Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Gatekeepers....
I read this report on this morning and shook my head. If this is true, the Washington Post is now no longer a newspaper, and everything it has to say --on the editorial page, in it's reportage -- on the topic of health care should not be believed. Not a single word.

I know the newspaper business is tough these days, but to solicit bribes to arrange access to bureaucrats and lobbyists, if this report is accurate, is an all-time low. My Lord!

Someone at the Post should be hung from the yardarms for this stunt, and then perhaps they'd ought to just close the doors and take the shingle down after that.
Trust...and Stuff...
RE: Barack Obama and promises. He has a hard time keeping them, it seems. He promises the gays he would wave his wand (his rhetorical one, not an actual one. Only fairies have magic wands, you know) and the Defense of Marriage Act would be gone, as would the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy.

He promised he would not raise taxes on anyone 'making under $250,000 a year', which was so much hot air. Income taxes might not rise, but every other conceivable tax and fee will under Obama, because otherwise he can't pay for free medical insurance and college scholarships for illegal aliens, and all of his scheme for 'reparations by another name' for the Black Comm-unnn-itaayy.

That's just to begin the list of broken promises (thankfully, I'm happy he hasn't kept some of them); all the promises about ending involvement in wars? Nope. Closing Gitmo? Nope. Repairing the old alliances? Nope? 'Fixing' Health Care? Nope, more likely to break it forever.
Keeping unemployment at 8%? Laugher! "Save or create six million jobs? Only in his dreams.

Barack Obama reminds me of an old joke/proverb we used to tell around here:

See, there was this man who discovered that his house was infested with termites. So, he picked up the Yellow Pages and called the first exterminator listed there. The Exterminator arrives, gives the man's house a once over and offered him the following advice;

"If you spend one hour a day shouting at the termites at the top of your lungs, they'll go away in a week."

The Man, of course, is skeptical, but the Exterminator assures him "Trust me, I'm a professional. Here's my bill."

So,the man shouts at termites for a week. His front porch collapsed. So, he calls The Exterminator again.

The Exterminator is shocked, shocked, that screaming didn't work. So, he gets The Man's garden hose, and starts spraying the house down. He spends hours watering the house, whistling the entire time. When he's done, he assures The Man "That ought to take care of them. It'll take a week for the house to dry out, but you should not see a termite after that. I've drowned them all. Here's my bill."

A week later, a section of the roof collapses. So, The Man calls The Exterminator a third time.

The Exterminator is amazed, just absolutely flabbergasted that both shouting and watering the house have not solved the termite problem. But, he tells The Man, he has one more trick up his sleeve; The Exterminator goes to his truck, and returns with a 5-gallon can of gasoline. He begins to liberally douse The Man's front porch with gasoline, and then throws a lit match.

The House burns down. The Exterminator presents his bill.

Now, The Man is irate: "You burned my house down, you bastard!"

"Yes, I did", says The Exterminator, "but your termite problem is fixed!"

That's Barack Obama in a nutshell; He'll say anything, do anything, no matter how stupid or apparently pointless. He offers ineffective remedies for our 'problems', dissembles when they don't, can't or won't work, blaming straw men (his infamous 'some say...', 'there are those who...' speeches) for being 'selfish', 'stubborn' and 'un-American' for daring to act in their own self-interest as the 'root cause' of the failure of his policies to produce Cotton Candy and Rainbow Ponies for All... and then he sticks us with the bill.

The Chicago Street Hustler at the top of his game, he'll constantly remind you that what advocates will surely work if you just trust him (i.e. surrender your sanity and wallet). After all, he's a professional.

I'm sure that somewhere in the White House, there's a 5-gallon can of Gasoline and a box of kitchen matches.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I Think The Words "Feminist Scholarship" Gave it Away...
This link came by way of Instapundit. It is a report by the American Enterprise Institutue on the sham that is being perpetrated on American women, especially college students, by a bunch of hacks who don't have academic concerns as much as they do political ones.

