Friday, March 11, 2011

More on the King Hearings...

Last time I looked, the KKK has trouble organizing a circle jerk. I can't recall the Klan having been responsible for crashing an airliner into an office building, or trying to acquire nuclear weapons. And yes, the Klan did do some incredibly nasty and horrifying things to people...60 years ago. Since then, they have been hounded out of the public view, their ideas have been ridiculed, rejected, their ranks infiltrated by law enforcement. The mentality that created the Klan does, indeed, still exist, but more people would be far more embarrassed publicly by taking up the sheet than they would of being accused of pedophilia. Oh, and by the way; the Klan began to lose and disintegrate the second there was a Congressional Hearing on their activities. Sunlight is a wonderful disinfectant.

The same would happen to Al'Qaeda and the rest, if we just started talking about them honestly, and looking into what they do.

But that rather weak counter-argument -- but what about the Irrelevant Organization That Hasn't Given Anyone as much as a Paper Cut in Decades? -- being made by a democratic Congresdouche in that article is about what you'd expect from that sort of thumb-sucking idiot withis head in the sand.

The allure of the Klan (whatever it once was) has largely vanished, and I'm certain they didn't promise 72 virgins to their killers, either. Society has evolved, it has grown up, except within the ranks of the democratic party -- which sees racists everywhere, even if they have to invent them out of thin air,like four-year olds inventing monsters under the bed -- because without the specters of racism and injustice, the democratic party is little more than a group of thieves who have come together for no good purpose.

Without the ability to scream RACIST/SEXIST/HOMOPHOBE in the crowded movie house of American Society, the democrat and his hanger's on -- the race hustler, the ersatz-Reverend, the union dope, would all have to get real jobs. Forget the Mafia: the democratic party and the legions of Think Tanks, Advocacy Groups, Institutions, Advisory Committees, Blue-Ribbon Panels, Community Organizations, Union Representatives, Academics, et. al. , all of them funded by the taxpayer, are the REAL Organized Crime syndicate in this country.

Anyways, if you were paying close attention, these attitudes were put on public display in yesterday's hearings. Here was the Democratic Party Playbook in action:

1. Deny there is a problem. If you ignore it long enough, it won't be a problem anymore, as everyone will have forgotten about it and therefore, will not expect you to do anything about it.
Call into question the testimony of everyone, except the one dolt who is on your side. Posture, pose, pontificate, point fingers, but never let a word spoken in that chamber go unchallenged, even if you have to insult the public's intelligence in the process.

2. When denial doesn't work, justify one group's bad behavior by pointing to another group's bad behavior, so as to confuse the subject, and mention the Klan fifty times so as to fan the flames of fear, and never, ever mention that a democratic President and Attorney General once incinerated 80 Christians inside their own church after a 51-day siege with machine guns, tanks and chemical order to save the Children...

3. Decry the attempt of your political opponents to tar an entire group with the brush of "guilt by association" while hypocritically tarring all of the following with the same brush as often as possible; White, Christian, Male, Tea Party, Conservatives. Only White Guys who gather in small groups, to pray, hunt, vote, use their First Amendment Rights, work or pay taxes are ever guilty of anything, really everything, according to the democratic party.

4. Call your opponents racist every time they bring up an irrefutable fact. Bring up the specter of McCarthy every five seconds, neglect to tell the truth that McCarthy did, in fact, at least find some communists, and they were all in the hire of Libtard Idol FDR, or democratic Icon, Harry Truman. Conveniently forget that democrats have used similar tactics against Clarence Thomas, for example, amongst others.

5. Counter the idea that there are organized, world-wide terrorist conspiracies with the silver-bullet 'Lone Wolf' theory. This allows you to ignore the fact that while these guys perform the overt act of terrorism alone, they are often supported, trained and encouraged by bigger organizations and cultural institutions, sometimes in other countries, and that the community Mosque is, coincidentally, the focal point of most of those conspiracies -- the Crossroads of Lone Wolf and Al'Qaeda.

Democrats, who are always so hot to find the "Root Causes of..." when it comes to any other issue, are mysteriously incurious as to the root causes of Terrorism. This is because if they dug into this subject, they'd find that all their cherished ideas (i.e. Criminal Conspiracy) aimed at creating a multicultural society are incredibly wrongheaded, and in fact, sometimes even responsible for causing Achmed Your Crazy Neighbor to turn his '04 Pathfinder into a weapon. Without the multicultural mindset, which continues to snow certain segments of the American public with bedroom-wall-poster, 5th-grade-quality notions of freedom and equality aimed at those with a 3rd grade reading level, there would be no objective ideological reason to ever vote for a democrat.

If democrats ever discovered the root causes of terrorism (i.e. Islamic Culture) they would have to tell the truth about a minority group, and in the process lose that group's money, support and votes in elections, which means fewer democrats (btw, that doesn't automatically mean MORE republicans, but dems don't think that way). They would also have to admit that government is not the solution to this particular problem. The democratic party must be the 'friend' of every minority group because that is how democratic candidates manage to get elected; by pitting one group against another and exploiting the unfriendliness that results. It would also have to admit that the government cannot make everything magically right, and is more likely than not only able to make a problem worse.

Democrats are afraid of the Absolute Truth. Absolute Truths cannot be denied;. they cannot be ignored, distorted, twisted, folded, spindled, mutilated, or obscured by a lot of fancy words. Absolute Truth is a measure of Common Sense which is impossible to disprove by any means of propaganda currently available to the democratic party. If democrats cannot lie, and they cannot obscure or obfuscate the truth, then no democrat can never ever be elected.

Democrats are afraid that looking into the activities, even the deadly ones, of one minority group will eventually lead to Congress investigating other minority groups, as well. If you investigate Islamic Radicals today, there is no reason not to investigate illegal Mexican aliens tomorrow, and the Bloods and Crips next week, and this will expose the bad -- often reprehensible, dismal and criminal -- behavior and conditions of some segments of those communities to the light of day. It will actually expose the fact that 50 years of a Liberal-led War on Poverty has failed. It will prove that the Educational Establishment has failed. It will prove that all Liberal policies of the past 50 years have been based upon lies and a willful denial of human nature. It will expose the fact that trillions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted with no good result. The shaky foundation that the Libtard Empire has been built upon -- the Welfare State and the Government Bureaucracies and Unions that feed off of it -- will disappear. Without the Welfare State, there is no reason to ever vote for another democrat.

