Sunday, October 24, 2004

Britain Speaks!
A couple of weeks ago a newspaper in London (that's England for those of you not up on your geography), The Guardian, asked it's readers (all 12 of them) to engage in a letter-writing campaign to one particular county in Ohio, urging them not to vote for George W. Bush in the upcoming election.

I have a thing or two to say about that.

Firstly, the Guardian is about as close to a communist newspaper as it is still possible to find outside of Red China. It still mourns the passing of the Soviet Union, nelieves that Socialist Utopia is just around the corner, and generally, doesn't make sense to anyone not thoroughly indoctrinated in old-style revolutionary rhetoric. In case no one has told the Guradian and it's readers, Communism died the death it deserved when the Soviet Union fell, and just in case you missed it, even Communist China has introduced market reforms, which reek to high heaven of capitalism, in order for the party to merely survive. Americans have rejected communism for near on 100 years, and will continue to do so, your pleas notwithstanding.

Secondly, you show a great deal of nerve (to say the least) making an attempt to influence the election in foreign country. Americans are not writing letters to Englishmen asking them to dump Blair, re-elect Thatcher, or beatify Harold Wilson. Nor are average Americans screaming atthe tops of their lungs for Britain to refrain from joining the nasty Continentals in that EUtopia nonsense the French have planned. Basically, the reasons why boil down to: a) we don't care, and b) it's not our country, now, is it?

And this one is not yours.

Remember that old saw about opinions: they're like rectums. Everyone has one and they should rarely be heard.Especially not after a steady diet of Communist Crap.

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