Friday, August 13, 2010

Hell Hath No Fury... a woman you took on a "date"... and then painted an unflattering-but-accurate portrait of in your blog.

And herein is the lesson to be learned in this day-and-age where romance, culture and technology have combined to turn women -- I'm sure it does it to gay men, as well --into stark, raving lunatics. Pay attention, Men.

A certain lady that I briefly met, and to whom I then suggested we perhaps never meet, briefly or not, ever again, apparently was under the mistaken impression that I just didn't get to know the "real" her, and that I was too hasty in declining her invitation for a second encounter. This is a common trait in single women these days, and it apparently gets worse with age; I wasn't turned off by her manners, demeanor and drinking habits, I just wasn't prepared to do the work of peeling back all the layers, and so I missed the "real person" beneath all the bulging spandex.

Perhaps if you ladies would help us out a bit by not presuming to turn the whole relationship thing into a mind-fuck by making us work to "peel back the layers" of anything, life would be considerably easier for all involved. I'm not your fucking psychiatrist, and I don't like being made part of your little head games. There's a point beyond which some of it surpasses "flirting" or "protecting yourself" and this lack of communication on intimate matters -- defined as personal feelings/beliefs, not sex -- becomes a fucking ridiculous exercise in vanity and stupidity. Don't be surprised that when a man believes you're hiding something (or trying to), the thing you're hiding looms ever larger and more dangerous in his head the longer he can't discover what it might be. A little honesty would be refreshing.

I know women do think this way all the time (I've listened to them whine in group therapy about just this sort of bullshit), and apparently don't believe that men do, too. But we do. At least the ones who don't consider a woman to be just a convenient place to park a boner every now and then do. On the other hand, some women set far too much stock in simple possession of a vagina, and believe that having one is a license to be insufferable. That was, naturally, the driving idea behind Modern Feminism, a truly mentally-destructive ideology if ever there was one. Trust me; Vaginas are notoriously easy to come by, but Ladies are hard to find, because for every woman who is judicious in the bestowal of her Favors, there are at least five who are dumber than dogshit and would fuck anything without a thought about commitment -- or even of calling you the next day -- for a Jimmy Buffett t-shirt.

And believe it or not, that sort can typically at least fake more modesty than you when she tells you, with a straight face, "I've never done this before..." as she opens your zipper...with her teeth. (Yes, I have lead an interesting life in that regard. It's nothing to be proud of, really).

All the Sexual Revolution did was make that which was somewhat-difficult to obtain (Sex), low-hanging fruit for the opportunistic Neanderthal with an erection and no conscience. But I digress...

And really, it wasn't about me missing anything about Her. I think I got everything there was to get; If I wanted a bitter, immature, borderline-personality barfly who has probably been down on everything but the Titanic and probably killed or wounded a lover or two, I know exactly where to find one. Several score of them, actually. They're not all that hard to find, and great many of them won't even ask for as much as a cocktail or a hotdog for the pleasure of their company, either. Then again, I can see where she might want to keep that maladaptive personality thing under wraps. If I wasn't supposed to "peel back the layers" and find that out, then I guess I didn't do my "job" (to be willing dupe and adoring lapdog with bedroom privileges) properly, and it's not as if she didn't make it all-too-easy to discover.

I was polite the four times she requested the pleasure of my company after that initial meeting in saying "No, but thanks". I tried to be nice and show a level of patience and forbearance that was, in my estimation, far more than she was entitled to. I thought I was particularly and unmistakably definitive during the fifth and sixth rounds of "negotiations" (she was actually bargaining for a second date!) with her when I not only said "No, I don't think we should see each other again", but embellished this basic premise with "Would you please leave me alone, you fucking psycho?" when my temper finally got the better of me. I was totally within my rights when I asked the "service" to block contact with Her. I would have thought the message would get through, and she would eventually give up and inflict her nonsense upon some other loser.

But I guess that by that time it was no longer just a question of a desperate woman clinging to the idea that she can make you love her (trust me: that mindset never gets you anywhere, Sunshine). No, there was a revenge factor brought into play, primarily because I rejected her, but mostly because of what I wrote about her here.

This moonbat hired another "service". This one tracks people down online by picking up the electronic "trail of breadcrumbs" that we all leave behind in cyberspace. Nevermind how a) presumptuous, and b) fucking creepy, this sordid idea is, it's all legal. The records in question are Public Domain. This "service" also found my blog, and brought it to her attention. She read it (frankly, I was surprised that she could read)

She realized that one of the failed "dates" I had blogged about a week or so ago was HER, even though I did not use her real name in the post.

