Friday, March 13, 2009

Reason # 2,435 why Your President is an Asshole...Double-talk.
Because you can't believe a thing he says. Yeah, I know a novel idea for a politcian, right?

One day, we're facing the worst 'Crisis since the Great Depression' (truth: worst crisis since Jimmy Carter's presidency), now we're told "it's not really as bad as we said it was". See it here, (h/t to and laugh your ass off.

Money Quote: "I don't think things are ever as good as they say, or ever as bad as they say," Obama added. "Things two years ago were not as good as we thought because there were a lot of underlying weaknesses in the economy. They're not as bad as we think they are now."
"And my long-term projections are highly optimistic, if we take care of some of these long-term structural problems."

Update: Did the Associated Press airbrush this quote? Because I saw the videotape on TV yesterday and I can swear that Obamanoid said "I don't think things are ever as good/bad as WE say they are..." Of course, if Obama used the Imperial WE it would me "Rahm Emmanuel and I" and that would be an indictment of his behavior in office, wouldn't it? Can't have the AP accurately quote the president, right? That would be, like, wrong an' stuff.

Update-Update: Apparently AP may not have airbrushed the quote, as Obama said "they" first and "we" second, so that the quote was "I don't think things are ever as good as they say they are, and never as bad as we say they are" or words to that effect. Still, even that is an interesting quote: who was the they who said they were good? Was it republicans (before the bottom fell out)? And who is we ? Am I just being paranoid, or is this Clinton-redux thing kicking in and I'm beginning to parse everything The One says?
The Left Hand Knows Not...
Interesting article from CNSnews. com. The headline can pretty much read something like this:

President HopeandChangeYouCanBelieveIn signs law reversing the Executive Order he Signed Two Days ago.

The law in question is called the Dickey-Wicker amendment, and it basically does two things which undo the President's executive order lifting the Federal Ban on embryonic stem-cell research. First, it defines much more broadly what constitutes a human life, and second, it places restrictions on all embryos created by means other than the normal way (i.e. you can't use a cloned embryo in research), which pretty much kills embryonic stem-cell research. This is a good thing. What makes this interesting is that apparently no one knew two days ago, when President Obama signed his 'historic' executive order, that this Dickey-Wicker thing was in the Omnipork bill which just passed.

Probably because no one bothered to read that one, either. Of course, the article has a democrat in there who says "oh, why yes we absolutely knew this provision was in the bill, and besides it's old, and besides we'll get rid of it just as soon as we can", followed by a quote from a so-called republican agreeing that this provision should be reviewed or something, but one can't get past the idea that if you knew it was in there before the bill passed, why didn't the President? I mean, he looks like an idiot now having signed an order which is now negated by Congressional action, right? So, either he did what he did knowing it would all be for nought but political theatre (and I don't think the Obama people are that smart, despite what they say), or no one knew Dickey-Wicker was in that bill...because no one read the damned thing....again.
Tin-pot Republic...
President HopeandChangeYouCanBelieveIn was recently compared to Robert Mugabe, the dictator of Zimbabwe who has transformed what was once considered a paradise (by African standards) into a desert with his policies by the governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford. Now, I don't know as much about Zimbabwe as I perhaps should, but what I do know is frightening enough; a dictator, utilizing a racially-charged and divisive kind of populism, managed to drive all the productive human beings (i.e. the white ones) out of the country, thus ruining the economy, and sending the nation into such turmoil that the banks issue notes with twenty-three zeros (or something) on them to keep pace with runaway inflation, people are starving to death (when they aren't being 'disappeared' by the government), and social unrest is about to reach a boiling point (coming soon to a UN subsistence-level food line near you).

Now, perhaps Governor Sanford is exaggerating just a bit, but I take his meaning. The signs are all there; Messianic figure beloved by the lazy, halt, poor and stupid -- Check! Government apparatus thoroughly permeated by like-minded, or at least politically-compliant morons -- Check! Legions of great, unwashed, pig-ignorant racists demanding reparations? Check! Economy so poor that even the worst excesses of the regime will be forgiven? -- Check! No free press worth the appellation to inform and warn the populace about what's coming? -- Check!

Yep. Close enough. Perhaps the Governor was correct. Australia is looking pretty good to me right about now...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where No Man Has Gone Before...
Ed Anger from the WeeklyWorldNews on eighty-sixing NASA. Money shot;

"We pay government bureaucrats almost half our money to do stuff we’re perfectly capable of doing ourselves for free, like losing important pieces of paper and not answering the phone."

I'm adding WeeklyWorldNews to my Links just for stuff like that!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Almost Makes You Nostalgic...
I want one of these.
Reasons Why Your President is an Asshole incapable of Leading a Three-Year Old to the Crapper...
A round up of articles as to why President Obambi is such a wreck:

1. He's tired and needs a cigarette - From the Telegraph in the UK. Please note the really special sentiment expressed by an Obamacon that Britain is no better than Zimbabwe. That's not a quote, but that's what they guy meant.

2. He's Incompetent - From Well, it's not as if we were allowed to see his resume or question him before he got elected, was it?

