Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thank You,My Loyal Minions!

For the first time, ever, this word vomit has managed to snag 1,000 readers in a month, and we're not even done with September yet! This is about 25% more than usual, and I'd like to think it's more than just an anomaly or dumb luck, that I'm actually saying something here that resonates with a whole lot of folks.

I've given up on making this blog a going financial concern, for the following reasons:

1. To make scads of cash on the intertoobies, you have to be offering folks something they cannot get elsewhere. Insanity and stupidity abound, and so my special brands of those two commodities are probably not particularly unique enough to generate revenue. I've gotten some, but...

2. ...trying to get money out of Google AdSense requires navigating more obstacles and complying with more bureaucratic bullshit than what's called for in the Catholic Church's requirements for canonizing a saint. At least in the case of the Church you only have to have had performed a miracle or two, or maybe died a horrible death at the hands of the heathens before you receive your reward, while AdSense buries you in electronic, third-party triplicate, only to bury you in a slew of new-and-improved requirements in fourth-fifth-and-sixth party quadruplicate...if that's even a word. And even at that, the rewards are hardly worth making even a part-time job out of blogging, so I might as well do it just for shits and giggles, right?

You'll note that all the advertising that used to be on this site is now gone, for just that reason. I'm not in it for the money (not that I ever really was. Mind you, this whole thing started as therapy), but I do think it's pretty cool to see that something I wrote was striking a chord with so many people.

I'm reaching more folks, and it seems the biggest gateway is Twitter. Which I refuse to use (I'm opposed to most forms of Electronic Heroin, past a reasonable point, thank you), and your standard search engines. This means the majority of people are finding me accidentally, still. Which brings me to my next, admittedly self-serving points:

1. If you're a regular visitor, and like what you read here, then please follow this blog. It's easy to do, and free, for the love of Pete!. All you have to do is click the "Follow This Blog" link at the top of the page. It would be nice to see all the people who come here regularly, and I'll admit, I want to see this mostly for vanity's sake.

2. I would like to see if there are even more brain dead zombies who would like to see what's up here, and so I ask that if you have a blog that you consider a cross-linking arrangement. That's good for the both of us. Drop me an e-mail, and let's see if we can't get you posted on the blogroll!

If you don't have a blog, then I would hope that you would consider sharing my posts with your friends and relatives, even -- or most likely, especially -- the ones you hate.

Thanks once again to all of you for making this a bigger deal for me than it is probably for most of you. It makes my day!

Safe Bet: At Least One of Them Is Probably Named "Mohammed"...

A possible Islamic plot against the Pope during his visit to London.

Religion of Peace, my ass.

CVS Corporate Policy: Discard Unsold Toys -- But Poison Them First.

We're continuously assured that our major corporations are run by "the best and brightest" minds available. And then you read something like this:

CVS Corporate Policy: Discard Unsold Toys, But Poison them With Bleach, First.

And now you know why many of our corporations are in such hideous shape; they are run by unthinking, unfeeling retards who apparently don't think things through very well. The CVS spokesman talks out of both sides of his mouth, and rectum, simultaneously. Get this:

"He (The employee cited in the article) was following policy by insuring the items were not removed from the Dumpster," says CVS Pharmacy’s corporate spokesman Mike DeAngelis.
DeAngelis says people have been known to take toys out of the Dumpster, hurt themselves on the toys, then go back and sue CVS for damages.

In corporate lingo, that’s called "creating a liability" — taking products out of a Dumpster which may or may not be safe.

"If it’s been thrown away, we don’t want anyone to get hurt," DeAngelis says. "We have to protect the liability of the store."

But somehow giving a guy several gallons of bleach, to be used in a potentially-careless manner, with which to possibly injure or sicken himself -- or a passer-by -- is somehow limiting liability?

I'm certain that the Toys for Tots campaign, which the United States Marine Corps runs every year to bring Christmas joy to needy children, would have loved to have gotten an overflowing dumpster full of unused toys. The NYPD and NYFD also have similar programs. Veterans groups, church organizations, local day care centers and pre-schools, those who deal with mentally-and-physically handicapped children, would have taken those toys in a heartbeat, and they would have done some good with them. Instead, all that plastic, now tainted by bleach, will sit in a landfill somewhere for the next 10,000 years and probably poison our ground water.

This is one of those situations where a Tree Hugger might actually be useful. These are not the actions of a responsible corporation, or store owner, and they show a depth of stupidity that it is difficult to understand. Polluting refuse and unsold merchandise with bleach is a Corporate Policy? Why not Rat Poison? Why not just rig the dumpster to explode if it's opened by unauthorized personnel?

Somewhere in America, there's a kid for whom an abandoned Care Bear would have been a treasure beyond all price (Haven't these morons seen Toy Story?). All your typical MBA sees is an unsold product which is somehow cheaper to destroy and toss away than to try to sell at a lower price, or even donate.

Just think about the waste: that merchandise cost money, and if it couldn't be sold for a profit, then it could easily have been given to charity for a tax write-off, unless the Obamatards have made that illegal or not worth the paperwork. This is a shame beyond all meaning of the word.

And these are the people who run your corporations, write the laws through lobbyists and purchased "representatives", and claim to be pillars of the community?

This story breaks your heart...and then it makes you physically sick, and that nausea isn't just from the bleach fumes.

