Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why We Love Iowahawk...

Just read it.

Then follow the link back to Ace of Spades, where it all begins. They're talking about Christopher Buckley, son of William F. Buckley, founder of the National Review.

I'll bet Mr. Buckley is rolled up into a fetal position, sucking his thumb, and wishing his daddy were here to defend him against his enemy with six-syllable bombast!

Who Was That Masked Man?

Never mind what Dick Morris said about "pivoting"; that Barack Obama guy on TV the other night didn't pivot on his own politics and policies as much as pirouette through his own bullshit.

One minute we have Obama-the-Fiscal-Hawk-Tax-Cutter-Economy-Saver conservative, and then the very next Obama-the-Spend-Money-We-Don't-Have-Like-A-Drunken-Sailor liberal reasserts itself. We have Obama the I'm-a-Uniter-Not-a-Divider voice of reason, and then we return to the Republicans-as-The-Party-Of-No-As-a-Political-Strategy-To-Fuck-Me-Up-And-Screw-America routine.

We ride the crest of the wave when he says He's ready to take responsibility and will be focused on this, that or the other thing, only to fall headlong into the trough when he starts whining about having inherited this, that and the other, or about how his job isn't easy, and nothing gets done because he wishes it, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

You asked for the job, Asshole. You spent a billion bucks of other-people's money to get it. This comes with the territory.

You almost wonder who the hell this guy is, sometimes. Is he simply stupid, not understanding the tasks at hand and unable to ask for the proper advice on them? Is he just convinced of his own innate superiority and will take no council but his own, flawed and imperfect as it may be? Is he simply someone trying to get by, with a super-thin resume, lack of experience, with no working knowledge of the world outside academia and government to draw upon? In other words, no experience of how the rest of us live and think? Is he a confidence man, a mere scammer who managed to talk himself in to a post way above his abilities? Is he simply a puppet of the left-liberal establishment, kept inside a bubble and told what to think and say, who never expected to actually get this job, and having landed it, turned to the wrong people for help and support?

When he wasn't paraphreasing Marx and Alinsky, he was ripping off GWB and Reagan.

Who knows why he does it, or how it happens? I don't even think Obama knows some days.

Professor Hanson weighs in on Obama's internal struggles.

Blogging Will Be Light...

Today and tomorrow, as it has been all week. I'm involved in a little work project which requires a bunch of time at the moment. I have a few minutes here, and so I threw a few things together...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Have a Trial At All...

Even Napoleon had to retreat every once in a while, too.

The Obama administration has ordered the Justice Department to find someplace else to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and the rest of his camel-fucking terrorist scumbag cohorts. There will be no trial in New York City, something KSM and his prison sex partners should be very thankful for: they would not have survived a trial here in New York City. No matter how many cops you put out there, the entire city would have descended upon the courthouse and probably lynched the bastards on the spot.

You see, unlike Barack Obama and Eric Holder, we New Yorkers haven't forgotten what happened on September 11th. We can't; there's a 19 acre hole in the ground in Lower Manhattan that keeps reminding us. Some of the victim's families still have nothing of their loved ones to bury. There are no fewer than 12 streets within walking distance of my house that were renamed for dead firefighters, cops and secretaries, all killed on 9/11. We're harangued daily by subway and ferry announcements about unattended packages and evacuation procedures. It may have been nine years ago to everyone else, but it's still just yesterday to us. We can't forget it because life will never be the same for any of us...ever.

Personally, I don't see the need for a trial at all. The man is a terrorist; he has admitted to being one, he has confessed his crimes and spilled the beans on his colleagues. There is no doubt about guilt or innocence here. Save everyone a lot of trouble (including the poor town or city you finally inflict this piece of shit on), not to mention millions in security costs, and do what I have advocated for years:

Hang these bastards from crosses constructed from World Trade Center steel. Charge every New Yorker $1 a head to get one shot at these scumbags with the wooden bludgeon of their choice. Let them be beaten to death, and after they have shuffled off this mortal coil, let them be hacked to pieces. Scoop the pieces up and get half-a-dozen Hasidic rabbis to piss on them. Liberally pour bacon grease on the urine-soaked body parts and set it aflame. Sell the ashes to the highest bidder to be used as an additive to kitty litter. Put the whole thing on Pay-per-View (you could give the proceeds to charity) not just for our entertainment and satisfaction, but to send a message to every other goatfucker with a bomb, jonesing for 72 virgins in a cave somewhere; Don't fuck with us.

