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Charlie Says He Didn't Know...

So do five other Members of the Congressional Black Caucus who were on the same trip(s). Amazingly, all six have been wrist-slapped by that crackerjack House Ethics Committee (only republicans get real punishment, and they usually have the good taste to resign before that happens), but Charlie remains under fire.

It was good to see that yet another member of New York's fine, democratic Congressional representation also took one of these "free" trips. I'm going to be looking into what these slugs actually do in Washington, so expect as huge screed sometime next week.

You would think people go to Congress for the free trips and all the income you can conceal from the IRS, or something...

Anyhow, maybe the "I didn't know" defense might be closer to the truth, because, it seems as if you can make all sorts of crap up and have it treated as if it were a real event...after the fact, too. You can even invent an entire conversation and then have it stuck into the Congressional Record at a later date. Perhaps simply to give the impression that a subject was brought up "on the record" when, in fact, a word was never spoken on it? That's a pretty neat trick, if you ask me. That lawmakers routinely do this is disturbing. If you can invent events and conversations and such, it's quite possible that you might not know if you actually did something or not. After a while, how does one actually prove that something has actually happened if the record is unreliable? We're talking George Orwell time here. This shows you how out of control Congress has become; they have managed to create their own alternate universe where reality is continually shaped and molded to their political requirements.

No wonder people shake their head wondering whether or not these folks live on the same planet the rest of us do. They live n one they've invented for themselves!

I'm not even sure I comprehend the entire range of practical implications of this practice. Knowing they can invent "history", I'm starting to wonder how often they actually do. What if half the stuff that's recorded in the Congressional Record....never happened? What if it was all a series of after-the-fact or tailored additions to the Official Record where the Member never stood upon the House Floor and said X, Y and Z? What if people are, right now, making huge decisions on the way we're governed, what services are made available, what taxes need to be paid, and a portion of it is based upon articles from a fifth-rate newspaper or complete fabrications of conversations between lawmakers, that are treated as if they are a) facts and b) were actually uttered by a living human being?

If this is true -- and history in the form of the Congresisonal Record is being manipulated -- and this is how our government truly operates, then no wonder we're in the shitter and no one in charge seems to have an answer.

The first step in fixing our broken, making-shit-up-as-it-goes-along government is to depose the obvious crooks first. For all his weasel language, Charlie Rangel is guilty -- if he didn't actually know, he was still supposed to know. Ignorance, they used to tell me, of the law was no defense. Ignorance shouldn't be a requirement for a Congressional Seat, either. If you can't get rid of a man who cheated on his income taxes, broke the laws regarding rent-control in New York State, accepted what amounts to a bribe in the form of a couple of conference/vacations, and allegedly used his office for personal gain, then who can you get rid of? Charlie Rangel leaving the House of Representatives is as necessary to the future health of this republic as the removal of a tumor is to the continued survival of a cancer victim.

If Charlie Rangel manages to stay in Congress, then we're doomed; he will stand as a shining example to every other crooked politician that not only are the rubes stupid, they can't lay a glove on you, and the falsification and invention of history and facts will continue apace, with far-reaching consequences for how this country is governed.

(H/T to Instapundit)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Charlie's In Denial...

Charlie Rangel refuses to go, and tries that old bit where he uses weasel language to give the impression that he's really innocent and that his what-could-be-described-as-criminal- activities are all a big misunderstanding.

Sorry, Charlie. You can't polish this turd enough to make it shine again. Be a good boy now, and go to your room quietly. Oh wait, you have far too many rooms to choose from and might be confused; Would that be one of the rooms in your four rent-controlled New York City apartments, or one of the rooms in your Villa in the Dominican Republic...assuming someone's not renting that from you for some much-needed-and-not-to-be-reported-to-the-IRS-cash, of course. Well, maybe some corporate joe will come along and offer you a room...or three...somewhere in the Caribbean, your favorite. Seems to happen to you an awful lot... even if you never remember it.

Yes, I can see where this banishment thing might be difficult for many choices....

Well, allow me to make it simple for you: get off the public stage you fat, bloated, lying, crooked windbag. Write a letter of resignation and submit it. Get out while you still can. Your pals have done as much covering for you as they possibly could (I mean, they're already risking their phony-baloney jobs following Nancy, Harry and Barry over the cliff on Health Care, you really can't expect them to extend themselves more on your behalf). I mean, they fixed it so the IRS wouldn't charge you crippling interest and penalties like they would one of we peasants. They haven't tried to prosecute you for abuses of power, possibly for lying to the FEC, and for being a fat fuck (soon to be illegal under ObamaCare). Cut your losses, Charlie. The longer you hang around, the more you give people a reason to dig even deeper -- and who knows what else you have buried?

There's probably so much shit that you've forgotten at least half of it.

Does it have to come to that final indignity, Charlie? Do they have to impeach you? Do they have to prosecute you? You know half a dozen Universities and Wall Street brokerage and Law Firms will pay you a shitload to sit on their boards, so why stay in the House of Representatives, wounded, an easy target for the rest of your term and perhaps in a primary for your seat when that comes up? Do the right thing and quit while you can still get away relatively scott-free. Or are you dedicated to the idea that you're in too deep/entitled to keep that seat and Committee Chair that'll make you fight for them tot he bitter end?

Save us all the drama, Charlie. We know how this battle goes: your foes lay out your crimes, you call them racists. They present the evidence for your crimes, you get on the same dais as Al Sharpton and call them racists again. You eventually piss your critics off so badly that they start to demand your prosecution rather than just your resignation, and then you're truly fucked.

Do the right thing and leave while you may still do it of your own accord, Charlie.

This Is Why I Don't Tweet...

Because every frickin' moron on planet Earth does. And they mostly tweet about the intimate bullshit of their daily lives, assuming that I would really want to know about it. I don't know what it is about this society we now live in, but the electronic revolution has resulted in a sort of revolting, 24/7/365 exhibitionism that apparently knows no bounds, and has no decency.

As if to prove it, we now have a woman who has live-Tweeted....her abortion.

Naturally, she considers what she has done to be some form of public service; she's "demystified" the practice of abortion for the rest of us, according to the article. I was perfectly happy being kept in the dark, thank you. if you felt the need to demystify anything, perhaps you could have clued us in as to what brand of cheap rotgut got some man blind and uncaring enough to actually stick something into you without a thick sheaf of re-barred concrete between you and he. I might want to avoid drinking that stuff.

