Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hillary is Shut Out....Again.

Governor of New Mexico, Former UN Ambassador and current potential felon Bill Richardson is to host a meeting this week with two North Korean diplomats aimed at restarting the moribund "Six Party Talks". These talks involving the US, North and South Korea, China, Russia and Japan, are supposed to, somehow, keep the Norks from developing really big boom-booms of the nuclear type.

I have every confidence this round of polite diplomatic crapspeak will be very bit as effective as the last, oh...ten years of diplomatic crapspeak and Madeleine Albright Korean folk-dancing was. Richardson was on the boob tube this morning saying that identifying the North Koreans as junior members of the "Axis of Evil" all but guaranteed they would push forward with their nuclear ambitions. He plans to be "nice" to them -- in the hopes that those batshit-crazy totalitarians will suddenly have some sort of epiphany. They're not "evil", you see, they're just misunderstood and insulted. We owe them an apology, according to the therapeutic foreign policy types.

Whatever Richardson does, it'll only be a continuation of what Bill Clinton started back in the 90's (a regime of open appeasement and bribery of North Korea), and which he recently reprised in the whole rescue of two of Al Gore's zombie legion. All Richardson will be is a different intermediary; the bribe will always be the same. North Korea wishes to look as if it's a legitimate country ruled by a legitimate regime. I can promise you that absolutely NO agreements, treaties or adjustment of the North Korean position on nuclear weapons will result from this meeting. The North won't come to negotiate -- they're coming to be pampered and flattered in front of the cameras for the folks back in Pyongyang.

So, why isn't Hillary hosting this meeting? Isn't she the Secretary of State? Aren't all things diplomatic and international her bailiwick? I wonder who else is on the Obama foreign policy roster, waiting for their turn to once more appear relevant and important at the expense of Hillary Clinton? Madeleine Albright? Warren Christopher? Do we dare dream and ask Jimmy Carter?

The woman finally got, as Dick Morris put it "the first real job of her life", only she's not allowed to actually do anything. She's getting the mushroom treatment: being kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of horseshit.

I really hate to defend Hillary Clinton because, frankly, she's another in a long line of democratic party succubi (i.e. Clinton, Boxer, Pelosi and so forth) sent forth to frighten the male population shitless with their gruesome visages, over-active mouths that screech and spit venomous gender-based liberal boilerplate , not to mention that once menopause hits these broads it then appears to take up permanent residence -- giving them the ability to make any man watching or listening to them constrict his sphincter while praying that "it will just go away" and the pain will subside. But I digress...

I hate to defend Hillary, but if I were her I'd start opening my cavernous pie-hole and start protesting that I'm not being allowed to do my job. I'd then scream about being discriminated against, and I'd start a mini-revolution within the democratic party; Aging-Lesbian-60's-retread-Feminazis-versus-the Hopenchanger-Metrosexual-Patriarchy.

You've come a long way, Baby? I'd tell you to burn your bra in protest, but I don't think I could survive the sight of that.

I'm telling you; the Obamatards are deliberately keeping this woman away from anything that even has a whiff of achievement or success attached to it so that she cannot be a viable challenger in 2012. Why is it that when Progressives abuse women in this fashion (Hillary is being politically abused, and has been for the last year) there is deafening silence from the Left?

Oh right...Hypocrisy is a crime only Conservatives can be guilty of.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Now You Know Why These People Suck...

I hear that next year they're planning to introduce toilet paper.

Seventh century desert nomad culture at it's very finest, indeed. Now you can see why they resort to explosive boxer shorts in order to get attention; it's just too difficult to regard them seriously, and near-impossible to regard them as civilized.