I'm writing a letter to CVS to express my outrage and dismay. I invite the rest of you to do likewise.

From now on, the letters "CVS" will no longer stand for quality merchandise and excellent customer service. They will stand for "Congenitally Venal Scumbags". This is, in it's own sick and twisted way, a form of child abuse, in my opinion.

I will not buy as much as a stick of chewing gum or a fucking aspirin in a CVS store ever again.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Muslims are Violent Douchebags With No Future...


a) They're fucking stupid,

b) They are so easily led, either by manipulation of their weak intellect or easy-to-arouse emotions,

c) They're possessed of no critical thinking skills whatsoever, and,

d) They're not only arrogant in their stupidity, they consider it a virtue.

Here's just another example: a press photo is deliberately doctored to give an Egyptian Leader primacy of place. It is accepted in the Muslim world as a symbol that they are the true leaders of the world, despite the fact that Hosni Mubarak is a corrupt kleptocrat who probably buggers little boys, when he isn't stuffing his bank account with his country's riches, and your typical Arab Douchebag in the Street wouldn't even challenge me on those charges.

It just makes him feel better to see "his" President in front of mine (personally, I'd rather not see "my" President at all), and it gives Mr. Arab Douchebag the feeling that he is respected and important, despite the fact that he is neither.

This phenomenon also begets another phenomenon: The almost-required, right-on-cue columnist who asks "Why does the Middle East Hate Us?".

People who get paid to write that sort of crap ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Personally, I don't give a crap "WHY" they hate us; they've made it obvious that they DO, and that this hatred will drive them to extraordinary lengths to KILL US. I'm inclined to worry about defending myself from them (preferably by killing them in the millions) before I devote time to peeling back the layers of their collective psychosis, which, if they're all dead, would be a waste of time, anyways. I'm pretty positive that having that information will not be very useful against the next batch of people determined to hate-and-murder us for no logical reason.

Trying to change the Arab mindset is a colossal waste of timeand energy, anyway, because it floats upon a sea of stupidity. It a culture which requires that sort of bulletproof stupidity, because it would not even exist without it.

Of Bedbugs and Whooping Cough...

The rage these days is bedbugs. They're suddenly everywhere, and a multi-billion-dollar industry is springing up to take care of the problem. For many years, the word "bedbug" was simply a reference made in a polite good-night admonition to not "let the bedbugs bite"; the threat or discomfort of the bedbug was something that was, in a way, made light of. Several generations of Americans have lived life comfortably without the discomfort of bedbugs. I think, in my whole life (43-plus years), I can barely recall of a single person I've known who's house was infested by the little bastards.

The average American home was probably more likely to have mice, hornets or termites than bedbugs.

But now, they're front-and-center. Bedbugs are everywhere, and no one seems to know why.

Well, let's be honest...everyone KNOWS why... they just don't want to say so.

We live in a world of international air travel, where it's not uncommon for people to arrive on these pristine shores from countries where the words "hygiene" and "cleanliness" have no local equivalent in about 1,100 languages. These people stay in our hotels, when they don't disappear altogether. They've more than likely brought bedbugs with them (amongst other things. West Nile Virus wasn't exactly a common phenomenon in New York in year's past, and now the City Spends millions on mosquito control). Legions of illegal immigrants pass through our borders everyday, carrying their clothes and bedding with them, and most likely, the filth of Mexico's barrios. Those immigrants then become the chambermaids in our hotels, the laundry workers, the cleaning staff.

Environmental laws and businesses looking to save a buck, no longer clean hotel sheets in hot water. DDT -- the wonder poison of the 1950's that killed everything from mosquitoes to New England Democrats, was banned because it might kill off some species of migratory birds -- was once used to eradicate bedbugs, too...and it worked. But now, we're told the bugs have developed a resistance to more-modern-and-safer pesticides (Tree Huggers take note: The bedbugs evolved, but the birds didn't!) and using DDT is now unthinkable and illegal.

And the bedbug population explodes. Literally. Now, the Solons of the Upper East Side are infested with bedbugs (probably brought in by the maid and kitchen staff they're not paying Social Security taxes for), and suddenly it's become a major problem. Here in New Yorkistan, we refer to them as Bloombugs, and unflattering reference to our Emperor...errr...Mayor -- a bloodsucking parasite that serves no obvious purpose except to feed upon it's host.

Of course to even suggest that foreigners, and especially illegal immigrants, are responsible -- at least in part -- for the return and spread of bedbugs, is to be branded an insensitive, racist douche. Let's just put it this way: there was hardly any mention of bedbugs in humdrum-work-a-day American life before 12-15 million illegal immigrants showed up on our doorstep, was there?

And if bedbugs aren't your cup of tea, there's always whooping cough...and measles...and polio.

These were diseases that were all-but-eradicated in this country in my lifetime. In fact, we were so good at eliminating these often-deadly childhood diseases that we had to make up a bunch of new ones to take their places, just so we could obsess over our children: food allergies, ADHD, lactose-intolerance, Autism-as-attention-getter. Influenza is a killer again, and not just your run-of-the-mill flu, we're talking killer Chinese flus that came about because someone fucked a chicken in Shanghai or something. We had just pretty much wiped out SARS (also brought by foreigners immigrating/visiting the West) and then they bring us a new version of flu! Reported cases of Malaria are on the rise in this country.