If Congressman King ever manages to capture a terrorist, prevent one from being recruited, or exposes some great conspiracy, he will have done the country a huge favor. He'd be doing us a much larger one if in the course of investigating terrorists he could make an effort to highlight the hypocritical stupidity of his ideological opponents, and take ever opportunity to explain to the public just why it is 'the other side' in this debate seems to be a) stupid, b) blind and c) disinterested in the facts.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Observations on the King Hearings...

Took me a while to actually figure out what to say after that tour-de-force of utter bullshit that ate up my morning and early afternoon. I watched the hearings from start to end, except for that one-hour gap where I took a dump; the whole thing was such a crock that I felt full of shit, too.

The best part of those hearings (not to make out as if it was entertainment) were the non-congressional witnesses who actually had something to say. More on them in a moment.

I was, once again, struck by the complete vapidity of your average Congressperson. If ever you found yourself wondering just how it was that the greatest nation in the history of mankind came to be slowly circling the bowl at the very pinnacle of it's technological development, I recommend that you tune into a Congressional Hearing. Within thirty seconds, you'll get the answer to that question, and if you stick around longer you will get the answer to just how it all degenerated so quickly; we elect complete morons to take care of our business, and misspend our tax dollars.

Which begs another question. Who is the bigger moron; the Real Doofus, or the one who votes for him? When I consider the Rogues Gallery of Dim Bulbs on that dais today, it would seem that We the People are probably, on average, dumber than dogshit. It's the only possible way Sheila Jackson-Lee could have been elected to anything.

Anyhow, I wonder why it is that no politician today can manage to say anything, or even to get a question out, without first reciting his/her resume and gushing about that latest load of horsecrap (so-called 'legislation') that will cost us all more, do absolutely nothing, and probably take away even more of our liberties? Considering the performance of Congress over the last 12 years, I should think the LAST thing you want to do is brag about anything you've done. That'll get you shot in some parts of Arizona, you know.

Since we're on the subject of the dull-witted personalities that make up our Congress, let's have a few choice words for some of the biggest dipshits on display:

* Congressman King: When you have a record of defending and supporting the IRA, you should be the LAST person to hold a Congressional Hearing on Terrorism and it's causes. Now, to be fair to Congressman King, his district is made up largely of drunken, unionized wifebeaters (i.e. the Irish) and of course, he wouldn't have been elected had he not kissed their Kelly-Green Asses. That's just the deck he was dealt. As far as the hearings are concerned, despite the record of the man presiding over them, they still need to be held. If there was anything that leaped out at you today, it was that 10 years after 9/11 there are people who are afraid to face the truth, still haven't gotten that the Jihadis are at war with us whether we like it or not, and need to be spoonfed facts because otherwise they'd continue to go through life pig-ignorant and collecting a Congressional paycheck.

Oh, and Congressman? Please do something about those eyebrows; you frightened my dog. And I don't even have one.

* Congressman Ellison: the First Muslim Member of Congress, and third-runner-up in the Malcolm X Wanna-be contest. Ellison has a vested interest in stopping these hearings because while he rails against the 'un-American' concept of 'guilt-by-association' (yeah? tell that to a Sicilian, a Tea Partier or a Conservative), he's obviously afraid to tell the truth about what's in Mo's Little Black Book (I've read it; it's basically a permission slip to do your worst, provided you do it to a non-Muslim), and thus, possibly lose his job.

By the way, the crying was a great bit of political theatre, but unfortunately, it only works for John Boehner. I saw that cry coming three minutes before the first tear even fell. By the way, there's an old rule in acting that states it's bad form to 'telegraph' your next emotion. Otherwise, you had nothing to say and wasted about 20 minutes worth of the public's airwaves.

Oh, one more thing, Mr. Ellison: we live in the age of Google. If you're going to tell stories about brave and much-maligned Muslims who gave their lives on 9/11, and who have been the 'victims' of anti-Muslim bias, you could at least make an effort to unsure that they actually a) existed, and b) you knew them. Within 5 minutes of your testimony, people were already fact-checking you online, Stupid! (not me though. I assume that anytime a democrat is speaking he's taking liberties with the truth)

* Congressbeast Jackson-Lee: there was only one reason for Sheila Jackson-Lee to be there, other than the sheer coincidence that she happens to be on the committee; to get her fat, ugly mug on TV and go through the same two-syllable posturing she's so rightly famous for. Which is why King wouldn't let any Congresscritter read an opening statement. There wasn't much time, and there was much to cover, and listening to Jacskon-Lee mangle the language while she tries to complete a sentence was just a waste of time.

* Congresswoman Sanchez: Listening to her, I was reminded of an old semi-scientific question I used to ask myself: If you left a glass of sour milk on a bright, sunny windowsill for 5-and-a-half-million years, would it eventually evolve ears, eyes and a mouth? The answer, apparently, is YES. However, I would think the glass of milk still has more raw intelligence.

* Congressman Wolf: apparently had nothing more to say than "Islam is bad" (no shit?) and then nothing to offer besides the usual crapspeak about how he's 'dealing' with the problem by 'sponsoring' this law, or 'advocating' for three-dozen new bureaucracies that'll just make it more difficult to determine who's responsible for the next disaster, and ensure that no matter how massive the mushroom cloud, no matter how many people have died, not one fucking person who works for the government will ever be fired for gross incompetence. And he calls himself a republican?

* Congressman Cravaak: proved an idea I've always had; that people named 'Chip' are probably the biggest douchebags on Planet Earth. Apparently, I have made a mistake in leaving Minnesota off the 'Worst Congressional Delegation' List because in addition to Ellison (see above) and Al Franken, they also elected this idiot, who was so busy trying to seem cool (saying 'Semper Fi' to a witness, and letting everyone know he was an old Navy Man, himself) that he could only manage three words afterwards: Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, and none of them in any intelligible context.

* John Dingle: Should change his name to 'Dingleberry', because it fits. I know he made some noises -- because there was a microphone to capture and amplify them -- I'm just not sure were speech, and there was some question as to whether they originated in his oral, or anal, cavity. Probably the latter, as it's well-known that Dingle is an old pro at talking out of his ass.