That would have been a genuine public service, you see. Because I've seen cats puke up more attractive things than this woman.

What she's done is one-upped the rest of the Tweeting jerkoffs on the planet. This is what they do with Twitter, other than chat incessantly about nothing; (some) Tweeters engage in a competition to see who can do the most outrageous thing with Twitter, and they gain some sort of funky status and fame amongst themselves from it. Before, you might've only live-Tweeted more mundane events (the fact that you can only use 140 characters at a time kind of limits it's use in that regard, but I've now read of people Tweeting more serious, and outrageous events, as they happen; they give descriptions of disasters as they were happening, hell, I've even heard of one woman who live-Tweeted a bank robbery -- just exactly what I would do when armed felons came in,ordered me to hit the deck and then demanded cash,or they'll be gunfire. I'm positive that at some point a really dorky dweeb even Tweeted himself losing his virginity (hopefully he and the other young man involved had blood tests before they indulged).

Yeah, no one call 911 or perhaps lend assistance at the four-alarm fire; you need your fingers to Tweet it all.

The level of one-upsmanship gets ever more ridiculous and curious by the week. There's websites devoted to this stuff, keeping track of the most outrageous Tweets and so forth (don't think I'm listing any!), or giving the stupid an abundance of ideas on how to use Twitter in mischievous and retarded ways that it's inventors probably never anticipated. It's become an underground culture, complete with it's own pecking order, etiquette and celebrities.

But this goes way too far.

Depending upon your point of view on the topic of abortion, this woman has either Tweeted a description of events which mean nothing -- it's a useless clump of cells to you, after all, the procedure should be no different than if she had a wart removed from her backside, hardly worth the effort --or she has Tweeted a play-by-play of an assault and an act of murder.

Is she a social crusader "demystifying" abortion, or is she a material witness/accomplice?

That we even have to ask questions about things like this shows just how far gone we are as a species, and brought some sobering light upon some of the darker and dumber aspects of human nature.

And for the record: that woman is butt-ugly. I wouldn't screw her with a stolen pecker. That someone did only goes to prove that there's an awful lot of men out there that would fuck a catcher's mitt, if it held still and they were drunk enough.

Update: Random thought, but how long do you think it'll be before we find out this winner actually got pregnant for the specific purpose of Tweeting her abortion, attaining some measure of fame and perhaps, money? That would be one sick bitch.

The Real Enemy is In Congress, Not Afghanistan...

Dem lawmakers tried to sneak a provision in that would have punished CIA interrogators yesterday. You can read about it here and here.

I'm especially interested in this quote, from Rep. Pete Hoekstra:

"That Democrats would try to bury this provision deep in the bill, late at night, when they thought everyone's attention would be focused on the health care summit is a testament to the shameful nature of what they were attempting."

This is par for the course, Congressman. This is what democrats always do; they sneak things in behind closed doors in the dark of night, because when the public actually knows what they're trying to do, there is usually a thunderous uproar.

Judging from the level of ideological fervor some lefties have for hanging every CIA agent that ever gave a cross look to a terrorist, don't be too sure that Healthcare Summit wasn't the real distraction so that they could try this stunt.

Charlie Rangel: Busted...

Charlie Rangel was pronounced guilty...of something....but still got a pass from his friends on the House Ethics Committee (which never met a gross abuse of power by a democrat that it couldn't find a way to justify it). But, the damage is done: Charlie Rangel has finally been exposed for what he is: a tax cheat, a moocher, a liar, a criminal. The unfortunate part is that in the district Rangel represents, no one reads newspapers (I doubt many can read at all) and no one bails out on a Brother unless there's some money in it, so he is probably a safe re-election bet.

But, the Marginalization of Charlie Rangel has begun. Even his fellow dems are calling for his head as Chair of the Ways and Means Committee. The only person who will dump Charlie faster for personal gain than his constituents would definitely be Nancy Pelosi. You have to marvel at the democrats (small 'd' intentional) though: the offenses Charlie has committed are somehow severe enough to warrant punishment, the loss of his chairmanship, but not enough to have him tossed from office altogether. Amazing how that happens, isn't it? But, perhaps I'm not so finely versed in the art of politics (bullshit), and it's subtle nuances (vote-buying) as they are.

This is shaping up to be a good week for NY State, politically. Charlie is finally busted, then
Our Blind (in more ways than one) and Accidental Governor, David Paterson, is eschewing an election bid after being involved (allegedly) in the intimidation of a former girlfriend of one of his trusted aides so that she would not file for a restraining order against the lout. Unfortunately, the asshole won't do the right thing and quit. It's amazing that he's had the time to harass this woman considering that it's also alleged that he was screwing the hired help in broom closets, snorting coke every fifteen minutes, and sending the State Police out to do all sorts of errands, inane and slimy and of questionable legality.


There's now a supposedly-fire-and-brimstone-small-government-republican who wants to jump into the race for governor now, which is something good; before your choice would have been limited to strictly Patterson (bad) and Andrew Cuomo (vomit-inducingly bad). Neither man could lead a three year old to the crapper, and both are so besotted by the filth of New York advocacy politics, that either one would have been an unmitigated disaster of Obama-like proportions. The other 49 states might get together, taken a vote and demanded that NY saw itself off the continent if either of these guys gets into the Governor's Mansion. Paterson is there solely by accident -- Andrew Cuomo used to play Matchbox cars in the foyer. Perhaps if this guy (The Republican, and sorry, but I can't be bothered to look up his name right now) can breathe without mechanical assistance and has 20/20 vision-with-corrective-lenses, he might actually win.

It's a sad commentary that in retrospect, it's apparent that David Paterson couldn't hold Elliot Spitzer's socks. You have to be really bad to evoke a backhanded compliment on Spitzer's behalf like that.

The other day during the Toyota Inquisit....errr..."Hearings", Representative Adolphus Towns, one of the dumbest members of Congress, showed himself to be a fully-bought-and-paid-for shill of the UAW and Government Motors. And he did it on national television, too.He's another one who's career might have been over, if only the people he supposedly represents were capable of tying their own shoes without a government program. But now his stupidity is on public record and will achieve YouTube immortality, at least.

