Friday, November 05, 2010

Fort Hood: One Year On...

Today is the first anniversary of the Fort Hood Massacre.

Thirteen people were killed. Thirty more were wounded. By a lunatic crackpot who took advantage of everything this country had to offer him, and then had the unmitigated gall to turn on it, murdering his fellow soldiers and citizens in the process.

Nidal Hasan, their killer, is still alive. He has government-funded attorneys defending him, and the government is picking up the tab for his medical care.

The "cleric" who inspired Hasan to commit mass murder, Anwar Al 'Awlaki, who also inspired the Jock Strap Jihadist (i.e. The Underwear Bomber, also still alive), the would-be Times Square Bomber (also still breathing), and three of the 9/11 Hijackers, is still alive.

Why? Why aren't these men dead, and the culture that spawned them reduced to a very bad, and smouldering, memory? When are we going to demand that a War on Terror actually means WAR and not judges and juries?

When we will finally discover that Political Correctness, of the sort that protected Nidal Hasan and advanced his career, can actually kill? When will we finally get the cojones to kick this Fifth Column in Dirty Laundry out of the country?

Are GOP Leaders Going Too Far in Their Criticism of Obama?

If you asked me, I'd not only say "No", but "Fuck NO".

Obama deserves all the criticism he gets. It comes with the job, especially when you screw it up. Assuming you aren't on vacation for a year,and not doing the job at all.

But here's the really strange part about this article:

"Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has been even tougher. He’s called for the party to focus on defeating Mr. Obama in two years – a statement some have found "indelicate," he said Thursday."

When did it become unfair, let alone"indelicate", for a republican to speak openly about defeating a democrat in an election? Who are these people who find this objectionable, and can we forcibly ssterilize them before they breed?

Pot, Meet Kettle...

Mayor Mind-Everyone's-Business says Obama "the most arrogant man I've ever met".

This is just too rich. You can't make this shit up.

Rumor in this neck of the woods is that Bloomberg is thinking about running for President in 2012. Let me go on record now as saying that I would vote for for Obama's soon-to-be-announced Anthrax-for-Old-Appliances stimulus program than for Bloomberg. I would vote for mandatory lunch-hour ass-rape before I put Bloomberg in the White House. I would voluntarily eat feces-and-powdered-glass-covered razor blades before I see Micheal Bloomberg take the Presidential Oath of Office.

Michael Bloomberg needs to go back to running his multi-billion dollar media empire, and leave the public stage forever.

Oh, and then he needs to STFU.

Obama: The Message Just Didn't Get Through...

Spare us.

This guy got it. He was a real leader.

And we miss him terribly.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words...

And he still can't figure out why his party got it's ass kicked Tuesday night?

It's All Rahm's Fault...

Richard Wolffe in the Daily Beast writes that the general consensus now is that democrats (small 'd' intentional) got their asses kicked because of...Rahm Emanuel.

I can almost promise you that White House aides are already lining up to publish their"tell-all" books. On January 20, 2013, not thirty seconds after the Obamatard is shown the door, the "True Story of the Obama Administration, by an Insider" books will start to hit the shelves.

And they'll all say the same things: Obama was an arrogant, stupid, stubborn, bigoted, jerk in love with the sound of his own voice, Michelle was a fur-breasted, imperial, hellion who harassed and terrorized the White House Staff. Bo the Dog shit in every corner of the White House, and dug up the remains of Jimmy Hoffa on the South Lawn.

The "heroes" in these books will be the Rahm Emanuels, the "old hand" Washingtonian set that tried mightily to advise President Odingbat not to pursue this or that policy, who tried to "restrain" the President so as to stave off mid-term electoral defeat, but he just wouldn't listen to them. These books always follow the same format; Obama failed because he didn't listen to us elitist jerks who half the time kissed his ass -- his willing slaves and hitmen -- and who treated his every utterance as if it were the Word of God, itself.

The truth will be closer to something along the lines that they worshiped the stupid bastard, and could not refuse his will, regardless of how retarded or dangerous the policy might have been. Those "insider" types are less noble public servants and more professional sycophants, and they probably often adopted the very same arrogance and stupidity in their dealings with underlings that they'll accuse the Obamas of.

Rahm Emanuel was once considered a fucking genius; now he's a traitor to the cause of the democratic party, and Obama the fallen icon. Go figure.

Democrats take heed; this is, in part, why you lost. You're wedded to the Cult of Personality, and unfortunately for this country, the Personalities you adore are often complete fucktards. Obama was swept into office on a wave of mixed adoration and desperation, and then he failed to correctly divine just what the nation's priorities should have been. Instead of tackling problems in a logical fashion -- one at a time, and with some set of priorities -- and crafting policies to handle them, he went off on a scattershot program of broad-brush-platitude non-priorities, with the details left to be worked out largely by Congress.

