Sunday, February 20, 2005

Orwell On Target...Once Again...
I just finished re-reading an essay by George Orwell entitled "The Lion and The Unicorn". The point of that particular essay was, basically, "the more things change, the more they stay the same". And he was right.

One of the targets he takes a poke at in the essay was a group of people we tend to call "intellectuals". He breaks them down, brick by brick, and then closes in for the kill. According to Orwell, intellectuals, of all ideologies, fall into the same category; people who can say and do whatever they want, because they have no expectation of ever having the chance to gain power. If they ever gained power, they would have to prove that their insantity could indeed work, and that would require real effort. They are, more or less, contrary because it suits their nature to be so, not because they are firebrands willing to sacrifice life and limb to revolutionize society.

In the end, they are lazy do-nothings who have (mostly) been rejected by society, and so they tend to form little colonies of ridiculous thought hanging around the fringes of society and stealing what they need to continue their existance. This parasitic behavior revolves around government grants, endowments from universities and donations from people with a similar mindset. As Orwell says (paraphrasing), these are people who have decided that physical courage, which would entail action, is a barbaric notion. They would rather rail and present themselves as martyrs for nothing than to actually become martyrs for something.

So, what does that say about their causes?

Well, some causes, like equal rights, social justice and economic freedom, have some substance to them. Other causes, animal rights, abortion on demand, turning native sovereignty over to unaccountable international foundations, stretching the boundaries of logic and civil discourse, have none at all. They are the causes of the disaffected. The reasons why these folks are disaffected very often is unknowable. The inner workings of the mind and the thought process are, as yet, unmeasurable.

So, when I see Ward Churchhill or Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackass, Katrina Van Derhuevel, Hilary Clinton, I have some sort of idea of what kind of person we're dealing with: Meaningful action will never be taken by them, on anything. To actually accomplish someting would sow the seeds of their doom. To acctually attempt something, and have it fail spectacularly, would be even worse. So they will continue to speak their warped little minds and then do nothing to actually translate their ideas into deeds.

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