3. He Doesn't Give a Shit - From Commentary, the unique point of view that pretty much surmises that the man just wanted the title, but not the work.

4. He's got Personal Scores to Settle - The New York Daily news reports on an Enemies List. The man's been in office less than 50 days, and he's already become Nixon in a better suit.

5. He's too busy to govern because he's got this surrender to plan - AP says 12,000 out of Iraq by the Summer, and this Indian Newspaper says the President is already trying to work out the surrender of Afghanistan to Taliban "moderates". In my opinion, the words 'moderate' and 'Taliban' are mutually-exclusive.

Not Ready for Prime Time...
Oh, you people suck! You've really done it now! You've pissed off the Brits! The British Prime Minister came to pay his respects and was given a foretaste of what Obama's AmeriKKKa will soon look like; listless, unenthusiastic, disinterested, worn out, ungracious -- and dare I say it? --niggardly with it's bounty (save the nasty e-mails, look the word up).

The Administration sent a head of state, who came bearing great gifts, home with a box of DVD's and some kitsch from the White House Gift Shop, and probably a year's supply of Rice-a-Roni, as if he were the second-place contestant on Jeopardy or something. This incidentally is the White House that wants to revamp health care in this country -- if this is how they manage a simple matter of manners, taste and graciousness with one of America's oldest allies (and by the way, wasn't Obama supposed to mend the Old Alliances and not insult the Europeans like Bush had?), they certainly can't be expected to craft a health care system that treats an individual as anything other than a number, a slab of meat, and an inconvenience.

And let's not even get started on Sec. of State Clinton's behavior in the realm of diplomacy; begging the Chinese to buy American debt, insulting the Europeans and lecturing them on the history of democracy (which she got wrong, incidentally), and providing the Russian President with what was obviously intended to be a gag gift with a poor translation. Then there's the Letter to the Russians which, apparently, doesn't exist. Yep, I'm so glad the A-Team is up to the task of serious diplomacy.

Considering that we've all been told by our betters in the My-Leg-Is-Tingling media about just how extraordinarily cool and classy Obama (and his loudmouth wife) are supposed to be, one would have expected more. Of course, the White House, once it's mistakes were pointed out, was quick to blame someone or something else (the Prez is tired, some anonymous staffer did it, we're in transition here and not up to speed on diplomacy, etc.). If they could have blamed Bush they would have. But the real culprit here is Obama himself.

He's not ready. He never was. I don't think he ever expected this job to mean actual work. I don't think he's all. I think he's overwhelmed, and is more than happy to delegate and then dodge responsibility for following up. I think he's far too busy trying to enjoy the perks of the Presidency (Air Force One had gotten quite a work out, so far. Camp David, I assume, is next), or reliving his historic campaign to take any of his responsibilities seriously. The man is out to lunch and out of his league...and doesn't seem to notice or care. It's painfully obvious.

I mean, look at the record of unbridled success to date:

Obama's Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is clueless. The economy is in free-fall, and Obama doesn't even address it, except to say it's bad and getting worse. This Treasury Secretary (the one we were told we just had to have, despite his criminal behavior) gets laughed out of every meeting he attends, and he apparently can't even pay people enough to take what otherwise would be plum jobs at Treasury. Tax policy is divorced from economic reality. Yet other than the daily rote denunciation of 'The Rich' and some more talking down expectations on the as-yet-unseeable recovery, the President doesn't even address the root causes of the crisis, nor does he seem to have a handle on how to actually begin recovery realistically. So far, all he's done is promise to spend more ($20 trillion!) in the next four years than the government can actually collect. Never mind $250,000 incomes -- look out $22,500! I mean, you have to be some kind of imbecile to go to Columbus, Ohio to trumpet the fact that your 'stimulus bill' paid for 25 police officers (that's 25 government jobs, btw) on the same day the Department of Labor reports 621,000 more Americans got pink slips. Some success, huh? Yeah, Obama's team is buncha freakin' economic geniuses!

Look at the Porkulus bill! Look at this Omnibus spending bill! The President says he'll go through it 'line-by-line' to eliminate waste! Bullshit. He can't be bothered to govern (that's like, hard) and he's too busy to have someone look in on Reid and Pelosi, and so we get bills that he's forced to sign and then cheer lead for just to present the appearance of doing 'something'. He's turned the agenda over to the Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader, they will now set policy and Obama will just rubber stamp it. They've rolled him, and he hasn't even recognized it yet. And so far, the only 'waste' Obama seems to have found is a paltry 40 billion in Pentagon cost overruns. Considering how much he plans to spend, this is like finding loose change in the sofa cushions.

So far, five potential cabinet members or other high-level appointees all seem to be tax cheats, or involved in some sort of alleged criminal activities; Richardson, Geithner, Kirk, Gillifer, Solis. These are only the ones we know about. That their names even came up, or that any of them actually got a job despite the notoriety, shows you something about the man's character; he can't even be counted upon to even maintain a charade of propriety.

And anyone who would put Joe Biden in charge of anything needs his head examined.

And we were told that Sarah Palin was not ready for prime time? At least she would have knitted the Prime Minister something.