Just yesterday, the news was that the state of California alone was about to report a 50-or-so-year high in the number of children who had contracted Whooping Cough...and who had, subsequently, died from it.

Part of this is due, of course, to all the brouhaha over Autism; some mothers are willing to expose their children to deadly diseases because of unfounded fears about inoculations. These women are flat-out morons, and would probably buy beachfront property in Oklahoma. But, the majority of cases are probably due to the fact that most illegal immigrants -- and especially their children -- are probably not immunized against these diseases AT ALL, and the only time they get any sort of treatment is when they show up in the emergency room and die on the waiting room floor...very expensively...for want of a vaccination back in whatever shithole they climbed out of.

It's an old theme, I know: Immigrants bring disease.

Take a look around you: more bedbugs, more once-eradicated diseases, and every few years a newer-deadlier flu or syndrome comes out of Africa or Asia. Does this sort of unchecked immigration look like it's a good thing to you?

If you suggest a correlation between vermin, disease and The Foreigner, that makes you a racist, right? Those who make that charge usually have to do so in spite of the evidence.

National "Harass A Treehugger" Day...

First, they called it "Global Warming".

Then, when it was proven the planet was actually cooling, it became "Climate Change".

Less-than-a-year later, it's now to be called "Global Climate Disruption".

It's still bullshit.

Just come clean, Tree Huggers, and admit it: you can't prove your assertions without lying, cheating and cooking the books. You engage in scare-mongering so that you may extort money from governments and easily-frightened retards, who in years past were only fleeced by those who professed faith in God, advocated the healing power of crystals and the homeopathic lifestyle, or flogging Lucky Astrology Mood Rings, instead of a government-funded global communist conspiracy.

The goal is not to "Save the Planet", because most EnvironMENTALists hate their fellow human beings, but to produce a new order in which the "enlightened" douchebags of the world get to rule over everyone else, tell us all what to do, and reap the benefits. And that's after they manage to impose world communism under the guise of saving African peasants from glacier melt.

For the last half-century these doofuses have been allowed to get away with this scam, and it's about time someone put a stop to it. Now, by myelf, as a private individual, well...I can only do so much. I do occasionally go down to the local Starbucks and deliberately drop litter in front of the Greenie Meanines, just to piss them off. Or, I sometimes sign their petitions with "Adolf Hitler" when they thrust them in front of me, unbidden, in the ferry terminal just to screw with them.

But, it's not enough. They're still here spouting the same bullshit, and they just change thename whenever they're caught out. They keep moving the goalposts in order to keep the scam going. They obviously have no respect for me, as a person, or for my intelligence.

I therefore declare November 1, 2010 to be "Harass a Treehugger Day".

You are not to do anything violent. You are not to do anything that will lead to someone being hurt. You are not to break any laws.

What you are supposed to do is make certain you can find the most annoying Tree Hugger you know, and do everything in your power to annoy the piss out of them for the next 24 hours. There's not even a point to it: you're just there to fucking annoy them because you can.

Follow them around, and try the following:

1. Make moral judgements against them, loudly and publicly, about the contradictions inherent in their espousal of Global Climate Disruption and their actual lifestyle. For example:

"You know, that cellphone you're about to use is made of disgusting petrochemicals, and the telephone company that carries your calls is complicit in the rape of the Earth because of all the copper, steel, and electricity they need to do business! When they send you your bill, that will be on paper that some tree was sacrificed for! Cellphone towers kill migratory birds with microwaves! Why are you using a cellphone when it's a mortal danger to Gaia?"

"Hey! Don't drink that Vente-Double-Caramel-Mocchiata-with-extra-whipped-cream! Do you realize how much fossil fuel we need to burn to get that coffee from the interior of Mozambique to the United States, and how many Greenhouse gasses were emitted in the process of brewing just that one cup? Why, that cup alone represents the entire yearly output of carbon emissions produced by 10,000,000 honeybees! You know honeybees are dying because of climate change? How are we supposed to pollinate our crops when your coffee is killing honeybees? Some douchebag in Outer Mongolia is starving because your coffee killed all the bees!"

2. Make certain you follow your selected target, and carefully-observe their daily activities. Take careful note of all their activities, and jump upon those that would seem to run counter to their stated goal of saving the environment. Make certain you write them an "Awareness Citation" for every violation at the end of the day, and chastize them for being a hypocrite.

3. Use your cellphone or other recording device to snap pictures of the Environut of your choice littering, using a private automobile, wasting resources, or otherwise failing to live up to the strict and exacting ideals he/she demands from YOU. Post those pictures on the Internet -- Facebook, MySpace, your blog, etc. -- just to show that Ms. Holier-Than-thou is really full of shit, and embarrass her in front of her Green peers, and indeed, the entire Green Movement.

4. Mail Al Gore pictures of Polar Bears in water. Make certain you caption your picture with the words "THEY CAN SWIM, DUMBASS!". Also make sure to remind Mr. Gore that he lost a Presidential election to a man his party loudly and frequently proclaimed was a blithering idiot, and that people who try to sue their way into the White House are probably the next-best-thing to Gay. Make sure you get 10 others to send a similar missive, and that they are all delivered by U.S. Mail, Fed Ex, or other contrivance that just burns through fossil fuels like Mexican water passed through a tourist.