Rahm Emanuel is a petty douche, with a nasty streak five-miles wide. He's not a genius, he's a self-centered, overbearing bully, an apparatchik with aloud voice and a fearsome demeanor that probably hides the fact that he has a very small penis, and that he's still mad at his parents for forcing him to take ballet lessons. Washington is just chock full of pussies who are susceptible to being strong-armed by a personality like that. But, before you blame Rahm for abandoning ship, and pinning the approbation for everything that went wrong on him, consider this:

When people needed jobs, we got ObamaCare. Passed by Congress by unconstitutional means, with open bribery of Congresscritters and Senators (The Louisiana Purchase, The Cornhusker Kickback), basically in front of television cameras.

When people needed a sense that someone who understood their problems was in charge, we got Cash-for-Clunkers, and a steady diet of boilerplate libtard Class Warfare.

When the people needed a sense that the future was going to be better than today, and someone to provide that sense of optimism, we got Michelle's Healthy Eating bullshit.

We got a President who spent 15 months flogging an unnecessary Health care nationalization plan disguised as "reform" --- and then 6 months on Vacation.

When the country needed policies that would revitalize the economic base, we got cash giveaways to mortgage defaulters, temporary tax credits to buy houses that would soon go into default, a lot of talk about wind and solar power, and GM shareholders ripped off so as to reward the unions that helped bankrupt GM in the first place.

We got a situation in which the government decided when bankruptcy law applied, and when it didn't. When immigration law applied, and when it didn't.

We got a nearly-$800-billion stimulus program that stimulated nothing, and which only served to remove that money from the credit markets where it might have done more real economic good; there were no "shovel-ready" projects, there were no "jobs saved or created", there was no "transparency" about where the money went and who got it. In fact, there was no transparency to anything the Government did at all, despite promises there would be.

We got a President who regards terrorism as a law-enforcement problem. We got a President who can't tell the difference between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys in the world, preferring to think of everyone as sometimes-Good and sometimes-Bad, and all gray area the rest of the time. He doesn't fight terrorists; he reads them their rights and gives them trials in civilian courts. He bows to foreign potentates. His State Department sends birthday greetings to one of the world's biggest lunatics, who is obsessed with constructing a nuclear weapon with which to destroy the West. He regards Israel in the same way most would regard an enema, and then he tries to negotiate surrender to the Taliban.

We got a President who received the Nobel Prize...for being black.

We got a President who did nothing -- except sue BP, and go on vacation -- in the face of a major ecological and industrial disaster.

We have the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (Rangel) accused of tax evasion. A Sitting Senator from Massachusetts (Kerry) accused of evading taxes on his luxury yacht. A Secretary of the Treasury (Geithner) accused of Tax Evasion. A Secretary of Labor (Solis) accused of Tax Evasion. A Sitting senator from Connecticut accused of using his influence to obtain a criminally-suspect mortgage on his Irish mansion/cottage (Dodd). We have the Chairman of the House Banking Committee (Frank) accused of blocking an investigation into the financial practises of Freddie and Fannie because he may have been sleeping with their executives. There was an (alleged) lunatic gay serial sexual harasser (Massa) running around the Halls of Congress, and the Glenn Beck show, trying to explain the inexplicable, and defend the indefensible...and incomprehensible...about his alleged misdeeds. This was your democratic majority.

President Obama, who now cries for co-operation and bi-partisanship dragged the republican Congressional delegation into a room for a"discussion" of Health Care reform, deliberately dictating and bullying the minority party on television, arrogantly asserting such was his right because "I Won". This man insists that he's open to "all ideas" from the opposition party --and then doesn't listen to any. He leaves the task of governing the United States to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid -- two people perhaps even dumber than he -- because to take an active hand in governing just might interfere with his golf game, and pick-up basketball.

He sends the Secretary of State to Moscow with a misspelled "gag gift". The President cries that the"Old Alliances" lay in tatters, and then he sends the British Prime Minister home with cheap Wal-Mart gifts, returns a bust of Churchill, and presents the Queen with a gift of his speeches on an iPod. He tells the French President to basically go fuck himself. He makes the Prime Minister of Israel cool his heels in the White Hosue waiting room for the better part of a day -- and the refuses to meet with him. He embraces Hamid Karzai as an "ally", and then publicly hangs him out to dry in the Afghan elections. The President publicly abhors the drug-fueled, violent chaos in Mexico that is spilling over the borders of the United States, and then sues the state of Arizona for presuming to enforce federal immigration law.

The President's mantra for the last few months leading up to his election night spanking has been that we're angry, impatient, racist, stupid, mislead and misinformed. That the American people haven't grasped the benefits of his enlightened rule because Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Fox News have muddied the waters. He insists that his troubles aren't because his policies suck, but because he hasn't effectively sold them to us. If only he had another half-dozen teleprompters, he believes, he could have talked turds into gold bricks.

I'm certain I'm missing at least two dozen other examples of Obama's ineptitude, stupidity, stubbornness, petulance and lack of interest in his job. It's almost as if, having achieved an historical milestone (being the first (half-) black man elected President of the United States), the job would then do itself. That the details were unimportant. That the only thing that counted was that America was reordered in such a way as to suit the personal tastes of the Regal and August Obama -- Michelle Obama, that is, I hope she's proud of her country now -- the legalities and nicities and customs of the Realm be damned.

And Rahm Emanuel is at fault?

What are these people smoking?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Electronic Heroin...

