Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque: Let them build it...

...so that on the day it opens, we can trap thousands of Muslim douchebags within and burn it to the ground.

GZM Douchebags seek $5 million in 9/11 rebuilding funds.

Note to Muslims: this is why people hate you.

Talk about arrogant? Talk about provocative? And this is supposed to help "heal" the wounds of 9/11, how? This isn't about peace and understanding, So-called "Moderate" Muslims; this is about your rabid co-religionists building a Victory Monument in Downtown Manhattan...one that will be even more glorious, and even more offensive, if they can get the Infidel to pay for his own embarrassment and humiliation.


Fuck building schools, digging wells, roads, hospitals, and all that "bringing Democracy" jazz in Afghanistan and Iraq: fucking kill these people by the fucking tens of thousands, poison the landscape for generations to come, and bring our troops home. Teach the assholes a bloody lesson that they'll not soon forget, and then let's go about the business of making the"moderate" Islamic states (like Saudi Arabia) irrelevant by inventing a new fuel source, so that we can go back to ignoring the little Sand Niggahs like we used to.

Let them all starve and prey upon each other. Those are the only things they're really good at, anyway. Let the Israelis crush the Palestinians; they're a cancer. Wipe Yemen and Somalia off the map. The CIA should show what it's finding on the laptops of these degenerate killers that they capture: the donkey sex, the rape videos, the degenerate sexual predilections of a mentally-stunted culture; show the world what the "radical" Islamists are really like, and what they really stand for. Make them objects of world-wide ridicule instead of fear...and then kill them.

I'm getting sick and tired of a "War on Terror" that's really short on War, and weighed down by Political Correctness and the need to make nice for the television cameras. These people murdered 3,000 Americans and celebrated it as an act of God; they deserve to die.

Just the other day, Al'Qaeda, by whatever means they make these things known, announced that it was no longer interested in pulling off really big terrorist attacks, but will instead concentrate on inflicting a Death of a Thousand Cuts on America, and you know what? They're probably succeeding.

After all, think about it: what has happened since 9/11? Has there been a battlefield victory that hasn't been transitory, or compromised by politics?

What has our own government done to "protect" us from future terrorist acts? They've made it impossible to fly, for one thing; if you aren't delayed, harassed, and aggravated by the need to be at an airport four hours before your 2-hour flight, subjected to lengthy questioning by a federalized high-school dropout, have your luggage scanned or searched by federalized thieves, then you can look forward to no food on the flight, full body x-rays, intrusive (and illegal) pat-downs without probable cause, and soon to come, mandatory cavity searches.

We're harassing children, pregnant mothers, the elderly and infirm on airport "security" lines; we're making nursing mothers drink their own breast milk. We're subjecting old ladies in wheelchairs to physical searches. We're taking away cigarette lighters from smokers. We're even harassing pilots and flight crews, just so we don't offend Muslims! Heaven forbid we start patting down Middle-Eastern men and the walking carpets they call wives.

The government has made it more difficult and expensive for Americans to maintain and renew their required documents: passports, driver's licenses, Social Security Cards, State Identification cards, so that they aren't abused by terrorists-- but then demands that Americans produce these valid identification documents whenever they travel, apply for a job, or are confronted by law enforcement.

Unless you're Mexican...then we somehow shouldn't bother to ask you for these difficult-to-obtain-and-required-to-work documents in Arizona because that would be racist or something.

Illegal aliens, whether Mexican or Islamic, are being legally and institutionally protected by the government. The price for that? Your girlfriend gets felt up, and you have to take your shoes off every five feet at the airport.

Look around you: your civil rights have been steadily eroded under the guise of "security" (and yet, the government takes great pains to ensure that the "rights" of terrorists are scrupulously protected). Your freedom of movement has been seriously infringed upon by the need to undergo lengthy and degrading "security measures" which do little more than raise the cost of taking a commercial flight. None of it has found a single terrorist, or prevented a single attempted attack.