Guess who found my address with the help of the same "service", proceeded to hop on her menstrual cycle and then peddled her skinny ass on over to the Lunatic's Compound to do the full Glenn Close routine? Thankfully, there were no sharp objects involved.

Oh, it was a scene. The only way it could have possibly been worse would have been if I had actually taken her up on her offer(s) and Made the Beast With Two Backs with this pig. Then there might have been some sort of obligation to her on my part, and a real emotional attachment on hers.

It began with "What's wrong with Meeee? Why don't you like Meeee?" Oh, where to begin! Let's start with the fact that you're such a psychopath that you dropped $99.95 to hire the electronic equivalent of a Private Detective to get my phone number and address...and I'm a complete stranger who never took anything from you, nor laid a finger on you. I'm not your cheating husband; I'm not your Baby Daddy skipping out on child support; I have no connection to you AT ALL, except that I spent a few hours in your company strenuously avoiding any physical contact or making any sort of unwarranted commitments that might be misconstrued for exactly this reason -- you showing up on my doorstep to make a fucking spectacle/pest of yourself. I don't remember inviting you over.

It then progressed to "What? Is there someone else?" Umm...there wasn't even an "Us" to begin with. I had three or four drinks with you, that's it. During that time you spent the majority of the evening showing me off as some sort of trophy to your girlfriends (the first indication that there's something wrong with you!) then you did in speaking to me. In fact, I found most of those other women to be far more appealing than you are. At this point in time, Sunshine, ANYBODY ELSE would be as good, and probably a fair sight better. Mussolini in a cocktail dress, Pol Pot bearing Valentine's Day Wishes with a Whitman's Anthrax Sampler, a Bullwhip, and a 55-gallon drum of KY in hand, would turn me on more than you do. And besides; it's none of your business if there were anyone else. Boundaries, woman; respect them!

She was especially upset about the blogging, even though I didn't use her real name. Apparently, the description I gave was accurate enough for people to infer who she might be-- I got the impression that someone might have already -- and was quite unflattering. Well, if the shoe fits. I tried to explain that I hadn't really "done" anything to her, and that only brought on the predictable eruption of two-fisted, full-blown, estrogen-fueled fury. I figured the best thing to do was to let her have her say, let Nature take it's course, nod my head a lot, and just agree with her that, yes, I am a fucking dick, and then let her leave. If it meant she just went away, she could have her pound of flesh.

Which is exactly what happened. With any luck, she'll be well-and-truly out of my life, but I expect she'll stop in here to see what's being written about her, because, well, let's face it; the whole episode was all about her, wasn't it?

Maybe if you read this Sweetheart, and take a second to reflect on what you've done and how you've behaved, perhaps you'll realize why I would rather lose a limb than see you again. And get some help, will ya?

Memo To The Obamas...

It is usually customary to do some work before one (or is it The One?) takes a Vacation....Again.

The First Family is about to take another vacation -- be fair: they've only had about three or four this summer, you understand -- but this is a quick 27-hour one, in Florida, and part of a program of "mini-vacations" that are, apparently, the precursor to the Obama family -- finally -- taking the training wheels off and going for the gusto...with a vacation in Martha's Vineyard...for another 10 days.

All the proof you ever needed that Barack Obama was never prepared to be President is all the time he spends NOT being President. Every day, with every new vacation, celeb-filled date night or golf outing , he simply reinforces the negative stereotype that black men avoid work like the plague, but show no shame in picking up the paycheck...or enjoying the perks.

Yeah, I said it; come after me you fucking obnoxious race-baiting hate-mailers! Let the anonymous threats fly, you pansies!

Air Force One has probably spewed more carbon into the atmospshere in the last 18 months than all Presidential conveyances in American history combined. One wonders why the Greenie Meanines aren't all over his (half-)black ass about this utter disregard for Mother Gaia?

A Pox on Both Their Houses...

Democraticans and Republicrats, and why they both suck. Angelo Codevilla is very quickly working his way into my Personal Olympus with Dr. Hanson and Mark Steyn. This was posted a month ago, but the Spectator is posting it again, and should probably do so for the rest of eternity.

It's a bit long, but you'd better damn-well read it! Definitely worth the time.

It's Only Racist When....?

It's a brotha or sistah on the receiving end. Pay attention, Whitey; we don't want to have to explain this to you again.

Quote of the Day: I'm not a racist...I think the White Half of Obama Sucks, Too.

If You Don't Read Professor Hanson Once a Week...'re an idiot. And probably a democrat, which is pretty much redundant.

A Note To Would-Be Cross-Linkers...

