Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This is Why The Public Schools Suck, Part IV...

New York City "educators" compile list of 50 words that are never-ever to appear on a test, just in case someone gets offended...and stuff.

I could expound upon this for hours, but do I really need to? This isn't funny; it's your tax dollars at work, and your children in danger! Political Correctness run amok, is what it is. Shameful is what it is.

If it had not appeared in print -- in a newspaper which is frequently all-too-happy to present the Libtard point of view as if it were a dictate from the Almighty, and then present it as the bestest fuckin' thing evah! -- I would hardly have believed it.

I'd call it "child abuse", but that term has apparently been banned.

Monday, March 26, 2012

More From the "Religion of Peace" Files...

New book tells Muslim men how to beat thier wives for Fun and Prophet.

I swear, if I hear one more Libtard repeat the braindead mantra that "all cultures are equally valid" I’ll buy this book and use the lessons learned on the first Occupy Wall Street demonstration I can find.

Cheney "Just Fine" After Heart Transplant...

It has been axiomatic amongst the most rabid Left-wingers in America that Dick Cheney, the so-called Prince of Darkness, has no heart.

Now we know he's had at least two.

We here at the Asylum can't help but believe, although we love Dick Cheney with all our (no pun intended) hearts, that the whole Cheney Transplant drama sets a very bad precedent.