* Congresswoman Speier: the Queen of the Ball, so far as I'm concerned. She took the Grand Prize for the most obtuse, conceited, dismissive, unreal line of questioning which only confirmed for all who did not know it before: this woman hasn't got the same sense God gave an Irish Setter. An original thought and a cold drink of water might actually kill her.

Somewhere, there must be some KGB-style organization still working overtime to supply America with idiots (I think we call them 'Public Schools' and 'College'). Somehow, these people manage to get themselves elected, repeatedly, which leads me to believe that the first part of the Old Soviet plan to destroy America from within went something like this:

a) Create millions of stupid people, just like Congresswoman Speier, and flood the gene pool with them.

b)'Educate' them in the Public Schools, run by the bastard children of Lenin, the Unionized Teacher.

c) Polish them up to a high-gloss finish in the University, where they finally meet their KGB handlers (Professors) and are given their mission to ensure the democratic party is constantly supplied with voters, journalists, and candidates, and none of them espousing anything like a bright idea.

It's because of Congresswoman Speier that we were treated to the only noteworthy quote of the day. When questioning the witnesses before Congress about their 'expertise' in the field of Islamic Radicalization with an intent to demean them and diminish their testimony, one of those witnesses, Mr. Melvin Bledsoe (who's son was radicalized in Yemen, and later returned to shoot up a Little Rock Army Recruiting Station) responded (paraphrasing) "what qualifications do you have to be a Congresswoman?"

Another witness, a Mr. Jasser, summed up the whole problem with Radical Islam very nicely, and succinctly, and because he's so fucking right he's going to be ignored by one side, and demonized by the other. Mr. Jasser's contribution was to speak the unspeakable (i.e., the truth). It goes some thing like this:

There are terrorists in the world. A good number of them are Muslims. And a certain percentage of those are Muslims being radicalized in the United States, right in their own mosques. The problem cannot be solved by Congress, because it is a CULTURAL ISSUE which lies embedded deep in the Islamic bedrock. Unless Muslims themselves correct this issue (he called it a 'Reformation', hallelujah!) we're going to be dodging airliners, IED's and Dirty Bombs for a very long time to come.

Mr. Jasser made another important point: it's time to stop playing defense. Trying to soothe Muslim sensibilities, constantly trying to prove that we're not a bigoted country, to avoid telling the truth because it might hurt someone's feelings, are playing directly into the hands of the Islamic terrorists. It's time to make a stand for Liberal Democracy, and start demanding that people assimilate.

The last interesting witness, and I call him interesting because he was yet another fountain of obvious multicultural bromides,and I was able to sing along at home, was Sheriff Lee Baca, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department. His argument against holding the hearings at all was that doing so created an atmosphere of mistrust which would prevent Sheriff Baca from doing his job.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the same excuse Law Enforcement in California (and New York, to be fair) makes so as to not have to enforce Immigration Laws, too. If that man was my Sheriff, I'd vote for someone else next time. It' so obvious that his resistance to these hearings is based upon the 'slippery slope' theory; if you investigate Muslims today, next thing you know, you'll be investigating Blacks and Latinos tomorrow. And Lord knows, no one wants to know what really goes on in minority communities, because then someone might actually demand that the Los Angeles County Sheriff leave his office and go do his job, and start to wonder what that load of dryer lint called 'Congressman' actually does for a living.

All-in-all, this was at least a good beginning to start giving some thought as to why people want to blow themselves up for Allah, but considering the number of ass-scratching doofuses on display today, I have this feeling that we're never going to truly get to the bottom of it all because the democratic party advertised it's allergy to the truth. More on this in the next post.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"Allahu Akbar!" is Arabic for "Nothing to see here..."

Mark Steyn on the Frankfurt shootings, the immigration debate, and the consequences of fawning Western multiculturalism.

I meant to post this the other day, but didn't get around to it. Apologies.

If You're Going to Be Holding Hearings on Terrorism...'d best not be on the record as an IRA supporter.

Unfortunately for people like King, with his own Hibernian heritage, they are required to at least give lip-service to the cause of Irish Independence because here in the Northeast the Irish represent a significant voting bloc. In this regard, King is no better than any Kennedy who ever lived, and shame on those members of the Irish-American community in this country who did their level-best to ensure that a bunch of bomb-throwing drunks had the absolute best explosives and guns that money could buy. Either King actually does support the IRA, or he's lied to a bunch of people in order to steal their votes and money. But then again, he's a politician; it's what they do. Expecting honesty and consistency from such self-interested douchebags is really too much to ask.

Now, King isn't wrong, vis-a-vis his hearings; there is a problem with Islamic terrorism, and there is certainly a problem with home-grown jihadis in this country, and the question we should all be asking is not "do these hearing unfairly single out Muslims for unwarranted scrutiny" but rather "after a decade of a War on Terror, why didn't you get to this sooner, Asshole?" The answer, of course, is that there must have been a more-important task for the politicians to accomplish before the defeat of Al'Qaeda, and that somehow this involved unionizing the same dickheads who helped bring you 9/11, pumping more money into intelligence services that failed to detect and stop the plot, turning the nation's airports into concentration camps, and finding more and creative ways to intrude upon the privacy-- and trample upon the rights -- of taxpaying Americans who just want to be left the fuck alone by the nosepicking morons in Washington who should be defending us.

If you think we're winning this War on Terror, then consider this: Usama Bin Laden is probably still alive. We're spending $100 billion a year to bomb Afghanistan forward into the Mud Age, and they're somehow still not equipped to handle it. American soldiers are still dying after the government has either declared 'Mission Accomplished!' or 'Combat operations have ceased'. There are hundreds of 'detainees' enjoying all the sun-baked splendor of the Caribbean at taxpayer expense. Your daily life is full of some government-sponsored douchebaggery which probably infringes upon your rights, lessens your liberties, or costs you money. We talk about 'bringing freedom and democracy' to the unwashed masses of the Middle East, but ignore the fact that this freedom and democracy is being installed and propped up at gunpoint, and the candidates are mostly all of our choosing. And we're bankrupt. If this is victory, I'd hate to see defeat. But, I digress...

