Friday, August 20, 2010

If You Wondered Why the Banks Are Broke... need only read this article, and look for this sentence;

"The previous owner, Stephanie Corulla, bought the house in August of 2006 for $555,000, taking out a $527,250 mortgage with WMC Mortgage Corp., public records show...."

I'm no math whiz, but that sounds like 5% down... on a half-million dollar mortgage...that defaulted two years later.

I want to find this woman, if only because she must give one hell of a blowjob to have gotten a deal like that in the first place.

Pakistan is Flooded...

The devastation is great. Thousands dead. Millions homeless. Property damage in the billions.

I've never had so much fun in all my life!

If it were left up to me, Pakistan would be washed away, erased, as befits the biggest mistake of British Foreign Policy Evah. I guess your phony-baloney God is really looking out for ya, huh? So far as I'm concerned, the destruction hasn't been great enough because there's still Pakistanis left alive.

Anything that kills homicidal maniacs by the thousands is just fuckin' ducky in my book. I hope it rains for another year.

Of course, the calls to"Help the Victims" of the Pakistani floods have already begun, but I'm inclined to turn a deaf ear on them, or at the very least, would think to make any aid this country might give, official or through private charities, contingent upon a single, non-negotiable condition:

You will not get as much as a fucking Saltine without first handing over Usama Bin Laden.

The Pakistani government knows where he is. In fact, they help hide him, they support him, and merely pretend to be helping us in the fight against Al' Qaeda so that the flow of American military and economic aid may continue...which is basically the entire Pakistani economy, unless you count the Fly and Lice Markets, or consider Body Odor to be an economically-viable export.

I wouldn't send a single blanket. Not a bottle of water. Not a box of Pampers, nor bottle of Aspirin until that murdering sonofabitch was in American custody and awaiting televised execution in an American prison.

If someone needs to "save" drowning Pakistanis, let it be the douchebags who managed to collect $100 million to build an obnoxious mosque near Ground Zero, or perhaps a dozen or so Saudi Princes can give up hookers and Maker's Mark in Las Vegas this weekend and scrape up a few bucks to help out. Let's see some of that vaunted Islamic charity, generosity and decency we're always hearing about in action, eh?

In the meantime, the more the media shows pictures of suffering Muslims, the more I laugh. There is, it seems, Cosmic Justice.

Islamic Bigwig: Ground Zero Mosque is a Zionist Plot@!

You can't take these people seriously. They are simply insane, and it makes you wonder how (and why) it is that they're all still alive.

The Obama/Bloomberg School of "Leadership"...

Leave it to Barack Obama to go out of his way to purposely step into a big flaming pile of dogshit, try to scrape the mess off on your living room rug, vehemently insist that he hasn't done what he oh-so-obviously-has...and then go on vacation. For ten more days.

That's what he did with this whole Ground Zero mosque thing.

Last Friday, he's talking to a bunch of murderous towelheads and he tells them what they want to hear;in a nutshell, that they have the right to be a bunch of obnoxious motherfuckers and build a Victory Monument on the very bones of the people murdered by their coreligionists. Obama garnered the applause, naturally, and the next day all the Oh-My-God- he's-soooo-courageous-ass-kissing-fawning-I-wanna-suck-his-dick-sycophancy was served up by the Press, which printed and broadcast his obvious pandering to a room full of potential suicide bombers, and presented it as a defense of American values in the face of racism.

But Joe Sixpack doesn't agree that Obama is"courageous". Or that Muslims are simply exercising their rights (most people have no issue with a mosque being built; they just don't want it built near Ground Zero). Obama chimes in, without the need to do so, and then does not address the burning question of whether building this thing, in this location, is insensitive to the victims of 9/11. And when the public outrage over our "courageous" President's pronouncements result in such an overwhelmingly swift and vehement rebuke, he resorts to his favorite past time -- splitting rhetorical hairs in order to create the appearance of the reasonable, technically-always-right Leader, who understands all seven sides (or more) of the issue. Penn and Teller couldn't create a better illusion of calm and calculating super-smartness than the one Obama creates (with the aid of the Press, of course). It's a load of rubbish, but there's still enough rubes out there who fall for it.