(H/T Closet Conservative)

Is Barack Obama a Socialist?

Is the Pope Catholic? Do bears and Boy Scouts shit in the woods? Is Bismark a Herring? Does Hillary Clinton have Thighbrows that can rival the Amazon for lush undergrowth? Is Lady Gaga an over-stylized representation of the simultaneously over-and-under-sexed-technologically-savvy-but-otherwise-mentally-sterile-youth of today? Would Tiger Woods fuck a rabid porcupine if you gave him enough Ambien and Jack Daniels, and dressed it up as a porn star?

If you have to even ask that original question, "Is Barak Obama A Socialist", then I have one of my own: what fucking rock have you been living under for the last three years?

Our British cousins, who have had some experience in this field, seem to think he's something far worse.

They Don't Even Try to Hide it Anymore...

Democratic Congresswoman caught demanding "contribution" from lobbyist...on tape.

A few observations:

1. Expect the following defense: Eleanor Holmes Norton is black. Andrew Breitbart , a White Devil, "attacked" the NAACP and Shirley Sherrod only a few months back, therefore, Breitbart is a racist. Ergo, this tape is a piece of Conservative propaganda, deliberately presented in an out-of-context fashion by a known Conservative Fascist Racist, who wants to preserve the Bush Tax Cuts for The Wealthy. While it may look as if Congresscritter Norton might be engaging in an act of could-be-possibly-described-as extortion -- at least to the untrained-Washington-outsider's-eye -- it is just business-as-usual in Washington -- everyone does it -- and did we mention that Andrew Breitbart is a racist?

2. You now know why Tea Parties are becoming such powerful organizations. The corruption in Washington cannot be hidden anymore; it's taking place in broad daylight now. The amazing thing about it is that there's almost a sense of entitlement amongst so-called "Lawmakers"; we're allowed to break the law, because of who we are, and because the law is whatever we say it is...or rather, need it to be at this moment in time.

3. Our political class seems to be completely unaware of some aspects of modern technology, particularly the ubiquitous presence of recording devices. Nowadays, cellphones with e-mail and Internet access, with cameras capable of recording video and free voice mail, are like piles of dogshit: they're everywhere and you can't always avoid them. There's a 24/7 news cycle that requires everything be looked at in the most minute detail to judge it's fitness for broadcast...unless you're CNN and (P)MSNBC, in which case you'll broadcast anything just to fill airtime.

Everything you say and do is probably being recorded by someone...someplace...and you probably don't even know it, or even think about it. If you did, you wouldn't be caught on a voice mail extorting a donation (allegedly) or walking into a Los Angeles hotel in the wee hours to change diapers...after denying paternity repeatedly, or after insisting that "my plan will lower the cost of healthcare", have to retract those statements while denying ever having made them less than six months prior, knowing full-well that no one believes you (you're on tape!), but determined to brazen it out anyway.

This same technology that allows people to catch a John Edwards, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Charlie Rangel or Barack Obama in the act, also allows people who don't approve of that sort of behavior to organize themselves in ways that the political class cannot comprehend, and therefore bitterly fears. This why, since the rise of the Tea Parties, the average citizen is insulted by his "betters" on a near-daily basis. We're all racists; we're too dumb to understand what the government does and what the governing class talks about; We don't need to read bills before Congress votes on them; we just haven't been able to perceive that Recovery yet because, stupid Us, it's not about jobs and wages and ridiculous things like that, you know.

We are ruled, sadly, by a class of crooks that makes the Robber Barons of old look like third-grade pikers. At least the Robber Barons put people to work while they stole, and made no secret of their real intentions.

Unfortunately, I expect Eleanor Holmes Norton to survive the accusations -- despite the evidence -- because, well, let's be honest: she's Black and "represents" Washington, D.C. If Charlie Rangel can manage to win re-election with his baggage -- because he's black and represents Harlem --then Eleanor will most likely skate, too. That, too, is another aspect of the system of double-standards our politicos have erected for themselves; racism is bad...unless it benefits me.

If He'd Been Gay And Republican... assured that a cop somehow would have been there to give him a ticket -- and out him -- thereby saving his life. Just ask Larry Craig.

Body of bound man found in LAX Airport Men's Room.

I found this sentence to be quite interesting:

"Through the first half of the year, total crime at LAX decreased 6% to 1,146 incidents, from 1,222 incidents reported during the same period a year earlier. The total number of arrests decreased marginally, from 674 in the first six months of 2009 to 664 for the same period in 2010."

That's 1,146 crimes committed inside an airport, where there's supposed to be airtight security, what with police, TSA agents, the FBI and a bewildering array of security scanners and checkpoints.

Just saying.

And if you're going to kill yourself, you'd think you'd find a better venue, really.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Because it's Natural...'s not necessarily safe.

Federal government to examine the supposed health claims of Herbal Supplements.

It's about time, too.

But don't get all excited, like it's some great leap forward for Public Safety; the real reason for this concentrated study is probably to discover whether the claims made by the purveyors of herbal "remedies"are true or not -- in order to regulate and tax these products under the auspices of ObamaCare. Once you have established that ragweed cures shingles, or proven the power of acorns as sexual potency aid, it now becomes possible to classify it as a medicine.

