Friday, April 02, 2004

More on the Muslim Mindset...
If it wasn't already obvious from the recent past (9/11, The Madrid Bombing, Mogadishu, etc) then it was certainly and unequivicably restated, for those of you actually paying attention, by the events this past week in the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

In case you're brain dead or have been watching Peter Jennings, four Americans, civilians, who were there to help restore Iraq to something resembling the 19th century, were attacked, killed and their bodies dragged through the streets and debased.

Religion of Peace....MY ASS!

Muslims, for all the talk of piety, have no respect for life and apparently, not much more for the dead (unless they happen to be THEIR DEAD and ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCNPR happen to be there with cameras). Muslims can talk all they want about being a pious, God fearing folk, full of morality and respect, etc, etc, until they all go blue in the mouth. They never seem to prove any of what they're yakking about.

A good and pious people do not send explosive-laden children into cvilized lands for the purpose of wanton murder. Civilized people do not shoot elderly, wheelchair-bound men and dump their bodies casually over the side of a cruise liner. God-fearing people do not desecrate the bodies of those that offer a helping hand. A righteous people do not crash airliners into office buildings full of those just going about their daily lives.

Islam is a "religion" of submission. It revolves around the insignifigance of the individual in the eyes of God. It is a cult of nihilism, one that worships death, martyrdom and destruction. Christ taught us all that everyone has worth and that all are worthy of redemption, respect and love. Judaism taught us that man and God exist together on a symbiotic, contractual basis; the man who heeds God's will receives God's rewards. God is bound to protect the keeper of his law.
Islam preaches that God is master and man is his slave.

It is a religion that worships death, that welcomes death. It is a religion that gives it's adherants nothing to look forward to except death and nothing to make this existance worth living.

Jews await a messiah. Christians await the return of Christ. Within these two simple premises lurks another: that human beings must strive to create a more perfect world, to be worthy of redemption and reward, that what exists now can be made better in the future. The world must be made as perfect as can be before the Day of Judgement. Perfection being measured in humanity, justice, love and piety. Judaism and Christianity are inherantly forward-looking religions.

According to Islam, the greatest thing that could ever happen already has: Muhammed has ascended into Heaven. There will be no more prophets. There is no maleable future because the final word has been spoken and anything that comes after is merely the fufilment of prophecy until the Almighty decides to blow this rock apart. Yuo have been left a set of instructions and it is your duty, your fate, to comply with them. Life, therefore, means nothing. Your present situation cannot be changed for the better. You have been dealt your busted flush and will not see any more cards. If God has decided that your destiny is to strap a grenade to yourself and get on public transport -- nothing you can do. If God has decided that you will die by the hand of a brutal, thuggish regime --- tough titty. If the Almighty wrote it in the stars that you were fated to starve to death despite the fact that he gave you working limbs, a brain, and ambition, then so be it.

How dare you question the Lord or even attempt to change what has been ordained? If you do, you will be branded a heretic, cast from the community, and even killed.

The only thing than can be changed in Islam is the extent to which Islam rules the world. All other concerns --- life, liberty, mercy, respect, humanity --- must take a back seat to achieving this goal. These are not people, these are automatons, programmed with a serious flaw, and Bill Gates has no patch for this one.

Remember this when someone tells you that maybe we should negotiate; there is no negotiation. When someone tells you that perhaps we should be nicer to people, remember: niceness is reserved for Muslims only, the rest of us are scum. When someone tells you that you should make an effort, perhaps, to be more understanding, remember: an enemy who's avowed purpose is your conversion or your death cannot be reasoned with.

Islam is a dead-end philosophy whose only continued reason for being is to kill, to conquer and to destroy anything alien to it. That is the Muslim Mindset.

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