If you would like me to carry a link to your blog, please, please, please do not make the request in the comments posted under "ANONYMOUS", and please, please, please do include a link to your own website.

I used to post a "Contact The Lunatic" address on the banner, but I don't remember having taken it down (I must have, as it is not there anymore! I guess I'll put it back up there?).

I will only provide the link to your site under three conditions:

1) I know what's on your site, and I believe that it will be of interest to others, and is unlikely to cause a hail of spam, or which allows malware to infect anyone's PC,

2) If you will return the favor, and

3) We have some way of making and maintaining regular contact besides making Anonymous comments to my blog posts.

Not abiding by these simple requirements annoys Seymour the Link Monkey terribly. You wouldn't like Seymour when he's angry...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Race Card: Don't Leave Home Without It...

I saw this when it aired on the Daily Show, but now it's gone viral. This is pretty funny!

Ten Reasons Why Obama Has Surpassed "Sucks" and Gone Straight to "Swallows"...

It took an ENGLISHMAN to write this?

Donald Duck Grabbed My Tits! Gimme 50 Grand!

People have entirely too much free time on their hands. Especially lawyers.

Event happened two years ago. Only gets reported now...via lawsuit.

Evidence? Doesn't appear to be any. At least no one is saying "there's photographs" or video. Even in 2008 cellphone cameras had video capability, and let's face it, people walk around Disneyworld with camcorders all the time. I'm not saying security tapes from two years ago still exist, but Disney is simply lousy with security cameras, isn't it? Are there any eyewitnesses?

Police report? Never even bothered to call the cops, or alert Disney a sexual assault?

And only asking for 50k? Is that an indication that your case is weak? I should think that if you could definitively prove that Walt Disney hired sexual predators to molest the guests, you'd be asking for millions, wouldn't you? Fifty grand doesn't even begin to cover the legal bills, I should think.

I have no evidence to say this did or didn't happen, but I'm calling bullshit on it. Just an opinion, but it just doesn't pass the smell test. I think this is a woman who is either a bald-faced liar, or someone who might be trying to pass a probably-innocent, or easy-to-manipulate/misunderstand happenstance into a personal gain.

But, there was a Disney employee convicted of doing just this sort of thing, and 24 other complaints in the last 6 years (if you ran a business and got only 24 complaints about ANYTHING -- let alone alleged sexual abuse -- over a six year span, you should be congratulated for your exemplary performance), and so the only possible route this suit can go (to my untrained legal mind)is to try to convince a judge that a) there's a pattern of such behavior, which constitutes a threat to public safety, and b) that Disney was aware of such threats,and did nothing to protect the general public from sexual predators in costumes.

Get that to a judge stupid enough to pass that onto a jury full of people too stupid to get out of jury duty, and you just might have yourself a payday...or force a settlement.

I also have to take issue with the assertion that the plaintiff suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome from having been allegedly groped. I have suffered from PTSD for a very long time, but that was only because I managed by mere seconds to have exited a building about to be hit by a hijacked 757 which flew directly over my fucking head. There are men and women returning from overseas service who have lost limbs, friends, and have seen things no human being should who will suffer horribly because of it.

Trust me, your "He grabbed my tit and I had a nightmare about it" routine doesn't even come close to being PTSD. Whatever "Mental Health Professional" made that diagnosis should have her (it's probably a Her) license stripped, and be horsewhipped in the public square. When a serious mental health condition like PTSD is (allegedly) abused and probably misrepresented in this way, you hurt everyone who really does suffer from the effects of this terrible syndrome.

Then there are the genuine victims of sexual attacks to think about. How do you think a probably-bullshit suit like this makes actual rape victims feel? How many legitimate attacks will go unreported, or not taken seriously, because this womanmightbe yetone more exampleofsomeone exploiting the legal system with a false allegation?

Perhaps she should be horsewhipped in the public square, too. I've seen a (really bad) picture of this woman, and I wouldn't grope her if she paid me to.

UPDATE: Read the comments in this article from the Daily Mail. People seem to think the Plaintiff is full of shit.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The $12,478.00 Check That Isn't...

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I collect the mail, and right there on top is an item addressed to me from something called the"National Debt Relief Initiative". It has an official-looking seal, bears a Post Office Box address in Washington, D.C., and is in one of those envelopes in which one usually expects to find a government check, like when you get a tax return.

What was this all about? I've never heard of this National Debt Relief Initiative; was this one of Obama's great Stimulus cash giveaways? I opened it up, and lo and behold!, there's a check inside. A check for $12,478.00, to be exact. I was floored! What did I do to deserve a $12,000 check? Did someone screw up? This can't be real, could it?

