Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Stupidity of "Mantracker"...

Not that this is really important, but it just irritates the hell out of me.

There's a "reality" television show on the Discovery Channel called "Mantracker" in which a modern-day cowboy/backwoodsman/second-rate-Marlboro-Man-knockoff is called upon to basically hunt two complete morons who have volunteered to run around in the wilderness while being followed about by a television production crew. Somehow, this is supposed to be entertaining. It mostly isn't -- unless there's hot chicks being chased. There's a few things obviously wrong with this "game";

a) The "Prey" is starting from a known location and expected to win by beating Mantracker to another known location. Therefore, Mantracker begins the"game" with an advantage; he knows where the finish line is, and his "local guide" can be expected to be at least familiar enough with the terrain to know the best routes to that finish line.

b) The Prey is almost constantly being filmed or taped, as is Mantracker. If Mantracker can't find any sign of the Prey (assuming the Prey is half-way intelligent enough to cover it's tracks/hide it's progress), how do you know he isn't just following the freakin' camera crews tracks, or zeroing in on pre-ordained "waypoints" where the camera crew is already waiting for the Prey to arrive?

c) Very few folks actually beat Mantracker, and when they do, it's usually because Mantracker is about as smart as a doberman with a brain tumor -- which tells you something about the Prey, doesn't it? -- and makes a fundamental mistake (like not following the trail of the camera crew?), or they use a strategy of blazing a trail through terrain where Mantraker's horse can't follow easily. Which is like, duh!, the one strategy you should use all the time.

d) Mantracker and his guide ride horses, the Prey is on foot. It would be much more impressive if Mantracker didn't have the ability to cover far more ground per day than the moronic City-Slicker-Watermelon-Green-metrosexual-wanna-bes (i.e. "Outdoorsy Types") he's typically hunting.

Someone should get this crap off the air, as it has no redeeming value whatsoever and is incredibly tedious, predictable, and boring.

I'm beginning to think the days of the Reality TV show might be coming to an end if this poorly-thought-out premise actually made it to a TV screen. We're scraping the bottom of the barrel, here.

Been Extremely Busy...

Haven't had much time to post in the last few days, and I apologize. I've been taking job interviews again, shuttling off to Job Fairs, and having to deal with some of the dumber aspects of getting my computer game idea off the ground.

That should change towards the end of the week, whenI shall be able to spew stupidity at full-force. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: Oh, I almost forgot: this week, there will be TWO "Bad Medicine Posts", and"Douchebag of the Week" makes it's triumphant return! Stay tuned!

Barack Obama: Egomaniac...

This was posted on the Weekly Standard website a week or two ago, and I never got around to reposting it; read, and enjoy!

"This is Why We Want To Kill You..."

Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square Bomber speaks after being sentenced to Life in Prison.

If you are one of those people who didn't "get it" before, do you get it now? They don't want democracy. They don't want free-market capitalism. They aren't "envious of our freedoms". They want us dead. Just because.

Get these fucking people out of the country, and then slam the door shut. Instead of building schools and sewers in Baghdad, we should be building piles of corpses. Employ the Scorched Earth policy from Algiers to Aden, from Indonesia to Islamabad. It's been nine years, and despite multiple proclamations of "Victory" in the War on Terror, by two Presidents and I've forgotten how many Generals, it still seems to escape the notice of those in high places that these people are absolutely fucking batshit insane; they make no distinction between "guilty" and "innocent"; they don't recognize any legal niceties like peace treaties or Presidential utterances; they regard a withdrawal of troops not as a sign of peace, but as an excuse to start the fighting anew. They have no sense of gratitude, otherwise how to explain why it is that having "freed millions of Muslims" from the oppression of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, having been Pakistan and the "Palestinian Authority's" only source of cash for two generations, having sacrificed American lives to liberate Kuwait, save Saudi Arabia, and protect Bosnian Muslims from the tender mercies of the Serbian death squads, they still insist on killing us?