Yet one more example of how feminism destroys.
Nothing Good Ever Comes from The East...
Via the ClosetConservative, we get this.

Sharia courts operating in England? I wonder what Orwell would have said about that?

I was reading that piece this morning, and I had one of those thoughts. You know, the kind that could get you locked up in some places, and almost always gets you that "Egads! He has three purple heads!" stare at cocktail parties. It sorta comes with being an amateur historian; every now and then a piece of historical flotsam enters your stream of consciousness and you have a minor epiphany.

About three thousand years ago at the battles of Marathon, Salamis and Thermopylae, civilized Greeks stood against the eastern slave armies of Darius' Persia (modern Iran), ensuring that Greece would remain the focal point of a nascent European cultural blossoming that would radiate outwards, sowing the seeds that would one day flower and become both the ideal and the wonder that was Rome. It survived in Constantinople when Rome fell into irreversible decay, that city and Empire serving to succor the light. The ideals and knowledge that they helped to foster would be lost, and then return to us in the form of the Renaissance and Humanism. The ancient forms of government practiced by Athens and the Delian League would ultimately serve as the model for European democracy, which in turn was the basis for American Democracy. Grecian culture is at the foundation of all that we hold good and decent.

In the years after, anything that has come out of the East (Huns, Goths, Vandals, Mamlukes, Turks, Mongols, Islam) has been nothing but trouble for the West, the true cradle of civilization (you can't claim to be the Cradle of Civilization when you mutilate a woman's vagina and wrap her up in a carpet in a sweltering desert in order to assuage your sexual insecurities). In days of yore, the Eastern hoards arrived as warriors intent upon conquest and plunder by force of arms and fear. In the old days, real men (not the metrosexual type which litter the billboards of today's Piccadilly) would stand and fight them. They would don suits of bulky metal armor, and bring their spears and swords to stand toe-to-toe with the invading hoards.

These days, the invaders are given visas and generous welfare payments in the hopes that they will keep creaky economies churning so that even-more generous welfare payments can be given to actual Europeans in perpetuity. The invaders aren't encouraged to assimilate, but then no one really wants them to despite all the usual mealy-mouthed multi-culti pieties. A unwelcome as the invaders are, they have to be mollified because a) they're needed, and b) oooops! We let too many in! Hence, allowing 'justice' to be dispensed in a religious court not exactly renown for it's concepts of fairness, or mercy.

A once-great institution, the English Court system has fallen victim to assault from the East. Just like at Constantinople's fall those in favor of Sharia besieged the system; they have consistently and persistently pecked away at the fabric of English life. They have pestered, poked and harassed, complained, resorted to the use of fear and guilt against their cultural enemies, the have sapped the will, morale and money of the British people, and then finally, England just Surrenders. The English have allowed the creation and institution of an alternate form of justice which is in no way connected to English Common Law or enforced by the State by common consent, and by virtue of lip-service to the concept of 'inclusion' elevated it to the same level as their government courts.
Henry VIII (the real Henry VIII, not the pussy one on Showtime played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, poster child for a pussified England) would roll over in his grave. After all, one of his beefs against the Catholic Church was the unfairness and un-English-ness of Clerical Courts, and their complete severance from the English Common Law. Englishmen of the day complained (correctly) that churchmen accused of crimes escaped real justice by fleeing to Clerical Courts, which had a vested interest in protecting the accused (and those important to them) rather than dispensing justice. Henry's ideas, although they were ultimately self-serving, about changing their two-tiered system of (in-)justice did have one lasting effect for the betterment of his Kingdom; you can say whatever you want about the (sometimes) absurd nature of English Law, but the courts could always be depended upon to render a fair verdict after conducting a scrupulously-fair trail. The English people have forgotten their history, and they have forgotten what it is that their society stands for, or once stood for. They'd rather watch Top Gear and ruminate on Posh's breasts, or riot at a soccer match.