Once something is a medicine, it's use and distribution falls under government regulation. Recently, I've been seeing more and more television adveterising for "Natural" remedies and suppliments, probably as more and more people become unable to afford prescription drugs, or doctors, and seek cheaper and hopefully-just-as-effective treatment options.

The Libtards who push nationalized health care cannot allow people to partake of this treatment option, because if these things really do work, there's really no need to depend upon the government for your healthcare, is there? So, it's better, from the Libtard point-of-view, to ensure that as many homeopathic and natural remedies and suppliments as possible can be classified as medicine, and thus taxed and regulated (and even withheld, if that can be contrived), than it is to let the Retards (i.e. the general population) exercise their judgement and make their own decisions about their own health.

Because the Libtard always thinks she (it's usually a She) knows best what's good for you,and because the government has the right to own your body...unless you want an abortion, of course.

So THAT'S What He's Been Doing!

President Obama to "write" Children's Book... and be paid $1.9 million dollars.

I wonder if this catapults him into the category of "The Rich" now? It would be nice to see if he subjects his personal wealth to the same confiscatory policies that he advocates for everyone else.

You would think that a man who was elected to lead the Greatest Country on Earth would be a tad too busy for things like this, I mean, with all the time he spends giving Potemkin speeches before carefully-selected crowds, the vacations, the gala functions, the basketball and golf, I just don't know where he finds the time. Not that Obama himself is actually writing the thing himself; not even the most ardent Obamatard believes that.

It's just like making a speech: he'll just be attaching his name to someone else's words.

And someone will pay him nearly $2 million for it.

The unemployment rate is near 10%. Deficit spending is set to bankrupt the nation in a matter of a few years. The country is embroiled in two wars. We still live under the threat of Islamonazi terrorism. The Economy, where it hasn't been all-but-nationalized, is stuck in a curious state of inertia for a lack of leadership, good policies, and a clear understanding of the New Rules.

But somehow the President of the United States, when he isn't on vacation or a star-studded date night, has time to write kiddie books. Or to at least sign his name to one...and make a small fortune on it. The clearest indication that Barack Obama was never prepared to be President of the United States is all the time he spends not being President of the United States, and then the crass arrogance of taking $2 million bucks in a time of economic uncertainty.

An uncertainty, incidentally, which his own policies have largely created or exacerbated.

Yes, I know -- this book deal was signed before he became President, but it is unseemly and insensitive to the plight of the unemployed that he should accept $2 million dollars while in office. If George W. Bush had accepted $2 million while in office, for anything, you can rest assured that Obama would be there saying the same things I am, and denouncing him as a rich, elitist snob with no sense of decency or propriety.

At least Bill Clinton had the good taste to wait until he was out of office to get rich.

Just Wash Your Balls, Dammit!

You'll be happy to know that $800,000 in U.S. Taxpayer Stimulus Money was spent to teach African men how to properly wash their Wedding Tackle.

The expenditure was considered necessary in order to prevent the spread of AIDS and other STD's.

Some observations:

1. My mother taught me at a very young age to wash my tallywhacker regularly. While this was never presented to me as a way of avoiding chlamydia -- or worse -- it would seem to me to be something so fundamentally obvious to everyone on Planet Earth, that I'm absolutely shocked that it must be taught to anyone via government program.

2. You now know why Africa will always be impoverished and disease-ridden; African men know how to fuck, but apparently not how to wash properly. Countries in which basic hygiene is an obscure and arcane art are countries where progress is next-to-impossible. Without progress, there can be no civilization, let alone it's adjuncts of prosperity and democracy.

3. I'd like to know which Congresscritter got this bit of stupidity into the Porkulus Bill, and then have him or her flogged on national television. The purpose of the Stimulus Bill was to stimulate economic growth in this country and put Americans to work, not to bring the wonder of soap to the...ummm...great unwashed masses. That near-million bucks could have been better used here.

4. I'm personally inclined to let anyone who won't wrap that rascal, or take any of the most basic of preventative actions to protect their personal health, die.

5. I guess bringing the benefits of washing your One-eyed-Moisture-Seeking-Missile frequently is the modern equivalent of the White Man's Burden.

6. Now you know why the country is broke: it is somehow in the vital national interest to spend scads of Taxpayer money in foreign countries to teach a bunch of horny dingbats to keep their Meat Whistle clean. Our political class is a convocation of morons.

7. I will now avoid African women (that's Africa-African) like the plague; I now know what they've been doing, and worse, what they've been doing it with.

When You Mutilate Your Own Body for Psycho Reasons...

...don't be surprised when no one wants to be associated with you.

Transgendered douchebags cry about discrimination at J. Crew and American Eagle.

But, here's your clue as to what this is all about:
"The law is pretty clear that gender identity is a protected class," Ms. Tung said. "I think there may be people who are uncomfortable with it, but there are also people who may say they are uncomfortable with black people, or Asians, or disabled persons."

Really? A "protected class"? Are you suggesting that some groups, or in this case, people with a fucking mental disorder, are entitled to MORE rights than the rest of us? Where's the equality in that?

And how do you KNOW they weren't hired because they had missing parts? Did someone come out and say "I didn't hire you because you're a fucking freak of nature and need psychiatric help?" because short of that admission -- in writing, or in front of witnesses -- how do you actually prove discrimination? You can only imply it, which, unfortunately, is often all one needs to file a successful lawsuit. Heaven forbid a standard of actual evidence should be required in a court of law!