Now, if we could only do something about the other embarrassments in this state, we might be cookin' with gas:

Kirsten Gillibrand: the Placeholder Senator need to be the Replaceable Senator, perhaps even the Disposable Senator. I would like very much to say something nice about Gillibrand, but I'm not certain "Chuck Schumer's Boot-licking Ventriloquist Dummy...with Tits" is quite nice enough. I would compare her to something less substantial, like a hole in the air, but if I did, she'd probably turn that into some campaign about the Ozone Layer (she might actually be that shallow), and then she'd have to team up with Van Jones again in a sort of 9/11-Truther-Mandingo-Kabuki Theatre, and that's an act no one around here wants to see ever again.

Chuck Schumer: I mean, what else could I say about Chuckie that I haven't said before? He reminds me of something I occasionally pick up on my shoe in the gutter, only you can usually scrape that off. Chuck Schumer is like a dose of herpes: he's omnipresent, you regret the entire sordid episode that brought it about, it itches like hell, and you wish that you could kill the bitch that gave it to you. I heard once that Chuck Schumer had an asshole transplant, but that the asshole soon rejected him. I'm lead to understand that Mrs. Schumer is the only living being with two assholes: her own, and the one she married. Chuck Schumer is like an asshole, in that he stinks, he's full of shit, and you really don't want to hear from it all that often.

But, maybe I'm being unfair to assholes? Chuck Schumer's only real talent is getting Chuck Schumer's face on television. No matter how trivial the issue, get Chuck on your side, and he'll get himself some airtime. He won't necessarily fix your problem, but he'll make sure he makes the rounds on Sunday mornings. When Chuck Schumer finally shuffles off this mortal coil, I suggest we hold a ticker-tape parade in honor of the tumor, disease, malady or drunk-driver that finally ended his miserable existence.

If we got rid of this bunch of morons as quickly as possible, the rest of the morons who govern at the federal and state level here might actually be on notice, and we could really clean the nest of State Representatives that choke their girlfriends and use their power to avoid prosecution, or who collect money under the auspices of a charity and then steal it, treat their personal staff like slaves, even going as far as to physically assault them, the both-sides-of-the-fence lawyers who write laws without a thought given to conflicts of interest, the race-baiters, the Welfare Queen Crusaders, the Fake-Reverends-with-an-axe-to-grind, the $35,000-a-year State Legislator who somehow owns a million-dollar townhouse, the Networkers, the Insiders, The Fix-It-Men.

Flush 'em all out, and start clean. I'm not saying that telling people what they already knew about Charlie Rangel (that he's a crooked bastard) is going to do it, but it might be a really good start.

Update: That "Fire-and-Brimstone" republican turns out to be none other than Rick Lazio, Designated Loser. I call him "designated loser" because Lazio is the guy the NY GOP always taps at the very last minute to get run over by a democratic opponent. It's happened to him twice already, with one of those losses to Hillary Clinton (when you can't beat an obviously-opportunistic, carpetbagging harridan in a crusty, black pantsuit, and saddled with baggage-- i.e. a nearly-impeached, disbarred, and confessed adlterer/perjurer in Bill Clinton -- then you must really suck). Do you mean to tell me that in the entire NY GOP apparatus, there is not a single individual who might stand for governor, and the only candidate they can manage is Rick Lazio, Professional Loser?

If that's the case, then we might as well swear Andrew Cuomo in tonight. Maybe we can get lucky and some Tea Party asshole who isn't either a 9/11 Troofer or a God, Guns and Gays Bible Thumper could emerge as a decent alternative.

Gadaffi's Soft Jihad? Think Again...

A Jihad on the Swiss? Are you serious? Do you have a fucking clue of what you're up against, Colonel?

The Swiss, for nearly 500 years, were the most feared mercenaries on the Continent of Europe, such ferocious and skilled fighters that they still form the Papal Guard.

Every Swiss male of a certain age has an automatic weapon at home (courtesy of the government!), knows how to use it, and belongs to a militia. That would make him a threat to National Security in this country, nowadays.

The few Swiss I've had any experience with seemed to be no-nonsense, very serious, sober-to-the-point-where-it-scare-the-shit-out-of-you, and when they aren't that, they're just fucking crazy.

Don't let the polite manners, the watches, the chocolate and the cheese fool you; these guys mean business, and will kick the crap out of a third-rate-desert-shithole run by a guy who is apparently taking his life-coaching from Keith Richards.

And you know what? They have the fucking right to ban the minaret. It's their country, after all. The same for the Dutch (who also did it), and the same for the French who banned the hijab. The same for the Danes who insisted that everyone speak Danish to some minimum or get the fuck out of the country.

Western societies, Colonel, tolerate Muslims and their customs and culture. Toleration means we are restrained by good manners and due consideration for the feelings of others not to do something terrible, like burn the mosques down, because that would be bad for society as a whole. They are not required to accommodate the worst aspects of your poor-excuse-for-a-culture, nor are they supposed to tolerate it past a certain point. Because we just know that if I wanted to build a Catholic church in Tripoli just how much toleration I'd get, don't we? There's never any reciprocation from your kind, because you're a bunch of arrogant little camel fuckers with a by-now genetic inferiority complex.

I'll bet your son slapped that servant around because he couldn't get it up, and the poor lad couldn't help but giggle.

Personally, I'd like to see every mosque burnt to the ground, even Muslim dead or sent back to their sandflea paradise of origin, and the whole culture and religion go the way of the dinosaurs and ABBA -- but that's just me. Consider yourself fortunate that you don't live in my neighborhood, because we'd have bigger issues than minarets, Colonel.

I'll even go as far as to wager that if you asked the average Swiss-on-the-Street if he even wants Muslims in his country, better than two-thirds would say they'd prefer rectal cancer to The Religion of Peace.

Consider yourself lucky that the world tolerates the poison you call religion, and that there aren't more frequent incidences of mobs bearing torches and pitchforks to forcibly scrub the stain of Islam from every civilized place on the planet. That sort of thing doesn't happen because we happen to be civilized people; that's why Muslims in the West usually have to STAGE such events so that they can play martyr.

I can promise you that if you keep up this "I declare jihad because my boys are impotent and abusive" bullshit, you won't have to stage them anymore. You may think the Swiss a target as soft as a banker's suit, but you'd be very unpleasantly surprised, Colonel.

I suggest you teach your sons better manners, buy them Viagra, and keep them at home shtupping the goats before they break someone else's laws, or worse, have their victims turn on them and seriously kick their asses; you people aren't nearly half as tough as you think you are.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Healthcare Summit...