King's problem is one of standards, or rather, his own double-standards. Now, a politician in Washington having double-standards is not exactly a new phenomenon. The Art of Politics is all about Double-Standards in Modern America; they are set up and continue to exist specifically to be manipulated by our elected officials. King has obviously supported a terrorist organization when it was convenient and advanced his career, and now he's attempting to further advance his career by conveniently reversing course. Apparently, there are terrorists and then there are terrorists, and who is a terrorist at any given time probably depends on whether there is a public furor over the subject, and who manages to throw you a few votes, or scratch you a campaign contribution check. King's weak response to the accusations of having this double-standard are pretty much what you'd expect to hear from a complete doofus who's been caught with his rhetorical pants around his hypocritical ankles: hummina-hummina-hummina...

Then again, King was the fucktard who suggested that in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, that it should be illegal to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of a Congressdouche or Federal Official (as if that could be reasonably enforced), so why should anyone be surprised that he's absolutely clueless on this issue, too?

Says the article:

The New York Republican says the IRA and al-Qaida are very different -- the IRA was a narrowly focused homegrown movement while al-Qaida has attacked the U.S. and other countries. King said in an interview Tuesday he was right to advocate that the IRA be brought into peace negotiations to stop the violence.

Oh, I see. So I guess all those IRA attacks in BRITAIN was just the IRA expressing it's narrowly-focused homegrown-ness that was in no way indicative of an attack on another country? I've actually been in Britain during a spate of (small-scale) IRA attacks, and I can tell you this; the only differences between the mobile-mortar attacks on bridges and stadiums (IRA operatives in vans equipped with heavy mortars and cut-out roofs), and 9/11 (I was at Ground Zero) were the scale and the amount of carnage and mayhem inflicted. The intent is the same -- to kill, maim, frighten, and in so doing, to change a government's policy.

Bringing the IRA to the 'peace table' (A Clinton/Blair idea, which means it must have been very-poorly thought-out) only legitimized it's methods, in much the same way that the United States legitimized Muqtada Al'Sadr in Iraq, by letting him stand for election to Parliament. There is, objectively, no difference between the IRA and Al'Qaeda. To pretend otherwise is disingenuous, and a load of crap. Then again, Peter King was never the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, being a member of the New York Congressional Delegation which is perhaps the nation's worst. If the entire delegation were to be replaced by incontinent Rhesus Monkeys tomorrow, we'd all be a lot better off.

Be that as it may, while King may not be arriving at his own hearings with clean hands (in fact, I would hazard to guess that on his best days, King arrives at a battle of wits completely unarmed), that is not a reason to delay or even give up the process. There is a problem with Muslim terrorists, and there certainly is a problem with American citizens being recruited to Jihad. I've posted, just the other day, why they do it, and if the Congresscritter would just read the damn thing, he'd have all his answers and we could save a lot of time, hot air and money, but that's besides the point -- it would deprive King of face time on Television. The real issue is that King is not the proper advocate; you can't be a standard bearer when your standard is a double one.

The hearings should still continue because the problem is real, and the issue is relevant (and because I don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about Muslim sensibilities), only someone else should be taking point on them, if only to deprive The Other Side in this debate of the public-relations ammunition.

Oh, before I drop the subject entirely, I'd like to say a few words to my Irish friends out there -- apropos of if being St. Patrick's Day being next week; your compatriots on the Other Side of the Pond have been fighting for 800 years ... and mostly losing. Many of you here in America have absolutely no connection whatsoever to the Old Country, or The Troubles, except for what your great-grandparents or grandparents might have told you at their knee. A good many of you have never even been to Ireland, even as a tourist. You're not Irish at all; you're Americans in every measurable and conceivable way, except that you happen to drink more than most, and dance in a fashion that evokes the laughter and pity of most homosexuals. The street battles in Belfast, the Potato Famine, the myth of No-Irish-Need-Apply, and the indignity of the English (really Norman and Welsh) invasion and occupation of a portion of your ancestral homeland have all been lost to the decay of time and is in the realm of distant memory. Give it the fuck up, already; it's not your fight, and it hardly evinces any romantic aura.

The Romans didn't even feel your land worthy of conquest, and when Ireland was finally dragged kicking and screaming into the civilized world, it was at the hands of a pious British slave/lunatic bearing a shamrock, so what does that tell you?

You Know It's a Bad Idea When...

...both John McCain and John Kerry agree on it.

With regards to creating a 'No-Fly Zone' over Libya:

a. Whenever I'm considering military options, the last people I usually ask for an opinion are; a guy who got himself shot down and spent the bulk of the war in a POW camp, and another one who got four draft deferments before volunteering for a service which was unlikely to see combat, then volunteering again for a branch with an extended training period that kept him out of the War for as long as possible, and then finally, once finding himself in combat, had himself followed around with a camera so that he would have some really neat footage with which to launch his political career. After he collected enough self-inflicted gunshot wounds to be sent home on a technicality.

Oh, and then I wouldn't want said loser to have tossed his ill-gotten medals away (the ones he wrote his own commendations for) and then call his comrades in arms 'baby killers' and 'war criminals'.

News to McCain and Kerry; you guys LOST your war. Let me get the opinion of someone who has actually won one, or at least had been on the winning side.

b. John Kerry ran for President on an anti-Iraq War platform, after, mind you, having voted for use of force against Saddam Hussein, after having decided that yes, there were indeed WMD's in Iraq, and with the cynical expectation that being on the record in favor of the Iraq War was a good career move...until it wasn't... because Hillary Clinton (another pro-War democrat back then) was making political hay out of opposition on the issue. She at least had the brains not to run in 2004.

And the sophisticated, nuanced Kerry lost to a man that his own party considered a mouth-breathing, warmongering, illiterate who couldn't find his own ass with both hands and a compass. How must that make you feel, John Boy?

c. Kerry has a history of voting in favor of wars/military action in which it is fairly certain that no one is likely to be shooting back at us: Kosovo, Bosnia, and now Libya. This is probably due to his own wartime experience of making sure he shot himself in order to be sent home, rather than taking a bullet from the enemy. Then again, when you're the scion of the New England Upper Crust and Country Club Set, if you're going to be shot you don't want it to be with that cheap stuff made in China; only the finest American ammunition will do the trick.