The Underwear Bomber was on a No Fly list. His own father had turned him in to the authorities, and he still almost managed to bring a plane down over Detroit. It was his fellow passengers (all of them, apparently security-screened much better than he), and his own incompetence that "caught" him. What is the government doing with all this data it collects, all this "intelligence" it spends enormous resources to acquire, if it can't keep a guy -- whose address they have beforehand -- off a plane? A few weeks ago, terrorists tried to blow up cargo aircraft using crude bombs hidden in printer cartridges; in a another few weeks, there will be an entire new regime of"security" procedures for you to follow when sending a Fed-Ex package that will cost you more money, cause you more aggravation, and inconvenience the hell out of you.

I hate to say it, but Al'Qaeda probably is winning. Worse, they're winning without having to do very much; our own government-- and our own stupidity -- has helped them destroy our rights and freedoms, bit-by-bit. Every threat or minor action brings an overwhelming (and usually misdirected, or completely stupid) response from the government that has long-lasting and deleterious effects upon our citizens. If you're a democrat, you love these things because they simply get people used, by degrees, to living in a Police State that you all secretly cream for,and if you're a republican, you love this shit because one of your cronies is probably scooping up a federal contract somewhere, but if you're the average citizen, your world is shrinking along with your rights. And you're paying for the privilege of being deprived of them.

What's left of Al'Qaeda is probably sitting in a cave laughing their asses off. Why fight the Infidel when you can let him fight and destroy himself, right?

Oh, and make sure you get a government grant, while you're at it.

It's about time we started taking this War seriously, in the sense that it's less about the Airport "Security" Kabuki, and the "Hearts-and-Minds-With-Guns" campaign overseas. It's time for the American people to demand that their enemies be destroyed, and with them, the entire reign of terror disguised as a security regime. Those people groping their fellow citizens in search of weapons are the same douchebags who let 9/11 happen, after all; they're just better paid and unionized now.

A Ground Zero Mosque paid for by the American Taxpayer would be just one more of those thousand cuts, perhaps the most symbolic of all, which is exactly why that Mosque should never be built in the first place, and the assholes who started this projects (and supported it) should be taken out and shot...on Pay-Per-View.

There will be no "Peace and Understanding" until everything that reads or follows the Koran is dead, or reduced to a mass of quivering jelly too frightened to lift so much as an eyebrow at the West, let alone a weapon.


Al Gore (almost) admits that's he's a lying sack of hypocritical shit pushing a bullcrap communist-driven agenda that even he doesn't believe.

Notice how Al wants you to sacrifice and suffer for a (supposed) greater good, while he reserves the right to act upon his self-interest whenever he feels like it or needs to. Inside every environMENTAList is a selfish bastard who believes YOU are stupid.

Al Gore probably owns piles of stock in biofuel concerns. It wouldn't surprise me at all if his "ethanol epiphany" has little to do with saving Mother Gaia, and putting yet more Green in Al's pockets.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy is Still Critically Dead...

Yesterday was the anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States.

I hate all things Kennedy, so you won't get any tears here.

I was struck by the total lack of the usual over-the-top,The-Man-Was-A-God, handwringing, overwrought, tearjerking television extolling the invented virtues and fabricated hagiography of a thoroughly despicable man this year. Typically, the anniversary of this event brings out the very worst in the Libtard-Baby-Boomer media who simply can't help themselves but to sing the praises of their hollow childhood hero, so "tragically" murdered on a street in Dallas.

The "Tragedy" is that John Kennedy had such a large extended family --which would one day infest the American body politic for two generations -- to take advantage of his death so as to steal lucrative jobs they otherwise would never get, as having really big teeth and being the child of an alcoholic are not usually qualifications for a job outside of politics.

I mean, not one documentary. Not one showing of the now-famous Oliver Stone tour-de-bullshit. No interviews with people who were "close" to Kennedy, but who haven't done a damned thing since. No replays of the Zapgruder film. No wall-to-wall conspiracy theorists. Even the History Channel didn't make much of a fuss (and JFK is one of the staples of History Channel programming. JFK and World War Two...guess Ice Road Truckers rates higher than JFK, huh?).

