Friday, February 25, 2011

"I'll Fuck You In the Ass, You Faggot!"

Someone has issues. You need to sit through a load of bad union boilerplate before you get to that quote, so be patient, and try to hold your lunch down.

By the way, if you actually did make good on your threat and fuck another man in the ass, doesn't that make you a faggot, too?

I know that in the Middle East, when you fuck another man in the ass, it's just being friendly, but in this country it is customary to at least offer to take the guy to dinner, first.

Just another example of that new trend towards Lefty civility, I guess. Just as an aside, I've noticed that all the Union people in these videos seem to have an awful lot in common:

1. Morbid Obesity

2. A 6th-grade vocabulary

3. A distinct lack of obvious intelligence (even the teachers). You can tell from all the misspelled signs.

4. A propensity to immediately leap from minor disagreement to violence, or threat, thereof.

5. Raised hand/fist salutes wherever you look. Unions routinely accuse everyone of being Nazis or the next Mussolini, but somehow, they haven't lost the penchant for raucous rallies, violence, and the raised-fist salutes which were a hallmark of the radical Socialist movements of the 1920's and 30's. Only then, they called it "the anti-Fascist' salute', it is a curious gesture which has been attached to every Left-wing cause (often with modification) for the last century. The typical union muster for one of these protests often looks and feels like a Nuremberg Rally, only with more cholesterol, muffin tops, and back fat.

6. You wouldn't fuck any of the chicks there with a stolen dick. Also, there seems to be an awful lot of hippies at these events. I don't know if that's the Left-leaning organizations sending people to fill out the crowds for the benefit of the cameras or not, but a lot of them appear a little long in the tooth to be the typical dopey college kids dragooned for this mission. Conclusion: there's a lot of 1960's retreads in the unions, and most of them are probably still smoking pot.

7. It's the 21st Century. Why all the recycled 1920's-era Socialist rhetoric? Oh right -- the American Labor Unions are the bastard children of Lenin. I forgot. All of these rallies use the same, outdated, language, harkening back to the Dickensian image of the early Industrial Revolution. Which is funny, because when Lenin was read A Christmas Carol. on his deathbed, he hated it, calling it "sentimental bourgeois rubbish." Well, it's only natural to expect that the creator of a Political stupidity so pronounced that it's biggest adherents were always the Peasant Classes (the envious, the ill-educated, and therefore, easily-led) to hate Christmas and crippled children.

If you were under the impression that your typical Union Worker was a regular Joe, just like you and I, who has a modicum of intelligence about him, take a look at this, and listen carefully for this nugget of Labor Wisdom casually thrown in between all the gratuitous racism and mindless ranting:

"You're an entrepreneur, so you don't work...".

And if there were no entrepreneurs, neither would you, Dipshit!

Now you know why Civil Service Exams need to be written so that a 3rd grader can pass them, and why the government (Federal, State or Municipal) never calls those with the perfect scores first with a job offer -- they need to gainfully employ the mouth-breathing idiots first, because otherwise they would simply waddle around aimlessly, engage in senseless violence, and beget legions of retarded children who will probably never be gainfully employed without a Union, themselves.

Government caters to the lowest common denominator in all things because that's where the votes and money are, naturally. Why should anyone be surprised that some guy who passed the Postal Exam with a 62 gets called before the guy with the 100? The answer: because the guy with the perfect score probably isn't a mental defective this-close to going on a killing spree without a steady paycheck. He has options, you know. These people aren't so much workers as they are the seething barbarians of America with a very short fuse. It's cheaper to pay them more than they're worth, and steal their votes, than it is to institutionalize or euthanize them. The Romans thought that way, too. Much to their later distress.

Or, at least it was cheaper, Once Upon a Time.

Professor Hanson explains it all; it's the adolescent mindset. That's what we see on television every night; not people 'fighting' for their rights, or demanding to keep the overly-generous benefits they get; they're throwing a tantrum because they've been told "NO!".

Those people in the streets of Madison are not The Backbone of America. If they were, I'd probably be packing for greener pastures right about now.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

ObamaCare and Thoughtcrime...

Making the choice NOT to buy health insurance is now subject to government regulation? Are you kidding me?