John Kerry may have been the first (and only) man in American military history to care enough about appearances to ensure that he shot himself in a manner, and with bullets, that met the highest standards for quality, class, bearing and breeding of the smart Martha'sVineyard Social Scene.

d. John McCain is probably senile. If you doubt this, just review his 2008 Presidential campaign. Anything he has to say, I should think, is suspect.

e. Who gives a fuck if Muslims are killing each other? It's what they do, anyway. Hell, it's what they do BEST. So far as I'm concerned, the more they kill amongst themselves means the fewer we'll have to kill later on. I'd love to see Khadaffi standing trial for the Pan Am 103 bombing, but if leaving him free for a few months longer means a few hundred thousand more dead inbred nomads, then I'm all for it.

It's bad enough that we're saddled with Barack The Indicisive; that's a handicap that no nation should ever have to endure, but much like John Kerry's, this is a self-inflicted wound. It gets even worse when aging Cold Warriors -- from opposite ends of the political spectrum, with different experiences of a war in which they were both defeated -- can both agree that committing even more Americans to combat is a great idea. Particularly when you look at the track records of the men in question.

Both men probably cry themselves to sleep at night because there is no more Soviet Union; McCain because he misses the heady days when the world was this-close to nuclear annhiliation, and Kerry because his cherished childhood idols (Stalin, Kruschev, et. al.) were proven to be so badly wrong about Socialism.

American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen shouldn't be sent into battle as a public relations stunt. We've had enough of that in Afghanistan and Iraq. They should only be sent into battle to destroy the enemies of this country utterly and completely. Libya shouldn't be a 'No-Fly Zone'; it should be a 'No-one-left-alive Zone'. That's what you call 'Victory', something neither Kerryor McCain has any experience of. If we're not willing to do that, if we're not willing to WIN and leave a lot of bodies in our wake, then we shouldn't be sending anyone.

John McCain's only talent is for straddling fences and antagonizing conservatives, and Kerry's for marrying other men's wealthy widows. One lost an election to a man with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever, and the other lost his to a man who couldn't pronounce 'nuclear' properly, but at least had the moral clarity you'd expect to find in your smartest of parakeets.

Would you follow either into battle? I wouldn't follow either through my own front door. And over Libya? These are two of the people who helped to craft and shape the successful debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan. What makes you think they'll have any clue as to what to do in Tripoli?

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A Very Heartfelt Thank You...

This goes out to Mr. Chap and all the inmates over at the Insane Asylum, who have thoughtfully added me to their blogroll.

I don't know if this a professional courtesy or an expression of solidarity between the mentally deficient. If this is the former, than I say "thank you". If the latter, I'd say the rest of the country is in a shitload of trouble; it's an indication that the Mentally-Deranged-but-still-smarter-than-a-Congressman are banding together to set things aright.

Head on over there -- right this fucking second -- and give it a look-see. There's some awesome stuff being posted there, even if everyone does write in crayon.

Also, a great big thanks to everyone who stops by here for a little daily mental toilet paper. We've averaged over 2,000 visits a month for 4 straight months now, which is pretty tame by 'Great Blog' standards, yes, but far grander than anything I had ever envisioned for this word vomit when I first started it. This time last year, I was averaging just under 1,000 visits a month, so I must be doing something right. Please continue to tell your friends, relatives, pets and everyone you really, really dislike to stop on by and sit a spell.

From the Religion of Stupid Files...

For all of you still under the impression that Islam is simply a misunderstood and peaceful religion, I bring you:


When someone in Egypt says they're burning with desire, they really, really mean it, don't they? What is so sad about this story is that a simple love affair devolved into a series of murders and arson. Does that sound very peaceful to you?

It's also really good to see that all those newly-anointed (by the Media and White House, oh sorry: that's redundant) peaceful, Egyptian democrats can all get along and respect one another in their newly-liberated, democratic, pluralistic society now that Good Ol' Hosni is no more, huh?

It's a good thing they had a "Reconciliation Meeting'.

Meanwhile, In Saudi Arabia, the very cockpit of Middle Eastern democratic tradition, the government has declared that protests against the government are contrary to Sharia Law and the so-called 'values' of Saudi society, such as it is. This edict was issued in response to a planned protest in which citizens of Saudi Arabia were simply asking if the King couldn't find his way clear to transforming the country into a Constitutional Monarchy. Remind me again how and why American soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan to 'bring democracy to the Muslim world'?

And just in case that none-too-thinly-veiled threat doesn't get through, the Saudi Kingdom is ensuring that it will at least have enough soldiers to prevent an Egypt-style demonstration in the Shia provinces bordering near-riot Bahrain from getting too far out of hand. Nothing says "it's for your own good" than a phalanx of men with automatic weapons who have probably already been encouraged to not be too stingy with the ammo.

Now, on the off-chance that you were beginning to think that all Muzzies were Looney Tunes, we're told that a group that was to give Khadaffi's son a peace prize was discover -- unbeknownst to them, because he had them all fooled -- just what a douchebag he is, and tonight is breathing a heavy sigh of relief that they managed to pull the plug on this nonsense before the ward was actually handed out. Why, just imagine the embarrassment that might have ensued...

However, you do have to be fair, and give credit where credit is due; Colonel Goofball''s son did try his mightiest to release a gaggle Belgian nurses arrested in Libya on charges of deliberately infecting children with AIDS. All the really good-hearted dictator's sons do their damnedest to ensure that people arrested on preposterous charges get the very best that Libyan justice can contrive.

Relieved at having avoided the painful embarrassment of almost giving a peace award to a murderer's son, the Towelhead prize-giving group in question issued this statement:

The Islamic Friendship Association is yet to confer the prize on a new recipient, which is awarded for those who help resolve conflict through dialogue.

Which probably means that no one in Egypt is probably going to win anything anytime soon.

Note to American Muslims...

RE: Representative Peter King's hearings on the causes of Jihadi Radicalization.

There is no 'witch hunt'. The fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of terrorist acts perpetrated in the world today are committed by Muslims. It is a fact that the majority of acts of terror committed in the world over the last 40+ years have been committed by Muslims, or have been financed, advocated, supported, or justified by Islamonazi regimes and Islamic religious authorities.

