Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why These Freakin' Wounds Never Heal...

I got this via Ann Althouse.

Personal opinion: America's racial divides, the one's that Barack Hussein Obutthead said he could heal and overcome, simply do not go away. No matter how much progress is made in the advancement of civil rights, equality under the law, and economic freedom, there is a subset of the minority communities (basically all of them) that simply cannot wrap their heads around the concept that whatever the country's past sins, they have been paid for, and the lot in life of the descendants of the victims of those sins is infinitely more just, secure, and enriching than it was way back.

But the scab is never allowed to form. The wound is never allowed to heal. Because there's far too many people who stand to make a living from picking at them. Newspaper columnists, Sociologists, 'Community Organizers', Rap Artists. They all, at some point or another, feed upon the irrational guilt of White Liberals, who on the one hand claim to genuinely care about the 'plight' of the formerly-oppressed, and on the other, manipulate them like marionettes whenever it suits their purposes.

Quite frankly, if I were an African-American, or an American Indian, I would thank whatever I hold holy that my slower, dumber, less-advanced forebears were so easy to conquer and overcome, so that 400 years later I could be born in a country where I am valued as an individual, I have rights guaranteed by law, and I am free to do whatever I goddamned please, so long as I do not infringe upon the rights of others.

It beats the hell out of the alternative; a life where my continued existence might be dependant upon my ability to kill a wildebeest with a stick, my luck in dodging malaria, and a continuous stream of charity obtained from irrationally-guilty white liberals, delivered by a hodgepodge of international organizations who don't really give a shit about me; they just manage to earn their living off the irrational white guilt, too.

You want to complain about something? Try this:

I'm Sicilian. My people come from the most-conquered and oppressed island in the history of the world.

The Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Lombards, Knights of Malta, Turks, Mamelukes, Arabs, Spanish, French, Vikings, and Germans, all of them came and conquered or occupied Sicily...and the island was liberated by Americans, naturally, but according to people like Mr. Milloy, America only has the power to enslave and denigrate, not liberate and uplift. But I digress...

I'm almost certain that several of my ancestors in the last 4,000 years were probably enslaved against their will ... and probably more than once. No one ever named a Football Team after us. No one has ever tried to evoke the fighting spirit and noble savagery of the Sicilians...except maybe Mario Puzo and Martin Scorcese. There is no homage to Sicily that doesn't involve even a subtle reference to organized crime.

I wonder, where are MY reparations? Why has the world not seen fit to apologize to my people, and give them special protection under the law, and unfettered access to taxpayer-funded largess which can be largely wasted to no good purpose? Where is my sovereign nation with a casino and an oil well on it? Why doesn't anyone seem to give a shit about my self-esteem and the damage done to my culture by such wicked oppression?

African-Americans and American Indians have no idea how fortunate they truly are: the White Man's Burden is still with us -- only now instead of bringing civilization and God to you, the task has been to infantilize you, to move you onto the reservation/plantation of the mind and the government cheese line. All so that you may be further exploited under the guise of benevolence, and in the name of 'diversity', while we Sicilians have to actually work for a living.

You're being treated like prized pets, not conquered people, and if you actually thought long and hard about your current plight (without resorting to politics and with a sense of honesty about just where your bread is buttered...and by whom), you'd see just how badly you've been used and abused.

And then you'd do something about it, like, I don't know...behave like rational people and go forth and toil in the name of self-betterment, or something...

It would beat the hell out of sitting around picking at scabs which aren't even yours. After all, I can promise you Mr. Milloy was never taken from his homeland, transported across an ocean and dropped into an alien culture. I'm pretty sure his ancestral lands were not taken by force, or simply occupied when the inhabitants died from diseases they had no natural defense for.

I'm positive he was never forced to toil for the benefit of others, who would then deny him basic human rights, and even deny that he was a human being.

Sort of like how white taxpayers have been treated and made to feel for the last 40 years or so.

Mr. Milloy, and many others like him, should get the hell off the 'you owe us' wagon and smell the coffee; you, personally, are not victims of anything. You were not deprived and robbed. You were born into, and grew up in, an America which has largely corrected it's flaws, often at great expense and pain. No one owes you anything.

Grow the fuck up and join the rest of us in the 21st Century.