And quite frankly, does someone who cuts off his junk so that he can get breast implants, wear dresses and pretend to be something he's not, actually have a"gender identity"? Sounds more like someone has a problem with reality that extends beyond employment opportunities. And how is someone to KNOW that they're dealing, at first glance, with a "transgendered" freak? Did the party in question identify itself as "transgendered" or was there a "transgendered" box on the application?

Anyways, I thought the only people who bought J. Crew and American Eagle crap were already gay. The clothes are just a convenient, visible confirmation for the rest of society.

I wonder if "Make the Road" would hire me, being the straight, White, Native-born bigot that I am? I should apply, just so that I can file a lawsuit when they say "no".

News flash: you aren't special. You only play this little psychodrama about confusion out, and then mutilate yourself, for the attention. You're all attention whores, and when you can't get the praise you so desperately crave, you will go to great lengths -- including losing your length, if you know what I mean -- to get negative attention. It's all about shock value and rejecting the mores of the society that doesn't worship your self-proclaimed specialness.

If it were up to me, I wouldn't hire you either; more trouble than it's worth, and who needs the Drama Queen's near-daily multiple suicide attempts during business hours?

No! NO! Make it STOP!!!!!!!

Will this douchebag NEVER go away?

Bill Clinton Rebuts Maddow, Critics on the Left.

This line made me laugh:

Bill Clinton flashed irritation at MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and other liberals Monday for failing to appreciate the successes of his presidency.

Well, I lived through the Clinton years, and I'm still trying to figure
out what he means. So far as I'm concerned, Bill Clinton is the anti-Barack
Obama in this regard: the Bush the preceded HIM lefthim a world in which there was relative peace:the Reagan-Bush Team brought the Soviet Union to it's knees, and smacked Saddam Hussein around (albeit, the job was not completed). The economy was fairly good (not perfect, but not as catastrophically bad as the commentariat of the day made it out to be). Bill Clinton inherited an America where there were few problems at all, and which was poised to become wealthier than it could ever imagine.

He was fortunate in his political opponents: Newt Gingrich overreached,
and had more skeletons than a graveyard. Tom DeLay became a by-word for corruption (even if he wasn't a corrupt man, himself) and made very few friends. Ross Perot was there to play spoiler in two elections. Bob Dole was perhaps the worst presidential candidate -- until John McCain --imaginable, and it's no wonder he flogs Viagra for a livingnow. Clinton's crowning "achievement" of Welfare Reform, was a republican initiative foisted upon him by electoral fiat.

Kosovo was a War of Choice (to borrow the phrase the Leftards all apply
to Iraq), fought to protect Muslims against their Christian enemies. Fat lot of good that did us! American troops are still "occupying" Kosovo, incidentally, although Clinton said the Peacekeeping mission (a Peacekeeping mission which involved bombing a Chinese Embassy by mistake?) would only last a year. I wonder why no one on the Left marched against that war, and no one remembered to ask about "Exit Strategies"?

True, Bush I did leave Clinton the Somalia expedition ("Blackhawk Down"), but Clinton's administration skimped on supporting the troops (sending tanks was too expensive, you see), and decided to win hearts and minds before beating the snot out of the drug-fueled rape gangs in Mogadishu. American soldiers died on a mission sponsored by the United Nations, and had their bodies dragged through the streets.

Of course, when it came to bringing military force to bear upon AMERICANS, Bill and Janet Reno wrote the book at Waco. Just ask Elian Gonzolez, the seven-year-old taken by government stormtroopers from his family -- at gunpoint -- and sent to live under Fidel Castro.

Islamic terrorism was on the rise under Clinton, who's moral failings became public in ever-expanding scandals, so that the Muslim world saw him as a weak, profligate sexual deviant, unworthy of respect, and leading a decadent nation that deserved to be bombed, and not the leader of the world's sole remaining superpower. Terrorism came to America: the first World Trade Center Bombing, The Millennium Plots, any number of Allah-worshipping douchebags killing Jews in public places. Abroad, American embassies were targeted, and how can we forget the USS Cole? Even worse, his stupidity encouraged domestic terrorists (Timothy McVeigh) to perpetrate the deadliest terrorist event on American soil...until an at-liberty bin Laden got around to unleashing 9/11 upon us.

All Clinton did in response was to destroy an aspirin factory in Somalia, and his refusal to take custody of -- or assassinate -- Usama bin Laden something on the order of seven times, lead to the death of nearly 3,000 Americans on their own soil.

In the final analysis, Bill Clinton's only legacy is his wife. Take that for what it's worth.

When Leftards criticise a Clinton, it's usually because they saw in Bill -- the First Baby Boomer President --the chance to reclaim the Flower Power Hippie Dream of their (misspent) youth, and he singularly failed them in this regard. Not only that, but he made a mockery of all they believed in, especially Women's Rights, although the Feminists never seemed to abandon the (alleged) Rapist-in-Chief. Abused women never leave their man, you see. Those failures lead to Leftard frustration, and the frustration, eventually, led Lefties into the arms of Barack Obama -- who has probably done more to discredit that hippie dream and push it even farther into the unimagined future than even Clinton did.