It is also a fact that the vast majority of terrorist attacks, attempted or successful, upon Americans have been perpetrated by Muslims operating in the United States or against American interests: The 9/11 attacks, the USS Cole incident, The Shoebomber, the Underwear Bomber, the Fort Dix conspiracy, the Berlin Shooter, the Time Square Bomber, the Fort Hood Massacre, the would-be Seattle Bomber, and the latest and greatest attempt by some Islamic loser to bomb nuclear power plants and assassinate George W. Bush in Texas. If we go back into the past, we can recall the Beirut Barracks Bombing, Robert Steatham, Leon Klinghoffer and the Achille Lauro, The Rome and Athens Airport Attacks, any number of Americans taken Hostage (in Beirut, In Tehran, by 'Pirates'), Pan Am 103, any number of hijackings of civilian airliners, Embassy Bombings, and on and on, and on.

Al'Qaeda and it's franchisees, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, The Iranian Theocracy, and the rest of the demented lot have all stated that one of their goals, a prerequisite to their overarching goal of instituting an Islamic Caliphate across the entire planet, is the destruction of the Western World, the United States and Israel. And that so far as they are concerned, those are all the same; a bombing in a London supermarket, or a rocket attack on a Tel Aviv kindergarten, is just as good and justified as an attack on The Pentagon or the White House.

The indiscriminate violence is not so indiscriminate, after all.

If you feel picked upon, Muslims, you should; it's your own kind that does these things and which brings this sort of scrutiny upon you. If you feel unfairly singled out, then that too is just too fucking bad; you know who these people are -- they are your sons, fathers, brothers and crazy uncles -- and you never seem to be able to come forward and either denounce their activities after they explode, or turn them into the authorities before they do. You excuse their insanity, you protect them, you help them either directly or tacitly with that silence or protection, and then you hide behind your dogshit religion to avoid responsibility for them.

If you feel as if you are being unfairly maligned, lumped in with a bunch of criminals and insane asylum escapees, then imagine how I feel; my own Sicilian heritage opens me up for all sorts of Mafia-references and associations where none exist, and many people I've met in my lifetime have had a bit of fun (or sometimes they're just stupid) at my expense by asking how many rub-outs I have to my credit, or asking if they can see my knife, or demanding to know just what sort of a person John Gotti really was, as if I have personal knowledge. If had personal knowledge of a murder-for-hire, a loan-sharking operation, truck hijacking, or Organized Crime scam, I'd be the first to call the FBI.

That's my responsibility as a citizen. Part of the price I pay to live in the greatest country ever created is that I have a responsibility to help keep it that way, even if it means turning in a relative or close friend. Even if it meant that I was branded a 'traitor' to my people, or left me open to the possibility of revenge. It is part of the implicit social contract of a united people.

Instead of complaining that you're being treated as pariahs and potential criminals, why don't you just do the right things; get out into the streets and protest against terrorism and Radical Islam? Why not turn in a potential terrorist in your community? Why not co-operate with local law enforcement to save lives? Why not stop sending money to 'charities' which are front organizations for terrorists? Or how about this: make a fucking effort to assimilate into American life and give up your Desert-Nomad-approved ways? I know the current political climate in the United States is that of enforced separation (because if people ever truly came together they'd realize they're pretty much in the same boat, and that would mean no democrat or libtard would ever be elected to office again), but why not make an effort to break free of that mold?

Oh,right. Because a work ethic isn't a part of your culture, and neither is the concept of personal responsibility.

As for Representative King:

I'm going to save you all the trouble of holding a bunch of hearings, and the American taxpayer a shitload of money, and explain to you just what makes a terrorist because ten years after 9/11 the fact that we have to hold this sort of hearing is indicative that no one in Washington has actually studied this phenomenon -- astounding when you stop to consider how much money, and how many lives, have been wasted in this Public-Relations-Campaign-With-Guns euphemistically called 'The War on Terror'. We have, perhaps, the only country in the world where the Podunk Police Department (4 members) has a Mobile Communications Center, on-call SWAT Team, access to Geiger Counters, Chemical Sniffers, Hazmat Suits, and a bewildering array of high-tech whiz-bangery at it's disposal to protect it's population of 300 from the Lottery-like remote possibility of an attack than most countries have to actually respond to one.

And in all that time, after all that money, no one has stopped to ask the simple questions: where do they grow these fucking lunatics? What makes them want to kill us?

The Lunatic's Guide To Creating A Home-Grown Radical Jihadi in Eight Easy Steps:

1. Take some loser douchebag from a culture that preaches that he's entitled to lord it over everyone who doesn't pray the same way he does, and then can't reconcile the absolute misery of the reality of his existence (i.e. poverty, endemic unemployment, casual violence, sexual repression, societal stratification, religious/political tyranny, malnutrition, successive generations of inbreeding, heinous system of 'justice', lack of education or sanitation, which puts social barriers in the path to happy marriage, all marinated in a cesspool of superstitions on everything ranging from the mystery of the menstrual cycle to the etiquette of bestiality) with his unquestioning belief in a Good and Just God and the inevitability of His ultimate triumph (a triumph in which the believer is commanded to exhaust his resources, energies and life, and to commit heinous atrocities against his enemies in the course of seeing it happen).

2. Stir in the frustration of every-day life in the Wastelands of the Middle East; of not being able to find work, get enough to eat, or to even get laid once in a while, with the media-driven images of life in the West which is slowly and steadily penetrating the Islamic protective bubble of stupidity, where the people Muslims see are reasonably well-off, well-fed, and fucking at the drop of a hat without having to pray five times a day. Or wipe their behinds with the same hand they eat with. All in an environment of safety and respect for the law. The thought begins to germinate: why don't I have a life like that?

3. Make it easy for said loser douchebag to 'escape' his self-inflicted cultural prison by extending him the opportunity to work or go to school in the West without preparing him for the realities of life here. The primary reality being that we don't care what backwards-livestock-shagging-bloodthirsty-afraid-of-the-vagina lifestyle you had back in the Old Country (and really, these aren't countries in the sense that we Westerners would understand them; the majority are little more than Tribes with Flags), you're now Stateside, and you're expected to behave differently.

You might have been permitted to rape your own sister back in Pakistan, kill your Wife or Children for the slightest insult -- real or imagined -- back in Somalia, but that shit just doesn't fly here, Mohammed!

