Thursday, September 10, 2015

On Morons and Elections, Part I....

I had pretty much decided some time ago to no longer devote time to this blog. I have so many other things to worry about, after all. I need time to work; I have a sick girlfriend who requires a great deal of care; I wasn't making much money with the damned thing, and so it became a pointless exercise in shouting in the wilderness that returned nothing for the energy devoted to it.

I was resigned to turning out the lights and locking the doors, leaving this little patch of cyberspace in much the same state as a Pharaoh's tomb, which is to say, something left undisturbed for centuries until some douchebag with too much curiosity and time on his hands might accidentally find it to plunder it's dank, musty mysteries as he saw fit.

But there's another election coming, and with elections, you can always count upon three things happening:

1. The morons come out of the woodwork.

2. The morons need to be put in their place.

3. I am, by nature, unable to resist putting morons in their place.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Feminism Would Work...If Only Men Would Do It For Us....

So sayeth the wise and sage Chelsea Clinton, scion of the "Smartest Woman in the World" and The Most Famous Bent Penis, fake television journalist, descendant of the vast criminal enterprise that is Clinton, Inc.

You can read what she had to say here:

Basically, what the daughter of Don Horneyleone says is that if feminism is to ever achieve it's stated purpose of a free-and-equal society, it is Men that have to make it happen.

Friday, February 13, 2015

215 Reasons Why Liberals Suck...

My, but we're approaching rarefied air, here! Who would have thought that when this list first began, we had but 50 piffling reasons why Liberals suck? If anything, the continued existence of this list and it's prolific expansion are testimony to the continued powers of super-human suckitude possessed by the modern Progtard!

They should be proud.

Actually, they should be shot, but that's against the law, unfortunately.

Once again, I cannot claim credit for all of these; I have simply collected them from all over the place, and present them here for your reading pleasure.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The (liberal's) Rejection of Religion...

Before I begin on this subject, I wish it to be known that I am not a godly person. Far from it. I do not hold to many traditional notions of Christianity, finding in them less a way of life than I usually interpret them as a consequence of mythology and long-useless tradition: the Pope sits on the Vatican Hill in Rome much as the Roman Pontifex Rex of yore did, a simple figurehead, to whom is attached much ceremony, superstition, and attribution of sacredness that is otherwise unwarranted -- as was true of his Roman prototype 1,000 years before.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is less religious man than politician. This is obvious if one reads the history of England with a critical eye, and if one takes note that the modern Archbishop has, for all intents and purposes, no bishopric -- the pews are empty, the English non-conformists never took the COE seriously, and the good Anglican simply selects which bits of dogmatic flotsam and jetsam best fit their version of bastardized Christianity (mostly the ones where they get to rationalize what would once have been considered sinful) --  and he becomes one more symbolic anachronism, a Man simply going through the motions of pomp and circumstance, in keeping with traditions that most people cannot recall the origins of. Nor do they care to recall.

Islam is obviously not a religion; it is a military code, at best, and at worst, it is a rationalization of the Nomadic Code of the Arabian Desert -- do unto others before they do unto you, and if they manage to do first, then whine like a bitch about what a victim you are while plotting your sneaky-ass-revenge-from-behind-because-you-have-no-balls. If Islam is anything, it is, at heart, a "me-too" religion; if the Jews can consider themselves chosen, and the Christians can be considered the only ones worthy of "saving", then we'll just co-opt their religion and reserve the same chauvinism for ourselves.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Changes Coming Soon!

Apologies to all the inmates. I've been away for far too long.

However, Life sometimes conspires to keep us from the things we really wish to do, and I have fallen victim to this dictum (that fucking rhymed!). Between (paying) work, Tess' health problems, and general apathy, the Asylum has been left to languish in the Internet version of Limbo for a while.

But no more!

Coming soon: a new design, more insanity, more caustic bullshit from the fevered imagination of Your's Truly.

Fasten your seat belts; it's about to get all sorts of crazy up in here.