Well, no, it isn't. The first giveaway are the words "Non-Negotiable-Not A Check" stamped on the bottom where you can't see it unless you're looking for it -- even though the thing looks like a real check, and has account and routing numbers on it.

It's only when you turn the check over that you begin to see what this is all about.

This is a not-so-clever marketing tool of many Debt Counselling Services. In fact, if you Google (I prefer Bing, personally) the term "National Debt Relief Initiative" you are directed to a load of websites for these companies...and usually these links go right to the sales pitch about how Americans are all in debt, and how credit counselling can cut your debt, and save you from bankruptcy, etc, etc. etc.

You'd be amazed by how many of these websites actually have Barack Obama's image included as a prominent part of these advertisements, probably to sucker the unwary into thinking that The Golden Child has finally come through with the Reparations. Right now, I'm certain there are people of a particular racial group and/or economic stratum who are trying to cash these phony checks in every liquor store in 100 different ghettos, nationwide.

The $12,478.00 "check" is actually supposed to be a representation of "the money you'll save" if you use XYZ Credit Services to arrange a 49% pay-off on $25,000.00 in debt. In fact, the more debt you negotiate out of existence with XYZ Credit Services, the more you'll save!

Yeah, right. You guys are so good, you had to try and drum up business with the old Novelty Check routine. I wouldn't be surprised if the fees being charged suck up the majority of that 51% you supposedly "saved".

Please, please, please...DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM, and please let your friends, relatives and people you like know, so that they may avoid falling for it.

However, you should encourage every democrat and illegal alien you know to take full advantage of this "free"money, if only because passing a bad check comes with a prison sentence. With any luck we'll get enough democrats in the criminal justice system (come to think of it: the criminal justice system is ALREADY full of democrats)that they won't be around to vote in November, and a few more Mexicans can be sent home where they belong.

This sort of dishonest/easy-to-miscontrue/open-to-fraud sort of advertising/marketing thing can only bring trouble. I hope someone stupid DOES get busted trying to cash one of these things, if only so that they may sue the idiots who mailed them out!

From The "No Shit, Sherlock" Department: Menstrual Cramps Affect Women's Brains...

The only saving grace is that it wasn't American taxpayer money wasted on this critical scientific breakthrough.

I can see the long line of feminist libtards armed with this incisive "study" ready to make the argument that cramps and bloating ought to be covered under ObamaCare just beginning to form...

EnvironMENTALism: The Racket...

If you simply remember to Follow the Money, you'll eventually arrive at the truth of just about any form of corruption.

In this case, the corruption and collusion which is at the heart of the Cap-and-Trade debate.

And these are, supposedly, the Moderate Greens, the ones who try to pass off their delusional scheme as a "market-oriented" approach so that conservatives can't make free-market arguments against their mumbo-jumbo. The article references the whole ecosystem of Watermelon parasites; the politicians, and the substrata of hanger's-on who glean a pretty good living on government-funded advocacy. The Think Tankers, the Lobbying groups, the "Charitable Organizations" and NGO's who make a killing on Global Warming Hype.

They serve the new Robber Baron class --people like Al Gore -- who's new line seems to be buying up all that beachfront property he promised would soon be below the rising oceans. These people play this very nasty confidence game in which they decry the evils of unfair, corrupted capitalism on the one hand, while trading for real money in a market for something that doesn't exist (Carbon Credits) -- and making a fortune off of it. The excuse is that unlike the robber barons of old, this form of cheating, lying, stealing and corruption serves an obviously-greater good -- the very Salvation of Man and Earth -- and is, therefore, not only excusable, but a noble undertaking.

This is simply a socially-acceptable form of Stock Market for those who don't wish to rub elbows with Real Capitalists -- who don't share their "enlightened" views on money, and apparently don't give a shit about the poor (I wonder, where would most charities be without the Rich?), where Commie-Pinko hypocrites can make personal fortunes while advocating World Socialism for everyone else free of guilt. These people are pious hypocrites...and they're performing a really neat trick: they are writing the laws of this country by manipulating the political class, or at least, trying to, while simultaneously drawing their livings from both the taxpayer and a fraud-disguised-as-private enterprise.

Good work if you can get it, huh? Thankfully this nonsense was stopped dead in it's tracks before it went further, but I get the feeling that these folks will be back. They always are, unfortunately.

I wonder how long it'll be before these people ask for a bail-out, too.

Teachers and Firemen Bribed for Votes; Film at 11:00...

Visi-a-vis yesterday's $26-billion bribe to union labor labor disguised as a bail-out of the states; Oh,it's on now, Baby!