This 'judge' has just formulated the basis of the newest version of Thoughtcrime (see: George Orwell); not doing what the government thinks you should be doing, even if what the government advocates is inherently unconstitutional. You can add this new definition of Thoughtcrime to all the older versions already on the books (speech codes, hate crimes, etc.). Soon, it will be illegal to breathe in a manner that invokes a Libtard's ire.

Where the fuck do we grow these judges?

Especially these left-leaning ones. Somehow, the word 'choice' in the liberal mindset only really applies to abortion (which should be left as unregulated, and as worthy of taxpayer dollars as possible, see: Philadelphia), but heaven forbid one should exercise the same conception of freedom of choice in whether or not one chooses to smoke, drink, own an SUVor a gun, let your children live, or stay as clear of The Lightworker's Great Eyedrops and Band-Aids Boondoggle as one reasonably can. No way; exercise those kinds of options (ones liberals don't like) and you've gone off the reservation and need to be punished -- for your own good, of course.

I'd like to suggest that we find the law school Judge Kessler once pretended to attend, and then burn it to the ground. It has obviously failed in it's stated goal of producing people who can be counted upon to be responsible jurists.

Naturally, when the result is reversed -- and Libtards don't like what a judge says -- it's a wholly different story. Then you have to have Congress come up with some code to restrict the Supreme Court...before they actually hear the case for/against ObamaCare. You can't make this shit up, folks.

Then again, when you take all things into consideration -- the judge-shopping that has gone on in defense of the indefensible (ObamaCare), the 900+ (and counting) waivers that have already been issued for a law that doesn't fully take effect until 2014, the unconstitutional manner in which ObamaCare was passed, the open bribery of key democratic Senators in an effort to get their votes on this piece of shit, the intimidation practices of the Left and their Union allies, and now the criminalization of the freedom of choice and the effort to constrain the full Supreme Court from hearing cases related to it -- it becomes absolutely clear just who and what the REAL democratic (smalll 'd' intentional) party truly is, and what they have come to stand for.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Scoop Jackson are rolling in their graves today. Even Robert Byrd, the Klansman and inveterate pork-barreler, who has every highway rest stop and overpass in West Virginia named after him, thought this thing was wrong, and would lead to less liberty, and at least had the courage (perhaps for the first time in his worthless life) to say so...before voting for it, anyway (I think).

Unions? Who Needs 'Em? Part II...

To the strikinig Public Union Workers (three lies for the price of one) in Wisconsin;

1. On Your 'Rights': tell it to the GM and Chrysler bondholders who got shafted so that the UAW wouldn't have to take a bite of the Shit Sandwich our politicians so thoughtfully crafted for us all. Their contractual rights were run over in the Obama Administration's (two more lies, same low price!) effort to reward Big Labor for all the money and adulation they gave to The One in his quest to be the first man to pretend that he's President of the United States, but actually live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

You know, many of those (non-union) bondholders depended upon the payout from those bonds as part of their pension. Where was the sympathy for them? Where was the solidarity with them? So far as I can remember, Big Labor was so silent on this travesty and injustice that you could hear the crickets chirping.

2. More on Your Rights: think back to this past December here in New York City when the largest blizzard in recent memory struck, and the Sanitation Department upon which we depend to clear the snow off the streets staged a work slowdown and sickout, protesting the loss (through attrition, which means they got to retire early) of something like 100 Sanitation supervisors.

Because the streets were clogged with snow, people died when ambulances and fire trucks couldn't get to them to render assistance. Talk about "getting a little bloody"? The New York City Sanitation Department has blood on it's hands already.

I guess the 'right' of 100 overpaid and underworked, probably-mouth-breathing-idiots-or-else-they'd-have-real-jobs to retire on the taxpayer teat outweighed the right of others to live, huh?

3. Even More on Your Rights: Fast-forward to February, 20111, and post-blizzard conditions are such that the perennial plague of potholes on New York City streets has returned. In my neighborhood, there are potholes large enough to cause trucks to bottom out, many have become than concrete ponds in the middle of the streets, and all are a threat to public safety and undoubtedly having adverse affects on other parts of the City infrastructure.

So, what does our Department of Transportation (the entity charged with filling potholes around here) do? It makes certain that it puts half it's 'work crews' on furlough (i.e. paid vacation - they get unemployment checks -- even though they actually still have jobs -- and the Union that represents them pays many of their living expenses while they're out for 10-14 weeks), just when it knows the pothole problem will be reaching it's zenith, and then cries that if the City continues to cut budgets those potholes just can't ever get filled.

