Friday, October 07, 2011

We' Stuff...and Junk Like That...

On the recent phenomena that began with the 'Occupy Wall Street' nonsense, and which has now spread nationwide. We are now witnessing the full range of left-wing stupidity manifested within a series of mass-tantrums that would get far more serious attention if they were more truthfully named.

'Occupy Wall Street' would be better served with the more-honest moniker "Come stand in the street like a pretentious doofus Rally", if it's counterpart in Boston were named 'Thumbsuckers and Bedwetters United!", and the completely unhinged bullshit of those who live and die at the welfare trough in New Orleans were to be called by it's proper tag, the "We're Here, We're Stupid, We Wouldn't Even Make an Effort to Save Ourselves From A Hurricane We Watched Cross The Atlantic For A Week on Television, Why Should Anyone Pay Any Attention To Anything We Have To Say?" March.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


No sooner did I write the words ”Herman Cain does not play the Race Card” then he goes ahead…and plays the Race Card.

The Freedom to Be a Dumbass...

With regards to the “Occupy Wall Street” protests currently disrupting civil discourse and commerce in New York City:

One of our greatest and most precious rights as a citizen of the United States is one that is not enshrined within the Bill of Rights, or ensconced within the cannons of The Law. It is an Implied Right, something that, for lack of a better term, we might say “goes without saying”. It is a Natural Right which all people take for granted, if they even recognize it at all.

And that is the Right to Be Wrong.