I watched for about two hours this afternoon. I should have found something else to do.

It went like this:

Random Republican: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...Listen to us! Let us have a hand in crafting this monstrosity, under the guise of fighting for the American people, that we've all but accepted as a foregone conclusion, blah, blabbity,blah.

Barack Obama: Blah,blah, blah, blah, blah, but that's a good idea but it'll be another 1,000 pages after Nancy And Harry get through with it, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Random Republican: Blah, blah, blah, blabbity-blah-blah, can we just start over?

Barack Obama: Blah, blah, blah, we've come too far for that, and I can't hold any more dem votes on what we have already, blah, blah. And besides, it's not a good bill for me unless i can create another 100 federal bureaucracies stuffed with union labor to skim money off the top, blah, blabbit, blabbity, blab, blah.

Random Republican: This bill is bad: how about we do this, blah, blah, blah?

Barack Obama: Blah, blah, blah, screw you, we're doing what we want, blah, blah, blah, but that was a good idea that we won't consider, though, blah, blah. We'll now have five minutes of Chuck Schumer to put everyone to sleep.

Senator Schumer: Whine, cry, whinge, where's my closeup?

Random Republican: I should have won, dammit!

Barack Obama: Blah, blah, please sit down and shut up, Senator McCain, I won...oh,and blah,blah, blah to you, too! Do you have anything to add, Senator Reid?

Senator Reid: Blah, blah, blah, waaaaaaaaaah, blah, blabbity, blobbity, blah,blah blah. Oh, and blah, blah, blah.

It was a tour-de-force, so far as dog-and-pony shows go, and I should know: I've seen absolutely masterful dog-and-pony shows given by expert bullshit artists in even more expensive suits, with even bigger salaries.

The only thing that could have made even more ridiculous would have been the use of props...Oh, wait! There were props! Some repub tried to evoke the Spirit of Reagan, and brought the entire 2,500 page Senate bill to the meeting to make the argument that no one could make sense of a pile of paper that thick and full of Senatorese.

And of course, there was John Boehner, who's function I could not, for the life of me, discern.

But then again, what did I expect? The event was staged to make Barry I look all Presidential and to lob the same, tired attacks at the other side; Stop obstructing! Stop politicizing! Stop criticizing! Arguments against Obamacare were heard; hell, Barry's Boys and Girl's Club knew what the points against it were before the thing ever started. This "meeting" wasn't called to really hash anything out, nor was it intended to exchange ideas; it's supposed to blunt the predictable mid-term election battlecry: There was no bi-partisanship, and it wasn't on C-Span!

So, we got three-plus hours of absolute drivel that will, ultimately, change nothing. The democrats (small 'd' intentional) will do what they've wanted to do all along, and implement this sucker piece-by-piece, buried in countless appropriations bills where no one will see it, and which if Republicans try to filibuster will result in the threat of (if not the actual) shutdown of the Fed'ral Gubmint. Just like what happened when Newt Gingrich got all uppity about balanced budgets.

Democrats think Newt lost that fight because some Social Security checks got held up, but history tells a different tale: Newt did get his balanced budget, and Billy Jeff Clinton had to "reform" welfare. His republican inheritors fucked that all up in the years that followed, and so they are now in the position they find themselves in today; crying about bi-partisanship, and then eagerly rushing to the Potemkin display of bi-partisanship they got today so that they can still appear relevant, but still unable to stop the worst idea to come down the pike since the Battery Acid Enema Diet.

We will get Obamacare. It's almost a forgone conclusion. The question now becomes whether the genie can be put back in this particular bottle if, and I do mean if, republicans win the mid-terms and are in a better position to first limit the damage done, and then, eventually roll it back. I say if because if McConnel and Boehner and the assholes who were on display yesterday in the Toyota Hearings are what the republican party calls"leadership", then nothing short of Barack Obama being seen lustily filleting a panda on You-Tube will guarantee victory in November.

And quite frankly, why this need and clamor for bi-partisanship, anyway? Why is it that the repubicans believe that a bad bill made worse by bi-partisanship is somehow more palatable, especially if Libtards get the bulk, or even the beginnings, of what they've wanted in the first place? Quite frankly, you were elected to be republicans -- not accessories-after-the-fact.

This piece of shit needs to be defeated in toto; not steered into a presumably less-worse direction. Barack Obama is dead-set on raping the United States Healthcare System -- republicans, with their insistence on having their ideas included instead of insisting their ideas replace what Harry and Nancy hath wrought -- are pretty much looking as if they're begging Barry to wear a condom while he does it.

Three hours of absolutely sleep-and-vomit-inducing television didn't bring anyone one step closer to that.

Update: Something that I was thinking about that didn't make it's way into The Screed; I made it sound as though republicans "lost" this battle (in effect, they have: the dems will try to sneak this thing into appropriations bills as poison pills), but there was another aspect to this thing: Barack Obama, while trying to appear all Statesmanlike, is basically in the position of having to beg republicans to lower their tone (to get the heat off of him) and maybe, move a bit to his way of seeing things. He was basically saying: listen, I'm throwing you a bone here, so do a brother a solid and make it look like we're negotiating and co-operating, okay?

A pox on both their houses.

Hey, Thanks!

I'm very grateful to my loyal readers. My traffic to this site has increased month-to-month, steadily, but surely. Either there's more crazy people out there than I bargained for, or I'm doing something right.

I'm inclined to believe the former rather than the latter. I know I'm nuts. Hell, I'm not even a very good writer, so I'd like to hear just why it is you people keep hitting this page. Gimme some feedback, will ya? Tell me what you like, what you hate, what you'd like to see. I'd be interested in knowing, and I could use a few other topics and subjects to divert my OCD-addled brain! You'll find an address with which to Contact the Lunatic on the banner.

Also, I would like to ask you loyal readers to Help a Brother Out and let three people of your acquaintance know that this site exists. It would also be a great help if some of the more frequent visitors became "Followers" of this blog. It's easy to do, and will cost you nothing; simply click the "Follow This Blog" link at the top of the page.

