Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Just What Staten Island Needs... a hole in the collective fuckin' head. Pictured here is an artist's rendition of the newest pile of steaming dogcrap to emerge from the fevered imaginations of New York City pols, and their sycophantic douchebag lapdogs, the real estate developers. 

Whenever there's this sort of stupidity proposed for New York City, you can bet your bottom dollar that a real estate developer came up with the idea, and he's spread enough money around the halls of power to get it taken seriously.

Only in this case, the real estate developer is shocked to discover that no matter how much money he's put into some politician's pocket, they somehow turn out to be the worst business partners one can imagine. Fuck him, serves him right.

Par For The Course In New Yorkistan...

Shocker: Dem and GOP pols caught in bribery scam to get Dem elected Mayor of New York City on GOP ticket...

Now, what's so shocking is not that a democrat would try to bribe his or her way into office;they do this all the time, as a matter of course. Especially in a place like New York, Chicago, Detroit or Washington, D.C., because the sort of democrat those places seem to breed would never see a democrat elected if he/she had to rely on, oh...their wits, or telling the truth.

I'm Back!

Apologies for the extended hiatus, but I have been working on two novels (and some other stuff) that I hope to self-publish very soon.

My first novel, The Deer in the Headlights, is a work of political fiction based upon contemporary events. It should frighten the fuck out of you, and I'm hoping this is it's main selling point. It's currently in editing, and a few review copies will soon be sent to friends and associates for feedback.

My second attempt at a novel (Tales of the Rubyrun: The Axeman) is still in production, and might appeal to fantasy/sci-fi readers. Won't be long now, I figure.

Thanks to everyone who continued to show up here in the hopes of finding some new tomfoolery and diseased commentary. The traffic was appreciated!