The battle lines are just a little more distinct, now. Now the fight is no longer just between Libtard and Conservacrat; it ain't about Haves and Have-not's, anymore. Now this fight is about The Taxpayer and the Giant Sucking Sound.

That Giant Sucking Sound (with props to Ross Perot) is the sound The System makes when the political class tries to maintain it's power and authority by using the money of the Taxpayer to build themselves their own little Empires. The Poor, Union Jerkoffs, Bureaucrats, the Permanent Underclass, the Third-World Imports, are all, to one extent or another sustained by a systematic rape of the Public Treasury undertaken for the benefit of a very few, mostly-self-appointed elite. This was true even before yesterday's vote, and all that vote did was to bring the thing out into the light of day and surround it with a Flashing Day-Glo Yellow Nimbus that basically screams "Corruption!".

They didn't even bother to NAME THE BILL before they voted on it. First they didn't read 'em, now they don't even name 'em, and they did this is a "Special Session" which means that the Congressdouches basically gave up part of their summer vacation to commit a "legal" crime. If only they had the same sense of personal sacrifice when it came to...oh, I don't know...paying their taxes, or subjecting themselves to the same laws they pass.

Anyways, part of the reason why the states (and Federal Government) are in the financial mess they find themselves in is BECAUSE of teachers and firemen, Union Labor, in general; these are folks who have outrageous state-funded retirement and medical plans, not to mention paychecks that often dwarf those of the average Private-sector worker...the poor slob who actually pays the fireman in the first place.

It's all a very transparent (and successful!) attempt to bribe Union Labor to come out for the democrats this fall in mid-term elections. It might work, but probably not, because Union Labor accounts for less than 20% of the workforce. If the majority of the other 80% came out and voted against a Dimwit for supporting this bill, perhaps there's a chance to get the Empire Builders out of Congress. It's a small hope, but one which I would dearly love to see come into full bloom.

In any case, if you see a democrat, cop, garbageman, meter maid, teacher or fireman today, make certain you give them the finger, because through the politicians they support, they just stole more of your money, and gave you the Shaft.

Worse, they took that $26 billion, in part, from people who need food stamps. Probably unemployed Private-sector workers, no doubt, because no one would dare take food stamps away from Tan'eesha and her seven children-by-twelve fathers in Cincinnati, with a (half-) Black Man in the White House,right?

The priorities in this country are seriously corrupted, because the political class that sets the agenda and manipulates it to their personal advantage are themselves corrupt, and so is the union machinery that both supports and feeds off of them. Remember this in November, and vote your local parasite right the fuck out of office!

This Just In: Keith Olbermann is a Dickhead...

As if any more proof were required? Keefy just can't help himself, can he? He proves himself to be a Flapping Rectum of the first rank every time he opens his mouth. It only ceases to be funny and take a turn for the tragic when he does so without any facts to back his assertions up. Which is quite often.

And does that look like a woman who dodged questions and then ran from the event?

Someone pays this jerk a lot of money,too. Makes you wonder about the sanity and judgement of management...if you're a GE Stockholder.

By the way, you really should subscribe to PJTV and make it one of your everyday websurfing stops, because it's awesome.

Protest in My 'Hood...

Yesterday, I spent about ten minutes watching a bunch of left-wing doofuses holding a banner in front of Congressdick Michael McMahon's office. Fighting the urge to yell "Fuck you, Commie Cocksuckers!" from across the street, I decided to instead observe this strange collection of people (more on that in a second) and find out what they were up to...just in case they were raising the flag of Red Revolt.

There were about a dozen or so "protesters". They were all White (so much for the leftist fetish of diversity!), and about half were women you wouldn't fuck with someone else's dick....even if you got paid to. At least one third were obvious diesel-dyke lesbians (The mannish haircuts, rolls of belly, back, ass and eyelid and earlobe fat make that identification all too easy). Of the rest, I spotted one aging hippie (50-ish man with bald pate...and ponytail). The remainder were youngins, probably early-to-mid 20's, and probably dumber than dogshit.

You could not find a more physically unappealing group of people. With the exception of the porky lesbians, the great majority were sickly-pale, as if they were stepping into the sunlight for the first time in many years. Many were exceedingly-thin (probably a consequence of their "Sustainable Lifestyle"), and there was a propensity amongst the young girls, especially, to have knobby knees that were thicker than their thighs. Flip-flops, Crocs and Jesus Creepers were the preferred footwear. Even from a distance, there was a faint aroma of patchouli and stale pot smoke.