Just Laugh At Him...

Obama's Glass Jaw.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gee, Where Did I hear That One Before?

Sweet Jesus on Roller skates, the man really thinks we're that stupid!

That speech (by the way, could he waste even more time gladhanding people who secretly hate him?) was basically a recycling of every Republican/Conservative idea of the last 30 years;

Fiscal Responsibility
Paying down the Deficit
Nuclear Power, Offshore drilling, More Coal
Capital Gains and other (as yet unidentified) Tax Cuts (hey, weren't the Bush Tax cuts what helped destroy the economy in the first place?)

I guess he figures you're too stupid to realize that he's basically lifting the entire platform of the people he's spent the last three years demonizing?

By the way, when it comes to his own (failed) ideas Stimulus, Health Care, Bashing Wall Street, Phony War on Terrorism (which was all about him, in case you didn't notice) -- the only thing I heard was: full speed ahead!

Here's a really neat game you can play at home;

Who said this?

"...“Through stricter accounting standards and tougher disclosure requirements, corporate America must be made more accountable to employees and shareholders and held to the highest standards of conduct...."

Answer: George W. Bush, in his 2002 SOTU Address...and Barack Obama in his speech tonight.

Okay, here's a tougher one. Who said this?

"...Many of you have talked about the need to pay down our national debt. I listened, and I agree. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to act now, and I hope you will join me to pay down $2 trillion in debt during the next 10 years..."

Answer: George W. Bush, in his 2001 SOTU Address...and Barack Obama in his speech tonight. It's freakin' freaky, man! It's like, Obama copied all of Bush's speeches or something, and here i was thinking that dems thought Bush was some sort of drooling idiot, and stuff. I guess we're supposed to believe all these things sprang from Obama's fertile and superior mind, right?

The Cato Institute is currently investigating the number of times Obama has lifted the exact words or themes of George W Bush's SOTU Addresses and recycled them as his own tonight. I'll post that link when it's up and running. Figuring since he's already been busted twice, it'll probably be a substantial number.

Oh, and you thought I was only kidding about the chin thing, right?

(H/T Instapundit)

And let's not forget his stunning assault on the First Amendment, vis-a-vis the Supreme Court's recent striking down of parts of the Campaign Finance Reform monstrosity. You know, the one that Obama had to have an argument about with Justice Alito before he finally took the podium to bore the shit out of me?

It was already an excruciating burden to bear in waiting for the Mid-Term elections to finally get here so that we could stem the tide of Government stupidity. Now it appears that 2012 can't get here fast enough, either. This man is both brazen con artist and clueless asshole.

And by the way, can we stop having these things? I mean, putting the entire Congress, the President and Vice President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Supreme Court all into the same building, making it a nice, fat target for terrorists just so we can be lied to and bored out of our boxers is getting to be a rally bad idea. Doesn't anyone in Washington read Tom Clancy?

(The REAL) Text of the State of the Union Speech...

I have been fortunate enough to have had one of the first drafts of the President's speech placed in my possession by a mysterious stranger. How this person came into a copy of the original speech is unknown (He said the less I knew, the safer I would be...)and my benefactor went so far as to wear a disguise in order to protect his identity, and arrange for the transfer to take place in an isolated, wooded copse in rural West Virginia (Hey, isn't that redundant?), far from prying eyes. The man seemed nervous, frightened even, as if his very life were in danger. When I finally arrived back at Lunatic Central several hours later, and broke the waxen seal on the envelope containing this most-secret document, I finally knew why.

The Speech was something the Light Bringer might certainly kill to keep secret. I expect his Hippie Death Squads to kick in my door at any moment, now. But, the record must be clear, the Speech -- as it was meant to be delivered, before the Presidential Speechwriters and Spin Doctors talked him into the more measured and meaningless language he will use tonight -- must be shared with the rest of the world. By the time you finish this, I may have disappeared.

[Enter, Stage Right. Pause, pretending to acknowledge several Members of Congress. Nod to the idiots Biden and Pelosi. Wait for phony applause to subside, and the stooges to be seated]

Tonight, I wish to address all of you ungrateful peasants, you rotten bastards, you sorry excuses for humanity who are not worthy to lick my spittle...