Now, if certain people of a particular murderous religion do not like the verdict of a Civil Court, one will certainly use a Sharia Court. They will certainly play the Sharia Court against the Civil Court whenever it suits their purposes, whether that's a protection for the truly guilty or to further erode English Civil Liberties and rights to degrade the culture more. And because the English authorities are afraid (and that's exactly what they are, moral and physical cowards) they will allow the further degradation of their culture and rights. Just as the French have...and the Danes...and the Dutch...and the Germans.

Where are our modern Pericles and Spartans? Where are our modern Don Juans, and Charles Martels? Hell, just gimme a Churchill! The breed seems to have died in Europe. Even in Britain. Nothing but poison or ever comes from the East; more fools the ones who drink it willingly.

UPDATE: I used to use this tagline on my FreeRepublic account (back when FreeRepublic actually believed in free speech, and wasn't simply an echo chamber for lunatics). It read "Islam, turning everything it touches to Shi'ite Since 632 A.D." It's just ruined yet one more thing, hasn't it?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Cry for Me, Argentina...
And for God's sake, don't get on national television and tell 50 million people that you went there to cry...for five days.

Pity Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina. Not for what he did; he cheated on his wife and he left his post for five days. No, rather pity him for what he was compelled to do; to make a public apology that went on way too long, was heavy on his own personal problems, the sordid details of his affair, to a press corps that just loves it when a Family-Values Republican is outed as a philanderer and liar.

I don't have any sympathy for the Governor because he's made his own bed, so to speak. I do, however, detest the press in this country. which more and more resembles, in action, a school of sharks circling a wounded humpback than it does an organ of public information and necessary tool of democracy.

Mark Sanford will answer for his sins; to his wife and children, to the voters of his state. He has nothing to explain to Keith Olbermann (who was giddily peeing himself talking about this), and he certainly shouldn't go anywhere near Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer or the New York Times. The press in this country is not interested in helping Mark Sanford heal the wounds he's inflicted on his family, nor are they about to do something dumb like try to make a very sad story seem understandable to people who need to know why their Governor simply walked off the job.

All the Press cares about is the bloodsport involved in taking people apart at the joints, live and in color.
Of Feet and Mouths...
Vis-a-vis the recent brouhaha about Governor Sanford of South Carolina and his infidelities and travel habits (More on this later), it was reported, by various sources, that one Senator John Kerry (Moron-Massachusetts) is said to have lamented that it was, indeed, unfortunate that Governor Sarah Palin wasn't the one who left the country.

We're told that the good Senator was just having a jest at the Governor's expense. He meant no harm, 'twas but a jolly good ribbing, and all that, and besides, Chris Matthews found it hysterical (one can assume).

Of course, no one ever accused Sen. Kerry of having either class or intelligence. He makes this joke just a few weeks after Mrs. Palin and her daughters are slandered on the David Letterman show, and after months of democratic 'reporters' and 'bloggers' and 'operatives' and 'concerned citizens' prying into every aspect of the Palin's lives, from who is Trig's real mother to seeking the governor's, and her eldest daughters, gynecological records. They've been taking crap, especially from various vicious precincts on the left (you know, the side of the political spectrum that defends the rights of women so vociferously and diligently?), for a year already. You'd think a gentleman would let up. You'd think a gentleman who fancies himself respectable wouldn't pile on. You'd think someone who knows what it is to have his life examined in minute detail, and who also lost an election, might be somewhat more circumspect.

But John Kerry thinks he's above all that stuff, and is entitled to make jokes at other people's expense. Particularly if that person just happens to be 'on the other side'. Common courtesy and decency (you know, the kind he would most assuredly ask for himself) are out the window. So, not that the governor needs me to defend her, but allow me my shot at the good Senator. All in good fun, you know.

