Friday, October 26, 2012

The Presidency of Because I Said So...

Remember when you were a child, and you asked your parents a question they didn't want to answer, or maybe you were forbidden to do something, and this circumstance confused your tiny little brain to the extent that you were actually motivated to ask that most-innocent and eternal of questions:


And your parents, flummoxed, perhaps impatient, could not bother to give you a reasonable facsimile of a definitive, logical, coherent answer, and would simply retort in a brusque tone:

Because I said so....

The subject, at that point, was assumed to be closed.

As you got older, you got another version of this dodge, this inability to answer a direct question with a measured argument, and it went something like this:

You'll understand when you grow up...

And this dialectic, more than anything else, I believe, describes the last four years of the Obama Administration to a tee.

It's Official: Hillary's Running in 2016...

The rehabilitation and reinvention of Hilary Clinton has just begun with this story and never-before-seen photos, complete with rah-rah! style short bio.

It's only complete coincidence, I'm sure, that the photo spread just happens to have been suddenly 'found' on her 65th Birthday, and at a time when the current democratic (small 'd' intentional) President is about go down in inglorious defeat, right?

Former Staffer: Obama and Biden "Financially Illiterate"...

No shit? Just figuring that out, huh?

Next year, assuming the Mayans were wrong about Armageddon, is going to be a blast for those of us who like to read. I have no doubt that there’s  fifty “Obama Insider” books already written, and ready to go, all dripping with the truth about President Marriott-Suites, his Deputy Dog of a Vice President, and the gift that keeps on giving, Our Esteemed Secretary of State, the Old Crusty Pantsuit, herself.

And every last one of them holds out the possibility of containing completely original, never-before-spoken-of examples of legendary stupidity that will, in all likelihood, shock the ever-loving shit out of every last one of us. Not because it will be unbelievable, but because we’ll finally know just how close we came to becoming a fascist dictatorship run by complete doofuses.

Think Mussolini with Down’s Syndrome.

The article is basically a rehash of some disillusioned-and-selfish dickhead’s disappointments with Biden, but it’s a weather vane, of sorts, for the kind of shit we’re likely to be seeing on bookshelves really soon. The theme is that “While I may be a complete asshole, Joe Biden is a bigger one, and here’s why….”

Make sure your Kindle is charged up, folks.

Obama "First Time" Ad Not Only Stupid; It Was a Rip Off...

...from Vladimir fuckin' Putin, no less!

You weep for the future when you realize that this ad is targeted at young adults, who apparently can’t think for themselves, or be motivated to do anything unless it includes a certain amount of salaciousness.

And we wonder why 50% of them can’t find a job after graduating college? Maybe because some are fucking dolts who don’t have a thought that isn’t in some way connected to their genitalia, and they take their politics from a third-rate actress with obvious brain damage.

Youth is wasted on the Young.

If So, Can We Send Some to Afghanistan?

New scientific research aims to answer the most important question in the Universe:

I remember having similar debates as a child of about 10, regarding my favorite comic book superheroes.

It's good to know that in this day and age of broke-ass Western Governments, someone managed to scrape up a few dollars to study this issue, and came to this, ironclad conclusion:

It Depends.

We at least got Tang out of the Apollo program.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why Obama Disappointed...

It’s no secret as to why Obama disappoints Republicans and Conservatives, obviously. The constant drumbeat of socialism makes the Obama Administration naturally repugnant to those who, at the very least, still pretend to pay lip service to the founding principles of our Great Republic, if only because they are currently salivating at the prospect of being able to wield the levers of government in similar fashion, for the benefit of their friends, again, too.

(It is my contention that no sooner than Obama is removed from power, that the very next, necessary step in cleaning up our national mess is to get rid of the entrenched Republican establishment in Congress, replacing it with actual republicans and conservatives instead of  white-shirted, red-tied apparatchiks. Get to work, Tea Party!).

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If You Have The Ability to Create Your Own Currency, Then How Can You Ever Go Broke?

This has to be read to be believed.

Now you know why Libtards seem incapable of understanding basic economics; to them, money isn't really REAL.

In which case, why have money at all?

Warning: This link will bring you to, so please make sure your inoculations are up to date before clicking!

On Bayonets and Horses...

RE: The Obama debate line about bayonets and horses, and the implication that both are useless on the modern battlefield:

A Bayonet charge in Basra, Iraq,  in May of 2004 saw 20 British Troops defeat 100 Iraqi insurgents.

In Afghanistan, U.S. Special Forces are working closely with Afghan Horse Cavalry, and beating the snot out of the Taliban

One wonders how it is that a Commander-in-Chief can be so ignorant of actual events on the battlefield..Then again, he seems ignorant of events being filmed by a fucking UAV, as they happen, in a place -- Benghazi -- that's supposed to have been 'pacified' by Obama's divine decree.

But, was a great zinger to use on Romney, right?

By the way, these examples took me all of thirty seconds to find using Google. Obama has an entire National Security and Intelligence apparatus, not to mention a Military that reports directly to him, at his disposal, and he still doesn't seem to know jack shit.