Why, It's almost as if they planned the whole thing that way, you know? In another place and time, and if we weren't speaking of 'Public Employees', there'd be a Federal Prosecutor licking his lips over all the prospect of a string of easy convictions, given all the RICO predicates such a conspiracy would indicate.

Around here, some folks have taken to filling in the potholes themselves, and at their own expense. After all, how fucking difficult can it be to fill in a hole in the ground, right? And someone gets paid $40 an hour to do it?

4. On the "Get Bloody" Comment: What happened to that whole civility thingy that the Libtards were screaming about a month ago? Oh, right: that only applies when it's a democrat who gets shot. Seems to me that if your name is 'Capuano', and you come from an ethnic background which has a history of bloody murder and public rubouts, that you should probably be a little more circumspect about calling your cohorts to violence. Mr. Capuano makes me ashamed to be Italian (mostly because he's a fucking doofus).

Of course, people even dumber than Capuano actually took his advice and did get a little bloody, but since we're dealing with Union thugs who's intelligence is often comparable to that of your common garden slug, this should have been no surprise. But remember: it's only White Male Tea Partiers who are the new Brownshirts.

What a much better country we'd have, and a more vibrant economy, if we simply did away with the Unions altogether, made every state in the country a Right-to-Work State, and then allowed employees to negotiate the terms of their employment -- individually -- with their employers! If Union Slobs are shouting in the streets about the sanctity of a contract when it suits their purposes, then I'd like to be able to enjoy the same luxury.

In my case, I'd tell my employer that my skills will cost them $200k a year, but in return I'll forgo medical benefits, retirement benefits, and paid sick days. I'd rather have the money and take care of those things myself, thank you.

Of course, then I'd have $200k a year, and be villified as one of the Rich White Guys the Obamatards hate so much. Oh well, as long as I still get to own a gun, I think I can deal with that.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Only On Staten Island...

...can you leave your children at a Police Station, and then be arrested for Endangering the Welfare of a child.

Then again, with this sort of cop protecting our fair city, that might not be too far from the truth.

However, if charming little anecdotes about scaring your over-indulged, you-made-'em-uncontrollable children into quivering submission, or killer drunk-driver cops aren't your cup of tea, there's more to our fair isle. Why, if you look closely enough, you'll see a classic example of what happens to you if you make extremely poor decisions AND depend upon the government for your catastrophic healthcare. Your ObamaCare future, coming to a town near you!

The category of people once defined as"The Rich" has seemingly gone from $250k+ a year to those who earn $700 bucks a month, in just under 2 years? That's Change You Can Believe In, Son! Yesssirrreeee!

By the way, was I the only one who noticed that this young man is, somehow, both an Honors Student AND collecting government-funded disability payments for a learning disorder? And that John Jay offered him a free education, but that he didn't take it? Does any of this sound right to you? Not to belittle the kid's plight, but really, at what point do you stop playing victim, and expecting the taxpayer to pick up your bills, and start taking advantage of the opportunities you've been handed on a silver-fucking-platter?

Do you know how many people there are who would...ahem...give an eye...for a free education, Dispshit?

But it was so good to see that his union coughed up a whole $250.00 for his healthcare. Way to look out for the Workin' Stiff, Fellas! Warmed the cockles of my black, little heart, it did. I wonder how much the union gave to Chuck "I Wet My Pants Daily" Schumer's re-election committee? Did it get one of those 900+ waivers from the Obama Administration that let it wriggle out of ObamaCare, too?

Of course, it's not all doom-and-gloom in these parts. No, no, no. Sometimes, we can even entertain ourselves with the outrageous antics of our fellow citizens. Especially the ones who walk into a Home Depot, and probably stage an incident so as to provoke some response and therefore have grounds for a potentially-remunerative lawsuit. The gratuitous racism and de rigeur ambulance-chaser-approved neckbrace are just an added bonus.

The gene pool needs some chlorine, methinks.

Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others...

Honestly, I have to admit that I was attracted to this article mostly because the name George Orwell was attached to it. Orwell didn't write it, but the theme is one of Orwell's favorites, and was the basis for his novel Animal Farm.