[Lift chin in confident-yet-defiant manner, turn head left]

One year ago I, the Savior of the Universe, took control of a country in ruins; the economic system was on the brink of a catastrophe that is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. The Nation was entangled in two simultaneous wars of choice, fighting enemies who's only crime was to innocently expect us to treat them as equals, and who's methods are simply misunderstood by those without the empathy and superior intellect of people like myself. Our Civil Liberties were threatened by other's stubborn refusal to extend them to non-citizens who have merely been accused on the basis of hundreds or even thousands of less-than-reliable eyewitnesses, but not properly convicted in a court of law, of attempted mass murder, destruction of property and Acts of War, acts of so-called "terrorism", which only exists as a product of Dick Cheney's evil imagination. I inherited all of these problems, and much more; in fact, every President going back to Washington -- the slave owner -- has contributed to this mess which I must now clean up, single-handed, without any help from you lesser clumps of DNA.

[Pause, wait for Nancy Pelosi to finish her seal clap, put the vacant stare back on her face, turn head right]

My Apostles and I are committed to saving the country from the misguided efforts of the Majority to impose their will upon Us. It is a well-known fact that The Majority in America is incapable of forming independent thoughts. It is a great mass of mindless sheep who simply wait for someone to tell them what to do, how to think, and how to act. Evil men like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have put dangerous thoughts into their heads; they have poisoned their minds so that they rebel against the Great Gifts of HopeandChange that I, the Anointed One, was specifically sent to bestow upon you. You have sinned in the eyes of God, that is to say, Me.

This Majority is to be opposed at all costs; it is the embodiment of evil. They are the descendants of the White, bourgeois Middle-Class, slave-owning establishment. They profess superstitious beliefs in deities, spirits, Capitalism and The Law. It is a dangerous thing which tries to disguise itself; It calls itself "Independent Voter" and "Moderate", and all the while, it seeks to engage in Counter-revolutionary activities; it stockpiles dangerous weapons and votes against my hand-picked lackeys.

[Pause while someone replaces the duct tape over Joe Biden's mouth. Emphasize next passage with Twin-Open-Hand Chops]

It has come to Our attention that this Misguided, Sinful, Insignificant Majority has sinned against our August Personage; [Face Camera, Adopt Negro Preacher Tone] it has voted republican, not one...not twice... but three times. This, despite the effort I made getting up off the Presidential couch to travel to places like Trenton, Boston, Richmond and the other disgusting places where you revolting little turds live. You were told WHO and WHAT to vote for, and you didn't listen. You believe you have Free Will. You Believe that you have something called "rights", which properly only belong to Muslim Terrorists and Black Panthers standing outside polling stations with weapons. You believe you are entitled to "own things" and keep your "own money", which is all, rightfully, the property of the government, that is to say, ME. They are mistaken; their property and wealth exist soley to be distributed as I see fit to the huddled masses with their Pants on the Ground, and to the Undocumented Workers.

[Pause, wait for commotion caused by Union Workers specifically bribed with free donuts and whiskey, Welfare mothers bussed in from eleven different states for Malt Liquor and a pack of Kools each, and trained to boo and hiss on cue to cease. Strike Stalin-esque-looking-to-the-sky pose]

To those who have not accepted me as their personal Lord and Savior, I say this: I shall try -- one last time -- to reconcile you and bring you within the fold. I will accede to one of your paltry demands, as a show of both good faith and of my infinite mercy and goodwill, and I restrain federal discretionary spending for the next three years. It amounts to little more than loose change, but it is symbolic of our Love and Sacrifice on your behalf. You will now show the proper respect and reciprocate; there will be no more criticism. There will be no more of this voting for evil republicans. There will be no more of this disgusting Tea Bagging. For these these things are the mark of deviants. Deviants will be destroyed; we've done it to Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin and Wall Street Bankers -- we can do it to anyone we wish, anytime we wish. The Revolution will continue, as we see fit. Those who repent now may be forgiven their Treason and Unorthodoxy, perhaps.