I can't tell you what they were there for. Except to gather... and hold up a homemade banner. I can't tell you what was on the banner, because I don't speak Leftard, but "MoveOn.Org" was written on it in prominent letters, therefore, it is safe to assume that it was complete and utter bullshit. There were no chants. They were not attempting to distribute any literature to passers-by. So far as I could tell, they spoke only amongst themselves. As protests go, I can imagine that this one was pretty tame and lame.

It certainly had nothing to match this protest, excuse me, "Unity March", which also occurred yesterday. That one was so good it drew all the local press, such as it is.

Yeah, nothing says "Unity" like a bunch of douchebag Hispanic bomb-throwers from the Bronx coming to Staten Island to march through a black neighborhood in support of an illegal alien mollycoddled by the City of New York at taxpayer expense...and attracting a band of lesbians in favor of Gay Marriage while you're at it.

Only in New Yorkistan right?

What is it with all the Lesbians on Staten Island these days? I guess they all got priced out of the Village, or something...

This Broke My Heart...

Get well, Little Sasha and Brandon.

An adorable little girl, and her baby brother...stabbed by their father. It would be nice if we could identify these idiots before they kill their children, and end their miserable lives before they hurt anyone else. This is the second similar incident of a parent killing/attempting the murder of their children on Staten Island in recent weeks.

A couple of weeks back, a mother of three slashed her children's throats and then set the house on fire before she took her own life.

This sort of thing almost never happened here in the past, and now two incidents in less than a month. It's enough to make you cry. It makes me physically sick, and if it were left to me to dispense eternal justice, those who hurt children could look forward to an eternity of sick and twisted torment.

Here's the original story (with video), and today's follow-up. Apparently Dad, an unemployed Chiropractor, felt emasculated by a girlfriend who had become the primary breadwinner.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogger is Eating Replies, and Other Issues...

If you've been trying to reply to blog posts in recent weeks, and haven't seen your reply posted, there's a good reason for it.

Well, there's a reason for it;it just doesn't follow that it's necessarily a good one.

You see, I use Google AdSense on this site. Those are all the fancy little advertisements you see along the edge of the page when you navigate here. The idea is that there might -- just might -- be an ad that appeals to people on whatever subject I manage to spout about, and that interest might cause someone to click on those ads, whereupon, I get paid.

A little while back, I was updating my AdSense account info when I had realized that I had lost my PIN number. Naturally, I sent Google a notice that I was requesting a new PIN (you can click for one on the account screen!). The new PIN Was supposed to be mailed to me within 2-6 weeks. We're now on Week 9, and no new PIN yet.

In the meantime, all you're seeing on this page are Public Service ads. Google apparently does this when you haven't completed updating your account information (information you can't update because you haven't gotten your PIN yet), and it also does some really funky things: the site counter which counts the number of visitors to this site has mysteriously stopped counting anyone. Naturally, since the site counter is no longer counting anyone, I can't tell a) how many people are coming here, and b) calculate how much ad revenue, if any, I might be earning...or more likely, LOSING.

And of course, replies to posts are appearing in my e-mail box, but not on the site. Probably all of these things are related.

If you've sent something and wanted it posted, I'm sorry. It's not my fault, and I'm doing the best I can to deal with Blogger/Google, which is sort of like getting a root canal without anesthetic...and the dentist deciding that the easiest access to your mouth is through your rectum.

Ground Zero Mosque News...

IDB news has a lovely little article, here.

In the meantime, Reichsfurher Bloomberg decrees that 9/11 representations are now illegal...or at least really offensive. I think Bloomberg is really offensive, and I don't want to see any representations of him...including the public, anymore.

Considering Bloomberg's finding a way to invalidate the will of the voters to get a third term, preoccupation with my smoking habits, curiosity about what I eat, what I throw in my garbage, and how many sugars I put in my coffee, this is was just the next, logical step in the creation of the People's Republik of New Yorkistan -- with Ayotollah Mike at the helm. Why, if it wouldn't have the NYPD o nmy doorstep before I even finished the thought, I'd suggest that it would be a great blessing if Imam Bloomberg had an "accident".

Obligatory Disclaimer: I can think about the demise of Emperor Mike, but that does not mean I advocate it. It is simply a rhetorical device, not an incitement to commit murder or assault and battery. He's not worth the effort, so don't any of you do it, and if you do: it ain't my fault the man is a rotten human being who causes complete strangers to want to do him physical injury, or wish him harm.

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the soft excuse that such images are "offensive to Muslims" and "liable to subject them to hatred and violence" was really just a cover story for something far more offensive: Bloomberg probably had all the images copyrighted in some weird scheme to get the City more money to waste on illegal aliens and welfare queens.

