Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Few Questions,If I may?
For John Kerry, John McCain and Chuck Hagel: Assuming that you did not EVER agree for the reasons for going to war with Iraq, and bearing in mind your communal assertions that we're handling all of this incorrectly, what would you, in your infinite, perfect wisdom do now to change any of it? If you said exactly what you all think, do you still honestly believe anyone would vote for you as dog-catcher in East Stumblebutt, Idaho afterwards?

Do you believe that America, given the benefit of the doubt for best intentions, having destroyed what passed for a government and infrastructure, law-enforcement, sanitation, public health systems, and an economy, now has absolutely NO moral obligation to help clean up a mess we, at the very least, exacerbated, in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you believe that it's quite fine to invade a country, for whatever reason, and then cut and run before we set things right?

If I recall, Senator Kerry's war experience amounts to making home movies and shooting himself for purple hearts. Sentaor McCain's revolves around getting shot down and captured. I'm not sure about Hagel. But, do you distinguished gentlemen believe that your collective experience of...ahem...successful military operations gives you a greater insight into how future military operations should be conducted?

I wonder why it is that Mr. Kerry believes that he's entitled to a little bit more civility and consideration while his wife runs around castigating poltical opponents as "scumbags", and asking reporters (respectfully, I'm sure) to "shove it"? Additionally, I surmise that it must be difficult to bash "compassionate conservatism" while one's wife rants about how hurricane victims in third-world nations should have their children "run around naked" because all the donated clothing takes up valuable cargo space that could be better used to send condiments?

Does Mr. Kerry actually believe that skiing at the best resorts, windsurfing in Martha's Vineyard and riding around on $3,000 bicycles gives him insight on what it is the average American thinks, feels and wants?

Will Mr. Kerry eventually talk to a reporter?

When will the media point out that John Kerry is the scion of a old, liberal, Massachusetts politcal family with connections, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, with the same intensity and attention to detail that they display when making similar points about Mr. Bush?

Is John Edwards the democrat's answer to Dan Quayle?

Will it be Al Gore or Howard Dean that is eventually chosen as poster child for Prozac?

When will Mr. Kerry reveal his "secret" plans for his foreign policy? His economic plan? His education plan? His blueprint for the future of the country? His vision of a better and more robust America? Or do we have to listen to "I was in Vietnam for four months out of my 60 years of life" some more?

Will Mr. Kerry ever sign the SF180 form that will release all of his personal military records?

Will Dan Rather be able to get a job selling hotdogs at Yankee Stadium in December after this document fiasco? Or, like the woman in Alabama, will Mr.Kerry offer him a job that will no longer exist in November also?

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