Monday, February 14, 2005

Just Helping them Out...
The following is an exchange from The originator is someone who calls him/herself "The_Liberal_Person" and the response is from me, in my alter-ego of Wombat101.

A liberal - To the Republican community.
1. What are your goals as Republicans?
2. Is your goal to make Liberals to leave America?
3. If you want us to stay, when does this country go too far to the right?
4. If you want us to leave, will the US government pay for our plane tickets?

The response:

Our goals are to create a decent society without resorting to the forcible redistribution of wealth and mollycoddling perfectly able human beings. We also do not wish to live in a place where behavior and activities that we consider abhorrent are somehow elevated to the level of "Constitutional Rights". Perhaps if y'all stopped yapping like wounded poodles for five minutes and actually listened to us, you'd understand this.

As to whether you should leave or not, that's a decision you need to make. As to whether the gov't should pay for your plane ticket, I remind you that millions of legitimately poor and oppressed people routinely find their way into this country, many of them on foot. It's also enviornMENTALly safer that way. You also have a lot of nerve to ask the rest of us to pick up the tab for your relocation, since no one has actually forced you to leave.

How far right is too far right? Well, considering that the worst regimes in the planet's history have always been LEFTIST (i.e. Nazism, Communism, et. al.), I say you could never be too far right. Even at it's worst, Fascism was never a destructive system in the way that Nazism and Communism were, merely super-nationalist. By the way, it still exists, but not here in America. If you want to see Fascism first hand, I recommend a trip to France, perhaps taking a few days to visit your good buddy, Hugo Chavez.

Listen, liberals (which is NOT what you are, by the way, but it's a convenient label) occasionally have a good idea. The problem is in the execution. Instead of debate, instead of making a clear and concise case for your ideals, you typically cram them down our throats by perverting the court system and circumventing the governmental process, usually because you know that if your idea were actually put to a vote, it would lose hands down. The point of a republic, like ours, is that the people, not Congress, not the courts, have the final say. For a bunch who claim to be committed to the will of the people, you have an incredible talent for ignoring that will when it's made known.

I say stay; America needs a dissident voice as any healthy society does, but learn to grow up. Just because we don't agree with you does not make us evil. Just because you cannot achieve your goals through legitimate Constitutional procedures doesn't mean you have to throw a hissy fit and throw brickbats. Just because you can never win an argument on logic, doesn't mean you have to get nasty and start calling people names.

Finally, learn to listen and give serious thought as to what we're telling you. The trick to understanding a Conservative is that he/she is typically drawing on the accumulated knowledge of 10,000 or so years of civilization, and not merely dreaming out loud.It may not always be fair, and quite frankly, it might not always be right, but it has worked for mankind up to this point. I submit as evidence the fact that we no longer live in caves, have open-heart surgery or have to spend most of our time chasing gazelles for sustenance.

Besides, you will eventually come 'round to our point of view. I quote Winston Churchill:
"Any man under 30 who is not a liberal has no heart. Any man over 30 who is not a conservative, has no brain...."

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