He is that sort of douchebag.


In Saudi Arabia. In the name of God, of course.

This is what happens when you live in a sexually-repressed country where polygamy and Sharia Law make women unavailable to most of the male population, and masturbation is punishable by public flogging or execution.

These guys really need to get laid. By something that doesn't have a hump, or have fleas.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Undocumented Imam's Refusal to Perform Interracial Gay Handicapped Wedding Leads to Charges of Racism

This is why Iowahawk should be designated a National Landmark.

A sorry commentary, indeed, about the State of America these days.

This is Why He's a SPORTS Writer...

Mike Lupica has suddenly become the New York Daily News' Featured Drumbeater for Every Liberal Cause. Which tells you two things about the modern media:

a) they're so desperate to sell bullshit as "conventional wisdom" that they manage to get one of their better*, and more popular**, writers to commit career suicide in order to do it, and

b) there's a ludicrous idea out there that sportswriters/casters make very good social/political commentators (see: Keith Olbermann, Mitch Albom, Bryant Gumbel, et. al.) probably because "sports" have a "universal appeal" and all that, and we'll take the politcal opinions of a sportswiter overt those of a more seasoned political "specialist". We relate more to Mike Lupica than, say, Charles Krauthammer or E.J. Dionne, this line of reasoning probably assumes.

However, there's a reason WHY Mike Lupica is a sportswriter, you know.

It's because he's dumber than dogshit. I know: I've read his columns for near-on 30 years, by now. Mike Lupica making the great analytical leap into South Carolina politics is, on it's face, laughable.

Let me tell you a thing or two about guys who can presume to "remember" the tension of a mid-season-mean-nothing game in 1947, and write aboutit with a flair and panche that belies the fact that they weren't even there, but who remember reading about it 15 years later in some other sportswriter's memoirs; it doesn't take a genius to remember batting averages, the name of an obscure field goal kicker, make an argument about why soccer will never catch on in America, or why NASCAR sucks so badly. If you doubt this, you need only tune into ESPN any time of day or night and watch ex-jocks try to pronounce words they can't even spell.

Sports are, for the most part, not a serious business; they are entertainment. Therefore, sportswriters are usually not very serious guys. There is very little difference between Mike Lupica and the bunch of idiots over at TMZ; Mike chases down LeBron James, TMZ chases Lindsay Lohan. Your typical sportswriter is a wanna-be; he'd rather be the guy living that 4th-and-2 slant pass, or the 3-2 fastball that was taken into the gap for a walk-off-RBI-double, but he can't, because he has no physical talent whatsoever.

You know what they say "those than can, Do. Those that can't Teach. Those who can't even do that, make a lavish living telling you all about the lives and activities -- and second-guessing -- those who Do and Teach".

Yes, there are times when sports do, indeed, become a metaphor for life, or when something profound happens in the context of a sporting event...but usually, that's when someone dies in the boxing ring, or a fiery crash, or a certain combination of circumstances combines in a completely unique way, such as the 1980 USA men's hockey team. Then a sportswriter, if he actually has any kind of muse within him, may break the mold andsurprise us. But sans such an opportunity or ability, your average sportswriter has but three petty talents:

a) They can tell you what happened during a game -- one which you've probably already watched on television.

b) They're very good at second-guessing people -- after-the-fact -- and manufacturing "drama" in sports that gets people fired, and

c) according to Mark Cuban, the dumbest people in any room are the Media Guys, so they have the unique ability to be outthought by the slime you typically find under any stadium seat.

Lupica shows up, I think, at least twice a week to spew liberal boilerplate. And rather badly, too.
Maybe the News is just trying to save money and have one writer do two jobs, or maybe ever since Geoirge Steinbrenner died, Lupica has lost his favorite (some might say ONLY) subject, but perhaps it's just time for the News to let Lupica do what he does best -- write utter crap about sports, and pick up a hefty paycheck -- and not tackle any subject that requires talent or intelligence.

* = "better" in relation to the other slugs who write for the Daily News, particularly that asshole Juan Gonzolez, for whom every subject has but one point-of-view: the Hispanic one. Given half-a-chance, Gonzolez would waste a month's worth of columns on the Hispanic angle on belly-button lint.

** = "more popular" as opposed to dysentery.

(Hat tip to JammieWearingFool)

Let Them Eat Beets!