I was also thinking of deputizing some of the Other Lunatics, and granting access to folks who have a flair for the written word. If you have something to say, and would like to join an established blog (although not an especially notable or powerful one) as a contributor, than drop Us a line. My imaginary Asylum Trolls are standing by to take your call, as it were. I'd be interested to hear what other people have to say, especially anyone who might have a contradicting point of view. It'll spice this blog up; I keep hearing about how everyone agrees with me, which is all well-and-fine, but dammit, I love a good argument!

Likewise, if you have some sites you'd like me to link to, let me know about those, as well.

Thank You All for your continued readership! My plans for World Domination continue apace!

Perhaps the Smartest Man, Ever, Writes About Diversity...

I was introduced (not formally, as alas, I have not had the honor of actually meeting the man) to Professor Victor Davis Hanson about a decade ago on the pages of National Review (to which I used to subscribe, back when the late William F. Buckley was still the editor) in the book review section. There was a review of his book Carnage and Culture, something which piqued my interest as an amateur military historian. Not soon afterwards, there was an excerpt of that book published in, I believe, American Heritage (to which I also used to subscribe) which convinced me that I just had to own that book.

I soon became obsessed with owning everything the man ever wrote, as he seemed to have considered esoteric, but vitally important aspects of history that my untrained mind had not even acknowledged. Carnage and Culture led me to read more culture-based treatises on the practices of war and politics, like those written by John Keegan and Donald Kagan. Before, Hanson, the scope of my knowledge was limited to the dry, linear histories of the individual campaign or the tactical "tricks" of the great generals that were little more than the recitation of facts, or the parroting of the last "expert" that I had read. Like many, I had simply assumed that because someone had managed to get published, that they were probably right. Hanson helped me identify a critical error in my way of thinking (such as it is).

Years later, I have come to the conclusion that Professor Hanson is perhaps one of the greatest historians of our time (along with Daniel Boorstin and Eugen Weber), and more, that he is one of the better commentators on our present culture.

I have faithfully followed him from National Review to his own website (see link bar) and finally, to the pages of Pajamas Media. It is my opinion that if you don't read Professor Hanson regularly, you are missing out on a valuable resource that will make you think upon, and hopefully better understand, the world you live in.

No, he isn't my God, but he's certainly someone who's opinions and conclusions I take seriously.

Today, the Professor takes a look at the nature of the movement for "Diversity", Read. And you'll fall in love with VDH yourself, I believe.

Note: I'm adding a link to American Heritage, something I have neglected for some time now. It's especially important, in this day and age, to know how we got here and became Americans.

Update: Perhaps the Second Smartest Man, Ever adds an intriguing tale of his own, complete with an Olympic opening ceremony.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Duh! They ARE KIller Whales...

Whale Trainer Killed At Sea World.

Telly (the apparently-guilty Whale) is kept in an as close an approximation to his native habitat as humans can contrive, supported by taxpayer and tourist dollars.

He is fed copious amounts of fish daily -- at no personal expense -- which relieves him of the "demeaning" necessity of having to hunt, and thus, work for a living. He receives free health care, the best available in the world.

He is treated as if he were something special, over and above your average mammal, protected by special legal status (are killer whales protected under the Endangered Species Act?), and surrounded by an endless array of "experts", who are only thus because they've never actually worked a day outside the Ivory Tower of Academia, in the Private Sector, who "study" his behavior and will ultimately explain this incident away with the "it's only in his nature.." or "how would you like to be cooped up...", or "The culture doesn't truly understand killer whales.." defense.

If Telly had two legs, could apply for food stamps and vote for Obama, his life would sound an awful lot like that of many of the "oppressed minorities" here on land.

No doubt President Obama will be on television tomorrow criticizing the SWAT team of having acted stupidly, profiling, and being "species-ist", before relenting to public pressure and bad approval ratings, and inviting them over for beer and a photo op.

It's a freakin' top-of-the-food-chain predator, so what did anyone expect? It's apparently more dangerous in it's taxpayer-and-tourist-supported sanctuary --under "professional and expert" supervision -- than any of my handguns ever were.

I don't feel sorry for Telly at all, and will shed no tears when he finally gets to the Cat Food factory.

In Real Life, He's a Pantybunched Little Girl...

I know no one watches him anymore, but someone really ought to get Keefy Olbermann some help. Being an expert on self-delusional mental illnesses, I recognize all of his symptoms; the yelling, the hyperbole, the forced drama, the hopping up and down on one foot, face screwed into a mask that's half ecstasy-half-the-strain-of-holding-back-a-raging-bladder, like a little boy bursting for a pee.

You tell me if this appears to be a sane man. In total control of his faculties, for sure!

It's bad enough that Keef makes things up, now he has to latch onto things that other people made up, just to continue his act. Because it really IS an act, you know. It has to be: no one could be this clueless and not be in Congress, or even the White House.

Ooops, did I say "White House?". Tut-tut, Keefy might begin calling me a racist and accuse me of only wanting to be surrounded by People...Who...Look...Like...Me! I'm all a-scared, because when Keef comes after you with the racist brand, boy, you know you're really, really gonna get it! He'll call you "racist" all day long, until his voice is gone, and his molded-to-his-plastic-head haircut is all dishevelled. He can keep it up for hours, too; imagine, having to look at THAT FACE; that one that he puts on when he gets all self-righteous and smug, that looks like he's sitting on his vibrator while someone pours lemon juice into an open wound. Why, that's enough to make most men break!

Except that only Keef takes Keef seriously, and the Act is beginning to wear thin. I say "Act" because like most liberals who appear to care more than the rest of us but really don't, they understand basic economics. Keef's checkbook, and the means to continue to buy super-hot girlfriends, depends on The Act. He makes a lot of money doing this bit, entertaining the Libtards with second-grade shtick, and insult comedy about their favorite boogeymen; Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter...Why, if it weren't for people like that, people who are actually journalists, opinionists, and genuine entertainers, Keef wouldn't have anything. He'd be back in Dogpatch doing play-by-play at an American Legion Softball game.