[Applause from democrats while Republicans are led out in chains by members of the Congressional Black Caucus for summary execution]

The Revolution began One Year Ago. It must continue. There must be Obamacare, there must be higher taxes, there must be more terrorism, there must be economic upheaval, and great suffering, and you will endure it silently and willingly while your betters direct and control your lives for your own good. We protect you; left to your own devices, most of you would stick hat pins in your own eyeballs. You do not need to know why we will do these things; you need simply to obey, and to remember that it is for your benefit. That is what you were created for; to obey my commands and accede to my whims, and not to ask questions or criticize Me.

If you do not get back in line, if you do not remember your place, if you do not follow me willingly and blindly -- even unto poverty and death while waiting for aspirin in a government-run hospital -- then you are a racist. Good Night, and Obama Bless America.

[Assume commander-in-chief pose while Biden, Pelosi and Reid lead the masses in the Upraised-Arm salute]

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't You Know There's a War On?

Apparently, the Obama Administration does not.

Today, another bunch of Congresscritters will hold yet another hearing on the problem of terrorism. I'm wondering when they'll get around to demanding that Attorney General Holder answer the question he left hanging at the last round of Congressional Hearings: How many lawyers at the Justice Department once represented terrorists? And when will they be fired? Oh yeah, and how many more of these ultimately-pointless hearings will we have to endure? These Congresscritters yack and question, the witnesses dodge questions and provide a lot of hot air, and then nothing ever gets done. But I digress...

The purpose of this hearing, we're told, is to question the response and activities of the Obama Administration in the wake of the attempted Underwear Bomber attack on Christmas Day. Some Congressional republicans are worried that the Obamatards are so concerned with providing terrorists with rights and attorneys that they may be missing the bigger picture; terrorism isn't a law-enforcement problem. That attitude, the presumption that terrorists should be brought to public trial under civilian rules of evidence, is what brought us 9/11 in the first place!

It appears that this President and his National Security apparatus intend to continue to fight Terrorism with the Cops-and-Robbers approach which manages to throw ever-more layers of law-enforcement at the issue until they all begin to trip over each other's feet. Eventually, you get enough law-enforcers with different aims, jurisdictions, missions and concerns, and the whole thing gets FUBAR'ed in a mass of legal red tape which ensures that even if you get these terrorists before a judge, it has taken years and cost millions and some (if not much) of the evidence against them is subject to continual legal challenge. It's better to just ship these guys right off to Gitmo and let them have a good-old-fashioned military tribunal, like the sort Congress has already approved...twice.

But that might mean that Mr. Holder's buddies in the legal profession might not get federal funds for defending terrorists, and it would also mean that he'd (probably) have to fire half the lawyers in the Justice Department who once defended terrorists on the federal dime.

I still say a carefully-planned program that kills enough Muslims in the most gruesome and painful ways we can devise until they're either all dead or give up the hope that terrorism will achieve their goals is the way to go, but what the hell do I know? I'm just some dope with a website, not the Attorney General or President of the United States.

UPDATE: Some word on a new terror threat, this time by a lone gunman in New Jersey. The man was armed with a grenade launcher (where the fuck do you get one of those?), some high-powered weapons, a ton of ammo and a map of a military base. I just love the way CNN waited until the very last paragraph to include this gem:

"...Officers searched Woodson's hotel room and found another assault rifle, a grenade launcher, a police scanner, another bulletproof vest, a map of a U.S. military base, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a Middle Eastern-style headdress, the statement said.."

Middle Eastern-style? You be the judge.

Also, Newzweak is reporting that nine years after 9/11, the government has still done next to nothing to defend this country against terrorists armed with WMD's. Probably because 90% of the democrats that have been in office since 9/11 still believe that WMD's are some figment of Dick Cheney's fevered imagination, dreamed up to give Shrubby McBushHitler an excuse to invade the peaceful country of Iraq, so he could kill brown people. Considering they haven't done much to stop terrorists with bombs in their jock straps, and put another through Medical School and then onto the Army's payroll, I'm not surprised. The mid-terms cannot come soon enough.

Someone Please Tell Howie and Bobby...

That's Howard Dean and Robert Gibbs, and perhaps they could clue in that other dunce, Valerie Jarret, who all had to go out this past week and try to lie through their teeth convincingly that democrats have absolutely no electoral fears come November. They have only been able to muster the weak argument that recent electoral reverses, the sudden 'retirement' of (now) 10 major dems who hold up-in-the-air Senate and Congressional seats before they take the beating of their political lives, The rise of Tea Parties, Town Hall meetings full of anger and alarm, the public opinion polls that show that more people want scurvy than government-run healthcare, and the general belief in the public mind that the Administration is soft on terrorism is... simply a reaffirmation of Barack Obama and his enlightened policies.