And yet, Clinton prospers. He's gotten fabulously wealthy on the back of that Baby Boomer Dream, and sold them out. That's why they hate him so much.

Someone ought to tell this douchebag that he's should STFU and enjoy his retirement.

He's indeed fortunate not to be in a prison cell, or pushing up daisies for his past stupidity.

How Obama Thinks...

I usually pass on Dinesh D'Souza, but every once in a while he manages to write something interesting.

The abandoned Son picks up the Father's legacy in a Quixotic quest for retroactive approval, eh?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Because a Two-Year Vacation Can Be Tiring, You Know...

"Nothing refreshes a hard working couple, coming off an exhausting month of vacationing, like changing into eveningwear and moving right into a "packed social schedule"…with two major galas and a reception for college athletes."

(H/T American Thinker)

Update: Fixed link to original article.

Thomas Sowell Explains All...

Someone ought to put Thomas Sowell on the dollar bill.

Money Quote:

Democrats controlled both houses of Congress before Barack Obama became president. The deficit he inherited was created by the Congressional Democrats, including Senator Barack Obama, who did absolutely nothing to oppose the runaway spending. He was one of the biggest of the big spenders.

Exclusive! Ground Zero Mosque Goes Green...

So can we please finally stop with all that stuff about about Islam being an intolerant-terrorist-breeding-death cult obsessed with a book written by a child molester, living in abject fear of vaginas, and bent on World Domination?

After all, they care about Global Warming....and stuff.

The world needs Douchebags, too, I guess. It's just a pity that one of them gets paid to write this kind of crap.

Dear Islam: This is Why No One Takes You Seriously...

Must be generations of inbreeding that makes 'em this disgutingly stupid.

Conspiracy Theory is History for Stupid People.

Muslim Conspiracy Theory is History for Stupid People Who Molest Livestock.

(H/T JammieWearingFool)

Maybe Imam Rauf Will Take Him In?

Closet Conservative posts an (P)MSNBC report about a gay Saudi diplomat with a Jewish friend, who is seeking asylum in the United States.

I hear they're building a monument to Islamic tolerance at Ground Zero. Maybe this man can find refuge and acceptance -- and perhaps maybe even a defender -- with the"moderate" Imam Rauf there. Let's see if the Ground Zero Mosque gang is willing to put it's money where it's mouth is, or if all that flowery talk about peace and understanding is just a pile of bullshit.

(H/T Conservative in the Closet)

Black Biases are "Nuanced and Complex"...

Stanley Crouch tries to explain away black homophobia and racism.

Points for effort, Stanley, really. Floyd Mayweather is a complete fucktard and there's no "nuance" to any of that, at all. And Mayweather's stupidity isn't just limited to garden-variety homophobia: he made use of every ethnic sterotype typically attributed to Asians in that attack on Manny. The idea that boxers and rappers are"expected" to behave or think in a certain way is a pretty fucking lame one which does not absolve Mayweather of the sin of stupidity, nor excuse the real problems of Black Racism in modern America.

And really nice try at comparing the often virulent and obnoxious racism of blacks to that which is supposedly prevalent amongst republicans and Tea Partiers. This is why REAL racism never goes away -- despite all the protests and paeans of "Civil Rights leaders", and overpaid hack newspaper columnists -- you can easily condemn it when it comes from Whites, but bend over backwards to excuse it when it originates with Blacks.

Today's racism doesn't come from White America; it's coming from you.

This article is a regurgitation of the usual pablum one usually hears in "Diversity Training";

White racism - bad. Black racism - well, that's a whole 'nuther can o' worms. And understandable -- if you spend several hours wading through therapeutic bullshit.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'm a superior being, or that I don't often use racist terms or racist-sounding speech, but let's get real; if you want to see who's really responsible for racism today, take a look in the mirror, Stanley -- and all the psychobabble in the world can't explain it away.

Mayweather's rant takes all the wind out of the "Black-people-can't-be-racists-because-they-have-no-wealth-or-power" routine, doesn't it? One doesn't need to be rich (although Mayweather probably is), or hold a Senate seat (like Robert Byrd did) to be a racist homophobe, one need only be stupid.

UPDATE: I forgot to add this:

Gay Rights are NOT the "New Civil Right" movement. The cause of Gay Rights is an attempt to have a lifestyle and behaviors, that traditional society finds disgusting and deviant, normalized. The Civil Rights movement was about recognizing the basic humanity of our fellow men, and correcting the wrongs done to African-Americans on the basis of race. The two causes are not comparable.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Grudge: Barry Soetoro's Indonesian Expatriate Hell...

From the American Thinker, we get a hypothesis on the source of Barack Obama's seeming hatred of The Rich, Big Business, The West and America, itself.

The author gives a 6-10 year old Barack Obama far too much credit: no 6-10 year old is that smart, and it seems age and a basically-free pass at Harvard didn't help any, either.

I rather doubt Barack Obama is a commie because of his experiences in Jakarta, and his screwy politics are probably more-closely related to the experiences he had when he got home: the grandparents who raised him were notorious radicals who introduced him to even more notorious radicals, the 1970's (when Barry was growing up) were also the heyday of the "Black Power" movement. If you ever wanted to marinate a person in the sort of obsessive-self-pitying-redistributionist-class-warfare theme that runs through every word and deed of our current President, you need look no further than 1970's America for the perfect place in which to do it. The entire decade was about stupidity, selfishness, confused and faddish radical politics, revisionist history, the "rage" generated by a disconnect between the brain-damaged Left and the Middle America that didn't want or believe anything the Hippies were offering. Those very Hippies -- who the decade before had smoked pot, protested Vietnam, and screwed everything that held still long enough -- eventually became the foundation of the Modern Left a decade later.