Obama does this all the time; he involves himself in shit that isn't his business, says or does the wrong thing, insists that we're all just too stupid to understand his intent or the nuances, and then just claims he was right all along. He's an arrogant prick who hasn't yet discovered that he's a fucking moron. Probably because he's had people whispering in his ear all his life about what a "special" person he is, and how much"better" he is than anyone else, despite the fact that he couldn't find his own ass with both hands and a GPS; that's mostly how Affirmative Action works, you know.

There is, however, someone who can lay claim to the title of Biggest Asshole In America this evening, and that's the guy who actually sued to become Mayor of New York in the wake of 9/11, so that he could handle the"recovery and rebuilding"...and nine years later there's still a hole in the ground, and the only thing about to be built is a monument to the assholes who created that crater.

That Superstar of Assholes would be one Micheal Bloomberg, Mayor of New Yorkistan.

Bloomberg also takes the position that the Muzzies have the right to build a mosque near Ground Zero, without ever tackling the question of whether it it's in poor taste or not. Apparently, in today's multi-culti world, the worst thing you can do is accuse a minority group of poor taste...especially one which includes members so mentally ill that they imagine murder/suicide with Semtex to be the highest religious calling.

The reason neither man addresses the REAL issue and instead chooses to frame the argument as one of fundamental rights, is that to do otherwise requires a sense of honesty, and implies the ability to make a moral judgement.

These are two things which no modern politician can do, mainly because they're a) dishonest people, b) have no morals, and c) have no judgement. Someone, probably some third-rate-underpaid political aide, formulates the "policy", gins up the talking points, and the douchebag-in-a-suit reads it off the teleprompter. If it's a good policy, the douchebag takes credit for it, if it isn't, he weasels out on legalities, technicalities, and lawyerly talk. When that doesn't work, he digs in his heels and and attempts to defend the indefensible, because the worst thing in the world to him is to be seen as having been wrong.

You have to wonder what the political aides are smoking if they somehow managed to convince the empty suits they work for that support -- even conditional support -- for that mosque being built where it's planned is somehow "leadership", is beyond me. In the shallow sense in which the words are used today, it's somehow "courageous leadership" to advocate for something that is oh-so-obviously wrong, and which flies in the face of monolithic public opinion.

Or maybe both men are just the most arrogant pieces of shit imaginable.

You have to laugh at people who suddenly remember what the Constitution says after they've nationalized the banks, mandated that you buy health insurance against your will, created an entire regiment of political offices which are subject to no oversight by any non-Executive branch or bureau of government, set dates for the withdrawal of combat forces while the fighting still rages, or who make it their business to interfere with and tax-to-hell everything you may eat, drink, or smoke, because it offends their self-righteous sensibilities.

These men have the nerve to talk about the exercise of rights, and the proper role of government? Don't make me laugh. They can't even keep up with their own contradictions. Two and a half years ago, Obama was denouncing the Bitter Clingers, and now he's somehow the "courageous"Stalwart Defender of Religious Rights?

What they are doing is neither courageous, nor an indication of leadership. Neither Bloomberg nor Obama deserves to have such words attached to them, because they have taken their stand for what must be simply selfish reasons. Obama needs to gin up the race war rhetoric to get minorities to the polls this November, and Bloomberg is probably already looking to when he returns to his multi-billion media empire and when he'll need boatloads of Arab money to keep it afloat in the lean times ahead.

Neither man would have made a decent-sized pimple on Ronald Reagan's Ass. Or George Patton's Scrotum, for that matter.

Fortunately, we'll be rid of both come 2012, unless (dare we hope?) The Sickle Cell or Hypertension takes away The One, and the other is gunned down in a drive-by on the steps of Gracie Mansion by the Tobacco Gangs that will control the black market trade in illicit cigarettes created by his own tax regime.

Those are the only suitable ends for such shallow and arrogant men. The sooner this City, and Country, are rid of such so-called "leaders", the sooner we can tell the Islamonazi triumphalists to go pound sand.

