Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to Win the Goddamned White House Again...

Note to republicans; if you really want to win back the Congress in 2010, and then have a realistic view towards gaining the Presidency once more, here's a list of four things I think you'd better get cracking on. Push these four items, and then accomplish them, and you'll be golden for many years to come.

1) Restore the free enterprise system. I want the government out of our corporate boardrooms. No more pay czars, no more bureaucrats telling American industry what they should be making and how to make it. No more government assistance to the unions dressed up as a 'bail out of the automotive industry'. No more government interference in the banking and finance industries. The funds disbursed under TARP are to be recovered by a certain date, and all government operations related to it are to cease as soon as every last penny is recovered. Government, will, however, will still continue to make every effort to enforce all regulations required by current law.

2) I want a fair tax code, stripped of loopholes, exceptions and extraordinary provisions, so that the average 8th grader should be able to fill in a one-page tax form without aid of a calculator. I want tax rates that are fair and equitable across the board, with a top rate of no more than 25%, regardless of income. I want the suspension of the Capital Gains Tax for a period of two years in order to spur economic growth, and then a serious discussion about whether it's necessary to continue to collect it. I want Income Tax Holiday months, where the government can specify that three months of every calendar year, for the next four years, no personal income taxes will be collected from any citizen as an economic stimulus measure. I want economics taken out of the realm of Congress (where they don't understand it), and given back to the People who often exercise far more wisdom on how and where to spend money than any Congresscritter ever did.

3) I want a balanced budget every year. Not balanced in the 'out-years'. Not balanced by accounting tricks and one-off financing solutions, Not balanced by Congressional borrowing, but balanced before it gets to the President's desk for his signature. I want a Constitutional Amendment that requires Congress to submit balanced budgets, with serious penalties attributed to each member for every day no such document is agreed upon.

4) I want government spending reduced by 20% over the next three years, and not just an arrest of the current rate of growth of federal spending, I mean a real 20% cut from current levels spread over three years. I want to hear that some government agencies which no longer serve a useful purpose or whose utility is questionable (like the Department of Education, or the Post Office) are closing down -- going out of business like our banks and and many small businesses. Let the government sector feel the sting of layoffs and cutbacks, and have to deal with the unemployment lines and job retraining this entails.I want the money saved pumped back into the Social Security Trust Fund, or other public debt, and then I want another Constitutional Amendment that says that Congress cannot borrow another goddamned dollar without there being a true national emergency ...beyond the Rainbow Coalition not getting their democratic party bribe check this month.

Do these things and you'll truly revolutionize American government. Don;t do 'em, and you'll doom us to another four years of Barack Hussein Obambi, and an existence limited to collecting rainwater and grubs.

An Unapologetic Non-Apology...

Boy, ask why there are any Muslims left alive and people get testy! For anyone who hasn't read it, it was yesterday's post that kicked up a crapstorm of three nasty e-mails. This, incidentally, is greater than the number of Senate democrats who will eventually vote for Nancy Pelosi's death panel bill.

No, I won't apologize for thinking out loud what so many think privately. Why are we bending over backwards to protect the sensibilities of a bunch of animals who don't care about ours, oh, and who murder our citizens in the name of their phony-baloney system-of-mind-control-disguised-as-a-religion?

I'm sick and tired of hearing an argument that begins "You know, not ALL Muslims are terrorists..." or "there ARE 'Moderate Muslims'...", but you know, I never see any of those. All of the Muslims of my acquaintance have been arrogant, underhanded, and they all smell. I've known a few who were certainly not very pious at all, and just like alcoholics 'find Jesus' after some great tragedy, it seems to me that many 'westernized' jihadists only find Allah after they've been disappointed in some way -- like when the blond girls won't go out with them. Big deal: I've never had an Arab chick, but you don't see me praying and buying fertilizer and diesel fuel, do you?

They're full of shit. It's all "I'm a victim this..." and "I'm a victim that...". If it isn't the 'legacy of colonialism' it's how the 'West hasn't recognized the achievements of Muslim culture...', which, so far as I'm concerned, are limited to the burqa, the explosive belt and syphilis (from all that goat shtupping, you know).

So, to clarify what I really mean when I say "why are there any Muslims left alive".

I mean, why are there any left alive? And if we have to leave them alive, why do they still have the temerity to think we care about what they have to say? Why aren't they walking about meekly, stung by the embarrassment of a) being Muslim, b) having their culture utterly exposed for the sham that it is, and c) scared shitless that someone may notice them and give them a dirty look, at the very least. I want them cowed. I want them lain so utterly low so as to ensure that nothing is ever heard from them again. I want a state of affairs where they are so afraid of the United States, and the West, that they dare not ever raise their voices against us, let alone launch an attack.

