Thursday, December 05, 2013

145 Reasons Why Liberals Suck...

My, how far we have come! It seems like only yesterday (I believe it was 2003) when this meme began here on this site with a short list of 50 Reasons Why Liberals Suck, and the last decade has proven -- once again -- that liberalism (small 'l' intentional) is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Like AIDS.

This new fusillade of anti-Libtard observations was prompted by a website (which shall remain nameless, because it's a virtual internet sewer of stupidity) that re-posted one of the earlier iterations of it without my permission nor a back-link, violating, at the very least, internet etiquette rules, which resulted in my mailbox being jammed with angry and derisive e-mails from people who are happy to tell you that while they appreciate and wish to defend Free Speech, what I've posted equates to a permission slip for any crackpot to kill a liberal on sight, and as such, should be condemned as Hate Speech for having the potential to incite violence.

You can read the last iteration of this list here. For now, the new-and-improved list has been bolstered by the addition of 20 new maxims about liberals and their wrong-headed policies. Without further ado, here are 145 reasons Why Liberals Suck.