Thursday, August 11, 2005

Guilt By Non-Association...
I happened to be flipping through the channels the other night when I chanced to stop for a few moments at MSNBC's Hardball, with Chris Matthews. Chris was out, having some other NBC idiot taking his place, but the level of entertainment was the same (MSNBC shitcans news for entertainment, in case you didn't know).

The subject of the spot I happened upon was Catherine Harris, who, if you do not recall, was the Secretary of State of Florida in the year 2000, and is considered by many democrats to be the woman that selected George W. Bush for the office of the presidency. It seems Ms. Harris, who turned in her Sec State spot for a role as a Congresscritter, is now running for Senate in Florida, and is doing so without the endorsement of either GW Bush or Jeb Bush. This leads many democrats to speculate (wildly and with a sense of glee) that the Bush Boys have jettisoned Ms. Harris. The implication is that having done her duty to the republican party and stolen an election for GW, she is no longer needed and can be safely ignored. The thrust is that GW Bush is an outright cad who cannot even be counted upon to stand up for his accomplices in crime.

Like Ted Kennedy ever sent his accomplices a thank you card.

I do not pretend to know why Bush and Co. have not come out to endorse Ms. Harris for senate. Perhaps there's a better candidate out there or perhaps due to sinking poll numbers it wouldn;t be wise for 'pubbies to be seen with the president, in which case, they're doing Ms. Harris a favor. Then again, neither the president nor the govenor of Florida are under any obligation (in the strictest sense) to endorse anyone for anything. I don't know, I don't care.

What I do know, and do care about, is the simple, reflexive, uncritical, assinine political games the democrats engage in. They take the smallest issue and blow it up way beyond proportion and expect that we'll all get it. Just in case we don't, they send a legion of flapping rectums out to repeat the talking points 500 times a day. Repetition has a magic all it's own; repeat something often enough, and eventually it becomes true. For some. Hopefully just enough to equal a majority in the next election.

As for Ms. Harris, she didn't "select" anyone. She simply did her job as Secretary of State, and was pilloried by the very people who now trumpet her seeming abandonment with that half-sarcastic tsk-tsk-tsk they all have down to an art form. She's a brave woman for doing what she did in the climate of the time. The attacks she suffered from the democratic party and their allies in the press were horrific, they shouldn't pretend that all of a sudden they care for her.

Because they don't. The point is to find another way to inflict one more cut.