Keef is obsessed with Rush and Bill, et. al.,because he gets paid to be. And the nastier he gets, the more the Libtards love it, and the more he gets paid for it. You really believe that any sane individual actually believes the crap that (P)MSNBC anchors claim to believe? Do you think they would even give voice to such opinions if they didn't get paid a shitload for it? Rachel Maddow, yeah, but that's only because she finds penis frightening and I don't dare delve into that mental chasm without a hardhat with a light on it, and a stout rope. I also detect a strain of jealousy in Keefy, as well, because while Keefy gets paid well, he doesn't get paid O'Reilly Scale, and that means he can't impress the girlies that he has to pay by the hour to be his girlfriend, and he can but only dream of being in the same category as Limbaugh and Coulter.
Here's my own (unprofessional, though it is) psychological profile of Keefy:

* Penis envy
* Mommy Issues
* Pathological liar
* Narcissism
* Often projects his own, secretly-held beliefs onto others
* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
* Bi-polar disorder
* Anal-retentive
* Monomania

I also wouldn't be surprised if Keefy was a compulsive masturbator, too -- perhaps spending as much as 12 hours a day Waxing the Totem -- and he's probably tried animal butt sex at least...twice. I wouldn't doubt that his mother either refused to breast feed him, or did so thrice-daily until he was at least 8.

But the Act is wearing thin. The over-the-top, 1970's-gotcha-journalism-dramatic-mock-seriousness and sheer shrillness is beginning to instigate the Great American Pucker Factor; where the very sight of Keef makes people try to suck their own assholes back into their own bodies as a measure of disgust. Watching Keef is like pouring salt on a slug. Listening to the constant rant, the manic rave, the vomit-inducing, irrational-leaps-to-something-purporting-to-be-a-conclusion-but-which-are-only-yet-another-spurious-charge-against-someone-Keef-hates, is simply getting to be tiresome.

It's dull and tedious, and even watching Olbermann have a nervous breakdown while he spouts things he obviously doesn't believe, which are totally without merit, and for which he happily takes an inflated paycheck for, is not worth the time or effort. It was once funny, then it became disgusting, and now it's just sad.

Keith Olbermann needs professional help.

Update: Keefy rejects the invitation to see the People of Color in the Tea Party, but insists that some of his best friends are black. Nothing like accusing people of racism without any foundation at all, and then refusing to be corrected by direct evidence. Must be an example of those fine "journalistic standards" they have at (P)MSNBC.

Take That, Skinny Bitches!

I rather doubt this means that if you let yourselves completely go, Ladies, that you'll become totally bulletproof.

(H/T JammieWearingFool)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Every Woman Needs...

...something long, smooth, hard, and full of seamen!

Sorry, but the 13-yr old boy in my head couldn't resist...

Update: I did not notice it at first, but the photograph that accompanies this story shows a nuclear submarine emerging from under the Arctic Icepack, and says something about the sub being used to measure melting ice or some other Global Warming bullshit. Those boats are supposed to be out there defending the country and getting ready to sink ChiCom boomers, not help tree huggers continue to waste more time and money on the their now-debunked false religion.

Baby Boomers Still Pot-Smoking Hippies...

No shit?

Ah, great. Now they'll be retired, collecting more money than they have a right to in Social Security, seeking free hip replacements and Viagra through Obamacare, voting to keep their super-sexually-active-unfettered-by-a-bum-prostate-or-osteoporosis-rock-climbing-mountain-biking-in-tight-spandex-old-age-lifestyle lavishly funded by the American taxpayer...and they'll be stoned, too.

Did any of these people ever grow the fuck up?

You know, I was watching Hannity tonight (which is hardly watchable without Alan Colmes to act as a foil and balance to Sean's repetition of the same three or four talking points a month routine, except that you get more S.E. Cupp and Noelle Nikpour...yum, yum!), and he had on two guys who are responsible for a film that was shown at CPAC, and which will hitting theatres in America next month, called "Generation Zero" which will show how the Baby Boomers basically fucked America completely up with their selfishness, stupidity and shortsightedness.

One gets the impression, if you spend enough time with the average Boomer, that they feel perfectly entitled to a) not accept a shred of responsibility for anything, and b) to be supported by their children and grandchildren, or the taxpayer, whichever they can scam first and preferably both, forever and ever. They also expect to live forever in perfect health, for free, even if it means you have to short-dick every cannibal on the Congo.

The average Boomer has absolutely zero concern or regard for anyone else.

Apropos of the movie Logan's Run; that's beginning to look like a very attractive and viable solution to the problem of the Me Generation.

Scott Who: 2012?

I do hate to be the one to say "I told you so..." ...but, fuck it! It's just too good to pass up: I fucking told you so! The Exuberance, as Alan Greenspan would have said, was a bit irrational. You should have done a little more research on this guy and asked some important questions first. All that exuberance gone to waste. I'll bet half the Tea Partiers lost their boner for his daughters when they heard the news.

What did you expect? I mean, how much vetting of this guy did you do before you jumped on his bandwagon and christened him a "real" conservative, and started printing the "Brown 2012" posters? Honestly, there was less info on this guy than there was on Barack Obama; many people thought of him as the Second Coming simply because they saw him as both the anti-Ted Kennedy, and as the way to prevent Harry Reid getting that 60th vote without having to resort to murder.

Scott Brown may yet "save" America from the Horrors of Obamacare, if only because stranger things have happened, like when life accidentally evolved from a random mixture of amino acids. Monkeys have been known to bang away at typewriters, and completely by accident, manage to re-create the works of Shakespeare, so the precedent is there certainly. The 60th vote is now irrelevant, in retrospect, it maybe always was: the dems look set to pass Obamacare bit-by-bit -- as earmarks and such buried within appropriations bills with the tactics of "Reconciliation" -- which only requires 51 Senate Votes. Honestly, $15 billion is not even an awful lot of money when you stop to consider that Obama's spending frenzy threatens a $2 trillion deficit, and a trillion a year deficits after that for as long as you care to count. But you have to wonder just how much of that $15 bil is going to Scott Brown's constituents. After all, he promised to be an independent voice for the people of Massachusetts; nowhere did he say he wouldn't vote for a Barack Obama boondoggle, or not take money the Tea Party folks consider taboo if that meant he couldn't do that.

He even repeated that "I will be an independent voice..." routine today, see:

"I came to Washington to be an independent voice, to put politics aside, and to do everything in my power to help create jobs for Massachusetts families," Brown said in a statement after the vote. "This Senate jobs bill is not perfect. I wish the tax cuts were deeper and broader, but I voted for it because it contains measures that will help put people back to work."

I mean, really, have we become so desperate and some so detached from reality that they were willing to toss their metaphorical panties at any political hunk that spoke the magic words? Because that's what the euphoria over Brown was akin to. You would have thought The Greatest Conservative Since Reagan was elected up there in the People's Republic of Taxachusetts, but he's turned out, very quickly to be...gasp!... a Politician.

