Monday, December 08, 2003

Visceral Politics
Turkeygate, WMD-gate, Patriot Act-gate, Enron-gate, Plume-gate. I can add about 50 others to the list, but the fact remains that liberals cannot see past their own politics (which are like religion to them) and realize that the more they complain, the more they nitpick, the dumber they sound.

Does it make a difference if G.W. got the G.I.'s out of bed at 6 a.m. to eat turkey? Nope. The important thing is that he went to share Thanksgiving with them. He showed them his appreciation of for what they have done and reinforced the message that they have not been forgotten and that they are loved by a grateful nation. That his visit was timed to coincide with the morning newscast is just politics --- tell me Bill Clinton wouldn't have done the same thing? Apparently, Hilary!@ took her opportunity to do so in Afghanistan.

The issue is visceral and reflexive hate. For all the talk of tolerance, understanding, peace, bi-partisanship, etc, etc, your typical democrat cannot get him/herself out of the rut of adding politics to everything they do, no matter how trivial or insane. It's the residue of Leninism in which everything must be viewed through politically-tinted lenses, and which sees it's opposition not as something to be competed against but as something which must be destroyed by all means within reach. Socialism/Communism was always a jealous god and the current crop of democratic (small 'd' intentional) politicians we have today were all well schooled in Lenin.

Be objective for about five seconds and think about it: John Kerry can talk about how G.W. "fucked up" Iraq, as if a three-week conquest of the country and the dismemberment of a dictator's regime was a mistake. People can compare John Ashcroft armed with the Patriot Act to Heinrich Himmler armed with a "Night and Fog Decree" and ignore the lack of evidence for their claims that we're headed the way of Nazi Germany.

Are they engaging in reasoned discourse or are they throwing a tantrum? Never doubt for a second that it had it been one of their own that had invaded Iraq, one of their own who had the power bestowed by the Patriot Act, that all you would hear is silence from your typical liberal. The issue is hate -- they hate Bush and they hate Ashcroft and the more successful this administration is politically, economically, militarily, the more they hate them.

It would be funny if it wasn't soooo sad.....

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