4. Dump said unprepared loser douchebag into a politically-driven and self-esteem-oriented social system that practically guarantees (because he can't understand it) that he'll be even more-isolated, confused, lost, and hornier than he ever was back home. Ensure that while he may have been an electrical engineer back in Egypt, he's not going to find work as one in America because there's cabs that need driving, floors that need mopping, and those are the jobs that immigrants (usually illegal) traditionally do. Get in line, Bub! Make sure that while we crow about our ability to welcome everyone and to tolerate a wide range of belief systems and customs, that we also encourage him to be less than magnanimous in this regard himself, and then defend and excuse him when he isn't because we want his votes and have competing political motives for ensuring that the common culture is destroyed one societal foundation brick at a time.

5. Watch as unprepared loser douchebag who is actively encouraged to persist in his wrong-headed belief in his innate superiority as a 'Chosen Man of God' -- because it makes liberals feel all warm-and-fuzzy to think they've done him a favor and struck a blow for 'equality' and 'multi-culturalism' -- tries to exercise his God-given right to do whatever he goddamned pleases, to whomever he goddamned pleases, whenever he goddamned pleases, and finds himself frustrated because:

a. Whatever he wants to do repulses his neighbors,

b. Whoever he wants to do it to will not stand for it,

c. the Busty, Blond-haired, blue-eyed girls won't submit to his 'authority' as a man and a Muslim, decreed by God, and throw him one.

(As a piece of advice to Muslim Men: the busty blondes are not likely to bestow their favors upon you when you smell like the Port Authority Men's Room after a three-day-Cinco-De-Mayo weekend -- with just a hint of goat dung -- and you insist upon rolling them up in carpets, beating them, and demanding that they submit to your will in all things because "God said so").

6. Watch as unprepared, horny, sexually-frustrated, loser douchebag begins to nurse grievances (real and imagined) against an American society that wasn't exactly what was advertised -- on the one hand it stresses acceptance and the freedom of the individual, and on the other doesn't demand a responsibility on the part of the individual to extend that consideration to others -- which causes him to pine for his homeland and his native culture, and which creates the pyschological need to hear what he wants to hear --i.e. that he and his diseased culture are the greatest fucking things in Creation since the invention of the Blowjob -- and he finds his way into the only places he's liable to find that comfort; The MOSQUE, or just as bad, THE UNIVERSITY.

7. Feign shock and surprise as unprepared, horny, psychologically-needy, loser douchebag falls under the influence of a 'holy man' or demented ass-suck PhD who has three main motivations;

a. To continue the delusion of Muslims -- the most backwards, inbred and mentally-impoverished people on Planet Earth, who make the worst specimens of Appalachia look like Nobel Laureates, by comparison -- as the Chosen Inheritors of the Earth (hey, it beats working for a living),

b. Undermining the foundations of Western Culture in order to advance the cause of Islam (or Libtard-ism), from which he intends to profit (not Prophet), both economically and politically,

c. Finds amongst his flock (that's the men who come in to pray --not the harem of sheep he keeps on hand for his sexual gratification) those who are batshit-insane, frustrated, horny, stupid, confused and psychologically-damaged enough to be his willing tools; the footsoldiers who will help him advance the (lost) cause of Islam and destroy American Culture by carrying out activities that the Imam/Professor himself hasn't the physical courage to undertake.

8. Allow all of this to go on under circumstances where the response to Muslim antagonism is grovelling submission and tortured apologies made by the political class, where the Muslim is exempted from scrutiny because to question him or his activities would be 'insensitive' or 'racial profiling' (Islam is not a race, Assholes!), and where the culturally-suicidal 'requirements' of
political correctness and multiculturalism dictate that while he (the Muslim) may be a dumbass-sexually-repressed-insane-inbred-sandy-little-bandit/nomad-with-seriously-damaged-thought-processes-and-DNA it is OUR (the Normal People's) duty to accommodate HIM, while he is mystically absolved from having to do the same for us.

There, Mr. King. No muss, no fuss. From Sandflea-Scratching Peasant to Jihadi Douchebag in 8 easy steps.

We now know the 'HOW', the only question left for Mr. King and his Unbelievably-Stupid-Butthole-Buddies in the Congressional Clubhouse is "What do we do about it?"

Lucky I'm here to save you on that score, too, Congressdouche!

The Lunatic's Guide to Saving America from Radical Jihad

1. Stop Muslim immigration to the West.

2. Demand that Muslims here either play by our rules, or get the fuck out.

3. Physically deport those who refuse to play by our rules.

4. Instead of bringing democracy to the Middle East, how about we start killing terrorists and Muslims (sorry, that's redundant) in the millions, and teach them to stop fucking with us? They are incapable of democracy so long as Islam remains unreformed and the dominant force in daily life. Better to kill enough of them in the most terrible ways imaginable than to build new water systems, sewers, schools, roads, and a cellphone network for a bunch of people who will never be able to maintain them, and who will never thank us for them. Why build Presidential Palaces for the next generation of Saddam Husseins, who are now being protected by American guns and propped up by American cash, only with the purple-finger illusion of having been 'democratically-elected'?

5. 'Racial' profiling and common sense work; start using both so that we don't have to be felt up at the airport, or arrive three hours early for our two hour flight to comply with security measures that are two lies for the price of one.

6. Start holding our 'leaders', the President, the Congress, the State Department, the Police Forces, the Military, the Legal System, Academia, the Media, our Social and Religious Elite, responsible for the results of the policies that they advocate. The only real damage being done in this 'War on Terror' is that Americans have seen an even higher rate of erosion of their Civil Rights, and even greater restrictions on their rights to travel or speak their minds.

Muslims are responsible for Terrorism, therefore, Muslims should not be surprised that they garner unwanted scrutiny. Too fucking bad. I'm sick and tired of living in a world where your sensibilities count for more than mine, and my rights to speak up and demand action have to be taken away by government so that you may feel better about yourselves despite the blood on your hands.

Get with the program, Muslims; either assimilate, and join the rest of us in the 21st century, or stay in the stink of your own ignorance and protect a culture and a so-called religion which breeds suicidal murderers within your own families. You can't have it both ways -- you can't be both guilty and innocent.

Why Was it That Unions Were Supposed to be a Good Thing, Again?

New York State spends ten times the national average on Public Sector pensions than any other state in America, and the Union 'Workers' themselves contribute less than half the National Average to them.

Even more shocking than this figure is that the New York Times actually reported it.

Go figure.

By the way, since I'm on about the unions again today, Dear NFL Player's Association:

The Average Salary of an NFL player in 2009 (according to various sources) was about $1.8 million dollars per year. If you are a millionaire, you don't need a union -- you need a financial planner.