UPDATE: The 3rd biggest asshole in America adds her $0.02. Once again, it's an opinion that no one asked for, and which it wasn't necessary to make public. I guess we can start the Inquisition with the 9/11 Victim's Families. That should go over big on national TV. Everyday that goes by makes Joe Biden look like the sanest and smartest one in the whole lot.

And, from the I-Told-You-So-Files: The Perils of Praise.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Been Very Busy, Will Continue to Be So this Week...

Which is why Blogging has been hit-and-run, and might still be for the next week. In the meantime, please peruse the Link Bar, and see if there's anything there you like; just because you can't read my stuff doesn't mean you can't read someone else's!

Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine...

If you're like me, you were a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes, back in the day (and Bloom County, if you remember that one). If you weren't a fan, you probably need psychiatric help. Nothing was cooler than Bill Waterson's idea of seeing the world through the eyes of a precocious, super-intelligent, and hyper-imaginative 7-year-old and his pet stuffed tiger.
Watterson retired while Calvin and Hobbes were at the top of their game, which, I guess, was the right thing to do. But I've missed them for ages.
Now I don't have to anymore...and neither do you...thanks to the Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine. Now, you can find and enjoy any Calvin and Hobbes comic strip your little heart desires!
It's a guilt-free pleasure, and free. So go for it!

Charlie Rangel's Shameless Gambit...

The Race Card used to be the last resort of those who had no other argument to make. Then it became the only argument you had to make. And now, it's such a weak, reflexive habit that no one actually cares anymore when the idea of America-as-racist-society is tossed into out as a defense...for anything.

The Race Card got O.J. acquitted. The Race Card has been used to justify the greatest wastes of taxpayer dollars imaginable. It has been used to create a system of extra-constitutional rights for African-Americans -- making them almost a federally-protected species --under the guise of Equality. Race has been used as a wedge issue, pitting American against American for as long as anyone can remember. We're jaded; we've heard"racist" shouted from every rooftop, in every New York Times Op-Ed, Al Sharpton uses the word like punctuation, and we don't really care anymore. The very word "Racist" rings hollow; it's been used like a $5 whore...and now the old trollop is starting to show her age.

Congressman Rangel, it must be said, has yet to be charged or convicted of any crime, but judging from the way these things seem to go he can look forward to a very long, very expensive fight to"get his name back"... before he's ultimately convicted of a politically-orchestrated anti-climax. I personally believe he's as guilty as sin of what he's been accused of. I rather doubt anyone will bring serious criminal charges against him (the democrats will never allow that to happen), because politically, it's enough that he just lose his office.

He can then go through the ordeal that democrats put Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay through, if he's lucky.

Gingrich was charged with 84 ethics violations. He was found guilty, by Congress, on exactly ONE of those charges, and that one was referred to the IRS for adjudication. A few YEARS later, the IRS decided that Gingrich was innocent, after all. But the damage had been done, and Newt lost his office, and position as Speaker of the House. That was the point of the whole exercise: the get him out of office.

Tom DeLay was called the sleaziest man in politics by none other than Hillary Clinton, who is America's foremost expert on sleaze, certainly. Democrats had been after DeLay for nearly a decade before Jack Abramoff came along and the Republican Congress was torpedoed by charges of graft and corruption (Nancy Pelosi's infamous "I'll drain the swamp" moment). De Lay was caught up in it all, too, and the "investigation" begun back in 2004/5 finally ended....yesterday. Guess what? DeLay was innocent of all those charges, too.

Go figure.

I'm not saying that Gingrich and DeLay were saints; just that their persecutions were politically- motivated, and went forward without any evidence of actual wrongdoing (although in DeLay's case, let's admit the man walked a very fine line on just about everything). Now Charlie Rangel can look forward to several years of legal expenses and having that's left of his reputation dragged through the mud that he's so-helpfully (but self-destructively) slinging himself.

The only difference between these cases is that Charlie, probably, really is guilty. Crying "Racism!" where there is none is a pretty good indication that Charlie Rangel knows that he can't win on the merits, but hopes to inflame passions in his defense instead.

Sorry Charlie -- this isn't the 60's anymore, and that kind of thing doesn't work.