Cheap, Overpriced Crap you Don't Need...Now in HD!

Something that truly troubles me; this morning, the local Cable TV monopoly ran an advertisement from the Home Shopping Network, in which a perky little nymphette with a presumably-empty head, and an annoying, Irish-setter-like enthusiasm, simply gushed with manufactured excitement over the fact that viewers can now get the Home Shopping Network in fabulous hi-definition!

Because, you know, Diamonique looks so much more authentic in HD. But I digress...

High-Definition Shopping. The mind recoils at the very thought. I'm also wondering what marketing genius got a great big raise for stepping forward in a meeting and saying "You know, we should really push this Hi-Def thing, and let people know we're the most innovative, hi-tech and modern purveyor of cheap crap no one needs at ridiculously high prices."

And worse, someone actually though that was a good idea, and ordered that it be made so.

Even more ridiculous, someone at the Cable Company decided that they should run advertisements trumpeting the fact that you can buy knick-knacks on TV in Hi-Definition, and spinning it as yet another reason why Cable TV is just so gosh darn superior to those satellite folks.

You know that the apocalypse is upon us when someone decides that the general public is really stupid enough to fall for something as obviously retarded as Home Shopping Network, and then dumber still to swallow it in HD.

Sport in HD? Yes. Porn in HD? Hell yeah! But the Snuggie....?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work...Sorta...

Imagine my surprise last week when I'd discovered that the U.S. Postal Service designated my house as a "Managed Service Point", as denoted by the nice white, bar-coded label they so thoughtfully pasted on the mail slot on my front door without asking first. I mean, I'm so difficult for the Post Office to find, so I can see why they didn't ask. Not like they come to my house every day or something...

So, I finally got around to calling the Post Office this morning, and was assured that the sticker is no harbinger of doom, a signal to all Fed'ral Stormtroopers bent on depriving me of my life and liberty to begin the counter-revolution here. What it is, is part of a 'program' the U.S Postal Service has implemented to to keep track of it's mail carriers, and to ensure they are actually living up to that 'swift completion of their appointed rounds' stuff. The mailman is expected to run some sort of bar code reader over these stickers, which then will report his position and the time of day, which somehow will be used by his superiors to take note of how efficient he is in completing his rounds.

Except that ever since they put the damned thing on the mailbox, the mail arrives later and later every day, but maybe I just don't understand the whole concept of government efficiency.

Anyways, I asked the nice gentleman on the phone just why it was that the Post Office was allowed to post a label on my front door without my permission? He responded that such a placement was probably just convenient, but that if it really bothered me, he would see that it was removed. Actually, it doesn't bother me all that much, except that there's a principle or two at stake here.

Firstly, why does the Postal Service believe they have the right to plaster labels on people's front doors? In another circumstance, wouldn't this be called vandalism and be punishable by prosecution?

Secondly, considering the Obama Administration has already set themselves up with an Enemies List, a network of Internet snitches, censors, agent-provocateurs and what-not, why should I actually want an agent of the Federal Government coming to my door every day, doing God-knows-what, besides delivering my mail? I mean, where does it stop? If the Post Office finds my location to be convenient for it's internal business, why shouldn't the EPA, IRS, Census Bureau, ATF, Department of the Interior, and the Pentagon? Just imagine what that would do to the lawn!

Thirdly, since the government has seen fit to use my front door for it's own purposes, no matter how noble, why shouldn't it pay me some sort of user fee for the privilege? Some sort of rent, perhaps? The person on the phone couldn't answer this question, but as soon as he heard it, he sounded determined to get that label off my yesterday.

Just an aside from this conversation: you'll be stunned to know that the U.S. Postal Service is not a department of the Federal Government. It is a separate entity which receives no Federal funding whatsoever. So sayeth the gentlemen on the phone when I made my "I don't want Obama's stooges on my front porch" argument. Is this true? I find it difficult to believe, considering there is a Postmaster General of the United States who is appointed by the President. If I'm wrong about this, someone please tell me, but that would seem to be a stunning revelation from the mouth of someone who, presumably, had to take a Federal Civil Service Exam, and who receives a paycheck from the Federal Treasury.

Balloon Boy...