I railed the other day against the evils of Facebook and Twitter. Personally, I find those stupid little beeping things to be just about the deadliest tools mankind has ever invented. Worse than the Atomic Bomb, the AK-47, and American Idol put together. Andrea Peyser in today's NYPost agrees, and tells of one particular horror story of the Social Networking Age.

It's bad enough that, for example, here in New York we have had to pass laws against people using a cell phone in a moving vehicle, but we've had to take it step further and pass laws against texting while driving. You can hardly walk fifty feet in this city without running into some self-important douche with a Bluetooth stuck to his ear. You can't sit quietly on the subway or the bus without your ears being assaulted by a variety of ringtones, buzzes and beeps, and the absolute worst, being privy -- against your will -- to half of someone else's conversation, because Heaven Forbid they should have to call someone back because they can't hear them. No, it's best just to scream over the noise of the ferryboat into your little box, because the complete stranger sitting 11 rows behind you still doesn't know every detail of your boring little life.

You can't buy anything without a cashier asking for your cell number or e-mail address. You can't ask people for directions, because thanks to personal GPS systems or apps, they don't know the streets of their hometown anymore...even in neighborhoods they've lived in for a million years. Nowadays, we just follow the flashing lights on the cell. People don't even exchange phone numbers anymore: my nephew has a girlfriend that he never calls, but I'll bet he has the strongest thumbs I've ever seen...from all that texting they do together.

I got a note from a neighbor a few days ago regarding my wayward trash cans (the Sanitation men were rather careless with them...again...I gather). Right there on that little piece of paper, my neighbor (I guess she's about 40, and a mother) had written "LOL" and put an emoticon (those little internet smiley faces) next to her signature. Moron.

My sister has somehow managed to do the impossible. Yesterday, I saw her carry on five once. She had her husband on the house phone, one of her Little League moms on the cell. She answered a text message on the BlackBerry, an IM in her AOL session, all while sending a fax.

What was she faxing?

A letter of complaint to her cell company. It seems they charged her too much for text messaging,and she was sending THEM a copy of their own contract to prove it.

It's gotten so bad, that people don't even speak to each other anymore unless there's an electronic contrivance involved. Personally, this PC is the only compromise I've made. I don't own a cell (refuse to carry one), I don't use an online "social" service anymore. I don't Facebook or MySpace, and I haven't touched my LinkedIn page in a year. Won't pick up a BlackBerry. I don't feel the need to be"connected"to anything...ever. I never feel as if I'm missing anything; you can still leave a message at the sound of the tone -- I'll get it...eventually -- and I've had the same (singular) e-mail address for a decade now.

I don't beep. I don't buzz. I don't vibrate. I'm not Social Networked, and not only do I NOT feel like an outcast, I'm fucking ecstatic about the fact. It's a badge of honor, to me.

But, I can speak. In fact, I actually LIKE to talk to people. I can carry on the most extraordinary conversations. I can talk your ear off, if you let me. And guess what else I can do with this wonderful command of the Art of Conversation?

Meet Women.

Lots of them, in fact. Without having to see them online, or browse a rogues gallery of mugshots in the Social Network thingamajig. I can actually ask them out without feeling odd because there hasn't been several months of text messages between us and we haven't "friended" each other. I get to evaluate them all by myself, instead of relying upon the often-confused opinion of my online homies responding to my internet poll. They love to talk, you know, and they enjoy the give-and-take of real conversation.

Try that with a phone stuck in your ear.

This fabulous power of conversation makes it easier to exchange bodily fluids...instead of emoticons. This amazing power of speech, the ability to relate to another on a human level, simply amazes others who see it in action. It's a wonder: it reminds me that I'm human. It's not antiseptic. I actually enjoy it; there is no distance involved. Conversation is a lost art, and all that electronic whizzbangery does nothing except to ensure it will remain lost -- and make the rest of you progressively dumber, and emotionally sterile.

It's Not MY Fault You're All Assholes...

Despite evidence to the contrary, President Obama continues to insist that he's smarter than everyone else in America, and cosmically right in a way we mere mortals simply cannot fathom.

If anyone believes there's "compromise" coming to Washington, they should think again. If I hear another flapping rectum insist that now is the time for Republicans to be "bi-partisan", I will grab my shotgun. If I hear one more time about how "intellectual" the Resident-in-Chief is, I'll simply go on a murder spree.

Because none of that is operative. None of it is apparent.

Republicans don't need to compromise; they need to force crap down vulnerable democrat's throats.

Bi-partisanship is pipe dream when dealing with committed mental patients who still believe that Socialism works, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Barack Obama is an "intellectual" in the same way that Snooki is the arbiter of good taste, and a singular example of high moral virtue.

There will be no compromise from Obama. His "I Fucked Up" speech last Tuesday made that perfectly clear; the beatings will continue until morale improves. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with ObamaCare, you know -- maybe we could do with a few tweaks, but...
Electric cars are still the future, you know, and we can't let the Chinese and Japs beat us to 'em! I didn't make a bad economic situation worse, I simply inherited an emergency that I felt should have given me the power to do whatever the fuck I wanted to, regardless of it's legality, constitutionality or efficacy. You mouth-breathing asswipes simply didn't wait long enough for the skies to part, and the Manna to rain down from the Heavens like I promised you. Trust me: you'll thank me for it all later on, Peasants!

