Monday, June 28, 2004

The Politics of the "F" word...
A recent tempest in a teacup has arisen as of late over Dick Cheney's use of the "F" word. Cheney, it seems, did something that was long overdue, and told Sen. Patrick Leahy (Communist-France) to shut the fuck up. Leahy, being little more than an old lady in a man's suit, took offense, and is carrying on like a welfare receipient who's been told to get a job.

Such vile language! How hypocritical of an administration that said it would "change the tone" in Washington! How crude these Philistine Republicans can be, with their filthy language and their tax cuts!

I remind you of a few things:

1. Leahy is an giant ass amongst a sea of asses. I've watched the man talk out of both sides of his mouth AND his rectum at the same time for many years. He's crucified everyone from Bob Packwood to Clarence Thomas and beyond, and pretends he does so from principle rather than politics. He's a petty little rabble-rouser and anal retentive, to boot. He hides behind the label of "independant" because to tell the truth and call himself a communist would get him lynched.If anyone ever wants to see how the democratic party really operates, I suggest you watch Leahy, Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer smear and tag team a judicial nominee on C-Span. Not only did Leahy deserve to get cursed at, Cheney should have bitch-slapped him for good measure.

2. John Kerry causually throws out curses whenever it suits his needs. He can say "G.W. Bush fucked up the war on terror" in Rolling Stone, or call a Secret Service agent that made him look foolinsh on the slopes a son-of-a-bitch. And instead of being called rude and crass, Kerry's defenders will tell you that his language is merely a side-effect of the man's "passion". In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that Kerry can occasionally curse, I doubt most people could find anything resembling another human quality about him.

3. Bill Clinton, at this moment, is hawking a book who's main selling point is the "F" word. If it weren't for the fact that anyone who is actually reading this book really wants to read about Monica Lewinsky, it would sit in remainder bins and trash heaps all across the country. Everyone wants the salacious details of how he fucked Monica with a cigar. The rest of the book is filler, and probably not even suitable for wrapping fish.

Dick Cheney using the "F" word was long overdue. When the bush administration "changed the tone in Washington" what that really amounted to was democrats become even more shrill, even more petty and everyone of them hopping around on one foot like a schoolboy bursting for a pee, ready to point fingers at the slightest provocation. Not only should Leahy and his ilk shut the fuck up, perhaps they should start making an attempt to do their jobs -- maybe then they would have a reason to be insulted when the opposition belittles them. You could at least have sympathy for them if they were making an honest effort.

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