Those who once railed against the "Establishment" became the "Establishment" they hated so much, and just in time to become the teachers, politicians, authors, commentators and role models a young boy immersed in the "Poor Me" school of racial politics and Marxism needed to morph from Barry Soetoro into Barack Obama.

The six-year-old didn't formulate his ideas regarding haves-and-have-nots in the swimming pools and 4th ofJuly barbeques of ex-pat Indonesia; he got them here.

Nothing good ever came out of the 1960's, especially the most outrageous ideas about race, "fairness", politics, and the transfer of responsibility from the individual to "society" that some of my generation hold -- bequeathed to us by the generation that dropped acid and played at revolutionary just to get laid. Add to this the alienation a half-breed child in a white society, who's father had abandoned him, and who's mother treated him alternately as a trophy to her "Progressive" lifestyle and then as an inconvenience to be shipped off to live with relatives -- dropped into a 1970's America where the open racism of a George Jefferson, Archie Bunker or Fred Sanford was considered an accurate portrayal of the reality of America, interracial dating was a mighty taboo, and you could still hear the older generation refer to black men as "Boy", and it's no wonder that Barack Obama hates "his country" so much.

Send him to an Ivy League school where the subjects of the day are increasingly divorced from the classical subjects, where "history" is being re-written on a daily basis by people with anti-White and anti-Western political agendas, and where the differences in class and race are probably even more exaggerated, and where a "promising" black student is patronized every minute of every day by his instructors, the administration and his fellow students, all for the sake of appearing to be"open-minded" and infected by political correctness, and it's no wonder Barack Obama probably hates "The Rich".

I Don't Do 9/11...

You wouldn't either, if you had been there and experienced it for yourself.

I usually stay away from the television on 9/11, because I still can't watch it, and I think I never will be able to. I don't have the nightmares anymore, I don't suffer from all the associated left-overs, the PTSD, depression, the anxiety, and all the rest, like I used to -- I just have no burning desire to relive the entie experience again. Every September 11 is the same: I don't read the papers. I don't watch TV, or listen to the radio, I stay off the 'net. It's behind me now, and I want it to stay that way.

Except that when you live in New York, you can never really keep it at arm's length. Even if I don't want to be reminded, I can still expect my darkened bedroom to be slightly lit by the Towers of Light display -- even from 18 miles away. As it has been all week.

And though you try mightily to ignore that, the phone keeps ringing and bringing it all back to you.

People who haven't bothered to call me all year suddenly call and want to know if I'm alright, because, you know what day it is, right? Mostly, I think, this isn't about concern for ME, inasmuch as it's about THEM wanting to have some connection to the event. They want to be a part of the national day of grief, but have no connection to it at all...except to call Matt under the pretense of offering him some"support", or trying to keep him from killing himself.

Actually, I find that kind of concern rather...patronizing.

For a start, why is it that some of you only remember that I exist when a 24-hour national funeral service hits the airwaves (other than those times when you merely want something other than to shoot the breeze)? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you've called, I'm just wondering why you did so only after making the grisly connection between the event and the person? Or maybe, I just misunderstood the intent; perhaps it's just sheer coincidence that you've checked in on me -- that day, of all days?

Secondly, I'm past the point of needing checking up on. I'm not (as) depressed as I was then, and even nine years ago I wasn't contemplating a private necktie party, even if I was pretty fucked up. I'm doing all right; I can deal with it now, I just don't want to be reminded of it, is all. You mean well, I know, but you've just brought the subject up by calling, and then, no matter how I try to change the subject, you somehow always come back to it.

Finally, there's a point where I won't even answer the phone anymore, because I know the call is probably from someone who's going to mention 9/11, and wants me to regale them with my eyewitness version of events...again. After nine years, I pretty much know who you are when your name and number pops up on the caller-id on this date, and I'm sorry, but the story doesn't get any better with the retelling. And I really resent having to retell it, because I don't want to be a part of this ginormous orgy of grief. I've wallowed in it long enough, thank you, but just don't have the heart to tell you to fuck off. I want it to stay well-and-truly in the past.

Everyone says "Never Forget", and I won't, but I can't take the maudlin sorrow anymore, so I choose not to be a part of it at all, if I can help it. That's just my coping mechanism, and not a criticism of anyone else.

I guess anyone who has had that sortof experience has their different ways of coping; for some, that's going to an empty hole in lower Manhattan and listening to the roll call of the dead, for others, it might be a church service, and for others still, they probably get disgustingly drunk and pass out. Me, I just want to be alone...isolated. I lived, and I don't wish to be reminded of the dead.

I watched them die, after all. There's a tremendous amount of guilt in that, you know, even if it's not exactly rational to feel that way; I think everyone who watched, or everyone who lived, feels that way.

I appreciate the concern for my well-being, really, I do, but you'd be "helping" me more by leaving me alone. Call me on September 10th, or 12th, but never on the 11th.