To listen to the jihadis, and the people who defend them, they're innocent victims. Sure, they drive car bombs into daycare centers, send the mentally ill out to wander the streets wired with explosives, machine gun people in marketplaces, try to blow up airliners in mid-air, and have a long, sordid history of unspeakable violence and depravity going all the way back to the idiot who invented the piece of shit they call a religion, but they insist they only have peaceful intentions, and when some Muslim action that obviously cannot be regarded as peaceful occurs, it's almost always an act of self-defense, a cultural misunderstanding, or a reaction to the "lack of respect" shown to the Muslim world. We've always deserved it.

The only real defense against people this crazy, this delusional, this arrogant in their own stupidity, is to kill them. Take the gloves off, already, and let the American Military do what it's supposed to do best: break things and make people bleed.

Faizal Shahzad is not unique. He is not a"lone individual" driven by his personal demons; he's part of a culture that accepts murder, and is expected to commit murder under any circumstances and by any means, in the name of their phony-baloney God. Murder and terrorism have always been the tools of the Modern Islamic Nutjob, just as they were the tools of the very first Islamic Nutjob. There isn't enough prison space to hold these guys, not enough psychologists to unravel the sordid tale of interrupted breast feeding, poor potty training, and the legions of western girls who laughed at their tiny tallywhackers, or simply denied them sex (because, at heart, lack of sex, or sexual deviance, is the motivation of the Modern Western Jihadi) to handle this problem easily. This is not a criminal matter, nor is it a problem that lends itself to diplomatic solutions.

Pakistan has nukes.Iran will soon get nukes. Afghanistan is very close to being a lost cause, seeing as how after a President who fought there half-heartedly, we have a new one who's objective seems to be how to surrender gracefully. Iraq is far from pacified, and even though we've withdrawn troops the various political and religious sects within the country will continue fighting for many years, killing one another. Turkey is becoming more-and-more radicalized by the day. In many European cities, there are so many Muslims that they form de-facto states-within-a-state, and because of their inability to assimilate into European life these morons are even easier to "radicalize" than their Middle Eastern compatriots. The stage is being set for the unthinkable: one day soon, some Islamic Lunatic is going to decide that the West Must Die, and an Islamic nuke will find it's way into a European or American city, transported there by Muslims living in the West, pissed off and running to the mosque to get radicalized because they can't get a blond to throw 'em a blowjob, or because we insist that they use soap and deodorant.

It's all ever-so humiliating, you see.

And they'll be justified, they believe, because avenging "the humiliation" they feel at living here and enduring our disgusting notions of hygiene, liberty, capitalism and tolerance, and their desire to resurrect "the glories" of the old Islamic Caliphate -- who's greatest achievements boil down to the suicide belt packed with nails and the IED, and a generation of inbred, mental-defectives willing to use them -- is the only way to feel better about themselves. Theirs is a culture so inferior to our own, and they know it to be, that it has become inherently dangerous to us to allow it to continue to survive and prosper. We're wasting our own lives and treasure trying to prove how "sensitive" we are instead of fighting for our lives. The other side figures that's an even better reason to kill us; we pity them, on some level.

We're not dealing with rational human beings here. Take the fucking kid gloves off, already.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Man's Best Friend...

Please take a trip over to Stilettos in the Sand, where our good friend Sabra is grieving over the loss of her beloved dog, Sterling.

If you love dogs (and if you don't, you're a fucking communist who probably once tongue-kissed Hillary Clinton and voted for Obama!) then you are familiar, perhaps, with the sadness that accompanies the loss of a beloved pet. Hop on over there, and send a message of condolence, or I'll track you all down and murder you in your sleep.

Well, not really.

It's just that Sabra is a really nice person, and her Sterling wasn't just a pet to her. She could use a kind word or two right about now.

Requiecsat in Pace, Sterling.

Some Thank You's,and Some New Links...

I'm really bad in this regard. I was never raised with the quaint notion of writing "Thank You" notes, so maybe this is why I'm remiss in such matters, nor do I always follow up when someone's else's blog links to one of my posts, which I take it is a serious breach of internet protocol.

They probably shoot you for that in some quarters of the Intertoobies. Anyways, I'd like to take as mall step towards correcting those deficiencies this morning.