This guy is a blithering idiot.Worse, he's a blithering idiot blinded by his own discredited ideology. America is in a mess not because of anything he's done; it's everyone else's fault...still. George W, Bush left him an economy in tatters. There's more private sector jobs than ever in America. The American people are just racist, bigoted, stupid, impatient, and after 15 months of constant speechifying, just too dense to understand the absolute boon of ObamaCare.

Don't expect an "I'm sorry..." from this guy. Ever. Don't ever expect him to be intellectually honest and to admit to his own mistakes, or even to learn from them. Barack Obama doesn't make mistakes; the rest of us are just too dumb to understand him and his divine intent.

I heard Tim Pawlenty describe Obama perfectly this morning:

"Silver tongue, tin ear..."

You could probably add "bulletproof stupid" to that formulation, too.

India on $200 Million A Day...

The White House says that "rumors" about the cost of the Obamatard's upcoming excursion to India are simply not true. Apparently, no one told the Indian press to stay On Message. They're providing details by the bushel that make that claim laughable.

President Marriot-Suites is at it again. Another trip to a far-off land with a price tag that might make a Saudi Prince think twice about hitting his credit limit.

An entourage of 3,000? Is it really necessary, in these days of world-wide telecommunications, for a President to take a trip...anywhere?

Didn't Obama learn anything from the furor over Michelle's trip to Spain?

Didn't Obama learn from Tuesday Congressional drubbing that one of the main sources of discontent in this country comes from extravagant government spending that serves no useful purpose?

Didn't Obama just say in yesterday's "I fucked up" speech that he'd learned exactly this lesson?

What the fuck is he going to India for, exactly?

The article, incidentally, very quickly drops the main point -- the exorbitant cost of a trip no one can, or will explain -- and takes aim at Michelle Bachmann, instead. Even in India, the press is Obama's whore, isn't it? Then, as if to underscore the point that has just been pooh-poohed -- that Obama's trip just might be an expensive boondoggle -- the very same website posts this little gem:

34 Warships to Accompany Obama on India Trip

Warships, I hear, are mighty expensive to operate. Especially when you send them halfway across the planet.

And just in case you were still laboring under the misapprehension that Obama was truly humbled by the accusations that he's an Imperial, tone-deaf narcissist, try this one on for size:

Coconuts and Monkeys to Be Removed in Anticipation of Obama Visit

You just know that some idiot in the White House decided that it would be a very bad idea to give the Ignorant-Bitter-Clingers-With-Photoshop-Skills any opportunity to create a picture of a (half-) Black Man juxtaposed against coconuts and monkeys. It not only "demeans" the office of the President, but would reinforce so many negative stereotypes,wouldn't it?

I wonder how much that is going to cost?

800 hotel rooms. Air Force One. An Aircraft Carrier. Helicopters. Limousines. 3,000 sycophants in tow, the streets cleared of dangerous coconuts, and primates. Is this a Presidential Visit or a Roman Triumph? No, Obama didn't learn anything from Tuesday night. If he had, he would cancel this thing immediately. Anyone who thought he might have learned a valuable lesson should now hang their heads in shame for having been so blindly ignorant, and damned gullible, and if they had any sense at all, they'd lock themselves in a closet and starve themselves to death.

I'm beginning to think that $200 million-a-day will quickly become a conservative estimate of the money that is being wasted.

If all that wasn't a prime example of Obama's Tin Ear narcissistic stupidity, it seems that the people of Mumbai don't even want him there...and he hasn't gotten their message, either.

2012 cannot come quickly enough!

Denial Ain't Just a River In Egypt....

The 52% of the American Electorate that was desperate and brain-dead in November of 2008 should do the rest of us a favor and voluntarily kill themselves this morning. Consider it your patriotic duty.

Obama still doesn't get IT...

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

With Luck, We Won't Be Seeing THIS Anymore...

Mercy, Please!

Watching Obama's speech. First thing that struck me was that for the first time in two years, SOMETHING wasn't George W. Bush's fault. Obama came out and said those words which must have hurt more than a double root canal without anesthetic, executed via the rectum:

"I take responsibility..."

The rest of the Speech makes it perfectly clear that he still believes that we're all clueless dolts who were just too darned impatient for our good, and then followed up with a rambling diatribe about"Energy Policy", never once mentioning the words "Drill". Whatever else might happen, Obama is not going to give up on Cap and Trade. Someone still hasn't learned their lesson, methinks.

The rest of the speech went something like this:

"Blah, blah, blah...blah,blabbity-bloobity, blah blah, blah..."

Even the customary Washington Press Corps Q&A was boring, and indicative that no one who should knows just what the fuck happened to Obama last night. Including him.

All I could hear during this hour-plus gabfest was that Obama still doesn't get it, and that he's probably set to dig his heels in deeper. Get your popcorn ready; this one's gonna be good.

Election 2010: Some Thoughts...

