Wednesday, February 25, 2004

GWB: Enviornmental Disaster...
WJLA-TV (Wash. DC) just announced that the Washington DC government will announce later on today (25 Feb 2004) that pregnant women and children under 6 ((especially if they are in houses known to have high levels of lead in the water due to lead service lines) should not drink unfiltered water.

Shows how much the Dimocraps, who have run D.C. for decades, actually care about "safe, clean, drinking water for our children".

Funny how demonwimps can hit GHW Bush over the head about his lack of concern for our water supplies, and ignore the polluted mess of Boston Harbor (remember that?).

Even funnier that Billery was concerned about trace elements of arsenic (less than what's in the average potato, or is it potatoe?) in drinking water, but it's okay that "the children", mostly black, of DC can have all the lead they can stand.

Hillarious when GW Bush is considered an "enviornmental disaster" for America and a socialist utopia run by the very people who criticize him allow this kind of danger in their own backyards.

I expect the usual Demidiot response to this tragedy: the rest of the country will have to cough up some more tax money to clean it up (conveniently hidden in your phone bill or something like that so that you won't notice), and the good people of DC will continue to vote Communist. Probably all that lead has addled their minds and they don't know any better.

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