You get paid to play a game that most men play for free in their spare time. You get free medical care from your teams, fame, endorsement deals, and your choice of hot chicks (gold diggers, yes, but who says you have to get emotionally attached?). And you only 'work' half the year (various training camps and the NFL season).

Yes, I know; those contracts aren't guaranteed, but then again, that's the reality that the majority of people in this country face; employment is very often "at will", and the only difference between us working slobs and you is that a good number of you get a portion of that long-term contract money up front. It doesn't hurt as much when you've signed a four-year $10 million contract with a $500,000 signing bonus, and $3 million up front, and then get cut. I'd give a testicle for a contract like that.

So would most people in America. You have some nerve threatening a strike.

As for the NFL owners: it's a $10 billion dollar NFL pie, surely you can figure out a way to divide it well enough to keep everyone happy. Then again, you're the people who charge season ticket-buyers a 'license' fee for the right to buy tickets -- before raping them for said tickets.

Both sides in this manufactured dispute make me sick.

The OTHER Emperor Without Clothes...

Mike Bloomberg is a lying douche who should never, ever be allowed anywhere near a Presidential primary.

(Ed. Note: The full version of this original article is now available online at Commentary Magazine).

For those of us who have suffered through the Reign of Doomberg the First, the evidence for the complete and utter failure which is the Bloomberg Administration is glaring and obvious, and given the current state of national politics in general, and New York politics in particular, it was entirely foreseeable.

Bloomberg the Politician has benefited from the paucity of qualified, or even likable, opponents from either the Left or Right; your choice as a voter in three successive New York Mayoral elections has been between Bad and Worse. Between Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich, to steal a meme from South Park.

Mike Bloomberg ran for mayor on the premise that a successful businessman was the best possible candidate to administrate the fifth or sixth (I forget which) largest government in America. That a man who had built a multi-billion dollar personal empire was possessed of the financial acumen and good judgement that would have seen New York prosper, with lower taxes, sensible laws, and steady stewardship. He is the example that has largely proven that while successful businessmen know how to make money in the private sector, they often haven't got the same sense bequeathed to a brain-damaged Irish Setter when it comes to managing an entity (a city workforce) who's vested interest is not in the profit of the entire enterprise, but in the maintenance of the status quo, and thus, their own profit.

The Mayor of the Best City on Planet Earth has spent his interminable term destroying the city, instead of building it up. It has been an almost-uninterrupted campaign of turning Manhattan into a liberal's paradise, where there's no smoking, no hotdogs, no automobiles, and the streets are returned to their 'rightful owners'; the big-money solons of the Upper East Side who don't wish to mix with the largely Working- and Recipient-class hoi polloi of the Outer Boroughs...unless the masses happen to be the hired help.

The man who sued Rudy Guiliani in order to get control of the rebuilding of New York after 9/11 has largely failed to do what he once promised to do. We're just now getting started on building, in earnest, the future monstrosity that will be known as the"Freedom Tower", while the Islamic assholes who destroyed the World Trade Center have been building victory monuments (Ground Zero Mosque) with largely federal funding and a phalanx of stupid politicians and judges to defend and advance their cause -- including Bloomberg. Bloomberg vowed to take charge of the reconstruction efforts, and then turned them over to people and entities even less-equipped than he was; three governors who couldn't find their own ass with both hands and a flashlight (Pataki, Spitzer, Paterson) and the Port Authority of New York-New Jersey, which has spent the last 25 years dragging New Jersey into the 20th century (i.e. the last one) at the expense of New York.

The man who promised to fix the Public Schools so that they turned out fairly-literate charges who could enter the workforce, has instead spent more money on education than many small nations for questionable results. He then contrived to have the poor results spun as a victory over ignorance, and he stands at the head of a school system that is flush with cash and unneeded teachers, but in which PTA's work like sled dogs to raise private funds to ensure those floating-on-a -sea-of-greenbacks schools have the basics: books, cleaning supplies and toilet paper (my sister, involved with the PTA in her local public school for the last decade, spends at least four months a year organizing fairs, raffles, and other events, and then begging local businesses for cash donations, to support the Public School that her children attend).

When Bloomberg decided to run for a third term, and couldn't because state and city law forbade a third term, he simply had the law changed to suit his needs. The largely democratic party-controlled City Council went along with him, because none of that rogues gallery of dim bulbs wanted to run for Mayor of a city ravaged by recession. The will of the voters, who had enacted that term limits law, was overturned largely by the whim and money of Mike Bloomberg...who now says that maybe the law should have remained in place, after he barely scratched out a $100-million victory over brainless clod who's only message was"Vote for me...I'm black and a democrat."

Bloomberg's rationale for a third term? "I'm the only one who can help New York recover from the financial distress it's in." And then he went and borrowed so much money to fund his pet-peeve-projects you would have thought that no one here paid any taxes, whatsoever (bicycle lanes that largely go unused, government campaigns against excess salt or sugar in the diet, enforcing smoking bans, forcing restaurants to reduce transfats in their menus, giving out free needles to heroin addicts to prevent the spread of AIDS -- the increase in both heroin use and AIDS cases just must have been one of them 'unforeseen consequences' of such enlightened policy -- and buying off every group or individual which might have uttered an unkind word about Emperor Mike with city 'financial aid', or as he likes to call it, 'patronage').

With that record of failure behind him, I can't figure out how it is that the man has the audacity to roll out of bed every morning and pretend he's a player on the national stage. That he actually has the arrogance to believe he's cut out for an even higher office. He has done the impossible and made much of David Dinkins' confused and scattershot Mayoral policy seem rational -- and cheaper --by comparison. If I had to guess, the entire purpose of the Bloomberg Administration has been to advance the personal cause of Mike Bloomberg, because as a citizen of this fair city, I sure as shit can't see how he's made life here any fucking better.

If Mike Bloomberg -- Emperor of New Yorkistan -- ever sees hisname on a presidential ticket in his lifetime, this country would be in dangerof electing an administration that would equal, and perhaps even exceed, Jimmy Carter's for sheer stupidity, arrogance, lack of direction, and ability to spend taxpayer money on largely fruitless-and-unnecessary nonsense -- the origin of which is not rooted in the public need, but rather in the Chief Executive's personal whims and flights of fancy.