I still have to think some more about the implications of the"historic" Republican "victory" in yesterday's mid-term elections, so I'm going to put down some general observations right now, and then come back to the subject later this afternoon (after I watch Obama's Plea for Mercy speech this afternoon).

The Good:
* Alan Grayson, a thoroughly despicable waste of gametes, lost his Congressional seat in Florida. If there was anything that stood out from yesterday's results as the both the Best Thing That Could Happen and the Least Surprising Thing That Could Happen, this was it. This was perhaps the craziest fucker in the House of Representatives, and his loss represents about a 90% return to sanity in government. Good luck in your new job, Mr. Grayson, just remember the proper phrase is "would you like fries with that, Sir?". And smile when you say it.

* In my local election, Michael Grimm beat that malevolent leprechaun, Mike McMahon, and four other Republicans from New York are headed to Congress, allowing the NY Congressional delegation to at least be able to boast "We suck far less than we did yesterday...", Charles Schumer will not become Senate Majority Leader (since Dingy Harry survived), and I would dearly love to have been a fly on the wall when Schumer -- always one to count chickens before they hatch -- had to call off the mega-Press Conference and Fireworks Show that he'd scheduled to announce that he'd be vying for that position.

* Russ Feingold, the other half of the Greatest Assault on Free Speech in American History (Campaign Finance Reform) is now gone. Good riddance, and it was long overdue. Unfortunately, your partner in crime, John McCain, is still with us, which can only mean that the choice in Arizona must have been along the lines of "Would you rather: a) Fuck your mother, or b) Blow Your Father?" in that Senatorial contest.

The Bad:
* Harry Reid survived? How the hell did this happen? Either the people of Nevada are that fucking stupid, or Sharon Angle was the worst possible candidate. I'll have to think about that one.

* Christine O'Donnell loses. This is bad because we need some more hot chicks in Congress. If that election in Delaware taught you anything it is this: even in a day-and-age when people are unemployed, the national debt spirals out of control, the country is engaged in two wars, the Federal Government has nationalized the banks, heavy industry, insurance companies and is on the precipice of nationalizing our health care, you can STILL count on legions of people being stupid enough to be swayed by accusations that your opponent dabbles in Witchcraft. Things have not changed much since 17th Century New England, have they? I wonder; if someone took a test, would Delaware still be the dumbest -- and most irrelevant --state in the union?

* John Boehner crying. That is an image that I cannot scrub off my mind with a Brillo pad.

On MSNBC's Election Coverage (I flipped between Fox and (P)MSNBC all night):

* Keith Olbermann added a new dimension to his on-air persona; Keefy usually has a puss screwed on that is reminiscent of a man who is sitting upon his vibrator while having gallons of lemon juice poured into an open wound. Last night, he added a new face: he looked like he wanted to spit, but didn't because we all know he swallows. Keith took every opportunity to deviate from the fake "Objective Newsman" routine to scatter what passes for commentary on MSNBC with unflattering references to everyone he apparently doesn't like. Especially Christine O'Donnell and Sharon Angle. He was an ungracious douche, but what else could we expect from someone who probably still sleeps with his own parents, and likes having small rodents jammed in his bum?

* Rachel Maddow is a (insert word that rhymes with "hunt", and which will get you slapped in polite company). I realize that Rachel's job is to represent the "Butch Pseudo-Intellectual Lesbian" point of view on all things political, but I do recall a time when one could -- if they stretched the meaning of the word generously -- consider her to have been "fair".

* Chris Matthews had the look of a man who had just been buggered by a rabid, three-dicked grizzly bear (or maybe it was just a Momma Grizzly with a strap-on?) without lube, and no complimentary reach-around.

* Eugene Robinson is obviously disappointed that the program of Reparations by Another Name started by Resident Barack Obama now seems set to to come to an end, and that he'll have to Resort to Plan B in order to explain this defeat. Expect Gene to start cranking out columns and whining on MSNBC that Obama's failures are all the result of a vast conspiracy in which White Conservatives somehow managed to get a (half-)black man elected for the purposes of ensuring that no other black man, ever, gets elected President of the United States again. Should have asked for cash up front, Gene, instead of taking Obama's I.O.U.

* Ed Schultz is still the biggest, dumbest, most insufferable asshole on cable television,and he's even worse when his Red Comrades go down in fiery defeat. Somewhere, I'm hoping there's a guy with an elephant gun and tranquilizer darts, ready to do the country an enormous service and hunt Ed down, so that he may be returned to the Special-Needs Rhino Preserve from whence he came.

* The notion that "Republicans must now show that they can govern" was floated about 73 times amongst the talking heads. First of all, the Republicans won the House of Representatives; democrats still control the Senate and the Presidency. The question is not "Can Republicans Govern?", but more "Why Haven't Democrats?", as they still hold 2/3 of the visible aspects of government. Had they not been pre-occupied by turning the United States into Greece -- only with turtle tunnels -- they might have actually accomplished something worth bragging about.

