Wednesday, December 24, 2003

A Note of Caution this Holiday Season
In addition to all the usual nonsense sprayed across our television screens at this time of year (toy commercials, jewelry commercials, the fufilment of Everyman's Dream if only his Missus would get him that cute, little backhair remover thingy), we have been graced by the pugnacious face of Tom Ridge, Homeland Security Secretary. Mr. Ridge, as his title would suggest, has several advisories relating to Homeland Security.

It seems that terrorists will/might/are capable of/possibly will/bet-ya-they-could/are-planning/might-plan/have the idea to/are actively working towards new attacks, preferably in New York, Los Angeles, and East Buttfuck, Wyoming this holiday season. Fine. Let them try --- I have confidence in local law enforcement (although not in Airport Security). I have pretty much come to grips with the fact that because we are an open, free society, we will not be locking up or shooting everyone of Muslim persuasion that enters or resides in the country, and I appreciate Mr. Ridge taking his job seriously enough (or covering his ass enough) to warn the public when he gets some hot poop on would-be suicide bombers. The problem I have in this regard is the media.

According to the flapping rectums on the news, we're all but fucked this week. After all, we captured Saddam (and the other side wants revenge), the government still has not sorted out all aspects of security (it's a goddamn bureacracy, for the love of God, slowness in and sloppiness are to be expected), but do we need to hear this 24/7? Periodic warnings (surprisingly enough, some of us are still too stupid to have taken the lessons of 9/11 to heart. They will prbably vote for Howard Dean) are fine. Bombarding people with the THREAT of an attack, is not. This is not cool, and I don't care if Brian Williams needs more face time. Do your job responsibly instead of whacking people out. Report the facts, do not dwell on it, and let the rest of us enjoy our lives, please. One warning every hour or so (and the stupid crawl every five minutes) will suffice. It must be a slow news week.

Or perhaps the media is still trying to make people think that GW is a failure vis-a-vis our security? Having seen first hand what an airliner can do to an office building, I already am alert. Now you're making me hyper-alert and this kind of chicken little reportage is going to get someone killed by another hyper-alert citizen with a firearm or maybe just a crowbar. Cool your jets please, and be responsible.

Of course, we're talking about the media, so I feel like I'm talking to my rottweiller puppy.....

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