Saturday, April 20, 2013

Of Bombers, Rapists, and Immigration Reform...

By now, everyone knows these photographs; they are of the (alleged) Boston Marathon Bombers,  Chechen immigrants who came to America and somehow found it necessary, for reasons yet to be discerned, to plant shrapnel bombs that killed three and wounded another 180.

They then, as you  know by now, led police on a four-day chase that ended with a cop shot dead, another severely wounded, a city locked down, and a massive house-to-house manhunt complete with gun battles and more explosions than a Bugs Bunny cartoon that could have killed and maimed many more.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Explosion at Boston Marathon; Obama Pulled off Golf Course for Photo Op...

After the explosion at the Boston Marathon this afternoon. President Obama was pulled off the golf course to announce sweeping new Marathon Control Laws, a National Marathoner's Registry, and tough, new mandatory background checks on the purchase of all Sporting Goods.

Seriously, from the pics I've seen so far: no major structural damage, no smokin' hole in the ground like you would expect to see from a gas main explosion. Wondering if our Exploding Cousins from the Desert are involved?