I really didn't want to talk about this, but alas, I have to. I won't go through the trouble of summarizing what's happened, as you have to be living in a cave in New Guinea not to know. I will only say this:

That father has 'asshole' written all over his face. That mother looks as if she's been on a mushroom trip since 1985. Both of them are shining examples of just why the greater society needs to be protected against stupid people, specifically (see here).

Secondly, it's another example of how shallow and obsessed with fame our society has become. If the allegations about this family are true, they went through all this trouble for the sake of maybe getting themselves a reality TV show. Two things on 'Reality TV': it very often ain't reality, and what makes you think that people who KNOW they're on TV don't modify their behavior?

I have an idea for a reality TV show: let's put a camera in Richard Heene's cell. At least that will be real screaming and begging when his amorous cellmates try to have their way with him.

I feel badly for these children.

Yet More Garbage About Garbage...

From the American Thinker, this article about San Francisco's new drive to force people to pick through their garbage with a fine-toothed comb, or face the wrath of the municipal juggernaut.

Hey, San Francisco! Get with the program! The Fuerher...errr...Mayor of New York, His Majesty Michael Bloomberg the First, was on us here in New York City for just this sort of nonsense years ago. I even blogged about it. Here's a small hint about what you're in for.

Fed Up With Being Sick and Tired...

My Lord, but things have taken a nosedive into the crapper lately, haven't they?

Rush Limbaugh denied the right to waste his money the way he sees fit, but Geroge Soros is deemed a respectable business partner. The Dow hits 10,000 again in a sucker's rally, and people point to it as a sign that 'the worst is over' without noting that unemployment continues to rise. Barack Obama wins a Nobel Prize for being black. Illegal Aliens have the gall to complain about a Halloween costume of some outer-space creature which reads "Illegal Alien." Sarah Palin can hint at writing a book and it hits #1 before it even prints. Al Gore leaves blizzards in his wake as he harangues the faithful with his Global Warming nonsense, and few take notice. Congress mulls legislation to give tax breaks to people who own budgies and goldfish.

I have advocated this before -- and I shall again -- because it is now even more necessary than it ever was:

We should line everyone on the planet up, pick every third person, and give them a high-pressure enema. Then beat the snot out of them.

It's now official; stupidity is epidemic. I think it always was, but at least in the Old Days, stupid people were conscious of their stupidity and so kept quiet. Nowadays, with this new-fangled Internet, cell phones, and whatnot, people are encouraged to give reign to their stupidity, which rapidly goes 'viral' across the electronic spectrum, encouraging even more stupid people to join the chorus of retardation which now infects our public discourse and is beginning to ooze into every nook and cranny of American life.

It's time to start culling the herd.

I don't mean killing people. I wouldn't advocate killing anything that wasn't Muslim, or useless, like cats. No, I mean it's time to start rebuilding the barriers in American life that kept stupidity at arms length, and left the serious business of life to serious people able to chew gum and walk simultaneously without a government program. Some drastic solutions that have entered my diseased braincase:

No more Affirmative Action. It has often resulted in the very worst of society being rewarded out of all proportion to their actual contribution. It was once a quaint idea, intended to reverse the damage done by centuries of discrimination, but now it's become a sacred cow that exists solely to be milked at Whitey's expense. Time for America, particularly the so-called 'liberal' bunch, to drop their phony paternalism of African-Americans (you know, the people they continuously scam for votes and cash while they imprison them on the new Plantation of the Mind?), and put their money where their mouths are; either African-Americans are capable of 'making it' on their own, or they aren't. Save the rest of us some taxpayer dough. You've gotten your black President, and so the old excuses no longer apply (by the way, he's only half black, and you keep forgetting it).

No more Birthright Citizenship for the children of Illegal Aliens. Another group that is manipulated for political ends. You know, I've recently noticed that many small businesses are no longer owned by the white Mom and Pop couple of old, and are in the hands of immigrant minorities. While I find this to be an amazing phenomena, proof that the American Dream still exists, I've also come to find out that many of these small businesses were sometimes started with seed money obtained from the US Taxpayer by people who originally came here illegally. The government handed them money specifically to start businesses. By the way, many of them 'qualified' for that cash because while they may have been 'illegal', they had the foresight to ensure that their children were born in American hospitals (I wonder how many paid their bills?), which means the entire family becomes eligible for welfare in all it's myriad forms.