John Kerry is a pompous ass, who's only talent is for marrying the publicly-alcoholic widows of wealthier men (I just know from having seen it on TV, that Ter-ay-ZUH was giving a speech while hammered on the campaign trail at least once. In today's world of journalism, this constitutes 'proof'). If Sen Kerry wants to do something about it, I'll meet him in the dark alley of his choice. But because he's a gutless coward, he'll probably sic a lawyer on me, or use his office to prevent me from getting a government job. That's how punk-ass turds like him operate, isn't it?

And I'd be overjoyed if he left the country, but no one will grant him a visa on the grounds that dreary old dolts who look like Droopy Dog and who selected an even bigger slug (John Edwards) as a running mate are considered liable to lower the national IQ and pollute the atmosphere with smugness and pomposity.

So, I give a great big middle finger to John Kerry; a man so mediocre, he couldn't even beat the swaggering cowboy with no command of the English language! How does it feel to know that you lost to such a man? One that your side was quite convinced, and insistent, was a drooling dunce?
One who will go down in history as one of the greatest liberators of men. God will bless G.W. Bush; the world will soon forget John Kerry.

If I had your record, Senator Buttwipe, I'd shut the fuck up.
On Hiatus...
Yes, yes...I know! I haven't been venting my spleen here recently. I have an excuse...well, several, really. And besides, the three people who read this with any regularity really should be able to find ways to entertain yourselves.

If you must know, I've been looking for work...again. And goofing off. Actually, I'm torn. It's Obama's fault. I mean, I could get a job, but then anything I make will be confiscated to pay for Cialis for the elderly and to ensure that every Autoworkers has an upholstered seat in the Men's loo, and I'll still be the scum of the earth, me being a heterosexual, law-abiding, Christian, English-speaking white male and all. So the theft won't even be appreciated by the actual scum who will benefit from it. If I can't even get gratitude out of the deal, then why bother?

On the other hand, hitting the dole seems to have it's advantages. President Obambi will take care of me. He'll pay my bills, make sure I have roof over my head, and pay for my triple bypass (I don't need one, but I might as well get one before they start rationing them out. Best to get in line now). At least until the printing presses at the Mint run out of ink.

Hmm, maybe the best course of action is to work for canned goods and ammunition, and then head for the hills like Grizzly Adams. It would certainly be poetic, more genuinely American (in that it would be a contrived sort of lifestyle that would get 15 minutes on Good Morning America, just before the YesWeCan Stormtroopers have me arrested for defiling Mother Nature by daring to breathe in the woods).

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I have applied for several government jobs --if anyone says "what about the Private Sector?" I will remind them that there is no such thing anymore when the gov't owns 80% of AIG, 40% of Citibank and all of GM. The one I particularly want (I can only hope and pray!) is to be the guy at any future Ministry of Obamacare (which will concern itself with death, naturally) who gets to decide if a specific patient gets a specific course of expensive care.

I would wield my rubber stamp with solemn responsibility, bearing in mind that both lives and billions of taxpayer dollars are at risk. I would carefully sift the paperwork and if I found a sick Baby Boomer, SLAM! I'd stamp "Rejected" across that request form so fast, even if it was just a friggin' hangnail, your head would spin (just don't put in any claims to see a chiropractor after that happens). If you're under 60 and need two kidneys, a colon and a nuclear-powered iron lung -- you're golden so far as I'm concerned. You'll still lead a much more productive and useful life than the Woodstock Generation ever did.
I already know I've 'passed the test' for a particular job (they called me and told me, but won't tell me my grade; that's so I can't sue when a lower-scoring minority or woman gets a job before I do), but I took it in January and was notified in March. I still haven't received any call about actual work.

But when I get it, gentle reader, be assured that someone will now be inside the belly of the beast who has every intention of letting people know just who is in the bureaucracy and what they're doing. Because at the end of the day, President Hopenchanger doesn't run the Government, neither does that horses ass, Nancy Pelosi, and for sure it isn't any elected hack....anywhere. You know who runs the government? The Bureaucrats. And I'm going to join their ranks (to do the right thing).

Be very afraid.