* On the notion that Republicans must now "reach across the isle in a spirit of non-partisanship". First of all, when a republican asks for "non-partisan"anything, he's basically asking "Hey, would you sign onto this crap so that when it fails I have some political cover?", and when a democrat calls for "Non-partisanship" it either means "I still get what I want, I just won't demonize you in public as badly as I would have", or it's a cry for mercy. Stuff "bi-partisanship" because it's the most misused word in American politics. The American People yesterday said "No" to taxes, "No" to nationalized healthcare, "No" to big government, "No" to policies that will strangle economic growth, "no" to bills that Congress can't be bothered to read before forcing them through in an unconstitutional fashion in the dead of night.

I rather doubt the democrats are in any mood to co-operate with anyone on dismantling or reversing anything they believe they've accomplished in the last two years. It's all they have to hang their hats on for 2012, after all. The only "bi-partisan" anything you'll get is where republicans in the House and Senate are able to force their democratic counterparts to swallow the bitter dregs of defeat in order to stave off defeat in 2012, and beyond. Only vulnerable democrats will play along, and when the numbers of those start to dwindle (never underestimate the power of a republican Congress to shoot itself in the foot) as we near 2012, expect to see the partisan bickering return with an even-greater fury.

* On the Notion That Obama's Speech today will Prove Once-and-For-All Whether he's a Pragmatist or an Ideologue: Were you not paying attention these last two years? Were you living under a rock? Atop a Himalayan peak where electricity and cable aren't available? Obama is an ideologue, and anything he has to say today will be simply be a regurgitation of his usual passive-aggressive ideological style ("While I look forward to working with Speaker Boehner, I will not abandon the Values and Principles that we have fought so hard to promote..."). I expect Obama will run through two teleprompters during this speech....and still say nothing.

* The most intriguing aspect of this election: Almost every candidate that Obama personally campaigned for lost. This comes a week after Al'Qaeda tried their little mail-bomb stunt. Let's see if Usama Bin Hidin' takes this clear indication of Obama's political weakness to cook something up, especially with Odouchebag scheduled to be out of the country this week (the one place where he can do the least amount of continuing damage). If I were Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton this week, I'd make sure that wherever it is that the Secret Service hides me, that refuge has plenty of reinforced concrete and is heavily-guarded.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Today Is Election Day...

I see today's voting as more of an exercise in survival than I do as exercising my "Right to Be Heard". I would blog a lot of stuff about today's events, but frankly, I'm bored with it. if it wasn't for the fact that I want to work, that I don't want to be passed over for a transplant operation in favor of an illegal immigrant pre-op transsexual with no insurance, and am sick and tired of seeing Barack Obama on television, I don't think I could muster the ambition to leave my chair today.

It's not so much about "Transforming America" anymore as much as it is restoring some semblance of sanity to an insane situation. I don't expect the republicans (small 'r' intentional) to be any different from the democrats (small 'd' intentional), except that their policies will probably put more cash in my pocket with which to live a little more comfortably while our society circles the bowl.

Because, let's face it, republicans may be 'chastened' after losing Congress in 2006, and after running the worst bunch of mental deficients in 2008, but I have every confidence that after a decent period of being seen as "conservative" (and NOT in the Bible-thumping-flannel-shirt-wearing-tobacco-chewing-cousin-banging sense with which that word has become associated), they will do what human nature dictates they must, revert to form, and quickly re-establish the political spoils system they use to enrich themselves.

I will go to the booth and pull the lever for every 'R' on the ballot, if only because the alternative is worse. I'd rather have AIDS, Ebola, and Scrofula simultaneously than to live yet one more day under the Pelosi-Reid-President Marriot-Suites regime. It was only the most extreme sense of desperation which caused 52% of the brain-dead doofuses in this country to produce that Triumvirate of Trash in the first place, and it will now be a deeper sense of desperation that causes a seismic shift in the opposite direction today; the fundamental problems which underlay American society and politics will not be solved with a republican "sweep" today.

That "Change You Can Believe In" will merely get a start with a republican victory; until the illegal immigrants are shipped back in chains, the Muslims are utterly defeated, the Poor-with-Cable-TV-and-Cellphones are separated from the government teat, and American business is prevented from making outrageous profits at the expense of it's fellow citizens, no REAL change will come about.

That sort of change doesn't happen with a single election. That sort of change comes about when citizens are made aware of the consequences that come with NOT making sure it's 'political leadership' does the right thing.

Change does, indeed, come to America today, but it entails more than just kicking one party out in favor of another. In most cases, swapping democrats for republicans is sort of like making a choice between passing a bowling ball or opening an umbrella up your ass; neither is particularly attractive, but there isn't another choice available. The REAL change today should be a renewed spirit of civic awareness, a sense that We The People are really in charge, and that we have to be much more vigilant than we have been in the past, and that now, we expect results instead of rhetoric.

Anyways, I'm off to vote. I will be back later, to say a few words about Chris Matthew's expected apoplexy and the hernia Keith Olbermann will get in trying to spin the expected democratic bloodbath away...

Do NOT Ask this Man for Relationship Advice...

Because, you know, Gay Men know all bout Heterosexual sex, and stuff.

Don't know who Stephen Fry is, don't really give a shit, either. However, someone who could say something like this:

‘If women liked sex as much as men, there would be straight cruising areas in the way there are gay cruising areas,’ he said.Women would go and hang around in churchyards thinking, "God, I’ve got to get my ******* rocks off", or they’d go to Hampstead Heath and meet strangers to s**g behind as bush. It doesn’t happen. Why? Because the only women you can have sex with like that wish to be paid for it.’

