then rub it in the face of every ex-boss, and ex-girlfriend I've ever had. Fuck-you rich is defined as "even if you taxed 90% of my income, I would still have enough money left over to buy-and-sell you a hundred times over, Sucker!".

And if that wasn't enough, I got hockey on television this afternoon. My Devils are on at 1:00. Nothing better than to celebrate MLK Day with the Whitest Sport on Earth!

I can only hope that liberal I finally kiss has D-cups and no gag reflex, but maybe that's too much to ask?

Douchebag of the Week (1/1810): Harry Reid...

It is only fitting that, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, that Harry Reid should be named as the Douchebag of the Week.

Light-skinned black men everywhere agree, Harry is the very pinnacle of clueless douche-ness. His 'insensitive' (now the truth is insensitive if it's inconvenient) remarks about President Obama's racial heritage, his ability to move between Ghetto and Middle-Class culture without alarming Whitey, and his penchant for turning the Jive Talk (The infamous Negro Dialect) on and off in relation to his audience was considered in some quarters retro racism, and in others, simply Harry having a Senior Moment.

Personally, I think it was Harry just giving voice to the thoughts that roll around in every liberal's (small 'l' intentional) head. The filter got removed; Harry forgot to control his mouth for a second, he had a brain fart, and in those few, brief seconds, all you needed to know about how liberals really feel about black people came flowing out. It's interesting to note that Joe Biden fell into the same trap with his "clean and articulate" routine, and Bill Clinton (allegedly) told Teddy Kennedy that in another time and place Barack Obama would "be fetching us coffee..." all more or less during the same time frame. Racism in the 21st century seems to have a home in the dark recesses of the liberal heart and mind.

Those sorts of actions and statements are both an unconcious admission of liberal bias and the fact that, really deep down, even they consider Obama little more than a flim-flam man, and even they can't believe he actually won.

The only truly "shocking" thing about the whole incident is that Harry had enough control over his faculties to at least not call Obama "boy".

Of course Conservatives called for Reid's resignation as Senate Majority Leader, hoping to equate the apparent racism of Reid to the apparent racism of Trent Lott in one of those ticky-tack-tit-for-tat pissing matches that characterize the politics of this sort of thing. Fat chance. Being a democrat means you can be an out-and-out racist but be forgiven your sins if you vote for enough welfare. It's sort of like Affirmative Action Racism for White People. The only thing sorrier than the sight of conservatives demanding parity in who gets fired, was Harry Reid trotting out the "some of my Best Friends are black routine..." beginning the dog-and-pony show, naturally, with a prayer session starring Je$$e Jackass.

The Dog-and-Pony-Show always starts with Je$$e; he's the only black man in America, you know. The whole miasma surrounding the subject of race makes me thoroughly sick, and reminds me that there are people in this country who have way too much free time on their hands because this is all they have time for, and it's all they live for, it's what fills their rice bowl. Harry Reid will be voted out of office in a few months; whether he was a racist will have nothing to do with that defeat, because being a douchebag far outweighs being a racist.

Because Harry's been a douchebag on a number of subjects for a number of years: the Healthcare debate, the one that's supposed to have been historically-transparent, takes place behind closed doors, where bribes, backroom deals, and political gifts are handed out like candy. And then promptly reported on the Nightly News; Harry can't even keep his graft secret in super-secret proceedings. Such stupidity and ineptitude in both public and private is astounding. He has no charisma, being just slightly less charming than Scrub Pox. He's no intellectual heavyweight, and is the perfect dipstick for measuring the depth of the surface. He and Nancy Pelosi will probably go down in history as two of the dumbest people to ever achieve such a high office, and their sheer idiocy will be studied for decades to come, and hopefully result in some sort of gene therapy for liberalism, or be used to prevent retardation in the womb.

Harry Reid will have done far more for the greater society in that capacity than he ever did as a Senator.

Harry Reid... you're a douchebag!

Remember: The DOW Award is given out weekly to the truly deserving in all fields of endeavor. If you wish to nominate someone for the DOW Award, simply send a mail to the address listed on the banner page, and include a link to any article or website that validates or proves your nominee's fresh, douche-y goodness!