There's this quote:

"They expected him to be a conservative when he's always been an independent..."He's representing his constituents".

Yeah, and I'll bet he just got struck off a whole shitload of Christmas Card Lists, too. "I'm serving my constituents" is the classic dodge, but I really loved this part:

"...(Willis) compared the mania over Brown to that which surrounded President Obama's campaign, saying that with both, there was an inevitable letdown.Supporters "weren't using their brains, they were using their hearts," she said. "When he didn't turn out to change the world, they felt betrayed."

Ouch, that fucking stings!

Tea Party folks, I'm with ya, really. But you gotta calm down a bit, and unbunch yer panties long enough to actually begin to think about what you do or say before you anoint someone The Next Reagan.

When "A Commitment to Diversity" Kills...

Mark Steyn on Diversity and Murder.

The politically-correct-and-motivated concept of Diversity is not so much a quest towards creating a freer, more-inclusive and more-egalitarian society as much as it is a weapon in the arsenal of those who abhor both freedom and fairness. Diversity is not a tool used to help "oppressed minorities" -- it is a tool used to oppress White Males and extract concessions from them through the manipulation of guilt.

I've seen the effects of "diversity" up close and personal in my business career, and I can say this:

I never had a racist, homophobic, or sexist thought in my head before I was forced to attend sensitivity training. I've never been surrounded by a bigger crowd of whining pansies in all my life. The experience left me wanting to vomit and desperately needing to wash the stupidity off with a Brillo Pad. I became convinced in those 16 hours-over-two-days of Sensitivity Training, that many of my fellow human beings were little better than slugs, and most seriously-retarded slugs at that.

The true effect of all that "diversity" training and lip-service was that several tens of millions of dollars had to be spent, new "executive" positions needed to be created which were little more than sinecures, a great deal of money and effort had to be expended in order to set up Potemkin-like kiosk displays for Kwanzaa and Eid and Samhain. We, as managers, were expected to treat grown people like sensitive little children, smiling through clenched teeth at their often-petty grievances and mental constipation when we wanted to smash some heads like ripe melons. It was done not because the company had any real commitment to racial harmony, but because lawsuits are very expensive things.

"Diversity training" and "a commitment to diversity" are usually the responses of an organization who could care less about an individual's feelings, but needs to appear as if it does in order to keep Je$$e Jackass from busing in protesters to extort a check for Rainbow/PUSH. In the business world, a "Commitment to Diversity" is simply an expense; the cost of doing business, just like paying off politicians or letting the CEO use a gas-guzzling, super-expensive limousine to commute from the Upper West Side to Downtown and back everyday

In other endeavors like the murders at Fort Hood, we see what happens when diversity becomes the overriding goal, rather than the real core mission of defeating terrorism. Major Hassan wasn't a very good officer let alone a halfway-decent psychiatrist, but he did enable some bureaucrat to fill in the "Other" box on a certain form, and that kept the lawyers at bay and the Congressional Oversight Committee off someone's back. The "mission" of "encouraging diversity" became more important than the mission of winning a war against a system which is most certainly the most dedicated to anti-diversity you can ever expect to see in your lifetime.

Fourteen people died horribly at Fort Hood so that some bureaucrat could check "Other". They died because many people who were in a position to stop Hassan before he opened fire were more frightened of the consequences of hurting someone's feelings, or incurring the wrath of the bureaucracy, than they were in doing the right thing.

On Wall Street, you only lose money. In the military, you lose lives. The fact Major Hassan was Muslim became more important than whether or not he was actually on our side.

I think there should be a law that states that anyone who even uses the word "diversity" in the politically-correct sense should be taken out and burnt alive on Pay-Per-View.

Douchebag of the Week (2/23/10): Joseph Andrew Stack...

The first ever to receive this prestigious award posthumously. Mr. Stack is the Austin,Texas man who earlier last week decided that flying a single-engine plane into an office building was both a great way to call attention to his cause (the worthiness of which is still to be determined, but some politically-motivated jackasses have already hailed him as everything from Hero to Murdering-Asshole-Tea-Partier), and was legitimate political protest.

Wrong! Kamikaze acts are never legitimate anything. Murder-suicide, especially the "Murder" part, is extremely uncool. Using an airplane for any task except that it was intended for, is the very epitome of doucheness. It has a connotation in the American psyche of the ultimate terror, something even more frightening than Frankenstein, Atomic Mushroom Clouds or Hillary Clinton in a full, form-fitting bodysuit, complete with camel toe. Joseph Andrew Stack (and why is it that we only use someone's middle name only after they've done something this horrific?) set out to threaten, frighten, panic, as well as to kill.

I've been on the business end of a kamikaze before, and there ain't anything scarier. I've tried to understand the motivations of the men who flew that aircraft, and I've tried to do the same for Mr.Stack, and in both instances I come up with the same answer: your excuse sucks. You method is simple terrorism, and cowardly. Some will say "It takes a very brave man to fly a plane into a building", and I'll say "No, it doesn't. It only takes a crazy one." They are the actions of men who are only concerned about having The Last Word, who are incapable of seeing the other side of an argument, who aren't interested in compromise, who are single-minded -- to the point of mania -- about their own "righteousness". Because the rest of us don't see them or their circumstances as "Special" and deserving of our immediate surrender to their whims and wishes. We have to die for this reason (refusal to give the murderer what he wants, no questions asked) and the method of murder he chooses must be one that is extraordinarily-memorable --because the reasons that motivated it usually aren't.

They are the last attempt of a very sick, anonymous, and petty little man to get the attention that he usually didn't get in life. Such events are the work of very insane and selfish men.

Because only insane and selfish people can come to the conclusion that they are perfectly justified in killing complete strangers who are in ignorance of their concerns or existence. Even the symbolism of attacking the IRS -- a move that some on the fringes of both left and right have called a "patriotic" action -- doesn't detract from the fact that there were people, many of them who had never met, spoke, or interacted with Joseph Andrew Stack, had nothing at all to do with his grievances (real and perceived), and would have gone through their lives happily ignorant of him, and he of them...but he still tried to kill them anyway.

They were no longer people to him; they were just part of the "System" that was out to screw him.