...has probably spent his entire adult life fucking other men in the rectum. Probably more time receiving than giving,if you ask me. This is, indeed, the very last person I would ask about all things heterosexual.

First of all, his theory is fundamentally incorrect in this regard; modern women, brainwashed by feminism, practically give sex away as an exercise in "personal growth". All day, every day. and no cash has to change hands. Confused, conflicted females with no self esteem nor values abound. They're not all that hard to find. Low-hanging fruit. I could practically trip over all the stray vaginas on my way to the bathroom each morning, if I didn't have some standards and scruples. Thankfully, I do have some, and the days when I saw women as little more than a convenient place to park a boner are long gone (it's called "Growing Up". Some of us Men actually do it, you know).

Second, the reason why there's Gay cruising areas -- out in the open -- is that Homosexuals are sick individuals, who in part become homosexuals because they wish to reject and shock the sensibilities of conventional society. They do this because most of the homosexual men that I know are insatiable attention whores. They want you to know, in the loudest, gaudiest, most unmistakable fashion that they not only reject common moral values and sensibilities, they want to rub conventional society's collective nose in it, as well. It gives them a high to piss people off on such a visceral level. It's part of the whole twisted mentality.

There ARE straight "cruising areas", however, Mr. Fry probably doesn't recognize them because there isn't a 6' 4" douchebag in size-14 Kenneth Coles dressed up as Carmen Miranda, singing torch songs, no ankle-deep puddle of infected semen on the floor, no loose scabs, and no men in eyeshadow, platform shoes and sequins drawing out their sibilant essess over the background noise of extremely bad European techno, clinking Appletini glasses. Probably less drug use, too.

Quite frankly, it's been my experience that the best places to meet women have absolutely nothing to do with a social setting or party-like atmosphere, at all. The traditional Heterosexual Cruising Areas, like singles bars, booze cruises, etc., are perhaps the worst places to find decent babes, because those women went out with the intention of getting drunk and taken advantage of. They're almost daring you to do so. Don't even think of finding "a good woman" in church; She's there because she feels guilty about something, after all. No, if you want to find decent women, give those places a very wide berth and start looking in the most unconventional places you can imagine.

Places Mr. Fry would not recognize as "Cruising Areas" because there aren't any used hypodermics to step on, no one scooping peanuts out of the bar bowl with the same hand he's just jerked some anonymous douchebag with, and no Village People playing in the background.

The laundromat.

The Supermarket.

The Library.

The Local Dog walk.

The best way to score easy lays with no emotional connection or responsibilities is to have (like I do) a female best friend who also happens to be a drinking buddy, and insists on telling all your would-be conquests -- in that conspiratorially-female way when you leave for the restroom that "He's the best I've ever had...". Who needs a "Wingman" when you have a gold-plated reference like that? Now THAT'S a friend! It's almost a slam-dunk at that point.

Anyways, to get back to Mr. Fry's original, tortured, clueless point:

Women DO enjoy sex, Mr. Fry...when you do it properly. The problem (from a woman's point of view)is that most men don't. Then again, Modern Man has also been bathed in the atmosphere created by Modern Feminism, and he's done what he was done since the species first walked upright: he's adapted to the environment, and learned to take advantage of the resources available to him. The mixture of Feminism and a culture of moral relativism have combined to make women so lonely, so bitter, so confused, so fucking stupid, that even a misshapen lump like me has to, sometimes, beat them off with a stick. Why? Because we have learned how "to listen" (i.e. let her talk her fucking head off about anything and everything, while controlling the impulse to look at your watch), we have learned how to be "attentive" to her moods and needs (i.e. pretend to give a shit about her innermost thoughts and feelings), we have learned how to nod, and say "I agree" to whatever load of crap she's shovelling this evening. That, after all, is what Oprah, Cosmo, and the other "women's forums" tells them is what they need most in a man.

If men suck (no pun intended) at sex, it's because they've been conditioned to do it in a haphazard manner. Why make the effort to do it properly when this broad won't be here after breakfast? And she'll still be grateful?

We've learned to pretend to give them what they've been told they want. That's the key to the whole operation; I can get laid every day of the week and twice on Sunday by simply assuming my "Nice Guy" persona. It's not difficult to find women upon who this charade works.

However, for some of us, that is simply not enough. It certainly isn't enough for me; I'm past that stage in life where I can overlook "Miss Right" for "Miss Right-Now". I could spend an entire day screwing, as a mechanical function, but it doesn't satisfy for very long. Besides, it's hardly a challenge, and that, after all, should be part of the equation.

Sex, Mr. Fry, is easy to find. Someone you can stand to spend more than a few hours with without the urgent need to get naked, do the deed, and then send her packing, is a completely different beast altogether.

Never ask a Gay Man for an opinion on a heterosexual matter. It's like asking your plumber about your colon cancer.

(H/T Instapundit and HotAir)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Facebook is the End of Civlization...