In other words: people voted against democrats to help the democratic agenda get passed? People are speaking against democratic policies to pollsters, but secretly support them when no one is looking? Or, as Chris Matthews, in a moment of rare lucidity, put it to Howard Dean (paraphrasing), "You're making the argument that even when you lose, you still win?"

It's now such an obviously-false premise that even CNN has noticed. See this poll: 7-in-10 want the democrats to lose their Congressional majority.

There's only three kinds of people who can make that sort of argument and not see the logical contradictions contained within:

The Stupid
The Insane
The Committed

The first two are easy enough to fix; it's what we have elections for. You only hope that the stupid and insane folks don't manage to do much serious damage to the country before they're shown the door. The Committed, however, are a different story; these people purposely set out to do serious damage so that they can have a continual excuse to "fix" the problems they create and then blame on others. For example: We're still fighting a "War on Poverty" that liberals launched in 1968 with LBJ's "Great Society" programs. Has poverty been eliminated or even alleviated? Hell no! The federal government just keeps redefining "poverty" upwards; now people with incomes approaching 30k (almost all of it provided by some form of welfare) who own air conditioners, cells phones, video games, and automobiles can be considered "poor", and eligible for everything from tax credits (people who don't pay taxes get credit for taxes they didn't pay?), food stamps, education grants, etc. Poverty now pays pretty well; there's a whole bureaucracy devoted to it, and a bunch of politicians who know how to use it for votes, money. These programs didn't eliminate poverty; they've just made more poor people to "help", and made it easier for politicians to engage in graft.

That's just one example. These people never intended to help anyone out of poverty, they just used them as an excuse to grab money and power, and every time we come close to saying that poverty is a thing of the past, some new indicator of 'poverty' emerges; the "Digital Divide", for example, and now, lack of "adequate" Health care services, which always require some new form of government intervention or control, and a corresponding loss of liberties.

You have to conclude that such brazen attempts to explain away the otherwise obvious are simply the actions of committed people who have a hidden agenda, and that they really don't care how they are seen or how they are perceived so long as they are able to enact it. Such people are a danger to a free society.

Update: Are the Obamatards Stupid, Stubborn or Out-to-Lunch?


I must apologize for the shoddy quality of this blog this past week: I've been rather busy trying to work on one job, and put together a bid for another, and so I have not been able to devote much time to my readin' an' writin'. No one's actually complained about anything, but I've noticed it myself, and that bothers me not because I've any aspirations to be a professional writer, but because it makes me look rather stupid and scatterbrained. Some of what I've put out this week is barely worthy of the term "word vomit".

I'll try a little harder, I promise.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Douchebag of the Week (1/25/10): Howard Dean...

Howard Dean is pretty much a douchebag every day, and such an easy target. If we had an award for Daily Douchebag then he'd almost certainly be the unassailable, world-record holder (with Al Gore nipping at his heels, naturally), but Howard's been particularly extra-specially douche-y this past week.

Dean is the titular head of the democratic party (which is better than his last job: Governor of Vermont, which is like being President of the Glee Club), a man who finds himself in an indefensible position nowadays; his party is pushing some extremely unpalatable policies, what with preparing to destroy the American medical system and insurance industry, treating terrorists as if they were wayward teenagers defacing public property with graffiti, distributing more money than can possibly be printed to democratic-party patronage groups (and Congressional districts that don't exist) under the guise of Economic Stimulus, the Nazi-like take over of both heavy industry and the banks. What makes this all more frightening than it already is, is that even with control of the Congress and White House not only can his democratic party not even enact their own agenda, but the endless drama without resolution actually has an effect on the country; everyone is left hanging. The inertia is beginning to affect whatever hopes for economic recovery we may have had before the election of Barack Obama.

