Thursday, October 07, 2004

Of Bugs and Windshields...
If you required, even at this late date, any evidence that John Kerry lived on another planet, you got it last night in the form of John Edwards. If you required further evidence of how low democrats will go toscore political points, Mr. Edwards also provided ample proof.

As for Kerry's mental illness, somehow, a one-term, no-show Senator from my adopted state, with scarcely more experience in government than I have of rocket science, went before the American public last night and proved that the general population and a jury of tobacco-chewing, one-step-removed-from-sharecropping Carolina rednecks are not the same thing.

Perhaps convincing a bunch of bible-thumping, slightly-backwards people with nothing better to do (what usually sits on juries around here) that you are capable of channelling the spirit of a dead child in order to make a case for malpractice, inflates one's ego. Perhaps assuming that because you were once the scion of a dirt-farming inbred, who's managed to pull himself up by his bootstraps to become one of the richest people in the state, engenders arrogance. A sense of superiority, so to speak. None of this means you have the accumen to run a country.

John Edwards hasn'tlearned that lesson yet. John Edwards will not have a job after the next Senate election (he won't have the one he wants after the next Presidential election, either), but he's too smug, too arrogant, to notice. A popular saying around here is that "slick won't wash off". Neither will stupid, but that feeling of superiority often blinds a man to his own shortcomings.

Edwards was handed his behind by Dick Cheney last night. I've heard the debacle described as Edwards "getting smacked like a puppy that has just soiled the carpet". There was a cry about "sending a boy out to do a man's job". Edwards was soundly trounced, and in the end, all he could do was to throw up a smokescreen about Haliburton and drag Cheney's gay daughter into the argument. Cheney handled that one, by the way, with class.

We've seen both idiots up close now: Kerry with his statesman-like, focus-group-tested-flip-flopping rhetoric, always conditioned with a but, and Opie Taylor on steriods dressed up like he's gonna meet the preacher.

I've said it before and I will say it again: if you're a democrat, you have to wonder if your party apparatchiks were serious when they put these two forward. I have to question your sanity if you still intend to vote them.

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