First of all, I'd like to thank Greasywrench at The World of Greasywrench for putting me up on his blogroll, and will return the favor. Grease was, for a time, a regular respondent to my posts until I offended him, I think, with some of my views on religion. However, a steady stream of his readers have been stopping by here, and I'd like to extend both a welcome and appreciation for their traffic!

If you're a red-blooded-God-fearin-'merican patriot who ain't gonna take no guff from the pansy leftards, stop in and take a gander at what he's got to offer.

A big shoutout to the Gathering of Eagles, New York Chapter, who have added me to their "New York Bloggers" roll. GOE is a conglomeration of pro-Veteran, pro-War-on-Terror groups nationwide who have vowed to Fight the Insurgency at Home, by supporting our troops and protecting them and their interests from the drooling doofuses of the anti-war Left. They do some really nice things for our vets and deserve a round of applause for their efforts.

I'm proud, and honored, to have been noticed by them. Thank you, GOE, and Thank you, Veterans!

You People Are Sick (10/03/10)...

Once again, I've scanned my Blogger stats for this past week, and not surprisingly, I've found yet more evidence that mankind is, indeed, doomed. If we're lucky, we'll all die in a nuclear winter, or by some super influenza, or perhaps be hit by a comet trapped in the Earth's gravitational pull, but the alternative -- based on some of the incredibly sick shit I see in these stats -- is too painful to contemplate; a inexorably slow decline by genetic degeneration.

Of course, it's not all doom-and-gloom. If one has a sense of humor, you might find something to laugh at in all this human frailty and insanity. I often do, and I always like to share it with you!

You can see the results of last week's stat search here.

The top search terms that brought you to this site this past week were:

1. "Donkeysexe", or variations thereof - still Numero Uno, and all set to maintain a strong showing for years to come! Those of you looking for such things are, indeed, unfit to continue breeding, or you might need to be locked up to protect society, in general.

An interesting twist on this week's donkeysexe stats is that not a single hit on this term came from the Middle East (the statistically-dominant segment of donkey-lust aficionados). I wonder if this is because I posted my discovery that this term was being used predominately by "good" Muslims, or because I alerted the Islamic censors to the little trick of spelling "sex" with an extra "e" to spoof the filters, who then cracked down on the practice. If so, some poor dickhead in Saudi is probably having his pecker lopped off in the public square, right now. I'd apologize, but screw you: you're a sick bastard.

Or perhaps there was a really good "Death to America" rally somewhere in Pakistan and folks just didn't have enough time to diddle themselves to images of donkeys in various sexual motifs, what with all the flag burning and Jew-bashing to be done.

However, there is a strong indication that this is still popular in some precincts of Canada and Luxembourg. What's wrong with you people?

2. "Firemen Jerking Off, or Firemen Caught Jerking Off" - apparently, there are firemen out there playing with an altogether different variety of hose, and the word "pumper" must now take on an entirely new meaning. Yet another sick sexual fetish that makes one despair for the future of the human race.

I shudder to think of what might be going on in fire houses all over the planet! Why, if it wasn't for arson, these guys would probably be splooging each other within an inch of their lives every day.

3. A Surprise Entry this week was the search term "Danny Glover Racist" which surprised me for two reasons; first, I don't remember blogging anything about Danny Glover at all -- but I must have at one time or another -- and secondly, someone still remembers who Danny Glover is.

4. Making a respectable showing this week was the new search term "Obama(s) Asshole". Now, I do admit to having called President Odouchebag an asshole once or twice, but I most certainly do not recall ever having blogged about his asshole, specifically. Could it just be that some people are incapable of spelling "Michelle Obama" or "Rahm Emmanuel", or perhaps just too lazy to do so?

5. Another surprise entry in the "You people are fucking disgusting" category was the term "Dingleberry". I very rarely use this word, except as a synonym for "John Kerry". I would hate to think that someone typed this word into their Google search under the mistaken impression that it's a breakfast cereal, or the latest weight-loss fad, and therefore, I have to assume that people who used it are actually interested in the Dingleberry itself.

Apparently, it's very popular in Brazil. As to why, I have no clue, and am almost fearful about making a guess.