Thursday, October 13, 2011

Socialism With a Smiley Face...

Green Energy is all about Wasting Energy…and Cash.

The Emperor Has No Balls...

New York City Mayor Embraces Enemy Occupying Wall Street, says the headline, but the truth goes deeper than this.

Michael Bloomberg, or as I like to call him Mayor Bloomdouche, is a pansy. Worse, he’s an overbearing, busybody, imperial, technocratic, nose-picking pussy who probably suffered through the childhood traumas of bed wetting, poor potty training, a premature cessation of breast feeding, and chronic masturbation, which have all combined to result in the obnoxious, petty dictator who has somehow managed to corrupt (with his personal fortune, no doubt) the electoral system so as to stay in office far longer than is decent, and far beyond the point of effectiveness.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome, Diogenes' Middle Finger Readers...

We're glad to see you here at the Asylum, and invite you to indulge in as much psychiatrist-rejected mental diarrhea as you can stomach. You'll find coffee, scones, and strychnine on the settee near the heavy steel doors leading to the padded rooms. If you need anything, or require a great, big, whopping dose of Thorazine, Lefty, Swifty, Bull, Ox and Twinkie, our courteous and professional Asylum Elves will be glad to help you...right after they finish ironing and folding the strait jackets.

A link to Diogenes' Middle Finger has been added to our world-famous Wall of Infamy...errr...Blogroll. Regular Asylum readers should scoot on over there on pain of death...or at least under threat of visit from Knuckles the Enforcer Elf.


Oh, and while I'm at it, you'll be glad to know that the mental deficient who writes this thing (that would be me) is also a featured contributor at the Insane Asylum, which we strongly suggest you should read daily, or there will be no more Prozac for you! Stop by and give my real-but-imaginary friends Mr. Chap and Nena Grace a few minutes of your time... you'll be glad you did!

Straight from the Horse's Ass: Mormons are a 'Cult'...

I’ve said it before many times on these pages; it’s something that should be obvious to anyone with enough brain cells to breathe without mechanical assistance: Evangelical Christians are amongst the most obnoxious of douchebags in America today.

It’s also been said on these very pages that the biggest obstacle in Mitt Romney’s road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is his Mormon Faith. When the subjects of ‘Evangelical’ and ‘Mormon’ collide, the resulting stupidity is usually one-way, and serves as a warning that maybe we shouldn’t be too hasty about banning abortion on demand, just yet.