Have you ever been to Spain? I have. Lovely country. Ever been to Marbella? Supposed to be one of the most fantastic beaches in all of the Mediterranean. Personally, I prefer Barcelona, but that's just me.
Have you ever been to Marbella, Spain, taken an entourage that required 60 hotel rooms and Secret Service protection, a government airplane, all for your seventh or eighth vacation in less than six months, at the height of the summer season, and had the tab picked up by a combination of the American taxpayer and sycophantic douchebags who think they're buying political favors?
No? Never happened to you before in your life, you say?
That's probably because you're not Michelle Antoinette...err...Obama.
To be fair, she's not the first First Lady to take advantage of one of the perks of the office, and being able to spend other people's money mindlessly and with no sense of shame -- that's a disease that everyone in Washington has these days. Hillary Clinton did the World Tour bullshit when she was First Lady. She toured Africa (where they told her that all that stuff about it"taking a village" to raise a child was just a bit of quaint bullshit they just told the tourists),and India, where the red spot she put on her forehead for the photo ops wasn't just for show: it was an indication of her politics.
While the First Family gallivants around Martha's Vineyard and Spain, while the President plays more golf than Tiger Woods (and these days, apparently better than Tiger. All that practice is paying off!). When Il Doofay isn't taking staged-before-a-paid-off-audience victory laps for things he hasn't done, or driving a Chevy Volt a whole five feet -- a microcosm of the Obama Presidency if ever there was one; a car no one wants, at a price no one can afford, with a power source produced in a foreign country, made solely for the benefit of Coastal elites who want and need a visible sign of their devotion to the tenets of a bullshit-disguised-as-science-insanity -- his wife is pretty much doing the same.
It is a fascinating development, I think, that in the last few weeks, that we're seeing Michelle Obama an awful lot. It tells you that the Chosen One is probably taking an awful lot of heat for his lackluster performance, and that SOMEONE had to be trotted out to draw attention away from the so-called "Recovery Summer" disaster, and Joe Biden just wasn't cutting it anymore (probably because everyone already knows he's a lying sack of dogsqueeze, and so pay him no mind).
So, Obama does what he always does when he needs something to deflect attention from his own shortcomings and failures: he throws someone under the bus. This time, it's his wife, and she's probably willing to make this sacrifice -- after all, it's not as if she's actually proud to be an American or anything,and so doesn't seethings in quite the same way as the rest of us do. In her mind, all this vacationing and opulence is probably just her form of reparations.
All of a sudden, Michelle emerges from the fake vegetable garden to "advocate" -- to the tune of $4 billion dollars -- for healthier food in public schools (excuse me, but why aren't parents feeding their own damned kids? Oh, right...only the non-Taxpaying ones aren't), or to show her own obviously-expanding waistline while calling for the American people to eat healthier, or extolling the virtues of beets to CBS news, who apparently couldn't find anything else to cover that day.
Why not send the Mrs. --fresh off yet another round of vacations -- to Europe, send enough people to fill a five-star hotel with her, give the whole trip a semi-diplomatic shine, and start an argument about who's paying for it, just so people will stop talking about those annoying and niggling (OMG! Oh no you didn't) details that haunt Obama's every waking hour; you know, things like Unemployment Numbers, Illegal Immigration, Health Care plans that can't be paid for, and just the general lack of competence that simply oozes out of the walls of the Oval Office.
The need for such manufactured scandal is even more critical when you own both Houses of Congress, can't get anything passed by Congrescritters worried about keeping their jobs, and have to pretend that it's "obstructionist Republicans" that are keeping your agenda in check. That may work with minority voters who are too stupid to count, and your loyal fellow-travelers who can't be bothered to for political reasons, but it doesn't fly with everyone else anymore. The old tricks and rhetoric are all worn out; they're too familiar, and familiarity breeds contempt. You need to do something that gets people thinking about something other than what a nimrod you are as President.
And that's where this White House is oh-so-predictable, and oh-so-easy-to-read; when things go badly, start a minor scandal -- and then try to sell it as your opposition trying to "distract" The People from the"vital business" of the the current plans to figure out how to put 12million Illegal Aliens on the voter rolls while making look as if you're NOT putting 12 million Illegal Aliens on the voter rolls, and advancing socialism as "saving the economy". Bill Clinton did this pretty much all the time Until it caught up with him, of course).
The difference was that Clinton's Arkansas Mafia was a large operation, with plenty of Friends of Bill available to fall on swords. Obama doesn't have that luxury. He had Reverend Wright, his White Grandmother and Van Jones, and now, the only one left to commit (figurative) suicide on his behalf before the American People is Michelle. Barack Obama ran out of Kamikazes right quick, didn't he?
And as long as she's going to make that sacrifice, she might as well do it in a Five-Star Spanish resort, complete with a Royal Visit, right?