Thursday, October 14, 2010

On The Chilean Miners...

I have been absolutely glued to the television for the last few days, entranced by the rescue of 33 miners trapped half-a-mile underground for the last two months. What an incredible story! What a testament to the ingenuity of man, of persistence! A shining example of all the best qualities of mankind. It's a compelling story of bravery and endurance, and although I must admit that I had not followed the whole thing from the beginning, I most certainly have watched these last few days with a feeling of absolute awe.

Congratulations to the Men who were rescued; their tale in simply incredible. How they managed to remain calm, organized, and hopeful is something I'm just dying to read about soon. There must be some absolutely awesome "Life Lessons" somewhere in this incident, and I for one, can hardly wait for them to speak on them. These, truly, are MEN, and if I had my way, just as soon as they are able to speak about their ordeal I'd ship every one of them into every high school in America to pass on what they know and what they've learned to every soft-headed douchebag slacker in existence. This is how REAL MEN behave under adversity.

Congratulations to the rescuers; your work ethic and your cleverness are about to become legendary. What you've done should be immortalized in a famous speech comparable to Churchill's "The Few", or JFK's "Ask not what your country can do for you...". You are a shining example of the better virtues of mankind. All the commentators on television have been yacking about the detailed andmeticulous planning that obviously went into this rescue, and i must say, I agree 100%. Absolutely incredible.

Congratulations to the President of Chile; you have now become the Gold Standard of National Leadership. You were an unpopular man before this incident, but now you are a paragon of virtue. Your political folks said don't get involved, there is no hope" but you told them to get lost and did what you thought was the right thing to do, and mounted and supported this massive rescue. You gave leadership. You devoted whatever resources your country could muster to the task. And you were right -- and in the process, you've inspired an entire country and maybe even the world.

I almost wish you were my President!

Perhaps we should bring you here and stick you in front of the American political class and lecture them on what real leadership is all about? Well, it's a lovely thought, but I doubt it would take, as our politicians suffer from a congenital, bulletproof stupidity.

Well done, to all involved.