Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Silly Season Starts Early...
God, I really hate posting things like this, but someone has to do it in the interests of sanity.

I've read a blurb this morning in the New York Post that both John McCain and Hillary Clinton will meet with the national tragedy, Cindy Sheehan, today when she blows through Washington on her "Look-at-me-I'm-a-bereaved-Mother/Moonbat!" tour.

The day before yesterday, John Kerry (remember him?) made a speech at some confab of idiots criticizing GW for the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. He was joined by his old comrade-in-arms, John Edwards (the democrat's answer to Dan Quayle), who also made noises about the same thing. Incidentally, Edward's wife, Elizabeth, managed to take time out from her chemotherapy to announce that we should all listen to Cindy Sheehan (for what, I have no clue).

The opposition for 2008 is starting to line up. God save us if these are going to be our choices.

On the repuiblican side, we see McCain already making waves, polishing up his media-beloved "Maverick" image. McCain is suffering from a deadly disease - narcissim - which blinds him to the truth; he would make a lousy president. His only qualifications are getting shot down twice, becoming a POW, and being involved in the stifling of free speech (McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance reform Bill). His only rationale for running is to give GW Bush one last flash of the middle finger, a "F*ck You, Rich Boy!) moment, in which McCain both extolls his own miniscule virtues while jabbing a thumb into the eye of the republican party. McCain will merely reinforce everything democrats say come election time in the course of trying to make himself look batter than Bush. For example, I can hear him saying right now "While George Bush is a good man, it's quite obvious, with the trouble in Iraq and the fact that FEMA couldn't get a roll of toilet paper into New Orleans, I would have done it all better."

The only real republican challengers capable of winning in 2008 and presenting the heir apparent, Hillary Clinton, with anything resembling competition, would be Rudy Guiliani and Condi Rice. However, the rabid conservative wing of the party would never let Rudy on the ballot (he's pro choice) and Condi has lots of 'splainin' to do over 9/11, North Korea and the War.

On the democraic side, so far we have two men who have failed to learn the Gore/Lieberman Rule: democrats just don't bury their dead, they bury their wounded. Neither Kerry nor Edwards has a snowball's chance in hell. This leaves Hillary, who has a very interesting tightrope to walk; she has to maintain the semblance of moderation she's been working on for the last four years while reassuring the tree-hugging-double-latte-drinking-metrosexual-faux-disaffected fringe of the party, which is her biggest albatross and her biggest fundraiser. This wing of the party would put Hitler on the ballot, provided he stood for their kooky agenda --- he's not George Bush, you see.

However, that's just everyone's problem. George Bush doesn't have to stand for re-election (he can't), and to run on a platform of "I'm Not Bush" just won't wash. It didn't wash in 2004, and it's even more irrelevant now that the man doesn't have to run for anything. The democrats are still fighting the 2000 election, and so is McCain.

The silly season just got whackier.
Mars Grows Warmer...Kerry Says Bush Should Have Signed Kyoto Treaty...
Read this:

And then ask yourself this:

"How can there possibly be global warming on a planet that has no civilization? No industry? No SUV's? No CFC's? NBo internal combustion engines? None of the usual suspects we blame for our own "global warming" here on Earth?"

I have yet to hear anyone in the media put this question to any of the global warming nuts, nor do I expect them to. I have yet to become aware of any of the global warming loonies stepping forward to even explore the question. It is taken as gospel truth that Earth is warming, that mankind and his dirty, little inventions are speeding the process up, and that we're all dead from a combination of skin cancer, dirty air and water, lack of food and really bad sunburns.

Critical questions in this debate remain unanswered. If, for example, we take it as scientific fact (because it is) that the very spot upon which I sit right now was once covered by a 2-mile thick sheet of ice 12,000 years ago, what happened to the ice? Did someone come along with a really big bag of halite and melt it? Giant hair dryers? It melted at some point, the glaciers retreated leaving Staten Island to be inhabited by all sorts of flora and fauna. Why did it happen? Had to be some form of global warming, right?

And this was before civilization even existed. Before all the nasty appendages of human civilization that the Save the Earth crowd finds so dangerous and offensive were even a gleam in anyone's mind.

We have to assume that this warming is a natural occurance. We also have to assume that since this cycle of freezing and warming can be scientifically proven to have happened at least four (4) times, that someone is not being completely honest with us. Could it be the Global Warming is Death crowd? I wonder...

The point is, if we're seeing this phenomenon on an uninhabited planet lacking in the very basics of what the enviornMENTAL movement claims is the cause of our own warming, then they must be mistaken, right? I would bet they are. Therefore, Global Warming is a myth.

So why do they insist on continuing to promulgate a lie? They do so because their real motive is to control human behavior. To have the power to force people and governments to bend to their will, which is twofold: the first is to return mankind to it's Noble Savage state, which never truly existed and is merely a romantic fiction. The second is to replace the seemingly (in their eyes) stupid, uncaring, greedy, avaricious, lusty, wanton governments and industries of this planet with versions more to their liking, i.e. where they are in charge, or failing that, to be in a position where they are dictating the agenda.

Lying in the pursuit of this goal means nothing to them. The ends (a more perfect world according thier own warped vision) justifies the means.
Conservatism Advances...
As of this morning, it appears as if Gerhard Schroeder, Chancellor of Germany has lost the latest German election to a more conservative, pro-American candidate, Angela Merkel. We may be witnessing the outbreak of sanity in Germany on the one hand, and the dissolution of the Franco-German axis on the other.

The results are pretty thin right now, with Merkel's party having won a slight parliamentary majority, so we'll have to be patient to see is common sense has broken out in Germany. My fingers are crossed, though.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Katrina, Part VIII...The Idiocy Continues...
This morning, Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans is announcing his plan to "repopulate" the washed-away city, one neighborhood at a time, beginning with those areas least affected by Katrina. This takes place as federal authorities warn of the risks of massive amounts of e. coli bacterium, fecal matter and heavy metals laying around in a city without hospitals, power, fesh water or a 9-1-1 system.

What is this Mayor thinking? Is he thinking at all? It would appear not.

The Mayor, naturally, is now upset that the feds are telling him how to run his city and interfering with his plan. This is the man who screamed like a schoolgirl for three days that he "didn't get no hep" from the feds, and now that he has them on the scene, is willing to ignore them completely if it interferes with his own agenda. What this agenda is, is a complete mystery.

One the one hand, the agenda must be to get civilization back inside the City of New Orleans and revive the Mayor's tax and voting base. That voting base, by the way, is mostly made up of people too stupid to get out of the city when ordered to, and now, presumably, is stupid enough to return to a toxic swamp without basic services because the Mayor asked them to. Conversely, the other part of the agenda has to be doing something, anything, to give the Mayor the appearance of controlling something. Having fiddled (more like diddled) while his city flooded and cried for the feds to take over to absolve himself of responsibility for the failures, he now wants to accept the appearance responsibility while the feds are there to take the heat. By the way, there's another potential hurricane (Tropical Storm Rita) approaching the Gulf region.

What an idiot. What an opportunist. What a complete waste of gametes.

If anyone thinking of returning to New Orleans reads this, then please heed my advice and don't return. Not yet. Not while the place is a breeding ground for a myriad of dieases and with another hurricane about to enter the Gulf. The potential for a repeat performance is high.