I want an Israel that is unfettered by American diplomacy so that the next time the Palestinians launch rockets and walk into pizzerias with explosive belts, that the IDF is free to push them the hell off the continent, let alone out of the West Bank or Gaza. I want that Iranian nuke nipped in he bud, and the country flattened so that they'll never be able to try that stunt again. I want Afghanistan napalmed...and then sown with salt. I want the Saudis and Pakistanis to respond to every request of ours with "Thank you, Sir, may I have another?". I want Osama Bin Laden shipped to New York City in irons and given over to the tender mercies of the citizenry... screw a trial. I want Gitmo moved 90 fathoms below water. I want to stop this ridiculous nonsense of political correctness where we can't identify threats to our safety and security and act accordingly without being accused of the basest of motivations by people who who haven't got the same sense God gave a slug.

If the 'other side' in this war-in-name-only is free to express their wishes on the death and subjugation of the Great Satan, I figure that gives me the right to do likewise. And while I'm certain there's a 'moderate' Muslim out there, somewhere, they have seen fit to remain silent out of cowardice, both physical and moral, unable to support the side of the angels without being a 'bad Muslim', and unable to curse the bad guys because of the threat of the fatwa. You're fence-sitting pansies, and next to useless in this sort of fight, so I might as well toss you on the funeral pyre of your culture, as well. About as useful as teats on a bull, for all the good you people do.

Hope that clears it all up.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Questions About the Fort Hood Shootings...

1) Why are there any Muslims left alive? I thought there was a War on Terror, or something. I thought Muslims were committed to killing us all and destroying our society and supplanting our culture (it says so in the Koran, you know), so why is there anyone walking around here speaking Arabic? Why is it that people can still see and experience Islamic culture, in all it's 7th century squalor, outside the confines of a museum? Is this actually a War, or is it simply a public relations campaign with guns? Yeah, I know; it's too difficult to actually kill that many people, and besides, the world is watching and whatever would they think? Actually, I don't give a damn what they think of us in Norway or Luxembourg -- this is a matter of life and death, and several thousand Americans have already died on the battlefield and in our streets.

(Note: I'm not advocating genocide, I'm asking the question in an exaggerated manner for effect. Spare me the hate mail).

2) Despite the outcry about there being 'good Muslims', Maj. Hasan's murders occurred in the same fortnight within which a Muslim father ran down and killed his own daughter for being 'too Western', a Muslim woman attempts to murder her husband in his sleep because 'he made her wear a miniskirt', and within the same month that another Muslim woman actually sued for separation from her parents because of her conversion and subsequent fear for her life. This is after another Muslim man beheads his wife, and several others kill their daughters for assimilating into the greater American culture. The same fundamental theme runs through all of these cases: this is a culture that refuses to modify it's own norms to conform to it's new host culture. It still believes that the solution to many of it's problems is in violence, and that violence is often sanctioned and required by it's faith. We have imported a vast crowd of people who hate us, don't want to be among us, refuse to assimilate with us, and in the end, feel totally justified in killing us when we refuse to kiss their asses. Ask them to leave, now, or we'll only see more of this sort of thing.

By all reports, Hasan was given everything by the United States (the Army even sent him to medical school), but he still regarded the murder his fellow soldiers as a religious duty. Allegedly.

3) If I hear one more asshole in the media try to advance this 'vicarious-PTSD theory' and use it as an excuse for Maj. Hasan, I will tear someones eyeballs out. It isn't a joke. I've suffered from PTSD (although certainly not anything like our troops serving overseas have) and I'm sick and tired of this aura of fear which surrounds it. People who suffer from PTSD are NOT crazy; in fact, they're probably some of the sanest individuals you'll ever meet. If they weren't sane, they wouldn't have been stressed to the point of illness by their experiences. Second, PTSD is NOT contagious. It's not Swine Flu, Herpes or Chicken Pox. You have to actually have been under extreme stress (usually a life and death stress) to develop it, and it's quite often easily controlled by therapy (it's never 'cured' because the experience remains for life).

I've encountered this sort of ignorance in my daily life and have been discriminated against for it on so many levels, I can't even begin to list them here. How we treat and regard people who have this disorder is a serious business (one which doesn't get as much attention as it should), and it's too important to be left as a threadbare defense for a murdering asshole who's prime motivation was his religion.

Yeah, I know none of this is politically correct, but I could care less. If I were a Muslim in the United States these days, I'd think very hard about whether or not I wanted to stay here. I'm not advocating anything, so no one do something stupid and assault someone or harass someone. But, there's a group of people out there who need to make a decision about whether they truly wish to be Americans.