It's been curiously refreshing, from my point of view. I long ago tired of the fake grief, the overdone hero worship, and of course, hearing the stories about "where I was when Kennedy was shot...".

Who gives a shit? He was, in hindsight, one of the worst American Presidents of the 20th Century. After all, look who he picked to succeed him; Lyndon Johnson would be the worst thing to happen to America until the arrival of James Earl Carter made him look like a modern-day Pericles. I would have thought that the advent of Barack Obama would have brought out the sickly-disgusting streak of nostalgia for shallow non-achievers (like JFK) present in the fibre of every Baby Boomer, considering how he makes JFK, LBJ, and Carter combined seem Churchillian by comparison, but I guess they're keeping quiet these days, what with having ruined the economy, academia, the Government, and still hoping to keep the illegal Free Viagra for Seniors program hidden deep inside ObamaCare.

So, no paens to the dead king from the Haight-Ashbury set this year, I guess. The generation behind me probably doesn't even know who JFK was, and if they are aware of him, they probably think he was...like... President during...like... the Civil War...like... the one we like fought against the Germans or Vietnamese, or ...like...whatever, in 1776...to keep...like...black people...like...slaves.

The silence reinforces something I've often thought about; that within 50 years or so, all events are eventually forgotten by the greater mass of people. The lack of the usual television Day of National Mourning this year was perhaps the first sign that the manufactured grief (and history)over that assassination of a mediocre personality whose father bought him the White House is finally becoming a thing of the past.

And that's a good thing.

More From The "Religion of Stupid" Files...

[Muslims are] the poorest, the most illiterate, the most backward, the most unhealthy, the most un-enlightened, the most deprived, and the weakest of all the human race.

So says the former President of Pakistan.

Just in case one of you libtards out there feel the need to drop me an e-mail to call me a racist;

a) "Muslim" is not a race, and

b) Even incredibly stupid people like you will have to admit what even Pervez Musharraf thinks is so painfully obvious, if only you were capable of being honest and objective.

But just in case you still aren't convinced that Muslims are maniacal, inbred, murderering idiots, who haven't got a clue, you can read this.

I rest my case.

(H/T FiveFeetofFury)

P.S. Stop by the original source for this post, Plancks Constant, and have a look-see. I'm adding this site to my blogroll.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

From The"Religion of Stupid" Files...

This just in: Muslims are mentally-inferior, inbred, lunatics who are a threat to any Western Society they manage to infiltrate.

Told you so.

And yet there are still some who have to delude themselves into thinking all those inbred, mentally-retarded, ultra-violent folks are a positive boon to society, because somehow, to tell the truth might be racist...or something. Besides, how else does a product of that inbred, mentally-retarded, ultra-violent culture make a living in journalism, except by trying to convince you that the evidence before your eyes simply isn't true? Even going as far as to lie through her teeth:

"This kind of repellent snobbery and prejudice was captured in an extraordinary outburst from newspaper columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Condemning white working-class Britons as "either too lazy or too expensive to compete" in the new era of multi-racialism, she wrote that "tax-paying immigrants past and present keep indolent British scroungers on their couches drinking beer and watching TV".

Such comments are not only offensive, but also factually incorrect, since levels of unemployment and welfare dependency are actually much higher in certain immigrant communities. According to the Office of National Statistics, 35 per cent of Muslim households have no adult in employment, more than twice the national average, though no liberal columnist would dream of ever writing about "Muslim scroungers"."

I can't wait for Mexican apologists in this country to give that load of crap a try. We should close the borders of this country...quickly.

James Carville is a Moron...

And ugly as hell.

Only a moron could say these things, and only bigger morons could take him seriously.

Get this through your thick skulls, Democrats: you lost because your ideas stink on ice, and the people you elect to advance them are deeply flawed, mentally-constipated mouthbreathers who haven't figured out that the 1960's finally ended.