Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cradle to Grave...
Liberals have long been accused of wanting to implement and enforce Cradle to Grave Socialism in this country. I've always thought that too, until the Terri Schiavo case got me to thinking.

In the American liberal's worldview, no one is entitled to a cradle --- should your mother decide to treat you in the same manner as she might treat a malignant mole on her back, you won't need one anyway. Abortion, you see, reduces the need for cradles! Of course, if your mother makes the incorrect decision and decides to carry you to term anyway, the government should pay for that damn cradle, figuratively and literally. Because we have abortion, there should, theorhetically, be more cradles to go around, once Hilary gets into office and begins putting "our children" first.

On the other hand, just as the enlightened feel they are all-powerful and omniscient, and know instinctively who should be allowed to make it out of the womb, they also hold the portfolio of death in their mighty hands. They can decide who dies, too, thus handing you the second portion of the equation.

Who dies? Certainly not murderers, rapists, certain Senators from New England, or Terrorists. However, if you're a Texas Christian, a fetus, or someone deemed incapable of enjoying some soon-to-be-rigidly-defined "quality of life", you might be just about ready to enjoy your government-provided underground condo. That is, of course, unless the ovens Hilary ordered in preparation of her coronation are delivered in time.

This, they claim, is the utopia we've been promised. True cradle to grave protection, Democratic party style.

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