I wonder, in the coming weeks, just what else we'll find out about Joseph Andrew Stack that will slowly turn him from the figure of sympathy that some would like to make of him --Everyman tormented by the Mindless Bureaucracy and driven to perform unspeakable, but justifiable, acts of senseless violence in an attempt to preserve his freedoms and dignity -- and what is probably closer to the truth; Joseph Andrew Stack, loser, loner, a man who's life went to shit because he was an unstable personality and he let his problems overwhelm his basic decency and common sense. You have to wonder about a man who can leave behind a daughter who makes the case that her father's murderous rampage somehow makes him a "hero".

Maybe we should lock her up before she reproduces, too?

The truth of Joseph Andrew Stack probably lies somewhere in between those two extremes (Modern-day Nathan Hale and Mental Patient) , but there is no doubt about where it ultimately led. There is no objective difference between Stack, Mohammad Atta, or "Crazy" Pat Sherrill (the man who was responsible for bringing the phrase "Going Postal" into the lexicon ) except for the scale of his attempt and it's ultimate result.

Joseph Stack managed to kill only two people...and one of them was himself. The great tragedy of the Austin Kamakaze is that you can just imagine some guy sitting down at his desk, and getting ready to take that first bite from his bagel, and that first sip from his Second Cup of the Day before settling in to do an Honest Day's Work, and his last very thought upon seeing an airplane headed his way, is not a happy one of a life well-lived, of a family, of something joyous or profound. It's more likely to have been "Oh, shit...."

And that's if the victim was lucky and had time to think even that much.

So, to Joseph Andrew Stack; for thoughts and actions above and beyond the call of Douchiness, for leaving behind a semi-political statement which has more logical contradictions in it than a Barack Obama Speech, for the attempted murder by kamikaze of several hundred people who probably didn't know you were alive and could give a crap if they did, for the actual murder of another man, for making your extremely douchy example available to wingnuts of both political persuasions to shamelessly and tastelessly use as propaganda, I bestow the Golden Douchebag -- with Oak Leaf Clusters --upon you.

May you rot in Hell, you selfish bastard.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Even More Blogs I Read...

For your reading pleasure and intellectual edification, might I recommend:

Barack Obama's Teleprompter Blog.

Dick Morris. You may have to register for Dick's daily newsletter, which usually has some good content in any case.

Iowahawk. If you aren't reading Iowahawk at least once a week, you should be shot.

This isn't "reading", but you do need to stop in at PJTV and take a peek at this week's Tales from the Right Side, Starring Sonja Schmidt. I swear, I think I'm in love with that woman.

Does This Mean It Isn't Bush's Fault Anymore?

The London Times has finally pinned down the overriding problem with the Obama Administration, which it believes explains it's heretofore stunning lack of success and progress;

It's The Chicago Mafia. Why, they're such a drag on Obama, they've even taken the fun out of the Washington Cocktail and Canape Circuit! Somehow, this little bit of nonsense got past the editor:

"What no one disputes is that Obama is extremely clever..." So clever that he's apparently surrounded himself with people who prevent him from achieving his goals? How clever is that? But, just in case you don't happen to buy that load of fertilizer, the Times has another theory to sell to you;

"The biggest hurdle may be Obama’s own ambition combined with lack of experience. A leading Democratic supporter described his administration as "unfocused", adding that he had counted 137 items on Obama’s agenda.

"He needs to realise that he’s running a huge operation and has to sequence priorities," said Clemons. "He’s not thinking like the chief executive of a complex organisation.""

You mean the Community Organizer is simply disorganized? You mean Chris Matthew's Vibrating Inner Thigh was wrong about this guy? Does this mean, in retrospect, that Sarah Palin actually did have more experience than Barack Obama?

Apparently, the people at the Times are not watching the same guy that I am. Far from being clever or disorganized, Barack Obama is simply incompetent. Take away his teleprompter, the carefully-staged events, the cheerleading Press, the over-the-top adulation of aging hippies and the easy-to-incite recipient classes, and what you have is a third-rate racial hustler with an Affirmative-Action law degree who doesn't have the sense to pour piss out of a boot...with instructions printed on the heel.

He was just smart enough to scam his way into the White House, or rather, to take advantage of American impatience with the status quo. More likely, the thing just fell into his lap. I think on some level, The Anointed One ever expected to actually win, and so had no real plan to go with the lofty rhetorical stuff. It didn't take long for us to see the real Obama; the committed Socialist, the irresponsible, the hypocritical, the finger-pointer, the indecisive, the Frequent Vacationer, the Man Who Believed His Own Press Too Much. In short, Obama couldn't lead a three year old to the crapper. The attempt to revive Camelot by the Press notwithstanding, Obama has always cast a very thin shadow, it's only when he's been given an opportunity by a very desperate electorate that we find out just how gossamer-thin it always was. The tragedy of Barack Obama will always be that the need to believe drove many to the point of suspending disbelief altogether. Chris Matthew's Tingly Inseam turned out to be a most-untrustworthy gauge of steely, responsible leadership, after all.

Who knew?

If we had an objective and reasonable Press in this country, they'd all be hanging their heads in shame and contemplating suicide today. They had the job of vetting of this guy, and they failed miserably. Mostly because they've been blinded by their own ideology and elitism...and they want to be. Then, after the damage is well-and-truly done, they sit around and try to figure out how things got so god-awfully shitty, and they start spitballing, and they come up with all sorts of excuses except the only one that makes sense: Barack Obama isn't qualified for this job.

There are a number of theories (really excuses) floating around the Internet and the media this week that try to explain how this unheard of phenomenon came about (Incompetent Boob beloved of the Press and Left screws up), and as they get tossed about there are some who eagerly snatch at this opportunity to apply some common sense, in retrospect.

On the Healthcare fisaco:
"Of course, the biggest disconnect is between the Obama administration and the American people. Americans have made it abundantly clear that they don’t want Obamacare. President Obama has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t care."

The Ever-Popular Jimmy Carter Defense. And finally,

The "Good Help is Hard to Find" Defense.

This President, however, has finally run out of other people to blame, and excuses to make. It's about time to admit that he was hardly prepared to take this job, and that the added burden of accepting leadership of a country in deep economic crisis and simultaneous wars was beyond the ability of someone who's greatest attribute was that He Gave Great Speech. It's time now to listen to the American People, to ask the Adults for help, and to make sure that call for "Bi-partisanship" is genuine.

I rather doubt it will be.