Saturday, July 13, 2013

People Are Effin' Stupid...

You know, I've always held a notion that you can learn a lot about human nature sometimes by just sitting back and watching how people behave from a distance.

Then again, you could also find yourself scratching your head wondering how it was we managed to climb down out of the trees and invent frozen pizza and thermonuclear warheads when you actually stop to consider what most people are doing.

It's incredible that we have survived as a species.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Weiner, Spitzer..There's a Blowjob Joke in There, Somewhere...

I would like to post an open letter to the voters of New York City.

I'm quite worried that many of you will do something so unthinkable, so mind-bogglingly stupid, so counter to your own interests, and actually take seriously the candidacy for public office (or should we say Orifice?) of one Anthony Weiner, infamous Twitter Dick Pic distributor, and one Elliot Spitzer, notorious Sex-with-a-hooker-while-wearing-black-socks aficionado.

Stronger Than The Storm, Indeed!

Just returned from Atlantic City, NJ and a weekend of depraved debauchery at the gaming tables.

My thanks and appreciation goes out to the Staff of the Revel Hotel and Casino, who did everything that was humanly possible to make our stay (Tess and her late-husband's mother came with me) a true delight, even if you can't smoke in the room you've paid for.