No more College Loans. If someone really wants to go to college, let them work for it or obtain a scholarship. The Bachelor's Degree is the most overrated commodity in America today, and having one simply means you went to a building that had all the trappings of education (books, desks, uneducated educators, beer and football games), but none of the substance. It's my opinion that half the people in college now shouldn't be there, and 90% of the people who should be there will emerge (in six years) markedly dumber than when they went in. And then default on their loans, anyways.

Change the laws to allow us to beat the snot out of truly stupid people. Whenever there's a G-20 summit, and some brain-dead college kids show up to break windows, allow the cops to beat the snot out of them. Whenever Al Sharpton arrives to stir up racial animosities for personal profit, allow someone to beat the snot out of him. Whenever Nancy Pelosi speaks in public, allow someone to beat her into a deeper state of brain damage. Yeah, I know, I'm getting awfully close to provoking some stupid person into actually doing it just by writing about it here, but don't worry -- we'll beat the snot out that person after he's done, just to be fair and consistent. We police our own.

It's time for the American people, I mean the REAL American people, the ones who believe in individual rights tempered by public responsibilities, the entrepreneurs, the people willing to roll up their sleeves and work towards a better life for themselves, the ones who can think without the New York Times and (P)MSNBC telling them what to think or how to think it, the ones who find Charles Schumer to be an arrogant and obnoxious asshole, rose up. Rise up and start taking your nation back. Take it back from the people who believe YOU are the stupid ones, just because you happen to be silent.

Tea Parties are all well and fine, but to what end? If just to vent your frustration and 'send a message' then we're doomed. How about we take a page from the other side's book: think globally, act locally? Get rid of the stupid people near you at the ballot box, pressure them in public to keep their mouths shut when they haven't anything constructive or useful to say, bring back the useful social device of stigma. When the other side 'protests' (i.e. buses in paid stooges to pretend to stand for something), meet them with derision and superior intellect --then cross the street and beat the snot out of them.

This shit has gone on long enough. I'm sick and tired of listening to it, and I'm pissed off at having to be surrounded by it. I'm going to engage in a campaign of walking around my neighborhood and publicly outing other people's stupidity for everyone else to see. I think I'll post pictures, too, just as soon as I come up with a brilliant technique for getting it done without getting myself shot, since stupid people get rather touchy about having everyone else know how stupid they are.

I'm working on it.

Update: It didn't take long to get a response to at least ONE thing written here. A poster, who wishes to remain anonymous, complains that I have made a gross error when I imply that illegal immigrants get government money for the express purpose of starting businesses. She goes on, and on, about how people work hard, and save their money, and so forth, and attempts to give me a lesson in Economics. She's wrong in this regard: the government often does give money to groups of favored immigrants (usually at the behest of a Congressbeast who has responded to a small-but-vocal constituency) .

Granted, some people actually DO work for what they have. And my hat is off to them. However, perhaps this woman should talk to the Russian liquor store owner I spoke to three days ago who bragged about how he claimed refugee status in order to push himself to the front of the line for a visa to enter the US, and then was amazed that not only would the American government be more than happy to welcome an ex-Soviet citizen, but showered him with actual cash grants and stipends just as soon as he got off the airplane, which he parlayed into his first store.

Come visit these parts, and see how many Russian immigrants there are who pull up to the local supermarket in an Escalade, wearing enough gold to choke Cortez, who then produce food stamps to pay for several hundred dollars worth of groceries. Oh, and then some will come and knock on your door, unbidden, and offer you CASH in an attempt to buy your home, right on your front doorstep. Especially if you have beachfront or near-beachfront property.

Another thing: Last week, when I was in Tribeca, I had occasion to pass by my old place of business (Citigroup). There seems to have been an explosion in the number of Indians at the office. Naturally, most would say that many Indians in the same place merely indicates that Citi does a lot of business in India, but I wonder how many of them are here on H-1B's, working for 50% or less of what their American counterparts might make?

Update-Update: Heather MacDonald at National Review has more on the subject of illegal immigrants being given the right by the Obama administration to fight legal deportation.