(Ed. Note: By the way, if you still haven't read Animal Farm, you really, really should. And then you should see a doctor to get the mental defect that prevented you from reading it in the first place corrected, Dipshit!).

For all those people who routinely scream like Chicken Little that China will one day Rule the Earth, I counter with the argument that articles like this one prove that China is little more than Chicago, Washington, D.C., or New Orleans -- only with better press.

The same sickness which has destroyed those American cities -- the confluence of ridiculously-outmoded socialist thought (oxymoron) politics and policies, open bribery, unfair taxation policies, the misuse of tax money and political power, personal and political connections, the arrogance of a ruling elite, One-Party Rule -- is working the same magic on China, as a whole, that it always has worked everywhere it's been tried. The primary symptom of this disease is a culture of entitlement in which behavior that is otherwise beyond society's pale, is perfectly acceptable so long as it is the 'right' people (those with connections, or who have paid the requisite bribes) who engage in them, and always at someone else's expense.

That pisses people off, you know. In this country, we do things like form Tea Parties and vote Republican (which is only slightly-better). In places like China, people riot -- at least until they get run over by tanks, which only pisses people off even more. Imagine Tiannemen Square, only 50 times worse, and unlike the Newark or Los Angeles riots of American history, burning the city down would probably not be considered an improvement by most Chinese.

So, if all of you economic doom-and-gloomers who cower in fear of Chinese Domination can relax a bit. If we take the examples of what we know happens in (democratic-party-dominated)American cities and states as the natural consequence of what happens when Leftard government behaves in this way, it turns out there is nothing to be afraid of, at all.

Except that China, unlike, say Detroit, has nuclear weapons...but that's beside the point; At the rate at which China is "Detroiting" itself, within a generation there probably won't be anyone left who will be able to read the instructions for launch.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Unions? Who Needs 'Em?

Re: The Wisconsin Teacher's Union. The news is full of reports from the front lines of Madison, so I'm not about to rehash much of what has already been reported and debated in the Press. If you want to really know what's happening in Wisconsin, because the media pretty much lies or reports in a biased fashion about everything, then I suggest you go over to Ann Althouse's blog. She's doing an excellent job in telling you everything you need to know.

Some observations on this entire charade (because despite all the bullshit about Worker's Rights and the 'It's for the children...' nonsense, it is a charade);

a. On the Wisconsin state senators who fled the state to avoid having to vote on a bill that threatens their rice bowl: It seems that democrats love democracy...until they lose. Man up, put your Big Boy Pants on, and take your lumps. There was an election in Wisconsin and the People Have Spoken; they want their state to put it's books in order, and the first part of that process involves renegotiating unsustainable union contracts.

If you really consider yourself to be a Representative of the People, rather than a parasite who preys upon them, you'll go back to work. It is reprehensible that elected officials, charged with the Public Trust, can abandon their posts in a naked parliamentary maneuver designed to protect their sources of campaign cash.

I wonder if these so-called Public Servants are still being paid while on the lam? I wonder if the Governor can order their arrests for dereliction of duty?

b. At the rate we're going, a good number of those Union Slobs are about to lose their jobs, anyway. Unemployment is hovering near 10%, and if you count the people who have stopped looking for work, it's probably closer to 17%. That means that nearly 1-in-5 taxpayers isn't making enough to pay taxes at all. It's those taxes that pay your salaries, Numbnuts! The well is going dry, and when it finally does, you'll get laid off, anyhow. Why not soften the eventual blow, and just agree to do the right thing -- for yourselves -- even if it means giving back a few perks, or making a greater contribution to your own benefit plans?

Oh, right. Sacrifice is something other people are supposed to do.

c. Communism is a bad idea. Always was, always will be. Unions were the initial foothold that communism managed to create in America. If you hadn't noticed -- mostly because you probably can't read, which is why you have a union job in the first place -- the Soviet Union is gone, and the Chinese have all but abandoned ironclad Communism for unbridled Capitalism.

The Labor Union is as anachronistic as spats, hoopskirts, and ox-drawn carts. For organizations that claim to be 'Progressive', it's hard to reconcile that claim with the romantic intellectual attachment to the 1920's, and the serious mental state in which no one has noticed that Times Have Changed, and Things are Different.