If you want to see the biggest fucking losers on the planet, try looking for them on Facebook. Perhaps the only people worse than Facebookers (Facebookees? Facefuckers?) are the Twitter assholes.The really insane thing about both is that these walking anuses are not only laboring under the gross misapprehension that I have a burning desire to know the intimate details of their uninteresting lives, but that I need pictures of it all, too, and require an update every minute of every goddamned day.

I've always been proud of my ability to basically ignore that which is wildly popular with the general public. After all, the general public is a bunch of self-interested little prats,possessed of slug-like intelligence, and very little in the way of good taste. It is the General Public, after all, which has made Jersey Shore the phenomenon that it is. It is the General Public which continuously clamors for ever-lower-common-denominator forms of entertainment: Fear Factor, Sixteen and Pregnant, Jerry Springer, Facebook...and gets it!

Too many people, with too large an opinion of themselves, with too much free time, and too many options to transmit their mental slag to a drooling public which is often just as stupid. The Internet and modern communications, for all the great things they allow us to do, are too easily abused by mouth-breathing nosepickers.

(Excluding Lunatic bloggers,of course. We provide a valuable public service.)

It is the Facebok aficionados who brought us Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, and patted itself on it's collective back for being Progressive? Unbiased? Patriotic?

Puerile simpletons, the lot.

One of the most depressing aspects of 21st Century America is that this is, increasingly, a society run by twits, for the benefit of twits, and never once does anyone ever seem to realize just what fucking twits they themselves truly are. The major drawback to our modern culture and society is that it has now become possible for complete idiots to not only survive, but to flourish, very often with little-to-no conscious effort on their own behalf. We have created a society where one can live quite well -- if completely oblivious -- by just existing. These are the people who somehow think everyone else simply needs to know all about them in he same way a diabetic needs insulin...and even cares to.

These are the people drawn to moths to the flame.

I mean, you DO know what people do on Facebook, right? It's where college co-eds (people who are supposed to be reasonably intelligent) secretly take pictures of their sorority sisters sitting on the toilet and post them for the entire planet (and every potential rapist and pervert) to see. It's where those insane people who insist on dressing up their pets in gay costumes share their special brand of stupidity. It's where people will share the most intimate details of their lives with millions of complete strangers, with no regard for their own privacy and security, and very often, with absolutely no sense of modesty. Facebook is where the desperate near-suicides congregate for one last go-round of the entire "NOTICE ME!!!!" drama-insanity before they finally figure out that no one really gives a shit, and then they go off meekly to eat that shotgun barrel.

It's where that ubiquitous Lone Gunman posts his final manifesto before he goes out and commits Suicide-by-Cop, taking out a few dozen innocents in the process.

You never see greasy-looking men shuffling along the streets in over-sized overcoats, waiting for little children to come by so that they may expose themselves to the unsuspecting tykes; they have Facebook for that now. A very valuable accoutrement in the child molester's toolbox, indeed.

Facebook is gold-plated proof of the old saw (I think it was H.L. Mencken, the Grandmaster Douchebag of his generation, who said it) that "no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public". If you Facebook, in my estimation, you're a big, stupid douche with too much free time, and no self-esteem, screaming for attention in Cyberspace because screaming for attention in Reality doesn't seem to get you any. Get a fucking clue. Get a fucking life.

Nothing, however, can truly describe the special kind of bedwetting doofus one finds on Facebook better than the bedwetting doofuses themselves. We all know of the gay Rutgers University student driven to jump from the George Washington Bridge when his"friends" outed him on a joke. If that didn't get you to start wondering whether Facebook was really a good thing, a complete waste of time, or a ticking time bomb in the hands of the dumbest people on Earth, there's this story:

Italian Police Investigate Burglary of Virtual Home.

Yeah,not like there's a whole lot of Mafiosi or illegal-alien-Muslim-terrorists-in-training roaming the streets of Sicily, right? I'm glad the Italian police have time for this sort of thing; taking an obviously stupid person seriously.

If that doesn't have you shaking your head, try this one:

Mom Kills Baby for Interrupting Farmville.

Check out the picture (probably taken from her own Facebook page, no doubt!) of the Killer Mom: does that look like a sane individual to you? Hell, does that even look like an attractive individual? I'm almost shocked that someone was actually capable of keeping his eyes shut long enough (and keep his lunch long enough) to make that absolute beauty queen a mother (proving once again that some men are absolute goats, and would fuck a catcher's mitt, if it held still long enough). What makes head even more than this story, are the absolute numbskulls who voted that story "Hilarious" on Those sick and twisted bastards are probably on Facebook, too.

That's what's waiting for you on Facebook: people who cannot separate fantasy from reality, and someone who would violently shake an infant, smoke a cigarette, and then shake the kid to death for interrupting her online agricultural experience -- and a bunch of douchebags who find that sort of thing side-splitting, pee-your-pants funny.

Facebook, like Islam, is a threat to civilization. And instead of stringing up the idiots who invented this new form of Electronic Heroin, we made them rich -- and celebrate them in feature films.

I shudder to think of a future run by absolute dickheads who can't stop Tweeting, or who kill their children for interrupting their game of Farmville. That's what we've raised.