Small business does not hire because it's waiting to see if the government socializes health care first. The banks want to pay back their TARP money, but the government makes them hold onto the payments. The Mortgage Folks are being told to continue the practice of handing out risky mortgages to politically-favored groups, while the government tells them they need to adopt stricter standards. Wall Street gets pounded from the White House and Congress every day, but who do you think generates the economic activity that Washington taxes? People need jobs, and we were told that the Stimulus would provide those, but no one lifts a finger to get all that "money to repair our infrastructure" moving because it's not supposed to be given out until near the midterms or until 2012 -- in other words, not until disbursement becomes politically advantageous for the democrats. We're all in a state of suspension, and that's when we're not simply disgusted by all the other stuff the democratic party is advocating.

So, what did the voters of New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts do when they had elections for governor and Senate? They voted for republicans, naturally. Republicans may have been the witless boobs who were "in charge" when the financial system tanked, but you could at least count on them to do something, and more, something that made sense. The American people are tired of Hope and Change, after realizing that it wasn't exactly the Hope and Change they were promised and the same cast of characters seems to be involved still.

When people need jobs to keep the roof over their head and food in their belly, they aren't inclined to view the dangers of Climate change, Cap-and-Trade, and whether or not 30 million illegal immigrants get health insurance as a priority. Unfortunately for Dean and his band of democrats, they don't share the same priorities as the rest of us. Worse, even when it is made painfully evident that their priorities aren't shared -- by Tea Parties, raucous Town Hall Meetings, three elections in which safe democratic seats and offices went to the republican --, they (democrats) still insist on hammering away at the same "solutions" with no better results.

Even with unassailable majorities in both Houses, neither Pelosi nor Reid can pass a damned thing that won't come back to bite them both on the ass in 10 months. They keep generating much drama, and many headlines, and lots of paper...for nothing. To actually achieve anything is to put them on the unemployment line, and they know it. There's no 'reform' of anything. There's no new New Deal. There's nothing coming out of Congress except democrats...they keep 'retiring' before they get the beating of their lives in November. In the meantime, the American people wait with a growing sense of unease for help. The democratic party is too absorbed with the Dog-and-Pony Show that it has initiated for political purposes, and is too committed to it's internal ideological battles, to actually provide anything useful at all.

And there is poor Howard; having to put the best face on things, and failing miserably. (See video) Taken apart by Chris Matthews, no less, while stubbornly arguing -- against all logic -- that Scott Brown and Chris Christie and the Dude In Virgina were not a harbinger of democratic disaster to come, but rather a rejection of individual democrats and not the irrational and dangerous policies pursued by the democratic majority, or even of Barack Obama himself.

Yes, Howard, you tried to brazen it out, but it was just too weak an argument to withstand even The most cursory examination. For being such a lying sack of shit, you Howard Dean, are our Douchebag of the Week.

(H/T to Flopping Aces)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The System Worked, Part VI...

Some dipshit tried to open the door of plane --at altitude -- requiring a flight to be diverted. The passengers managed to gather together and eventually subdue the idiot, but this is beginning to become a recurring scenario. There are far too many people in the air these days who seem to have a death wish or no self-control.

Besides terrorists, you now have to worry about drunks. People who have just had a bad day. People with no control over their temper or faculties. The really telling thing is, that usually, there's little or no warning that there's going to be trouble. You can profile a terrorist, and you can predict their behaviors and actions, to a certain extent, but how do you defend an aircraft against the passenger in coach who's pissed because he didn't get his complimentary half-can of Coke, and who decides to express his out-of-proportion anger by opening the cabin door at 35,000 feet?

At first, I thought this might be a terrorist attack or something along those lines, because the first report I read (The Washington Post) carefully took pains not to identify the attacker by name, nationality, race, religion or ethnicity. Knowing, to a certain extent how the media typically covers these things, I thought "must be a Muslim" right away, because experience tells that if he was a Heterosexual- Middle-Class-White-Christian-Male, the Post would have quickly published a photo, his name and address, talked to half his neighbors and employer,identified his wife and kids, and then implied some sort of ties to a bizarre White-Supremacist-Pat Robertson-Branch Davidian-Klan-inspired-Doomsday-Cult terror plot, all within 10 minutes.

Because only white, Bible-Thumpin' rednecks can be terrorists, you know...

But credit to the Post, they did no such thing. You know others would have.

Anyways, it turns out the guy apparently is white, and there's even a photo. You can see it here, along with another report on the incident.