The days of the Industrial Robber Barons are gone (unless you happen to be Jeffrey Immelt or Google), and so are the days of the Machine Economy, which still required brute labor and often entailed dangerous, unhealthy and oppressive working conditions. The Unions, it's true, did much to ensure that the horrors of the 20-hour day at the Dark Satanic Mill became a thing of the past, but the economy we live in now bears no resemblance to the one of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th and 20th Centuries. People are no longer victimized by their employers they way they were then, and nowadays, in instances where there is an actual beef about some form of victimization, there's 4,000,000 lawyers who will eagerly leap at the opportunity to sue a Fortune 1000 or a State, and rip off their clients, simultaneously.

Worker's Rights are now chiseled in stone, so to speak. Thank you,Labor Unions. Now please kindly leave the stage. You've done your part.

The playing field has changed. Those teachers in Madison are now behaving much like the caricature of the top-hatted, red-in-tooth-and-claw capitalist, manning the barricades to protect the privileges gained by stealing from the public and by victimizing others.

d. I think the majority of the Union people in the streets of Madison right now are cowards. What they fear the most is having to actually work for a living and having to compete on an even playing field with the rest of us. I doubt that most could, because their working habits have been formed in the Union Crucible, where actual results mean nothing and where talented individuals are hounded out of the herd in order to maintain the same, lower standards for the greater mass, while struggling to maintain a system of high-pay-high-benefit compensation that can no longer be justified.

I have first-hand knowledge of this due to my (thankfully brief) experience working at the Department of Commerce, where the average, room-temperature IQ public employee seemed the type who's employment prospects before government 'work' probably fell somewhere between Orange Jumpsuit and "Can I Super-size that for you?". As for the efficacy of the Union in 'improving working conditions', I'm reminded of the time when I was contracted to do IT work for the New York Shipping Association (Longshoreman's Union), and was sent to build out an emergency data center in a building in Port Elizabeth (the union muster hall,no less) which was crawling with rats, lousy with asbestos, and full of drunks. The rats were rivalled in numbers only by the empty bourbon bottles (only the cheapest kind, bought with Union Funds, no doubt) scattered about the offices.

e. Teachers, as a rule, are typically drawn from the lowest 20% of any college graduating class. There are statistics all over the place attesting to this fact, go find them if you don't believe me. These are not always the best and the brightest, and the results we've seen produced by our Public Education system more than bear this assertion out. Yes, there are some extremely good and dedicated teachers, but the majority are brain-damaged ticket-punchers who only resorted to an Education Degree when it became painfully clear to them that their dreams of becoming an Archaeologist, The Great American Novelist, Chemical Engineer, or C.P.A. were sadly dashed upon discovering that those endeavors require intelligence and a work ethic.

f. Just in case I haven't said this before; fuck unions. The only thing less-useful than a Union is an Islamic Terrorist, who at least has the virtue of blowing himself to smithereens and so ensuring that his mayhem and stupidity are a one-shot deal.

g. This battle is not about economics (even if economic factors have brought the Madison Protests to the fore), or even of fundamental fairness; it's about maintaining a series of often-outrageous privileges which can no longer be justified, and about the ability of the Unions to buy the politicians who will continue the gravy train.

If the teachers in Madison actually cared about the children, they'd be at work, teaching Billy and Jennie proper condom use, or all the finer points of anal sex, subjects which somehow managed to replace rote mathematics, phonics and American History in the typical Public School curriculum. You can, you know, still work and hold negotiations over your contract at the same time. If you really cared about the children, you wouldn't be putting your interests above theirs.

Multitasking is something Unions don't do, either, it seems.

Instead, what they're doing could, in the strictest terms, be likened to extortion. The fact that there might be a contract that gives them the right to engage in this form of extortion doesn't make it morally right. If anyone ever needed a list of reasons as to why the rest of the planet is kicking our ass economically, and why employers are willing to risk breaking the law and hire illegal immigrants, or flood the State Department with H1-B requests, you need only show up at any mass meeting of Unionized Workers. There you will find, in microcosm, everything that's wrong with the American labor market.

This process being played out in Madison has done us a great public service, however unintentional; it has exposed the naked hypocrisy of the unions, and given us yet one more example of what's wrong with our so-called 'Political Leadership'.