Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Jihadis Are After Me...

There has been an increase in traffic to this website from a particular Arab website.

I figure I can expect either a lawsuit or a letter bomb just about any day, now. I seem to have caught the attention of some official-sounding Arab organization, and it appears as if they have been searching this site for the term, of all things, donkey sex, in all it's permutations. Among other things.

Which tells me that whoever is doing the searching is probably in Pakistan,or a Pakistani living in the US, because according to Google the only country that routinely registers more online search engine requests for donkey sex than Mexico, is Pakistan. They're also Number One in gay porn and rape video.

But that's only because they can't be Numero Uno in economic productivity, production of Nobel Prize Winners, or Personal Hygiene, and mainly because Cricket -- the only thing they are good at, besides exploding -- is gayer than Ru Paul.

So, I can expect a cease-and-desist order or a visit from an "Imam" pretending to be reasonable, I figure, real soon.

The group doing the snooping, from the limited research I've done, is some sort of Pan-Arab clusterfuck of the sort that has been championed by the likes of Abdel Nasser and Saddam Hussein, which is to say a Pan-Arab-Ba'athist-Nazi sort of coalition of disaffected camel fuckers from every corner of the Islamic shithole states. Given this sort of pedigree and this sort of membership, I'm confident that any assassination attempt will fail utterly if only because the car bomber sent to do me in will accidentally set himself off prematurely as he performs his final rite of ritual masturbation leading up to the "Allahu Akbar!" moment.

In which case, he'll still get 72 virgins, only they'll all look like Danny DeVito, and have at least one chipped tooth apiece (think about it, Men).

Come and get me, you sheepshagging wife-beaters! I'll be more than happy to fuck you up if you show your faces around here. Mohammed Atta couldn't kill me with a 757 and that was your first string.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Random Thought for Today...

I'm thinking President Obama is in Africa this week just waiting for Nelson Mandela to die, so that he can be photographed as being "Johnny on the Spot", ala Je$$e Jack$on, re: MLK.

In other words, Obama is there to wave the bloody shirt and assume the mantle of  Universal Uber Black Icon just as soon as Nelson gives up the ghost.

This explains a few things....especially why this "official visit"  seems to be going on forever.

That is how desperate Barack Obama has become to establish some sort of "Legacy": he's willing to waste $100 million to travel halfway around the world and hover over Mandela's deathbed like a fucking vulture. For....?

Oh, right: so someone can snap that dramatic picture (we can only hope it's black and white, because that makes it ever so much more 'dramatic') of Obama paying homage to the Great Man of History while simultaneously picking up his fallen mantle. If they can get Winnie Mandela to even be within seventeen feet of Odoofus (dare we dream? Perhaps actual physical contact between the two?), it's an even better image.

Maybe Morgan Freeman can reprise his typical "Magic Negro" role in the film version?

Otherwise, one wonders why Obama didn't just mail the usual ironclad-claptrap-semi-retarded speeches in? It's not like he's had anything to actually say to these folks that he hasn't already worn our ears out with, is it?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

What Rachel Jeantel Means to America...

The misshapen lump of flesh to the left is one Rachel Jeantel, who, according to most media reports, is the 'star' witness in the murder case against George Zimmerman, the man accused of having stalked and murdered a young black kid in Florida.

The Trayvon Martin Case has caused a great deal of  tumultuous debate in America, most of it of the stupid sort. What else could one expect? For the case is a microcosm, in many ways, of just what is wrong with many aspects of modern life in this country. Racial hatred, an irresponsible press, opportunistic 'Civil Rights' figures, ready-to-jump-on-bandwagons politicians, overeager prosecutors, a vastly misinformed citizenry, a legal system which creaks under the weight of it's own obsession with minutiae...

And then there's Miss Jeantel.