But, this brings us back, once again, to the issue of security in airports and airliners. Once again, it is the passengers who have to risk life and limb to prevent a tragedy. I'm not saying that anyone is supposed to be psychic and somehow "know" when some lone lunatic is going to pull a stunt like this, but sheesh, I wonder if there wasn't some sort of warning sign when this guy was still on the ground that someone just didn't pick up on?

The airline industry is slowly being destroyed, one incident (terror-related or not) at at time.

In the meantime, The Post also begins to ask if the Obama Administration's obsession with civilian criminal trials for terrorists means they're missing the forest for the trees.

But, perhaps that's just the obvious result of having a Justice Department stocked with lawyers who used to defend terrorists for a living...?

Some People Deserve to Have Their Identities Stolen...

Okay, so I'm in the local Staples last night, helping my sister to buy a new monitor for her desktop. In the center of the computer department there is display station with all the new laptop and notebook models, all powered-up and connected to the internet, for prospective buyers to test out. I'm checking one out myself, when....

The Stupidest Woman in the World Walks In.

She, too, is browsing the laptops (hmm, perhaps I should think about a different term there) and trying a few out. She's young, perhaps no older than 25. She's rather pretty, but she has this vacant look upon her face reminiscent of cattle just before they get the stun gun to the back of the neck, the de rigeur cell phone glued to her ear. If I had to describe her looks and demeanor in precise detail, I would refer to her as the Prototype for the Sperm-Burping Barbie doll. She's chatting on her cell with another possibly-airheaded gum-snapping putana, and then, it happens...

Whatever the two were busily mewling about concerned Facebook. It was such an urgent matter that my pretty-little-cellphone-dingbat needed to sign on to Facebook this very goddamned second. It was a sense of urgency like I have only ever seen in firefighters and women in labor. So, she's about three feet away from me when the first indication of mental disease manifests: she actually has to ask Boyfriend --- He's an obvious Metrosexual with one of those new-fangled swoopy-do haircuts. We'll describe him as "Gelded-Hair-Gel Ken", and has been hovering at a safe distance of 30 feet or so, admiring the latest Bluetooth headsets --- what her own password is. This conversation takes place across two or three isles of merchandise, with approximately a dozen people within earshot. My shock at this seemingly-stupid-and-slightly-dangerous conversation could perhaps only be surpassed my surprise that they hadn't simply texted each other, like all the hip youngin's do these days.

Anywhoo, I now know this young lady's Fcaebook signon, and her password. And I wasn't even looking for them.

Whatever was such a glaring emergency that she needed someone to shout out her Facebook password in a crowded store must have been severely disappointing when she had finally gotten to it. Perhaps it was one of those "you had to be there..." sort of things that struck The Other End of That Phone Conversation as funny or important, but which didn't quite tickle her fancy, because she quickly lost interest in it. Perhaps that was just an indication of her natural attention span, maybe there were no Prada 4" stilletto heels involved, but who knows? In short order she tired of Facebook, she tired of her conversation , and decided that this was now a good time to check her bank balance...On a computer available to the general public...

Yes, the bank card came out. She needed to have it handy because she apparently doesn't know her account number, either. But there she was; typing those numbers into the computer-that-anyone-can-use-with-minimal-security-on-it, the card left flush on the countertop for easy viewing. Boyfriend returns, the two quickly discuss getting a Starbucks, and they begin to walk away...

But I stop them. And I show the young lady that whatever she's just typed into that Open-to-the-public laptop can be easily retrieved by someone with enough sense to avoid sticking his genitalia into a food processor. Does she thank me? Does she say "Oh, crap! That never occurred to me before!" No.

Instead, I'm admonished to mind my own fuckin' business. How dare I listen in on her conversations, and how dare I read over her a public place...where's she's shouting for passwords across several isles in a store...and placing her personal financial information on countertops and computers where it can easily be snatched by those with bad intent.

I hope she's up to her ass in credit card debt that she didn't incur by the end of the week. I seriously hope her reputation (if she has one beyond "has no gag reflex") is ruined within a month. I seriously hope her career (is "nail technician" even a career?) is destroyed because she's a moron. Because that is exactly what happens to people who don't defend themselves against identity theft.

People complain loudly about there being no privacy anymore, and then they won't even take simple steps, or advice, on how to protect what's left...Fuck 'em all, I say.